tagGay MaleSucking My First Couple

Sucking My First Couple

byJohn Hamilton©

The following is a true story.


So after sucking several cocks, I'd found I had a talent and affinity for having my face fucked. I had a regular partner who came over and used my mouth on a regular basis but that didn't last. He'd call me up less and less for our little romps, which was fine because I got busier and had less time for such things.

But I still had a fantasy that I wanted to try out: sucking multiple cocks at once. I wanted to be a sucking whore surrounded by cocks, milking each to glorious completion.

So I hit up several couples on a male hook-up site. The fantasy grew and grew in my mind. My hungry mouth craved cocks, I wanted to taste the cum of the men as they used me as their dirty little cumslut. It didn't take long to hit up the right couple. They were horny too, wanting to come over and use me that day.

A couple hours later they arrived. I invited them in and they sat on my love seat. Both of them were tall, fit, middle aged men. The Top of the couple had short brown hair, while the Bottom had long blond hair and a mustache. I let them sit on a love seat in my living room and I sat on a nearby ottoman as we made small talk. They'd been together for awhile and occasionally played with others. They said it often didn't work out when they tried to get together with a third online. They seemed like a very nice, devoted, level-headed couple.

The Top was walking around my place, looking around, and then he walked towards me while starting to unzip his pants. Sitting on the ottoman my head was on the same level as his crotch. I could see his hard cock bulge through his boxers. I caressed it through his underwear with a big smile on my face. I pulled the boxers down to unleash his large dick. It was long and incredibly thick. I began to take into my warm eager mouth. He grabbed my head and began to thrust his massive fuck tool down my throat. It was so big it filled my mouth and throat, choking out all the air. I gagged a little but kept taking it deeper and deeper. He thrust his thick cock into my mouth over and over, stretching my lips, making me gag repeatedly. I started bobbing back and forth on it wildly, I wanted it so bad. I devoured it. God, I loved that thick cock in my mouth.

He dragged me to the ground and I stripped off all my clothes while on my knees and he did the same as he stood over me, his hard cock looming over me, He beat my face with his thick cock. Here I was on my naked on my knees with a man showing his complete control over me as his lover watched. I was heaven. He fed my hungry mouth more. He fucked my face harder and harder, telling his lover that I was good cocksucker.

The Bottom played with himself as he undressed. The Top asked him if he wanted my mouth and he said "Yes." The Top then sat down on the love seat beside his naked lover. I crawled over to them, naked, on my hands and knees, like a completely submissive cocksucking slave. I took the Top's big thick cock in my hand and stroked it, as my warm hungry mouth slowly came down on his lover's long, thin cock. I took it all way the down as I jacked the Top. I sucked him for a minute and then I closed my lips around the Top's cock as I wrapped my hand firmly around the Bottom's dick, which was now hard and wet with my saliva.

I alternated between sucking one as I jacked the other, making sure both cocks got equal attention from my mouth and hands. The bottom still liked to thrust his cock up my throat holding my head down to make sure I had no choice but to take it. I kept gagging. It was wonderful.

Then we moved onto my small bed. The bottom laid on the bed with his hard cock in the air. I crawled on the bed and devoured his cock like a hungry animal. His lover stood beside the bed and I took his cock in my hand and continued to stroke it. I continued using my hand and mouth to pleasure both their cocks at once, alternating between the two in this new position. I turned my head to the side to take the Bottom's cock in my mouth as I stroked the Top. I was like a filthy cocksucking whore in a porno movie, getting my mouth used by two guys. It was amazing. I craved their cocks like air, I couldn't keep them out of my mouth. I rubbed the Top's thick fucktool all over my face. I loved feeling the throbbing power of that massive cock.

They reversed positions with the Top standing beside the bed and after awhile he was eventually ready to cum. He stroked himself rapidly as I licked the tip of his cock, begging him to cum. I wanted to take it. He then thrust his big dick into my mouth, pressing up against my inner check, as stream after stream of cum shot out of his powerful cock. I swallowed it all and attended to the Bottom. He did the same, stroking his cock until he was ready to cum and shot it into my hungry mouth. By then the Top had recovered and was hard again. He wanted me to take another load and I gladly agreed to. I stroked his cock while licking and sucking on his head until he gave me my third load of the evening.

And with that, they thanked me and left. I had to thank them too. I had finally fulfilled my fantasy of having two men fuck my face and it was glorious.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/17/17


Saying the top and the bottom is not sexy.

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by Born2Blow08/10/17

Love two or more

I've had a few opportunities to suck multiple cocks. It truly is as good as it sounds, knowing that after you finish one there is more to cum. The more the better, there can never be too many.

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