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My name is Janet and I've been married to Joe for three months now. I'm 18 and, while not a virgin when we wed, had virtually no sex experience beyond petting and a couple of times when a young boy friend pumped my vagina for a few seconds. Maybe there was some pleasure then but it was too brief to tell for sure. Joe, on the other hand, is 23 and, as he lovingly told me -- not bragging, just informing his true love, had considerable experience with all kinds of sex with tens of girls and even a boy once or twice. None of that bothered me. I even came to appreciate it as he used his prowess to teach me about sex. I grew to love the feeling I got from sex with Joe and the pleasure of pleasing him at the same time.

But I struggled with oral sex. Joe patiently final got me to accept that blowjobs were not a deviant thing, and they showed the commitment and admiration for a man while also giving me pleasure, especially that mental pleasure gained from idolizing my husband's penis by sucking it dry, and it was something that could be done almost anywhere or anytime. However, I was learning the mechanics very slowly. It's one thing to have the right attitude but another thing to know just how to make his penis feel great with my lips, mouth and tongue. We had been working on this for over two months and Joe was showing some frustration.

During one unsatisfying session I said to him, "I'm really trying. I want to learn how to treat your penis. I'll do anything to make me better at it."

"I have an idea," he replied. "First, get the words right. It's not 'treat my penis;' it's suck my cock. Tell me you'll do anything to learn how to suck my cock."

"That's easy," I cooed. "I'll do whatever you say if I can suck your cock the way you want me to."

"Good!" he said. "Tomorrow night I'm taking you to cock sucking school. For now open your...... and btw it's no longer vagina, it's cunt, pussy, or twat...... open your pussy and let me slide my cock in so your pussy can get me off."

I wasn't sure what he meant by school and it seemed a little like he was now focusing on just his pleasure but I quickly lost those thoughts to focus on his making love to me. "I love your making love to me," I purred.

"I like making love with you, too," he answered. "But right now I'm not making love; I'm fucking you. There's a difference. You make love with a penis and a vagina; you fuck with a cock and a cunt."

"Uuuuummmm," I replied. "As long as we both cum, I don't care. You can fuck me anytime you want....." That word was not new to me though I seldom used it. I had a suspicion I would be saying 'fuck' more often in the future.... along with cock, suck, pussy, and cunt. The thought made me feel deliciously naughty. "So fuck my pussy with your cock, now!"

The next night Joe in Bermuda shorts and I in a pantiless short skirt and braless blouse headed out. We arrived at an all-night adult bookstore in a seedy part of town and went into the oddly rather clean shop. We browsed the books, magazines and sex toys for about ten minutes, though I got the feeling Joe was not so much checking out the merchandise but showing off his merchandise, me! When he wanted to check out a mag on a lower shelf he always asked me to bend over to retrieve it even though there were always a half-dozen or so gawking men following our every move. When I handed him the mag he would say, "Thanks, babe. You looked really good getting me the magazine, and it will make our schooling work out better." I wasn't exactly sure what that meant but assumed I would find out sooner or later.

Joe bought some tokens at the counter and led me down a darkened aisle with a number of booths on both sides. "These show private short films," he said as he led me into one. There was a very dim 3-watt light, a TV screen, a coin box, a wooden bench, and a slimy floor. We sat on the bench and Joe dropped a bunch of tokens into the box. A movie immediately started showing a buxom brunette getting screwed from behind and her mouth engulfing a penis.... er, dick in her mouth. This was actually my first porno film and I was somewhat surprised but quickly thought it exciting. As we watched, Joe massaged my breasts..... er, tits and I rubbed his dick through his shorts. I noticed for the first time he had no under shorts under his Bermudas.

We were ten minutes into the film when Joe slid the bench against the wall and had me turn around with my back to the screen. That was odd I thought, then saw a long large cock poking through a round hall in the wall. "What the....?? What's that??" I inquired.

"That's our first lesson," Joe answered, "Watch carefully." He reached out his hand and gently grabbed the stranger's cock. His fingers stroked the underside and his finger and thumb rubbed back and forth on the rim of the head. "These are the most sensitive parts and where you should concentrate during a blowjob. You start by rubbing those parts with your hand and staring directly at the cock or gazing at his eyes with a godlike admiration. Men like that."

"Then you start slowly worshipping the same parts with your tongue and your lips," he added, and I watched as my husband licked the underside of the anonymous cock and lightly brushed his lips over the rim. While gently squeezing the shaft his lip movement over the head got faster with slightly more pressure. After 2 or 3 minutes of this he said, "Now this," and he slid his lips over 3 to 4 inches of the cock and slowly bobbed his head in and out. After a few minutes I saw him slowly take the entire cock into his throat so his lips were pushing against the wall. He held his head there and rotated his mouth around the shaft. He removed his mouth and commented, "This is called deep throating. When you deep throat a cock you should, if it wasn't behind a wall like this, cup and massage his ball with your hands. Got it?" I nodded yes and he resumed taking the cock down his throat. He continued rotating his head while it was deep and bobbed his head all the way out telling me how he put strong pressure with his lips and dragged his tongue on the underside. I suspected he knew what he was talking about as the moans from behind the wall were getting more pronounced as his deep throat action went on for a few more minutes.

"The last is usually done with the mouth closed over the cock but I'll do it differently so you can see. Get in close and watch carefully," he commanded. I got real close so I could see clearly in the dim light. Joe now bobbed his tight lips up and down the head and rim and used one hand to grip and jack on the shaft. He speeded up the action and the moans were continuous. Soon I could see the cock jerk and my husband opened his mouth just over the cockhead and jacked his hand furiously. There came a bellow and I saw a large stream of the man's cum shoot out of his cock right into my husband's mouth. He swallowed the cum then sucked his mouth over the cock for another few seconds. He then withdrew his mouth, squeezed the shaft a couple of times and kissed the cock head. The cock disappeared behind the wall.

Joe commented, "That last part is most important. You want to swallow all of a man's cum if you have to lick it off your hands or even the floor. A man feels important when you eat his jism and seed after paying homage to his cock. It's full of protein and healthful, plus you'll learn to love the taste. I saved a little. Here," and Joe kissed me open-mouth pushing a small amount of the man's cum into me. "Swirl it around to get the flavor, then swallow all of it. Don't let me see even a tiny drop escape your mouth." he ordered. I swirled the little bit of jism as best I could then swallowed hard. It tasted a little acrid but I took Joe's word for it that it is an acquired taste and that not all men taste the same. Joe concurred, "All cum tastes a little different. You'll have to swallow loads from many different cocks to get the full appreciation. And we're going to start that tonight." As I savored the cum that Joe sucked from the man behind the wall, I was getting a surprising picture of how this night school was going to go. I had some uncertainty about "many" and would have to process that in my mind. It also looked like Joe was quite skillful and had more than a "once or twice" experience with sucking cock. I wondered if he was into men and cocks more than he let on. But I badly wanted to be a good student to please my husband and thought no more of it.

We watched more of the porn flick with Joe getting more exuberant with my tits, pulling and twisting my nipples pretty hard. Maybe from watching Joe suck off a man which got me hot even if new and surprising, or from watching the action on the screen, or from the intoxicating anticipation of the evening, but his nipple torture was making me cum. I was exhilarated with all the new sex things I was learning packed into just a few minutes! Then Joe broke my reverie.

"Time for your first homework assignment," he said as he directed my attention to another cock poking through the hole. "Start playing with it with your hands for a while then lick and kiss it as I showed you. I'll watch and coach."

I enthusiastically stroked his shaft with one hand and tweaked around the rim with the other. "Go easy," Joe reminded me. I gently kept my hands moving on the cock for a couple of minutes. "Put you tongue and lips to it," Joe commanded. I tilted the cock up with a hand and licked the underside up and down. Then I put my lips over the head and sucked and blew on the rim while gently jacking on the shaft. After a couple of minutes I heard moaning from behind the wall.

I asked Joe, "How am I doing?"

"So far you're doing good," he replied. "Now it's time to take it down your throat. Suck it in until you just start to gag then bob up and down to that point. After a while take it a little deeper each time until you get it in all the way. You have to keep working it until your lips are against the wall. If the wall wasn't there you'd be deep enough to rub pubic hairs."

I gagged hard the first time so went a little shallower. I kept at that level for some time when Joe whispered that I had to get deeper and pushed my head an extra inch. I started to gag but Joe held my head still until the gag reflex subsided and then pushed another inch of cock down my throat and held it there. Then he bobbed my head in and out until one time he rammed my throat completely down the cock with my face against the wall... and held it there. I tied to gag but couldn't. He whispered to me, "See? If you get it deep enough you get past the gag and the man loves it. Now you do it without my help. Bob your head in and out slowly and take his cock all the way down your throat with every in stroke and suck the rim and shaft hard with every out stroke."

I did as he said and was surprised that I was getting used to it and a warm cock in my mouth was feeling sexy. I started to suck and lick with each stroke as Joe showed me. After a couple of minutes the moaning got louder and I felt his cock stiffen. Seconds later I felt his warm goo hit the back of my mouth. I swirled and swallowed most of it but some dribbled out and off my chin. I then sucked all of the shiny fluid off of the cock and ate that. The cock retreated and I looked at Joe for his reaction.

"You did fine for the first lesson," he said, "but you spilled a little." He pointed to one tiny drop of fresh jism in a sea of dried up scum. "Bend down and lick this up," he commanded. I looked at him aghast. "Look, babe. You have to understand that the mental is as important as the physical. The mental attitude is that a man and his cock must be worshipped like a god. While you're sucking a cock it has to be the most important thing in the world and you will do anything to please it. His cum is like communion. No communion can go to waste. Cum spilled anywhere is sacrilegious and tantamount to blasphemy. To keep your cock god happy you must retrieve any cum that spills out of your mouth regardless of what might seem distasteful. Nothing is distasteful when it comes to pleasuring your god and being a great cocksucker; you have to show your man you'll do absolutely anything in order to get all of his cum in your tummy. Now do what I say and lick it up, and don't hesitate or I'll make sure you get every molecule by licking more of the floor with your tongue." With some reluctance but no hesitation I licked up the little globule of cum.

"You wouldn't have really asked me to clean the floor with my tongue would you?" I asked.

He answered, "As I said, to be a great cock sucker you have to treat the cock like a god and worship the man. That means obeying him completely. No, I wouldn't have asked; I would have told you to clean the floor. And you would have cleaned the whole floor if I said, to prove you're a loving cumbag cock sucker. Remember, cumbag is not a derogatory term but a term of admiration. When you love cock you want all the cum you can possibility get. That's a good cumbag. Let the man know you're a loving cumbag and are starved for all that he can produce."

More new worlds were opening and my head was spinning. But Joe didn't leave me time to think about it. "Talk into the hole and quietly inform whoever's there to show their cock because you want to suck it off."

I did as he suggested. In a matter of seconds a voice said, "Are you sure you'll suck my cock?"

I looked at Joe perplexed then followed his instructions and answered into the hole, "I want nothing more than to suck your cock deep down my throat and eat your seed." Soon what looked like an ebony bedpost stuck through the hole. It was a black cock and the biggest one I could imagine. There had to be ten inches poking through the hole which meant a cock 12 to 13 inches long! I looked at Joe and all I could mutter was, "Jesus Christ!"

Joe said, "You'll be surprised, babe. With my help you'll get most of that deep down your throat; I think we can get 7 or 8 inches in and you'll see how that feels good to you, too. I would guess he can dump a cupful of cum into you. Maybe a whole cup: the absolute best reward for an expert cum bucket cocksucker like you're going to be. Just remember to swallow fast and gulp it down without spilling any."

I began with fingering this cock. I couldn't wrap my hand all the way around it and gave Joe a startled look. "All the more cock to suck," he intoned. I kept playing with it and became fascinated with how it looked and jerked to my finger manipulations. I could almost see myself kneeling at the alter of this beautiful monster cock. I then licked up and down the shaft, kissed the head, pushed my tongue in his peehole and ran my lips over the rim while my hand jacked on the flagpole of a shaft.

"Oh! Baby," he said between moans. "This is good. I love sticking my black cock into the mouth of a white bitch that knows what she's doing. Suck it baby, suck it!"

I took his cue and began my blowjob. While it felt like I was taking a mile of cock in my throat I was only getting about three inches. The girth barely fit in my mouth and my jaws were spread wide and ached. Joe advised, "That's O.K. Just keep sucking what you can. After you get used to it I'll help you get more." I continued my suck job. One advantage: there was still a lot of shaft exposed that I was able to jack with long hand strokes. After a few minutes of top sucking Joe whispered, "Tilt your head way back so there is a straight line through your mouth to your throat and get a little more cock in you." I did as suggested and was able to get another inch of his dick. Joe said I could do better and pushed my head further down the cock shaft. I felt as if I was swallowing a football but oddly didn't have any strong gag reflex. Joe opined, "That's good. No gagging. Let's do more," and he pushed my head hard even further down over the cock and rocked my mouth back and forth over it. After another minute Joe said, "I think you have six inches. I'm going to give you two more inches so keep your head tilted. Show me you can take it." He forced another couple of inches which not only widened my jaw more than it was meant to but expanded my throat opening and filled it so I couldn't breathe. Joe held it there for a few seconds as my body jerked and I struggled to get a breath. "Learn to take it," my husband hissed. "Put up with anything that's required to get your cock god down your throat." Another couple of seconds and he pulled my head back and I gasped for breath. I got only one quick gasp of air when Joe pushed the cock again way down my throat. Five seconds there and he pulled back and let me have another short breath. Then back down my throat. He kept up this routine for 2 or 3 minutes and I thought my jaw might break if I didn't suffocate first. He then told me to get lip pressure on the head and jack the shaft while he continued the deep throat routine but with a faster pace. I was determined to do this right. Soon the black monster jerked and stiffened. Joe removed it from my throat, told me to open my mouth and jack him off with a fast pace. Then the black man filled my mouth with his cum as he thundered, "Oh! Baby! That was good. Swallow that black seed you white ho!" I swirled it as Joe taught me and tried to swallow it all but ran out of time when a second blast filled my mouth with far more than I could handle. I swallowed as fast as I could but a bunch still spilled on my face, chin, and the floor. I sucked the cock clean with Joe insuring I took 8 inches.

The man retracted his cock and was heard saying, presumably to another man in his booth, "That is one hot honky cock suckin' bitch."

Joe said to me, "That was good, babe. A brother calling you a ho and a hot bitch is a big compliment. You're learning fast. But, you have quite a bit to finger off your face and eat, and to lick off the floor." I dutifully fingered cum off my face and sucked it down. Joe helped, scraping some from my chin and feeding me his coated finger. Then he half pushed my face to the floor and commanded, "Lick until I tell you to stop." There was quite a bit of fresh cum spread over a good-sized area. It took me a minute to lick it all up. Joe said, "As a reward for sucking cock so good you get some extra cum. Remember, all the cum you can get is good. Lick up some of the old dried cum. Lick until I say stop." I'm sure I licked the dirty floor for over two minutes when Joe interrupted, "Well, you're not quite done but stop anyway; another cock has been waiting to get sucked off. This time do it without my help."

I got on my knees and began blowjob #3. I did it as I was taught with Joe offering words of encouragement. In five minutes I had swallowed another load and was cleaning the spent cock. It retreated and within five seconds another took its place. I looked at Joe. He mouthed, "Word is spreading about a hot cock sucker in a booth; they must be lining up. Your good luck might give you a whole feast of cum tonight. Get sucking on the next one and suck it good." As #4 was getting to the end Joe showed me how to prolong it just before cumming by squeezing down on the shaft for a few seconds. I gave #4 three false finishes and could tell it was driving him crazy. He would utter, "Oh, Jesus! Suck it," as he was about to come then groan when I put the squeeze on. After each squeeze I could tell that his cum pressure got larger and he became incoherent. When I finally let him come I thought his geyser would poke a hole in the back of my mouth. I felt very proud. I then started on #5. An hour or so later I was sucking #10 and Joe was giving me accolades instead of coaching. I felt I was getting good at it. Joe seemed to think so, too, and I was elated that I was pleasing him.

A minute after finishing and cleaning #10, a great looking circumcised cock poked through. Joe said, "Babe I think you have finished the class and are ready for the final exam. I'll sit on the bench and you kneel before me and give me the greatest blowjob you can, doing all you have learned. I want this tasty looking dick for myself and will suck it while you suck me." I was a bit perplexed, but dutifully paid homage to Joe's cock while he expertly sucked on the stranger's dick. After a while both men were moaning with pleasure, Joe's moaning muffled with a cock stuck in his mouth. It also seemed like Joe's pleasure moans was half from my blowjob and half from having a dick in his mouth. I silently hoped that he would get just as much pleasure with my pussy and clit in his mouth.

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