Suck Him for Me


Savor it.


You keep sucking him.


It feels so good. You've given in to your lust, to your darkest desires. You love sucking cock, on your knees, under my watchful eye.


You feel his cock pulse, expanding in your mouth as you go deeper.

Worship his cock.

You feel yourself again getting more and more aroused from giving my lover's cock pleasure with your mouth. You feel yourself getting aroused from worshiping cock. You see his balls tighten and you hear him moan and it pleases you so much that you moan in turn around his cock. You keep sucking him, deeper.

Oh God, that singular sound of you moaning with your mouth full of cock sends a shockwave through my pussy!

"Oh yes, baby, he's getting close, make him cum! Make him cum with your mouth! I want to see it. I want to see him cumming in your sexy mouth! Make him do it, baby! Suck his cock until he cums!"

Oh yes, you're so good at sucking cock. It feels so good and tastes so good and you feel so aroused. You suck cock like it's your favorite candy, knowing the best part, locked inside, is the delicious cream. That's what you want, the creamy center, and you want to suck it out. You want to suck the cum out of my lover's cock.

Such a naughty slut. So eager to feel his cream squirt in your mouth. A sexy slut, horny for cum, that's what you are, babe. That's what you've become. Make that candy squirt, princess.

Worship his cock. Deeper. All the way. Almost there. Keep sucking, baby. Deeper. That's it. Worship his cock.

You want his cum. Think about his cum while you suck his cock. Make his cock feel amazing. Make his cock feel so much pleasure that he just needs to cum in your mouth. Feel his cock in your mouth pulsing, anticipating, seeking its own gratification and release. Feel it pushing its way past your lips, controlling the tempo, fucking your mouth. Surrender to my lover's cock, baby. Let him penetrate you. Deeper.

Almost there. Keep sucking, baby. Use your tongue while his cock fucks your mouth. Deeper.

You love sucking cock for me. You love cock. It feels so good. Your whole body feels so good and aroused. You want my lover's cum in your mouth so much, and you feel his cock twitch, and you feel your own cock tingle and throb, and you know that when he cums in your mouth you're going to cum as well, overwhelmed by the sexual energy being released.


Feel it. Feel his cock throb and twitch in your mouth, thrusting deeply between your lips. Imagine the pulsing hot flesh, stiff and swollen, reaching into you.

When he cums in your mouth, it's going to make you cum.


And then it happens...

Pulsing. Thrusting. Harder. Ejaculating. Imagine him cumming in your mouth now. Imagine his cum splashing the inside of your mouth as his cock explodes. Feel his cock flex and his semen hitting the back of your tongue, again and again. Feel his sperm bursting into your mouth. Taste his cream, slut.

"Oh fuck, yes, baby, he's cumming in your mouth! Oh God, yes, suck him! Suck it all the way!"

Feel it. His cock shooting cum into your mouth, your lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. I'm standing right behind you, baby, right up against you, holding your head in my hands, mesmerized as you drink my lover's essence. Yes, suck it hard. What a beautiful sight.

The ultimate tribute. How sexy and empowering to watch you take my lover's cum inside you. How thrilling to see your enthusiasm for it.

Oh God, baby, imagine how it feels, his cock pumping a thick load of cum into your pretty mouth. Such intense bliss. Suck him hard. Your own cock tingles and bounces stiffly and then you feel a strange and wonderful surge of intense pleasure throughout your entire body, surging towards a single point, a delightful divine energy extending from behind your balls, then along the shaft of your cock and up through the head. You feel my lovers cum in your mouth. Creamy and thick. Mmmm, it feels so good. And then you feel yourself cumming. A long, steady, uncontrolled flow of cum gushing from your cock. You feel my lover's wet cum on your tongue and you feel yourself oozing, and releasing more of your sexual fluid. You feel my lover's sperm in your throat and still more cum spills from your cock.

Your whole body orgasms with a shudder, your mouth open wide yet still full of cock and cum.

Imagine my lover's cum in your mouth, baby. Swallow it. Swallow every drop. The ultimate tribute. Swallow his cum. Love it. Celebrate. This is your reward, the grand prize, your special treat. Be a good little cocksucker and swallow every drop of my lover's cum for me. You're my cocksucker now, baby. My bitch. And you love it. You belong to me, my obedient slut, with my lover's cum nestled inside you, forever and always, and you love it.

It feels so good.

So intimate and sacred, it may yet become our special little ritual.

You feel so aroused. So happy. So refreshed and alive. So confidant and secure. Complete.

You sucked my lover's cock and swallowed cum, and, as I knew you would, you loved it. I led you across the threshold, my sweet, and there's no turning back. Relish this new dynamic. Rejoice in the love and understanding we share. Ours is an unbreakable bond, and your devotion to me knows no bounds. You're mine, for all eternity.


Am I right?

Think about it, baby. Sweet dreams.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/29/18

Bi curious husband

I want to swallow another man’s cum. Either from my wife’s pussy or straight from his cock.

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Valiant effort ""

Nice try. But this type of story is severely limited and anemic.

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by Leroi12304/18/18

Love It!

This is one of the hottest stories I have ever read. She is incredibly seductive! Thank you.

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by Anonymous03/22/18


I would love to have my wife or girlfriend take a cup to catch my cum then make me drink my cum then suck the other guys balls, then the next time we do it make me wear panties and have her lover fuckmore...

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by Anonymous03/15/18


Great jib your story; since it's all first person, have you considered recording a reading?

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