tagLoving WivesSuck School Grad Ch. 01

Suck School Grad Ch. 01


Characters: Joe and Janet;
Joe's Friends: Chris and Paul;
A neighbor.

"Suck School" told how Joe trained Janet, his bride of three months, in the art and the correct terminology of fellatio – sucking cock. This story, in Janet's words, tells of their married life after Janet aced the one-night school.

My schooling enhanced our marriage 1000%. Joe, who had 100 times the sexual experiences before our wedding than I did, was an excellent teacher, and I was an enthusiastic student because I wanted to be an expert in pleasing and pleasuring my husband, Joe. The first three months I learned naturally how to be good in bed, how to make love, and how to make it extraordinarily good for Joe and get super pleasure myself. Leading up to my Suck School I also learned the difference between making love and fucking, that Joe didn't have a penis but a cock, dick, prick, or peter; and that I didn't have a vagina but a pussy, cunt, twat, snatch, quim, beaver, pud, or a box; and that someone getting in my pussy was getting some poontang, a little nookie, or tearing off a piece of my ass. I took to the new vernacular like a fish in water. It was far more delightfully naughty for Joe to fuck my cunt with his cock. I found making love was very good but getting fucked was fantastic. I much prefer the aggressive almost sadistic animal instincts of a man. I cherish being made to beg, and always tell the animal to fuck harder and make it hurt. Incidentally it was this attitude that drew me to getting fucked in the ass. (I'm getting ahead of myself but as you'll see later it is the same attitude that makes me worship a massive 12-inch or longer cock being rammed hard deep in my throat.)

One thing I wasn't good at was blowjobs. That's why Joe took me to school. I aced the mechanics including getting 9 inches of a massive 10-inch black cock down my throat – not bad for my 5'-1-1/2" stature. I also learned the mental aspect of good cock sucking and now adore cocks. It doesn't just make me feel good because I'm pleasing my man but I also love the feel of a large warm cock in my mouth and throat and have developed a craving for the taste of a man's cum swirling around my mouth, enhanced if at the same time he is calling me a dirty cock sucking whore.

If Joe wakes first I get fucked. If I wake first I get Joe up (in more ways than one) by licking and sucking his cock until I get my first cum shake of the day. By the time I get breakfast on the table he has recovered so he enjoys his breakfast while I crawl under the table and enjoy his cock. About the time he finishes his milk I finish his milking and get my second load which is all I want for breakfast. He then heads for work and I have to wait a long day before I get more cock in my mouth. Sometimes I'll get a call about noon and he'll say something clever like the assistants are dressed really hot that day, he needs to get off, and I should drive the van down over lunch hour and take care of him. I'll drive him to a secluded spot and we'll climb in the back. I'll get his dick out of his pants, and suck it for twenty minutes making him build up pressure so bad that he almost blows my head off when I finally let him fire his cum load.

When he gets home from work I'll often greet him at the door with a martini and without a stitch of clothes. Sometimes he'll take the drink but wait on the stoop for a couple of seconds knowing I'm completely exposed. "Wouldn't want the neighbors to miss your charms," he would chuckle.

We would eat dinner, sometimes in the nude. Then retire to the family room naked and watch some TV. There are one or two TV shows we like but mostly we watch porn flicks from our growing collection. Joe will tweak my nipples and ask me how I like some of the scenes. I'll diddle with his dick and do a little lip suction on it as he explores my pussy with a finger... then two... then three. I get hot as a pistol with three or four fingers reaming my pussy and likely to cum all over his hand with my first orgasm of the day. This is followed with Joe's third or fourth dinner of cum down my throat.

Our typical day ends up in bed when I again have his cock in my mouth but this time more trying to get it up. Joe will have 3 or 4 fingers squishing in my twat, this time jamming harder and faster and driving me up a wall. It takes a while but his cock starts coming to life. "Get that hard for me," I cajole. "I have to have your cock in my cunt before I go crazy."

"I don't know if I can," he replies.

"Of course you can," I insist. "I can get your beautiful cock hard as a post," I say as I rewrap my mouth around it. Then I jam my middle finger in his asshole and drive him crazy. His cock feels like it all of a sudden got rigor mortis. "Fuck me now, Joe. I need your cock in me. I need you to fuck me hard... hurt me with your cock. Oh! Shit!" We fuck like mink for five to ten minutes. He cums deep in my pussy and I cum all over his cock. As we relax I get his cock in my mouth one more time to clean it up and get a few more drops of cum dessert. Then we sleep.

That describes our average days the first month or two after I graduated from Joe's suck school. The thrill from just feeling his cock in my mouth, the feel of the head of his cock against the sides of my cheeks, the underside giving my tongue as much pleasure as it was giving, and the feel of the rim on my lips was exhilarating. The rounded bulbous head pressing deep in my throat sends me skyrocketing. It was beyond my wildest dreams how holding and playing with his cock in my mouth could be almost as pleasurable for me as it was for him. I simply loved the feel of cock in my mouth. The icing on the cake of a cock in my mouth as opposed to my cunt or ass was the taste of cum. I'm getting two dozen cum loads a week from Joe and in seventh heaven. When I'm not cock sucking I'm often dreaming about it. Joe is very happy with his student.

One Saturday afternoon Joe had two of his friends, Chris and Paul, over for some beers and snacks and to BBQ some burgers. I hung around the patio keeping mostly to myself though both Chris and Paul kept coaxing me into the group and paying me lots of attention. If I got the guys more beer or food, one would always jump up to help, follow me into the kitchen and insist on helping me carry one or two beer cans. When I handed him one he would get right up next to me "so it wouldn't drop" and get a second or two of body touching and hold my arm longer than necessary as he grabbed hold of the can. He never failed to compliment me on being a good hostess. I kinda enjoyed it, really. I might have gotten a bit annoyed with their not too subtle shenanigans, but they were super cool guys.

About 6pm Joe informed me that he wanted some wine and more beer, and we were low on buns and condiments. He said he and Paul were going to make a supply run into town and should be back by seven. Shortly after they left I excused myself to Chris saying I needed one of the remaining beers. Like a puppy he was right behind. When I opened the fridge we both saw one lonely beer. Chris leaned up against my back, made a gesture toward the can, and commented, "Only one left. Wanna share it?"

"Sure. I'd like to," I agreed. "Let me open it and I'll pour a couple of glasses."

"But be careful," Chris interrupted, "You have to take it out very gently so it doesn't fizz. Let me help." He reached both arms around me and pressed hard against my backside. I'm not certain but I thought I felt a little bulge in his groin pushing against my butt cheeks.

"I think I can handle it," I replied.

"No. It's better if I help," he continued. "We can just pass the can and save pouring." He grabbed hold of the can, almost pushing me into the fridge, actually popped the top while it was still half inside the fridge, and while molding his body against mine, offered me a sip.

"Shouldn't we sit down?" I lightly protested.

"What's the fun in that," he cooed, his mouth now on my ear. I was feeling a little tingly as his breath blew over my earlobes.

"I don't know about fun but it's probably less trouble," I argued.

With his mouth over my ear he went on, "No trouble. I just hold the beer to your pretty mouth, and give you a sip while I lay against your body that I've been drooling over all afternoon. Then I reach my head over your shoulder and give myself a sip, trying hard not to spill any from that awkward position... oops... like this." He tipped a dab of beer on my blouse right on my left nipple. I couldn't bend my neck enough to see but was sure my braless nipple was shining through my now transparent blouse. He intoned, "Joe was right. You have perfect nipples. One nipple anyway. Let me see the other one." And he spilled more beer on my right nipple. "Yep! He was right. You have super tits and nipples. And I can feel that you also have great ass cheeks. At least my dick thinks so. Can you feel my dick?"

We were progressing at 100MPH and my mind couldn't keep up. I was still back on "Joe was right." "What do you mean 'Joe was right'?" I asked, thinking immediately after I said it, that it sounded like a silly question.

"My question first," he insisted. "Do you feel my dick?"

"Yes," I answered stupidly naively.

Chris went on, "Joe brags about you all the time. Says you're the best wife in the world. Absolutely beautiful. Perfect face. Perfect tits and nipples. Super ass. Great pussy and an outstanding in bed. Gives the best head ever and loves to do it. He flashes a few pictures to back up his point, but if I do say so myself, the pictures don't do your body justice."

"But... but... but," I stammered.

"Joe said that if we were nice we might convince you to suck our cocks as he said you love nothing more than swallowing a man's cum," he continued as I heard his zipper coming open.

"We?" Shit! Another inane question, as if it mattered.

"Joe has been talking to me and Paul and just a couple of other buddies. But right now it's just me and my cock. Whadda ya think?" he asked as he pulled my hand behind my back and laid it on his cock that he had deftly pulled out of his pants. "Turn around and check it out up close and personal."

Like a zombie I turned around, caught his handsome face then his beautiful cock. "Touch it," he commanded and I did, all nine inches. "Tell ya what," he intoned. "I'll drink the beer and give you something else to drink." He spilled a tad more beer down my blouse, took a sip, and pushed on my head until I was on my knees looking right at a peehole. "Suck it, Janet. Suck it good and eat my cum."

I was still in a daze but without thinking I dutifully and automatically took in his dick. He moaned quietly. The different cock felt great in my throat and I quickly got consumed with it. I briefly looked into his eyes and murmured, "Your cock is so good," and returned to my deep throating. As I slurped he sipped, once in a while reaching down to twiddle with a nipple, now hard as an erasure and poking ¾-inch through my transparent blouse.

He cooed, "Joe was right again. Get you within a few feet of a cock and you can't help yourself."

After five minutes I felt the telltale jerking signs and looked into his eyes again, "You're going to give me your cum now aren't you?" I was a totally lost cause! Joe was wrong about 'a few feet' but get a dick in my mouth and I have to admit it's all over.

"Aaarrrrrrgh! Suck it! Suck it!" was his answer. Soon his cock vibrated in my mouth and a massive load of warm cum became my dinner. Jesus, it tasted good. "Man, I could get used to that," he exclaimed.

"I could get used to your sweet cum," I answered back. "I hope Joe doesn't get pissed."

"Not to worry," he quipped.

"But what if he finds out?" I asked.

"No. He'll probably find out. I might tell him. But he won't be pissed," Chris promised.

"Why would you tell Joe?" I screamed.

Chris replied, "Tell ya what. You suck me off anytime I want and maybe I won't tell."

"O.K." I whispered

He went on, "And now and then I can see how it feels in your cunt?"

I hesitated a moment. Chris had become demanding. "O.K."

Joe and Paul returned a few minutes later with the supplies and soon we were enjoying some wine and burgers. I got Joe aside and said I heard he had been showing pictures of me among his friends. "Just a few to a small number of close buddies," he protested. Then he turned to Chris, "Did you tell Janet I was showing pictures of her??"

"I told her that you were proud of her, sometimes showed us pictures and extolled her virtues," Chris replied. Then after a short awkward pause blurted, "And you were right. Your wife sucks cock like a woman possessed." Paul looked at Chris with curiosity. Joe looked at him with a silly grin. I stared at him aghast.

After another pregnant pause Joe intoned, "Told ya! Told you she can really give head. I'm guessing she gave you a blowjob while we were gone. Am I right? Did she take all of it?"

"Yeah, she did," Chris answered.

Joe turned to me, "It's O.K., honey. You know I want whatever you want." Then to Chris and Paul, "Get her within 50 feet of a cock and she's like a bloodhound!" Just like Chris said! I thought.

"Couldn't prove that by me," Paul said.

Joe answered, "Come with me then," and walked to where I was sitting on a lawn chair. Suddenly I felt another whirlwind coming on. They both stood next to me. "Drop your pants and show my wife your cock," Joe ordered.

"What's going on here?" I howled.

Joe answered, "We're going to give Paul a thrill of a lifetime, make me very happy, excite Chris, and give you pleasure, all in one fell swoop: you sucking all of the cum out of his cock." Then he turned to Paul, "As soon as you give her a whiff of your cock any resistance she might have will immediately melt away. Get it out."

Paul's erect seven-incher presented itself. But I was still flustered and uncertain and uttered another feeble protest, "But all the neighbors can see us out here!" I was a wealth of stupid protests. It occurred to me that all of my feeble protestations might mean that I really desperately wanted a cock in my mouth as often as I could and couldn't refuse any cock in the vicinity, as Joe said.

"Not all," Joe responded, "Just in the houses next to ours. Worst case you entertain eight or so instead of just four, if they are watching. Best case they run over here and join in... more pleasure for you and me."

I'm not certain I got all of Joe's words as a fever hit my face and I got all tingly looking at Paul's cock. It struck me that three of the best looking cocks I've ever seen being here at the same time is odd. I sucked off one less than an hour ago and was now getting my second. The thought took my breath away, and I didn't give a damn if the world was watching. I did catch Joe's next words that he whispered in my ear, "Start playing with it and get to know Paul's pecker. Then do the thing you do so well." He turned to Paul, "See how flustered and flush she is? Can't even talk straight. Before it was because she wasn't sure what we were doing. Now it's because she is sure and can't stand the anticipation of your dick in her mouth. What did I tell ya? My wife craves cock and cum like an addict craves heroin. So give it to her."

I reveled in Joe's degradation and started ministering to Paul's cock with my fingers, tongue and lips as Chris and my husband watched closely. My husband is right and sized me up pretty accurately; I was a cock hound. I do love it and was fast getting lost in Paul's. I peered into Paul's eyes and muttered, "You have a beautiful dick. I can't wait to taste it." Paul moaned loudly as I took the full length in my mouth and began a deep throat blowjob. As I sucked, the sun started to set and I noticed lights in a window of the house next door. Now my attitude changed. As Joe said I saw the lighted window as nothing more than another cock or two to suck. I continued taking Paul's cock in and out of my mouth putting pressure on the rim and licking the underside on the backstroke. Since he had removed his pants I was able to cup and squeeze his balls and give them a little kiss now and then, giving him the full treatment.

Chris and Joe gave me encouragement. Joe suggested that Chris push the back of my head to make sure the cock was completely engulfed. Then he suggested he tear off my blouse and pinch and pull my nipples. God that gave me the shivers. Then he suggested Chris pull up my skirt, rip my panties off and finger fuck me. "Pump her with at least three fingers," he cajoled Chris.

I was making Paul's blowjob last with the shaft-squeezing trick Joe taught me. I was now more than 10 minutes of my blowjob accompanied with five minutes of being finger fucked. I heard Chris tell Joe, "Ya know your wife said she would suck my cock anytime I wanted. But she also said that once in a while I could fuck her. Is this a 'once in a while' moment? I want to fuck her real bad. Can I?" Joe didn't answer verbally but quietly pulled me up from the chair, had me bend over at the waist, and restuff my mouth with Paul's cock. My husband then spoke, "Fuck her, Chris. Fuck her good and hard. Deposit your seed in her. If she is still working on Paul see if you can fist fuck her. She's a small woman with a tight cunt and I'd like to see how much you can stretch it."

I continued my long blowjob on Paul's seven inches as Chris pounded my pud with his nine inches, scraping the backside of my clit with each stroke. We three were all becoming delirious with desire. My entire world started at my cunt lips and ended at Paul's pubic hairs. I was oblivious to Chris when he filled my cunt with jism but came myself about the same time. I continued my rhythm with Paul: suck for a minute then squeeze his shaft for a few seconds to his groaning. Then a bit of the world returned as I felt four of Chris' fingers invading my cunt. He rammed his four fingers in and out like a jackhammer and I could feel another orgasm cumming on. He then slowed down and I detected his thumb trying to get some action. Four fingers and a thumb were cupped in a cone shape and he was pumping in and out up to where his fingers joined his hand. He put hard pressure on there but couldn't get passed that point of his hand. My husband helped by spreading my thighs and ass cheeks. Then I felt a finger enter my asshole. That put me over the top. I came hard and gushed cum juice all over Chris' hand. With the added lubrication, on the very next thrust Chris' whole hand entered my pussy up to his wrist. I thought I might break in two but God it felt good and my pain was overcome. Then Chris' arm turned into a piston and reamed my pussy like a roto-rooter. I was in a daze from Chris' fist fucking (not to mention my asshole still being fucked by one of Joe's fingers) and started losing my focus on Paul. Joe brought me back with a slight slap on my cheek, "Chris and I will take care of your cunt. You concentrate on Paul's cock."

Finally, after 15 minutes and my getting off one more time with that 3-inch wide hammering my pussy was taking, I took a massive amount of Paul's built-up cum into my tummy and collapsed on the grass in a heap. Chris was still fist fucking me but soon slowed and pulled his arm out with a loud plop. I laid there for a couple of minutes in complete delirium, and then struggled to raise my self up on my hands and knees and catch my breath. As I gazed around I saw this six-foot blonde-haired man standing a couple of feet away. I just stared. Joe broke the silence. "Meet our new neighbor. He's here to give you his cock. Both him and me want you to suck it." The man walked toward me, unzipped his pants, pulled out his pecker and with no fanfare stuck six more inches of cock down my throat. This one was the best tasting so far and I got a second wind. It didn't take long and after three minutes another load of cum entered my stomach, but this cum tasted go good I swirled and savored it first, much to the delight of all. I looked at the neighbor man and told him he had a nice schlong.

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