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I’m sooooo glad I’m not driving home. Home is tooooo far. And I can’t drive. Nope. Not tonight. Margaritas. Lots and lots of margaritas. No driving for me. Nosiree Bob. We came to Joanne’s apartment. Joanne has a big comfy couch. Little apartment. Big comfy couch. Takes up the whole room. Big enough for five. Which is good, ‘cause that’s how many are on it. Five. Oooooh, too many margaritas. More than five. No more for me, thanks. I roll my head back into Jessica’s lap. I love Jessie. She’s my girlfriend. Hee Hee. She’s Joanne’s sister. Joanne’s her sister. They’re sisters. I love ‘em both. We came to see Joanne. Three hours to get here. Me and Jessica. Sweet Jessie. And Curtis. And Patsy. Patsy is Jessie’s best girlfriend. We love Patsy. Patsy loves Curtis. Curtis is okay, too. Except Curtis is going to get more margaritas and saying Barry has to drink more. Barry is me. No, no, no, no, no. That is not okay.

Jessie and JoJo hold me down and say yes, yes, yes, Barry needs another margarita. They called each other Jessie and JoJo when they were kids, isn’t that cute? They’re giggling like kids right now. I might try to fight them off, but I’m laughing too hard, and JoJo’s holding down my arms and I kind of like it. Her boobies are six inches from my face. I wanna bite them, not drink another margarita. No, no, no. Another margarita would be bad, and I say so. JoJo’s boobies would be good, but I don’t say that. That would be wrong. JoJo is Jessie’s sister. Sweet Jessie. I can’t suck on her sister’s boobies. That would piss them both off and then nobody would fuck me.

I try to think of a way to explain why Barry shouldn’t have another margarita, but Patsy sits on my stomach and all my breath whoooooofs out and I can’t think of anything but ow. And I’m laughing too hard again. Patsy is saying that maybe Barry’s right, and it’s a bad idea to have more margaritas. Oh, I love Patsy. Thank you, Patsy.

“But if we don’t have more drinkies, what else should we do?” That’s Jessie. She’s being baaaaad.

Patsy picks up a deck of cards from under the table the TV is on. She fumbles with the box and chuckles. Her butt bounces as she laughs, and that makes me laugh so my belly bounces, which bounces her butt even more, and she falls off from laughing. She comes up with a joker.

“Suck…” she says, but she’s giggling too much. Jessie’s eyes open wide as dinner plates.

“SUCK AND BLOW!” She shouts. That’s Jessie. She gets it. Suck-and-blow. Good idea, Patsy. We’re all drunk enough for that to be really really fun. I just hope nobody gets all pissed off. She shouts it again. “Suck and Blow! Suck and Blow! Suck and Blow!” They’re all shouting it together. I’m shouting it too. We’re all shouting it and nearly pissing ourselves from laughing. JoJo let go of me and moved her boobies away. Crap. Maybe I’ll get to see ‘em soon!

“Ex-squeeze me?” Says Curtis, wandering in from the kitchen, a blenderful of half-mixed margarita in his hand.

“SUCK AND BLOW!” replies Jessie. I love Jessie.

Curtis is stuck for a comeback. Patsy makes a kissy-face and sucks the joker to her lips. She stands up and trots over to her hapless boyfriend and makes to kiss him on the mouth, behind the joker. He lets it flutter away ‘cause he doesn’t get it. The proper response comes from Jessie before the card even hits the ground.

“Strip! Now you have to strip!”

“Why?” He says, “Not that I mind.”

“You BOTH have to strip!” She says. “If you drop the card, you both have to strip! You’re supposed to pass it around without dropping it, and now you both have to strip!” JoJo’s buckled over laughing, her eyes are screwed shut, I think she’s having trouble breathing. Patsy is fumbling with the buckle on her jeans with a good-natured chuckle. Jessica lets out a war whoop. I’ve got the world’s biggest shit-eating grin stuck to my face, and it won’t come off. Patsy’s gonna pull down her pants. Hee, hee, hee. But Curtis is gonna be a goon-boy and try to get out of it. He obviously doesn’t see where this is going.

“I shouldn’t have to strip. I didn’t understand the rules.”

“It’s only fair, lover. If I’ve gotta strip, you’ve gotta strip.” Patsy pulls her zipper down in one brisk yank. I love Patsy. Ya gotta love Patsy.

“Then you don’t have to strip, either.”

“Oh, yes, she does!” we all call from the couch, more or less in unison, and then crack up. I don’t take my eyes off Patsy, but I reach for Jessica. My hand winds absentmindedly over her shoulder and strokes her neck. Her hand reaches up in response and pets mine, automatically. I like little touches. Patsy bends down, pulling her jeans to her ankles, then straightens up, giving us all a nice show of her creamy white thighs and calves. She’s wearing little pink panty-wanties, which I can just see for a second, since her shirt is long enough to keep her mostly covered up anyway. She kicks her crumpled jeans off her ankles and joins us on the big comfy couch, curling her stocking feet under her butt as she sits.

“Your turn!” she calls. Curtis stands there sheepishly, still holding the blender. “It’s only fair! You’re the one who dropped the card!” We all join her in a chorus of “Yeah!” “Dirty rotten card dropper!” “Show us some skin, baby!” and the like, which quickly degenerates into a chant of “strip, strip, strip, strip, strip…” led by my sweet Jessie. His good-natured protests don’t stand a chance, so he puts down the blender, pulls off his shoes and socks, and we boo and hiss at him for not going for a bigger item first.

“Still your turn, stud,” explains Patsy, handing him the joker, “you’ve gotta pass it to someone now.” Curtis sucks the card to his face and passes it back to Patsy- the diplomatic choice, I guess. Patsy turns and passes it to… Jessie! It’s a brief show, but it turns me on, especially since I know that these two have kissed before, just to try it. Jessie passes it to me… damn, this is harder than it looks, and I grab Joanne by the forearm. A quick flash of panic flickers across her face, she lets her breath out, and leans in to accept the card. I blow it straight up in the air as she leans in and I plant one right on her mouth. Jessie and Patsy squeal in delight while Curtis hollers out a big “Woooooooo-Hoooooo!”

“Dat’s da way ya play the gaaaaaaame!” I declare, pulling my shirt over my head.

“Dick,” says JoJo, and gives me a wink. A wink? Did she just wink at me? She did! And she’s giving me the eye as she pops open her shirt buttons, one by one. Goddamn, I don’t fucking believe it. She’s not wearing a bra. Those are my girlfriend’s sister’s titties. Holy Shit! Sweet!

“JoANNNe!” exclaims Jessie, sweet Jessie, “Jesus Christ, this is the way you START?” She’s grinning really wide, showing off her perfect teeth.

“Well, see, I didn’t know we’d be playing, and if I’d gone for the pants first, then I’d still be mostly covered, but then loosing the shirt would have made me really, really naked all of a sudden. I didn’t want to, you know, go out all at once. This way, I’m just half naked.”

“God, JoJo, I’m sorry, I had no idea.” I say. I really didn’t. I thought I might have seen a nipple bump through her shirt earlier, but man, I didn’t know I was shooting straight for her knockers. Mostly, I just wanted to steal a kiss. And start getting her naked. But, guilty as I am, I can’t seem to look away from them. They’re just barely small enough that a bra isn’t an absolute necessity for her all the time, she’s probably a B. Can’t say for sure. Very nice, though. Cute. Firm. Just the right amount of jiggle when she moves. Nipples are the perfect shape and size. Not quite like my sweet Jessie’s. JoJo’s areolae are a little smaller and darker. Oh, shit, I’m actually drooling.

“S’alright. Somebody’s gotta be first to be naked, and I’ll get you all sooner or later! Besides, it’s my turn now.” She puts the joker to her lips and gives it to Jessie- the only one here who hasn’t taken anything off yet, I notice- and I see the tip of Joanne’s tongue push the card against her sister’s lips, instead of blowing it there. Jessie is gonna be too giggly for this. She looks around for a target, and decides it’s “pick-on-Curtis day.” He sees her coming, and as their faces just start to get close, Jessie cracks up and the card flutters to the floor.

“Hey, no fair! I never had a chance at that!” he protests.

“Fair? Fair’s got nothing to do with it! Barry ambushed me, do you see me complaining?” asks Joanne. Curtis has no comeback for that, so he pulls off his shirt- and the crowd goes wild.

“Now her. She’s gotta strip, too.”

“Shoes… and… socks!” Jessie declares, mockingly, as she pulls hers off. “Ha, Ha, Ha.”

“Just you wait, missy,” I threaten.

“Oooooo, I’m soooooo scared,” she says, as if she thinks either one of us would have any inhibition against getting naked in front of this bunch. She’s just putting on a show. I love her to bits, but she’s not a good sport. Likes to brag and taunt whenever we play games. Never, ever, ever play UNO against Jessica. It gets ugly.

“Like you’re not always looking for a reason to get naked anyway,” I reply.

“I’m not gonna be FIRST, though. I’m gonna get you naked, and I’ll still be comfortably dressed. Ha, Ha, Ha.”

Curtis looks like he’s realized that you can’t deliberately make anybody else strip without having to shed something yourself. He’s out for blood, but he’s two down, and he’s therefore likely to be wearing his birthday suit before anyone else if he takes the path of retribution. I really got lucky with JoJo that time, and everybody knows it. Best to go with someone he can trust, and who won’t hold it against him if he fucks up. He puts his hand on Patsy’s shoulder, and puts the joker to his face. Patsy smiles and faithfully sucks the card from his lips and passes it on to Jessie, who giggles again and drops it as their faces pull away.

“For somebody so competitive, Jessica, You’re really bad at this,” says Patsy, her smile intact. She leans back on the couch and pulls off her socks, giving us all a nice little up-the-skirt show. I appreciate the view and try to catch a glimpse of her bush around the edges of her lil’ pink panties. Nope, no luck.

“Oh, shut up,” Jessie replies as she pinches open her buttons. She’s wearing her purple bra. It’s one of her favorites. Bali. Comfortable, and gives good support for her C-cup boobies. It’s fairly modest, though, she’s got a bikini top that shows more. “C’mere, sis, and let me give it to you.” Sometimes I think she says things like that to keep my attention. She sticks the card to her lips and reaches for her sister. As they approach, Jessie’s eyes get wide as dinner plates as she runs out of lung capacity and drops the card two inches in front of JoJo’s disbelieving face. We all crack up, except the guilty sisters.

“You’re doing it on purpose, now.” She goes for her thick wool socks. The sensible choice. Her titties jiggle as she laughs.

“Am NOT! I ran out of air. I mean, I couldn’t breathe in any more! That takes a lot of lungpower!” Jessie starts stripping out of her pants now. Down to bra and panties. They don’t match.

“You suck,” chuckles JoJo.

“I was trying to suck!”

“Okay, then, you don’t suck very well.”

I can’t contain myself, I'm heaving so hard that my sides hurt! "That… that was just too good for me to keep quiet about, and you know it, Joanne."

“Really? How well DOES she suck, Barry?”

Everybody calms down a bit- that sobered us up a little.

“Are you asking for real?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am. How… well… does… my… sister… suuuuuuuck?”

The room is dead quiet. I think I hear crickets chirping. Maybe it’s an internal sound effect. Everybody’s staring at me.

“Okay… she does a magnificent job. Really.” They’re still staring. Not yet satisfied. They want me to take it over the top? Hell, I’m not shy. I look right at Joanne and say “She’s got this technique, she knows right where the sensitive part is, and she presses the flat, bumpy part of her tongue against it as she takes it in shallow strokes. Then, once in a while, she takes it allll the way back, I can feel it as the head goes up against the very back part of her throat, pressing the wall past the little bit that dangles down and makes you gag. You know that little bit, what's it called? I don’t know how she does it without gagging. She’s a miracle worker.” They’re still looking at me, kind of glazed. “She’s got this great way of holding my balls in one hand as she does it, too. Just cradles ‘em. And when she gets tired of taking it into her mouth, she pulls her head off and starts licking it all over like it’s an ice-cream cone. It’s really great, because after a while, I get too sensitive, and this gives the lil’ guy a kind of break, a change of pace, and it’s a really horny sight. Sometimes that’s what sets me off.”

Will that keep ‘em happy? Nobody’s saying anything. Jessie is looking at me like… like she never has before. She looks… like she’s hungry. You know those cartoons where two guys are stranded on a teeny little desert island just barely big enough to stand on, and one guy starts to see the other guy like he’s a big sandwich with arms and legs? That’s the look. Should I be frightened? She might be pissed off. Or horny. I can’t really tell. She’s not loud anymore.

“I don’t quite get it. I think you guys should show us.” JoJo’s really pushing it, isn’t she? Jessie’s gonna get all competitive on her if she doesn’t slow down. I think Jessie WOULD demonstrate her technique to the room, just to get the upper hand on her sister. Christ, I KNOW she would. And saying all that stuff about the way my sweet Jessie blows me has already got me halfway hard. Shit. Jessie is wrapping her arm around my shoulders, her head is nesting against the crook of my neck… one word and she’s going down, and this little get-together turns into an orgy. Damnit, now I’m hard as a broom handle. I’m gonna be in trouble when it’s time for me to take off my pants.

“Patience, JoJo. I haven’t even got my pants off yet.” I think there’s a trace of nerves in my voice.

Joanne comes to me, sucking the card to her mouth. As she leans in and is just a fraction of an inch away, she flicks the card away with the tip of her finger like a paper football and kisses my lips.

“Call it ‘payback.’ Let’s have those pants.” She gives a sidelong glance at Jessie protectively on my arm; there are a few barely perceptible nods between them as they silently negotiate.

“You mean THESE pants?” I tug on hers. “I’ve still got overdressed feet.” I take off my socks and try to think pure thoughts in the hope that the lil’ guy will go down before I have to peel again.

“Oh, Crap!” Joanne tugs open the button at the top of her jeans and yanks down the zipper. They fall away from her hips and… so much for those pure thoughts. JoJo’s down to her panties and her smile. Damn. I like what I see. Her skin looks creamy and yummy-yummy. I think I’m catching an edge of THAT smell, but I can’t be sure. Maybe. She’s sure acting like she’s turned on. Maybe it’s Jessie- she’s close enough for me to feel the warmth of her skin. I love Jessie.

And she’s so close, and she’s so turned on… I have to pass the card to her. As much as I enjoy ogling JoJo and Patsy, I just can’t ignore this beautiful woman in her underwear on my arm that I love so much and who’s running her fingertips up and down my chest and belly, leaving little sparkle-trails across all the nerve endings I usually ignore. I move my head a quarter inch and whisper into her ear that I have to fetch the card. She leans in to whisper to me.

“Fuck the card, I want to make love to you, right now, and I want everybody to watch. I want to suck your cock. I wanna put on a show. C’mon, lover…” But she’s getting ahead of the game.

“Wait for it, honey. This is gonna be hotter than we ever imagined, just trust me and wait.” I nip at her ear and reach to the floor in front of the big comfy couch to find the joker, bring it to my lips, and press it to hers. I take my time about it, too, this is no little pass, this is a serious kiss. Amazingly, she’s got a good grip on it this time. She peels herself away from me and turns to Patsy, who takes it and drops it in Curtis’ lap when she runs out of breath and looses her grip. Jessie’s back in my arms again. Somehow, so is Joanne! Damn, when did that happen?

“Sorry, honey, guess it’s the pants, eh?” Patsy says, reaching up under her shirt and unhooking her bra clasp. Her arms wriggle halfway back into the shirt and the straps appear at the armholes. “Ta-dah!” she declares, holding her bra aloft before tossing it into Curtis’ face.

“Aw, come on, strip right.”

“Call it the opposite of Joanne’s strategy, okay? I lost the bra, and you’ll get to see my breasts when my shirt comes off. Now, either drop ‘em or figure out a way to get your briefs off out from under your pants.”

Curtis quits grumbling and sheds his britches, revealing that he’s a tighty-whities kind of guy. Now that, I just don’t get. I like my freedom, y’know? Besides, I hear that tight ones lower your sperm count. Not that I have any plans for the little guys in the immediate future, but it’s nice to think you’re virile. Why am I thinking about this in a roomful of horny mostly-naked women? Especially when two of ‘em, gorgeous sisters, are climbing me like a tree? Ooooh, right, the margaritas. I’m gonna have one royal bitch of a headache, won’t I?

Curtis is down to his panties. So is JoJo. They both have the most to loose by dropping it, so she’s the one he can trust the most. They pass the card successfully, and Joanne passes it to Patsy, who passes it to me. Why me? Oooooo, she smells like peppermint. I fake to Jessie, who opens her mouth eagerly, but I turn back and pass it right back to Patsy, who looks real surprised. There’s a mischievous glint in her eye as she passes it to Joanne. Joanne follows Curtis’ line of reasoning about them both being in just their underpants, and turns to him. She runs out of lungpower just as their faces touch, and in her rush to not drop the card, she goofs up the angle- it’s all wrong. They hold it cheek to cheek for a moment, a look of sheer terror plastered across both their faces. Patsy squeals and claps, Jessie’s fingers spread out and dig into my flesh, she draws a deep breath in through her teeth. My jaw hangs slack, and I let out a kind of an “uuuuuuh.” JoJo and Curtis part and the joker drops. They just stare at each other.

“I didn’t think we’d drop it.” Curtis is genuinely spooked.

“I didn’t mean it.” Joanne is nervous, but I can tell she’s gonna do it. Shit, she’s really gonna do it.

“I know. I could have helped more, come in sooner.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Yours either.”

“Well, then… are you ready?”

“Hell no.”

“Okay, we do it together. Alright?”


“On three, okay? One…”

We all decide to count with her, Curtis fumbles his hands in the air, unsure what to do.

“Two…” we chant, as JoJo hooks her thumbs into her waistband. Curtis puts his hands down- he’s gonna be a sport about it after all.

“Three!” My eyes are bolted to JoJo as she peels her panties down, she raises one leg slightly to help wiggle out and I get the briefest flash of a slip of pink, and I’m staring straight at her pussy. She doesn’t shave it or anything, maybe she trims the edges a little for bathing suits, but it’s not barbered like Jessie’s is. Jessie lets me shave it for her, and all I leave is a little tuft at the top. She likes me to do it ‘cause I check how smooth each stroke is with my tongue. It drives her through the goddamn ceiling. And now I’m looking at her sister Joanne’s puss. Wonder if she’d let me shave hers? Hmmm. Probably not. S’okay. I DO want a taste, though.

Curtis is sitting there with a face like a stoplight, nervously clutching a sofa pillow to his privates. Joanne has stood up, parading around in front of us and twirling.

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