tagGroup SexSucking Off Her Guy Friends

Sucking Off Her Guy Friends


She was 18, sexy as hell, and had a new, older boyfriend, whom she was fucking nightly and learning to really love her sex life. But he was away, she had the keys to his apartment, and her group of guy friends, sweet geeks without girlfriends whom she enjoyed as video game pals and friends who weren't bitchy girls, wanted to hang out. "We never see you; let's play some video games," they said.

"Sure, come on over to the new pad," she'd said.

Here they were now- Kit, James, and Greg. She gave them some beers- her boyfriend had lots in the frig- and before too long they were each on their third, then fourth. The guys started poking around the place, until they turned up a X rated video- she didn't know her new boyfriend had it, but before you knew it, it was in the VCR and playing.

"This will be funny," she thought. She had never had any romance with these guys, and most of them, she guessed were virgins- certainly they didn't have girlfriends now. She loved being just one of the guys with them, and none of them had ever tried anything. This would be funny.

Quickly the guys were pretty entranced, but she pretended not to notice the film. Whatever, the stupid things guys liked. She walked around the apartment, in her tight white shorts that barely got past her butt, and her halter top that showed off all of her chest and the swell of her firm, fleshy, boobs. As she moved around, picking up stuff, she realized that their eyes were starting to wander toward her, especially when she bent over, and they weren't just looking to see what she was picking up. This was different, and made her feel funny, both mad- they were all just friends, she wasn't their erotic object, and also hot to have their attention.

She peeked over to the screen, the new big screen TV, and saw a black man with a cock larger than she had ever seen before, larger than she had ever imagined, being positioned and slid up and down the slit of a young, sexy blonde with curly hair not that much different from her own, and then being slid into her tight twat, as the girl screamed that it was too big, and immediately, without her having any control at all, her panties instantly dampened, her nipples popping up and hard against her tight shirt. "Damn," she said to herself, "I had no idea that would do that to me."

Looking back at the guys, she realized that they were all looking at her, eager for her reaction to the video, but, she also realized, eager for more than that. As she looked at them, sitting in a row on the couch, her boyfriends' couch she reminded herself, it was impossible not to notice the size of the bulges in their shorts. She knew too that none of these guys had a girlfriend to go home too. What the hell, she thought, what would be the hurt of a little fun?

"You guys need some help with those?" she said, casting her eyes down to their crotches.

"Oh my god, yes," Kit gulped out.

"OK, but look, we are just friends, and I only sleep with my boyfriend, you get that?"

They nodded, with a mixture of disappointment there'd be no pussy for them, and thrill that there'd be something else.

"Ok, look, I'll suck you guys off- I'd hate for any of you to have to suffer those blue balls all by yourself. But no touching me!"

She walked over to Kit, sitting on the right, and then slowly lowered herself to her knees, reaching for his pants button. Unbuttoning it, his cock, a nice 7 inches, and hard as a rock, popped right out at her. "Ummm.." she said.

Then, tucking her long, gorgeous blonde locks behind her ear, and bending forward, she licked the head of his cock, delighting in the pre-cum that covered it, and then licked up and down his shaft a few times. She had done this before, it was something she knew she was good at, something she enjoyed, something almost that could just be among friends. Looking back up, she realized that all three of them were staring at her.

"Hey, you guys, look at the movie, not at me. I am not the show here, the movie is, I am just helping you out."

No such luck, she realized, as she returned her attention to his prick- these guys were not going to miss a single second of her attention to their dicks. Now she returned to Kit's cock head, licking around it with a few swirls before lowering her mouth over it and giving his shaft a pull, and that was all it took, Nick's butt lifted off the couch as he spasmmed in her mouth, his cock shooting off once, twice, three times, and she just held that head in her mouth, feeling the spurts against the back of her throat as she held on, waiting for him to finish before swallowing it all down.

Backing off his now swiftly deflating cock, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and said, "Ok, James, are you next?"

James had already taken his cock out, and she was a bit surprised to see that it was both uncircumcised and enormous. She knee-walked over to him, putting her hand on his shaft and rubbing the foreskin up and down a few times, and the way he jumped she could tell he was pretty excited. She had never done this before on an uncut cock, but when she rubbed that foreskin down enough to get her tongue onto that ultrasensitive head, and swirl it around for a moment, noticing how differently it tasted, James starting shooting, not into her mouth because she hadn't gotten it there yet, but right into her face, a real facial, and it was a load, into her eyes, and over her cheeks and chin.

"Somebody get me a napkin," she called out, and Kit was back in a flash for her to wipe herself off, before she again knee walked over to Greg. His cock wasn't quite as big as James, but it was big. Again she licked it up and down, and swirled her tongue on his head, but when she put her mouth on top something different happened. Greg put his hand on her head, firmly, on each side, gripping it, and the began pumping her mouth, not waiting for her to suck.

"Wait a fucking second," she thought, as she began to try to tell him that this was not a mouth fuck, just a mercy suck, but of course she had no way to say that to him, her mouth being otherwise occupied. Pissed a bit, but excited too- she loved it when her new boyfriend took command of her, when he told her to strip, when he told her to get on her hands and knees, when he told her to swallow his come- she hung on keeping her teeth out of the way as he pumped and pumped her mouth, holding her head firmly, a longer time now, much more stamina than his friends had, and then shooting hard and long streams of sperm deep into the back of her mouth.

Backing off and getting up now, she looked down at the guys, still sitting, and still watching her. "Happy now?" she asked?

"Yes," they all cheered, "so happy, you are such a good friend."

"Yeah, but what about me," she asked herself, looking down and realizing her wet crotch was totally obvious, even more so than her erect nipples. Glancing back at the screen and seeing that black cock now being rammed into that hot curly haired blonde girl's tight ass, she almost swooned with her own needs. She hadn't quite realized how much sucking their cocks would send her to such heights of wanton need.

Greg said to her "I think you need us now, maybe?"

"No," she said, with a bit of a weak voice, "no pussy for you, that is reserved for my boyfriend. But god knows I need something."

"Well go ahead, don't mind us," Kit said.

With that she let herself fall onto her bed, the one she shared with her boyfriend, the one on which he fucked her hard every night, but he was away now and a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. She lay down on her back, her right hand quickly sliding down her body and into her soaking panties, touching her inflamed clit.

"You guys don't mind, do you," she asked over to them, with her eyes closed.

"No, not at all, but," needy, virginal James asked, "but maybe you could let us really see what you are doing?"

"He had probably never seen a pussy in real life," she thought, but "no," her eyes still closed, "I am not doing that," only to look up and see all three, their dicks hard again, leaning toward her with such intense desire. "What the hell." She slipped her panties and tight shorts off, glad to be free of them but also keeping her knees together, feeling shy at first, knowing they were staring.

But her fingers couldn't get the access she needed to her slit, needed fiercely, and she let her knees fall apart, realizing all three guys could now see the full length and breadth of her eighteen year old pussy, her engorged lips, her erect clit, and she ran her middle finger up and down her slit, the way her boyfriend loved to watch her do, the way he sometimes commanded her to do, and then she slipped her middle finger deep into her cunt, all the way, in and out, and then her ring finger two, two fingers jamming her cunt as her ass squirmed beneath her, her legs shaking up and down.

Her erect nipples now couldn't stand being ignored, and she slipped her haltar top up and off her tits, showing them to her horny friends (they were just her guy friends, the ones she played video games with!) as she squeezed her own nipples, first right, then left, then right, then left with her left hand as her right hand stroked her clit harder and harder and harder and then shudder, her upper body lifting up off the bed and her knees coming together into one giant orgasm, shuddering, shuddering, shuddering until she dropped back off to her pillow, rolling her head back and forth, her knees now gone slack, wide apart as her own juices ran down from her slit and into her ass crack, before with a sharp start she realized what she had just done, and her shyness quickly returned leaping up and grabbing her clothes and running to the bathroom.

Emerging a few minutes later, dressed, she looked at them, and said, "we are still just friends, right?"

"Sure, of course we are," Kit replied. "You want to play video games?"

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