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Sucker Punch: Team Worked


Madame Gorski tightened the straps until they bit into Babydoll's hips and waist. She almost whimpered, not because it hurt, but because the sensation was so new. The perceivable heft protruding from her groin was so perverse, so exciting in everything it suggested to her. If it'd been Rocket or Sweetpea, she didn't know what she'd be thinking. Then she pictured them and, oh, God...

"I always did think you were more... open-minded than many of the first-timers," Gorski drawled, her voice as smoky as a fifth of vodka. She was getting close to Babydoll, like she always did, but they were alone, which made it feel more... which made Babydoll feel lightheaded. She'd thought Gorski had isolated them because she could appreciate how nervous it made Babydoll, wearing such a thing.

"I just wanna do a good job," Babydoll said plaintively.

"Yes. I know. You are very feminine, very submissive, but men do not always want such things." Gorski put her hand on the dildo and squeezed, the leather making a shrill noise at the pressure. "Women do not always want such things." Even though it wasn't real, Babydoll felt her breath coming more rapidly. "Sometimes we must be aggressive." Gorski moved in as if to kiss her and Babydoll felt the breath leave her, like a sinking ship being abandoned. The madam stopped, her lips an inch from Babydoll's. They smiled. "You are nervous, yes? New experiences often make us nervous. It's not a sin." She backed away. Her smile grew as Babydoll swallowed down her anxiety. "Here, we are safe. We can make allowances for... inexperience. We can play music, if you like. No one will hear us."

"Yes, please." Music. So it'd be like a dance. Babydoll smiled to herself. She enjoyed dancing.

Gorski paged through the records she had by the player until she made a little pleased noise and hoisted one up. "Have you ever listened to Pulp, my little dear?"

Babydoll shook her head.

Gorski slipped the record out of its cover. "I think you'll find this song particularly... relaxing."

As the song started up , Babydoll reached down and wrapped her hand around her cock, like she'd seen men do at the dances. It felt hard. It felt real.

You are hardcore, you make me hard.
You name the drama and I'll play the part.
It seems I saw you in some teenage wet dream.
I like your get up if you know what I mean.
I want it bad. I want it now.
Oh can't you see I'm ready now.
I've seen all the pictures,
I've studied them forever.
I wanna make a movie so let's star in it
Don't make a move 'til I say, "Action."


"What the fuck's the hold-up?" Sweetpea demanded, racking the slide on her gun. She'd already checked the load and cleaned it, even polished her blade. It'd been at least fifty minutes since Babydoll had started swooning and she'd been in back with Rocket playing doctor ever since.

The others wore various looks of concern, even Rocket. How typical that Sweetpea had to be the one to think of staying alive in a warzone and not kissing every booboo they got along the way. What would Wise Man think?

Rocket stepped outside of the tent they'd commandeered to give Babydoll some privacy, stripping off her latex gloves and shaking her head. Blondie handed her a cigarette and Amber lit it for her, both knowing how the doc needed a good smoke after a tense situation.

"She picked something up on Saturn II," Rocket said. "Alien VD, probably off something with tentacles."

Sweetpea cursed. "I told that dumb bitch to use protection. I gave her condoms."

Rocket shrugged. "Syrens have a lot of tentacles. I gave her some penicillin, that should clear it up as soon as we suck the venom out."

"Alright then, let's go. What's the problem?"

Rocket bit her lip. "You're squad leader, I suppose you should see. Come on in."


Ten inches. Ten goddamn inches. Sweetpea could count every inch, every vein, every drop of precum dripping from the head. And above it (not far above it) Babydoll had the most innocent expression on her face.

"Alright," Sweetpea sighed. "How do we get it out?"

Rocket worried at her lip with her teeth. "The usual way. Once we've, uh..."

"Busted her nuts?" Sweetpea asked.

"I don't have nuts!" Babydoll said defensively.

"Once she's exhausted her seminal backload," Rocket said, eyebrows arching toward her hair, "then it should go away."

"And we can leave?" Sweetpea demanded. "Assuming we can't leave right now and let a trained professional handle this?" She smiled sweetly at Babydoll. "Maybe one without tentacles?"

"At least she had a pulse, robot-fucker," Babydoll shot back sardonically.

"At least that robot was a biped."

"Linda was a biped!"

"Oh, it's Linda now?"

Babydoll cried out suddenly. Her cock seemed to stand up even straighter, the head glistening in the dim light.

"We need to treat it," Rocket said. "Now."

Sweetpea looked at her. Rocket's nurse outfit didn't cover enough that Sweetpea couldn't see the hardened nipples under her blouse, or smell the moisture gathering at her crotch. She looked from Sweetpea to Rocket and back again.

"You two are perverts." Sweetpea began unsnapping her garters.

"What are you doing?" Rocket and Babydoll asked at the same time.

"What do you think?" Sweetpea slid her boy-shorts and panties off in the same go, leaving the rest of her clothes on. It was one of the reasons she'd modified her uniform the way she had. Nothing like easy access. "No sister of mine is fucking a dick-chick."

"Well, I mean, technically, she's not—" Rocket was sweating. "Oh, come on, please?"

"No," Sweetpea said firmly. "I'm the CO here. So I'll be handling this."

Babydoll looked apt to register a protest too, as Sweetpea shoved her down on her back.

"Think of England, bitch," Sweetpea told her as she grabbed Babydoll's hot, slippery erection and impaled herself on it.

For a moment, she gritted her teeth.

Then she cried out, bringing Amber and Blondie rushing in, guns at the ready, to find Sweetpea straddling Babydoll right in front of Rocket.

"Well, it's about damn time," Amber said.


Sweetpea rolled her eyes. "Watch the door," she ordered, slowly grinding on Babydoll. "You know, so the enemy doesn't get in?"

"Right, yeah," Amber said, pulling the speechless Blondie along. They stood far enough away for privacy, but there was no pretending their attention was on the door.

"Should I go too?" Rocket asked, her eyes locked on Sweetpea's bare hips as they rode Babydoll, knowing there was a cock buried deep inside.

Sweetpea looked at her and felt an answering throb of arousal to the excitement Rocket clearly was experiencing. "No. You just... wait right there." She looked down at Babydoll, who had the common courtesy to look a little pleased at getting to have sex with her commanding officer. Her lips were parted and her eyes eagerly tracked Sweetpea's body. When she reached up to feel Sweetpea up, or maybe even undress her, Sweetpea shot down and pinned her wrists to the table. "Haven't you come yet?"

Babydoll looked down to where their bodies met. Sweetpea's pussy was twitching around her cock, actually hungry for more. "Do you want me to?"

Sweetpea sped up, orbiting her hips around Babydoll's, milking her cock. "Yes! I want this fucking over with so we can get a move—"

Babydoll thrust up into Sweetpea, lifting her off the ground and driving so deep into her that she arched her back, long golden hair falling to Babydoll's outstretched legs, and made a guttural sound of pleasure.

"Holy shit," Amber said. Blondie was still speechless.

Babydoll's abs tensed as she fucked Sweetpea from underneath, thrusting so hard that Sweetpea bounced on her like she was a bucking bronco. The CO's blonde hair swept from side to side as she tossed her head in time with her moans, her body undulating against Babydoll with every thrust she took, a nipple slipping out of her bodice for her to pinch as she let loose with a single harsh "Goddamn!"

"Still want this over with?" Babydoll asked smugly.

Sweetpea's oxygen-starved mind figured that Babydoll was threatening to stop, as if that were possible. "NO! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T—"

Babydoll grabbed her by the waist, both hands, and held her still as she thrust up so hard that the table would've broken if she'd come down. But she didn't. Her body stayed bent, hoisting Sweetpea in the air, their bodies merged at the groin. Sweetpea's long legs stretched straight out, shooting past either side of the table as she came—


and came—


and came—


And then Babydoll came, so much cum that it spilled down her cock and pooled in her belly. The slightest motion from Sweetpea and more poured out, staining the inside of her thighs. It took Rocket to help her off Babydoll, and the second her feet touched ground, she stumbled and showed no sign of getting up.

"Size queen," Babydoll remarked. Then she looked down to see her penis was showing no sign of diminishing. In fact, it looked like it was trembling. Hungry for more. "Boss, I don't think we're done."

Sweetpea had crawled over to her pants, but only managed to use them as a pillow. "I... don't think... I need shore leave... I'll just wait a month... for that to die down."

"Babydoll?" It was Rocket. Her clothes were in a neat pile at her feet, leaving nothing to disguise her heaving breasts and clear arousal. "I'll go next."

"Next?" Sweetpea said, actually managing to stir.

"It's okay, sis." Rocket bent down to brush some hair out of her face. "Wouldn't be the first thing we've shared."

She laid down beside her sister, biting her lip as she spread her legs. Babydoll didn't hesitate. She threw herself on all fours over Rocket, her cock nearly touching the dirt but too erect to manage it. Rocket shivered in nervousness and anticipation; Babydoll kissed her soothingly. "Thank you," she said, as Rocket wound her arms around Babydoll's neck and kissed her more. "Thank you so much."

Rocket's left hand traced down Babydoll's spine and spent a moment under her skirt, cupping a supremely taut ass, then down to wrap a hand around Babydoll's cock and guide it to her entrance.

"What the fuck?" Blondie cried at long last.

Babydoll paused with her glans just touching the lips of Rocket's pussy. "Have you ever done this before?"

"Sure I have." Rocket smiled. "You were there, remember?"

Sweetpea looked over at them, but was too far gone to do more than roll her eyes.

"I mean, with one of these." Babydoll rubbed her cockhead against Rocket, making the younger woman tilt her head back and moan delicately. Oops.

"I've let guys eat me out, and you know what I do with girls." Rocket grinned slyly. "But that would be new."

"She broke her hymen riding a hybrid horse," Sweetpea said. "If that's what you're wondering. Dumbass."

"That's all I needed to know." Babydoll laid down on top of Rocket, resting her chin on Rocket's shoulder in a way that offered up her neck for biting, in case Rocket needed something to bite down on (and the thought was making Babydoll's dick harder, as if it needed to be). Her ass stayed in the air, the skirt hard-pressed to cover both the bottom of her cheeks and the cock pointed squarely into Rocket. She kissed Rocket's cheek. "I'm glad I get to be your first," she whispered, softly enough that Sweetpea couldn't hear.

"Me too."

Babydoll pushed.

"You're hurting her!" Sweetpea said immediately, seeing the way Rocket's brow furrowed, her lips pulling into her mouth and her eyes blinking rapidly.

"No!" Rocket said, huffing to get the words out. "It's just... God!"

Sweetpea flopped down on her back, remembering. "Big."

"There's more on the way, baby." Babydoll kissed Rocket's neck a few times, trying to relax her. She swore to herself she wouldn't move an inch until Rocket was comfortable.

"I'm ready," Rocket promised her. Her hands stroked Babydoll's back, trying to assure her. "Just go in, I'm ready."

Babydoll was opening her mouth to ask if Rocket was really, really sure when Sweetpea smacked her ass, inadvertently driving the cock another inch into a receptive Rocket. "When my sister says she's ready, she's ready! Now start fucking or you can walk home with three legs!"

"She's right." Rocket drew Babydoll's skirt up to her waist and then put her hands on Babydoll's ass, pulling her in with increasing force. She closed her eyes as more and more cock sunk inside her. "Oh God, she's so right..."

Babydoll couldn't speak, enraptured by tightness so intense it was like her entire body was being gripped. She buried her face in Rocket's short hair, letting it brush across her cheek and lips to distract her from the pleasure rippling up from her loins. Whatever Sweetpea's orders were, Babydoll wanted this to last. Not just the pleasure, but being joined with Rocket so intimately, sharing something so special.

And she was tight. So fucking tight.

Amber and Blondie's mouths fell open as Babydoll bottomed out, Rocket impossibly skewered, their bodies meshed like two blankets folded together. They both panted and whined and moaned, trying to relieve the pressure by fervently kissing, their hands roaming at each others' bodies, pulling aside bits of clothes to get to confined breasts, swaths of skin.

Sweetpea mumbled disagreeably when Babydoll's blouse landed on her head. "How long does it take to come with that thing inside you?"

Reverently, Babydoll's hand cupped Rocket's face and moved down her neck, tracing the breath in Rocket's lungs and then going lower... meeting her clit.

Rocket whimpered. "God, I love you."

"Love you too." Babydoll pulled back and thrust back in, hard.

"That's more like it," Sweetpea grunted, watching Rocket's mouth gape silently open.

Amber and Blondie had similar sentiments, sitting against the back wall, masturbating furiously.


"Yes, yes, yes!" Rocket chanted, forcing Babydoll's face to her bared breasts, loving the way long silken hair stuck to her skin from her hips all the way up to the nape of her throat. It was like they were magnetized.

Ten minutes had taken them from an agonizingly slow series of entrances and exits, almost tantric, to a gong-like set of hammer blows. With the precision of a machine, Babydoll backed up, took in Rocket's lustful gaze, and thrust back into her, seeming to go deeper each time.

Sweetpea watched, fully awakened by the sight of her sister being pounded into the ground, her skin muddy with dirt and sweat. She wasn't uncomfortable because they were sisters... the close quarters of Army living had made them close in a way that would probably be considered taboo by now. It was that she herself had just had an orgasm the size of Toledo. So how the fuck could she be feeling horny watching someone fuck her sister?

She needed to end this. They were in the middle of a war, not a sleepover. The next time Babydoll bent down to kiss Rocket, the brunette saw her older sister behind her lover.

"Uhhh, sis..." she muttered, before the end of that thought was obliterated by another thrust from Babydoll.

"S'okay," Sweetpea said, embracing Babydoll from behind. Babydoll, as always, responded with a Cheshire cat smile to the unexpected. "Just gonna give you a little help."

Their hips swayed together as Sweetpea guided Babydoll in, showing her the rhythm Rocket liked best. "Gimmegimmegimme," was Rocket's mantra as they both fucked her, one hand on Babydoll and the other on Sweetpea, holding them both to her, connecting all three of them.

Rocket came, her cunt clamping down on a grunting Babydoll, but the blonde just kept thrusting into Rocket. Sweetpea felt Rocket's legs trying to encircle her for the long haul. Typical. She finally found a cock with staying power when she needed a two-pump chump.

"What does it take to make you come?" she hissed in Babydoll's ear. Then her voice softened, "Do you need a little sweet talk? Maybe for someone to whisper in your ear about how she's going to fuck you?"

Babydoll watched, her breath coming up short, as Sweetpea sucked each finger of her right hand into the depths of her mouth and brought it out dripping wet. Sweetpea's hand dipped out of her sight and she helplessly felt herself going faster into Rocket, trying to burn off her new lust.

"Are you still afraid you'll hurt this little slut?" With her other hand, Sweetpea reached down and groped Rocket's breast, bringing out a scandalized and encouraging gasp from her. "She loves it. If there's anything she likes more than a hard cock, it's you with a hard cock."

"I'm right here!" Rocket said, before Sweetpea twisted her nipple, filling her mouth with a shrill cry.

"Fuck her," Sweetpea ordered. "Fuck her hard. Because if you haven't come by the time I count to ten, these fingers are going up your ass." Babydoll felt a teasing, warm, wet touch at her anus. A thrill of inexplicable pleasure coursed through her. "Think I won't fist you? I love fisting new recruits. It's the only way they learn."

"Rocket, she's your sister, she can't—"

Rocket reached up, grabbing Sweetpea's hips and sandwiching all three of them together. She didn't stop until she felt the taut muscle of Babydoll's stomach against her own. "You really need to fuck me."

Babydoll gave in to lust, her own and Rocket's. She went harder, rougher, was fucking as hard as she fought, machine-gun thrusts and licks across Rocket's collarbone like a cut from a katana. Rocket came, teeth gritted into a smile, then slumped into a state of ecstatic paralysis as Babydoll kept fucking away at her cunt.

"Ten," Sweetpea said. Her moist middle finger tickled at Babydoll's anus, tricking the puckered hole into opening up for her. She drove her finger in, mercifully a little at a time, one knuckle, then two, until Babydoll was well and truly skewered.

The blonde groaned in pleasure, pausing her thrusting to offer her ass up for more. Sweetpea added her forefinger and Babydoll groaned deeper. When Sweetpea tried to work her fingers in and out, the muscle of Babydoll's sphincter tugged at them.

"I should've guessed," Sweetpea sighed. "Is everyone in this platoon a goddamn slut?"

"I'm not!" Rocket said.

Sweetpea rolled her eyes as Rocket's fingers tightened on Babydoll and urged her back in.

"Not yet," Babydoll panted. She looked back at Sweetpea; something about her puppy dog eyes begging for the obscene made Sweetpea wet as hell. "Please, one more, just one..."

Sweetpea pushed in her ring finger and finally had some difficulty. Babydoll panted and moaned and swore as Sweetpea pushed, with surprising gentleness, finally spitting on Babydoll's hole and managing to get in all three fingers. Babydoll actually whooped, driving herself into Rocket so hard that Sweetpea's fingers nearly popped out of her.

"No, no..." she muttered, buried in Rocket, who just let her head lull back and her eyes glaze over.

Sweetpea saw what she was doing. She pushed her fingers deeper and held them steady, about halfway in, so that when Babydoll backed up—"Yes, yes, oh yes!"—she impaled herself on Sweetpea's hand, but when she thrust into Rocket—"Oh dear God!"—the fingers stayed tingling at her entrance.

With the sisters working on her from both ends, it didn't take long for Babydoll to lose control. She attacked Rocket like a machine-gun, and the girl came to life just long enough to scream. If it could be shortened to a few seconds, it would've sounded a lot like "YES!"

The scream abruptly cut off when Babydoll came inside her, the sudden eruption of hot fluid too much for even her. "I love you both!" Babydoll gasped, quiet in comparison, as she filled Rocket up. She rested on all fours over Rocket's trembling body as her lover rode a prolonged orgasm to sleep.

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