tagTransgender & CrossdressersSucking It for Karen

Sucking It for Karen


For Karen, Brad would do anything, including posing naked for her camera. Not just naked. Naked, hard, and standing absolutely still while he received a blow job. The way she talked to her models made it more fun. Karen's mouth didn't have filter. Her constant patter kept your head in the moment.

"Suck it," Karen purred with a happy grin on her face. "That's it, baby. Suck it good. All the way down." She climbed off her knees, pulled away and admired the view. "Fuck, you look so hot with that big cock inside your mouth." She picked up her big camera, held it in front of her face, and pressed the shutter button. White lights aimed at the inside of reflective umbrellas flashed as her camera captured the image.

"How you doing, Brad?" she asked the naked man standing as erect as his penis. "Feeling good? It's not feeling too good yet, is it?"

"I'm fine," Brad announced. "It's good, but not too good, not yet."

"It looks so hot," Karen said, stooping for a better angle. Another flash signaled another large format picture captured. "You have such a great cock. I wish that was my mouth around your cock. I wish I was doing the sucking."

"Okay, now that's going to get to me," Brad said, shooting the pretty photographer a grin.

"Watch her," Karen reminded Brad. "Keep your eyes on those ruby red lips wrapped around that beautiful, hard cock."

"Yeah, sorry," Brad said, blinking a few times. Even without the flash, the shooting stage was bright. He understood why. Brighter lights meant Karen could use a smaller aperture setting. A smaller aperture setting meant more depth of field, meaning more things were in focus. But a smaller aperture setting meant less light passes to the sensor, which means, more light has to bathe the subjects. Karen wanted everything in focus from every angle.

"Can you take him deeper?" she asked the kneeling model with the long blonde hair. "Really deep. Deep inside your throat. I want to see your nose against his belly."

"Oh fuck," Brad groaned, feeling engulfed.

"Problem?" Karen asked, snapping two more pics in quick succession.

"That feels good, really good."

"How good?" Karen asked, moving to the side for a couple more shots. "Orgasm good?"

"Not yet."

"But soon?"

"Maybe," Brad said, unable to stop his hard cock from throbbing.

"You know I want you to cum, right?"

"I know," he said.

"You saved up for me, right?"

"Yes," he moaned. "I've been edging since Tuesday."

"So hot," Karen purred in her distracted voice. Was she responding to what he had said or reacting to what she saw on the camera's display? "So you have a big load saved up for us?" she asked, removing doubt.

"Should be," he admitted.

"Mm, a really big load," she purred. "Lots of cum for a hungry tongue. That's good, that's really good. That makes me hot, too."

"I could do that for you sometime," Brad offered. Was hitting on the photographer wrong? Brad didn't care. Karen was why he was there.

"Oh no, this is better. I like getting wet like this. I like being horny. I think it makes for better pictures, don't you?"

"I think you enjoy torturing me."

He had to sign a model release before posing in front of Karen's camera. Brad insisted no one would ever see his face. While he was proud of his carefully sculpted body, shooting porn was over the line. For Karen, he'd do it, but no one else could know. Only Karen and the other model. Brad had seen final work featuring his cock and the blonde model on her knees. Karen was talented.

Karen moved closer and gave more instructions. "Mm, lips, tongue and dick. That's really good. Just the tip like that. That's it, work the tip of Brad's big cock like that. Oh, that's nice. Do that again."

"Wow," Brad groaned.


"Since Tuesday," he said, reminding her of his edging. "If it matters, I was thinking about you every time I did it." He had. He couldn't help it. Karen was exotic and beautiful. He loved the caramel tone of her perfect skin, her smile and the deep dimples that showed whenever she was delighted. He kept his eyes forward, wishing he could see her large breasts. Were her nipples hard? Hard enough to poke through her blouse and bra? Damn, what he would give to see those nipples. He was sure they would be dark brown, probably with a hint of rose.

"Thinking about this?" Karen asked, twisting his meaning. "Thinking about being naked and hard for me? Were you thinking about showing off that big, beautiful, hard cock of yours?"

"More than that," he said, gritting his teeth against the pleasure he felt, biting back the arrival of his orgasm. He knew how it would work. When he came, after he erupted for her camera (for her!), then the photo shoot would end. She would take her final pictures of his white cream leaking from the lips of her other model and ignore him. Once his camera time was over, her interest in him would end.

"Thinking about getting a blow job?" she asked.

"From you," he gasped.

"Oh no, not from me," she corrected. "For me, maybe. But not from me. I want to do it, though. I'd like to feel that big cock between my lips, too. I'd love to suck you. I'd love to fuck you. I bet you fuck good, don't you?"

"Yes," Brad said. The single word answer triggered more by the lips around his cock than her question. It worked both ways and he was fine with that.

"She's so excited," Karen announced, moving backwards before snapping more pics. "I love how excited she gets sucking you. That's what really makes these pictures pop. Pretty blonde hair, ruby red lipstick, and seeing her so excited. Do you like her bra and panties? I picked them out myself."

"Very pretty," Brad agreed, refusing to think about the lips around his cock. He wanted to think about Karen. How many more times would he have to pose for her before she would give it up to him? He knew she liked his muscles, big cock, and cute butt. How many times had she complimented those things? He had seen how she stared at him with long, lingering glances of admiration.

"Next time, we're going to put her on her knees. Both of you," Karen said, still snapping pictures and doing her best to excite the other model, too. "She'll like that and I think it will be hot seeing her cute little ass up in the air."

"Maybe she could wear a butt plug?" Brad asked. "She likes it up the ass, doesn't she?"

"Oh yeah, she loves it up the ass, don't you?"

The other model moaned her agreement.

"It's part of the reason why I married her. What about you, Brad? Do you like it up the ass?"

"No," he quickly said. "Exit only."

"Too bad," Karen giggled. "Would you do it for me?"

Brad hesitated, swallowing his first, negative answer. "Maybe," he hedged. "If I can do it to you, I'll let you do it to me."

"I want her to do it," Karen said. "She fucks your ass and then you fuck her ass, how's that?"

"I don't think so," he moaned, fighting against his building orgasm. At least his face would show when the final photographs were displayed. Not like the model on her knees. Everyone would see Karen's partner with a mouthful of cock. He didn't understand why Karen liked that so much, but she did. Karen loved showing off her partner sucking cock. Brad wasn't their only model, just their favorite. He had seen the other pictures. He had seen Karen's partner sucking black dick, white dick, and tanned dick. He had seen her face splashed with semen for Karen's camera. For Karen? He guessed that was true.

"But she likes that idea," Karen pointed out. "She loves it up the ass so much. That's what I'm going to do to her later, after you're gone. I'm going to fuck her up the ass with my biggest strap-on."

"Oh fuck," Brad groaned, feeling the other model's mouth excitedly sucking on him. "She likes that idea!"

"Are you close?" Karen asked. After their other photo shoots, Karen had learned to read Brad's reactions.

"Yeah," he said, thrilled and disappointed at the same time. As much as he wanted this orgasm, he dreaded what happened afterwards. He would orgasm, spray his load across the other model's pretty face, and pose for a few extra shots before being dismissed, ignored as Karen tended to the needs of the other model.

"Do it, Brad. I want to see it. I want to see you shoot that hot load. Pretend that's my mouth. Do it for me, okay? Shoot that load for me!"

Karen's coaxing was enough for him. He announced his pending orgasm. The other model opened her painted lips wide for him. He pressed his hard cock against her tongue and allowed it to happen. His orgasm surged through from his hard cock and coated her tongue in thick, ropey strands of white. He came again and again, shooting and spraying four days' worth of need into her mouth. He came hard and forced himself to remain still while Karen captured the event with her camera. Flash after flash happened faster than his orgasmic spasms. He moaned and fought to keep his hands at his sides as Karen had insisted before they started. She wanted cock and sucking, that's it.

"That's good," Karen said, dismissing Brad. As soon as he stepped away, she went back to work. She took dozens of pictures of her model's mouth, lips, and coated tongue. She worked quickly, duck walking backwards as she captured more of her model's face before she stood and snapped a few more shots. "So hot. That cum on your tongue looks so good. You love cum, don't you? You love tasting it, don't you? I can see it. I can see it in your eyes. I can see how hard it makes your cock."

Karen set her big camera on the tarp used for the shooting stage. Brad picked it up, moving the expensive piece of equipment out of the way for her. He didn't dare try working the device. If Karen noticed the little courtesy, it didn't show as she knelt and pressed her mouth against her husband's mouth.

Karen grabbed at her husband's hard cock, pulling on the half that extended past the frilly panties he wore. "You looked so sexy doing that," she told him between kisses. "You make such a pretty little slut. I can't wait for this. I want this!" She pushed him backwards, tugged off his panties, and went down on him.

Brad turned away, frustrated that a woman as hot and sexy as Karen would prefer a sissy like Ken. Karen could have any man she wanted. Why had she picked a crossdressing sissy like Ken? Brad couldn't stand watching her mouth pleasing the skinny man in a blonde wig, painted face and fingernails. He turned his back, dressed, and quietly left the studio.

Tomorrow, Karen would let him preview the pictures. She would give him the chance vetoing any shots that made him uncomfortable. Her photographs would tease the viewer, showing a pretty blonde on her knees, eager for cock. She would toy with the viewer, making Ken look so beautiful with his fake eyelashes and painted face. In his bra, panties, and wig, Ken could pass as a pretty, though flat-chested, girl. At least until the camera showed Ken's hard-on, too. Seeing Ken's hard-on trapped inside the elastic band of his frilly red panties always shocked Brad, reminding him how another man had sucked his cock.

Brad sighed as he drove home. He wasn't gay. He had done it for Karen and next week, if she asked, he'd do it again.


Author's note: Well, if I did that right, you're eager to re-read the story fantasizing about being on your knees for Karen's camera, looking oh-so-pretty. Many thanks to Patientlee for her spell check and editing. Any remaining mistakes remain my own and not hers. Feedback and comments are always welcome!

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