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Sucking Sisters


I woke up with a boner, I don’t suppose there’s anything unique about that. It’s simple biology, really, a man’s body producing more testosterone in the morning, something medical science has discovered, but can’t explain. Medical science didn’t cross my mind that morning, however. My brain and my cock were screaming for relief.

I rolled over a quarter turn, my hard on nestling between Ruth’s ass cheeks. She moaned slightly, still asleep. I rubbed her bottom lightly, wanting to wake her, but not wanting her to think I was trying to wake her. She wiggled her ass and backed it into my tool. My hand moved to a small, firm breast, squeezing it, rubbing the nipple with my thumb. This achieved the desired effect.

“Good morning, baby.” She said, peeking over her shoulder at me.

“And how are you this morning?” I moved my hips forward, my cock sliding up the crack of her ass.

“Not as good as you!” She grinned.

I kissed her supple neck, my hips pumping slowly, rubbing my tool against her ample rear. She arched her back, forcing closer contact, my fingers now tugging at a nipple as she moaned slightly. It was a lazy Saturday morning and this could go on for as long as we wanted it to, neither of us had anyplace to be.

“I’m so hot.” I breathed into her ear.

“What do you want me to do about it?” She asked, rolling over now to face me.

I kissed her sweet lips, “I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

I knew what I wanted her to do about it, it involved those same sweet lips. Ruth was a wonderful wife, attractive, sexy and willing. Our sex life was amazing, measured either by quantity or quality. I felt her grab me now, taking my swollen tool in both hands, rubbing it against her furry mound.

“Mmmm, you’re so hard!” She squeezed my cock lightly. “I love your cock!”

I watched her sweet mouth, forming sexy words, imagining my boner sliding between those full lips. “You know what I want.”

“Tell me.” Ruth began pumping me now, hands sliding seductively over me. “Tell me what you want me to do with this thing.”

“I want to put it in your beautiful mouth.” I was so hot for her now, her hands driving me to new levels of arousal.

She rolled me over onto my back. I was pleased, it usually took much more coaxing. Her head dropped to my midsection, a long pointed tongue licked my throbbing head. My hips pressed forward at the moment of contact, silent evidence of my arousal. I moaned as she kissed the head then ran her tongue down the length of the shaft.

Her lips parted, open mouth hovering over my cock. Ruth looked into my eyes then back down to my raging hard on. Lips attached themselves, her head lowering onto me, taking me deep into her mouth. Three quarters of my cock in her mouth now, I watched as her cheeks caved in, evidence of her sucking. My cock needed no evidence, it knew such wonderful sucking was happening. Agonizingly slow, she drew her lips up the length of my dick until only the head remained in her. Her tongue quickly swirled around the head before engulfing me once more.

Ruth repeated the process for the next several minutes. She looked so sexy, her mouth full of my cock, beautiful, full lips tight around my shaft. Her pace increased, driving me to new levels of ecstasy. I struggled to control myself, thinking of baseball scores as I hoped to delay my release.

I don’t know why I answered the phone when it rang. Maybe I was trying to stave off my ejaculation. Maybe it was just the dirtiest thing I could think of at the time. Ruth looked shocked as I did so, her head stopped and she just held me in her mouth. I placed my free hand on the back of her neck, silently urging her to continue.

“Hello?” I struggled to contain my heavy breathing.

“Hi Doug! Is Ruth around?” It was Ruth’s sister Julie.

“Ruth? Well, she’s kind of busy right now.” I smiled at Ruth. She shot me an evil look, though she continued her sucking.

“I do need to talk to her,” Julie replied “could you get her for me?”

“Let me hand her the phone.” I gave the phone to Ruth, her mouth still filled with me.

“Hi Julie!” She took me out of her mouth to talk to her sister. Once again, I put my hand on her neck. Just because she was talking to her sister didn’t mean she should stop sucking my cock.

To my delight, she continued the blowjob, only removing me to speak. My head fell back into my pillow. This was wild! My wife was sucking me while talking to her sister. The capper of course was that Julie was a little hottie, eighteen years old having just graduated from High School the month before. Visions of Julie’s mouth shot through my brain, admittedly, not for the first time. They were sisters, I could tell just by looking at their mouths. There were other similarities as well, especially facially, though Ruth kept her hair quite long and Julie kept hers rather short. Their bodies were completely different; Julie was short and compact with ample bosoms, my Ruth taller and thinner, her breasts on the small side though every bit as wonderful.

It was so erotic, my wife going down on me to the best of her ability while trying to talk to her cute little sister on the phone. Though the blowjob had become erratic because of Ruth’s need to speak into the phone, the thought of just how dirty this was brought me close. I stroked Ruth’s cheek as she sucked, listening to her sister on the phone. My hips started bucking wildly and Ruth became aware of my impending ejaculation.

“Just a second, Julie.” Ruth sat the phone down and stroked my cock a couple of times. I groaned loudly as I came, shooting a big load of jizz onto my belly. I secretly hoped Julie heard my orgasm over the phone.

When I finished Ruth picked up the phone and continued her conversation. I lay there for a moment, cuddling with her, but she became more engrossed in her phone call. Finally I got out of bed and headed off to take a shower.

I found her in the kitchen after my shower, sipping a cup of coffee and looking through the morning paper. She glanced up at me as I entered the room.

“You are such an asshole!” She sounded angry but I detected a grin.

I kissed her on the forehead. “Baby, that was so amazing! You can be such a dirty girl when you want to be.”

“Yeah, well you’re not the one who had to explain that loud groan to my sister.” So Julie had heard me. Cool! “I think you wanted her to hear you come. I think you wanted her to know I was sucking your cock.”

“Of course not,” I lied, “I was just feeling a little randy this morning.”

I poured myself a cup of coffee, trying to put the conversation behind us. Ruth would have none of that.

“Do you like her?” Ruth asked, a little fire in her eyes. “Do you think she’s sexy?”

“What kind of a question is that?” I didn’t want an argument. “I was just having a little naughty fun. You could have quit, you know. I think you liked it, too.”

“Answer the question, asshole.” She called me asshole a lot.

“Yeah I like her.” Maybe answering only the first question would placate her. “She’s a good kid.”

“Do you think she’s sexy?” Shit! She hadn’t forgotten the second question.

I considered my answer. I’ve always thought that this was the most dangerous question in a relationship. If you answer ‘yes’ you make the woman mad. If you answer ‘no’ she knows you’re lying. It’s a no win situation for the man.

“Yeah,” I finally answered a little shyly, “I guess… I mean, I am a guy.”

“You are such an asshole!” This time she couldn’t help but grin a little. “I still love you, though.”

Whew! I’d dodged a bullet. I leaned in to hug her. “I love you too.”

“Julie wanted to know if she could come to visit in a couple of weeks. She wants to do some shopping and stuff.” Ruth and Julie came from a very small town. Ruth and I now lived in a bigger city, in fact, we were just a few blocks from the mall. “I told her she could stay here for a couple of days. That’s OK with you, isn’t it?”

It had to be a trap. I’d have to tread lightly unless I wanted to be called an asshole again.

“Sure it is.” I tried not to sound too eager. “You two can have fun shopping together. God knows I don’t enjoy it.”

“What’s wrong with shopping with me?” Great, now she was mad about something else.

“Nothing! I just thought you’d have more fun with Julie.” It didn’t seem like I’d ever get myself out of trouble.

“Can’t we all do something together?”

“Oh, I can think of a couple of things….” Damn it! I was just getting myself in deeper.

“Asshole!” She laughed out loud this time. “You are so evil!”

“I meant the Zoo or something….”

“Liar! You don’t want to take her to the Zoo. You think she’s sexy!”

“I took you to the Zoo and I think you’re sexy!” I jabbed a finger into her ribs.

She giggled and turned to hug me again. “You know, she thinks you’re sexy, too.”

I smiled. I figured anything I said would get me into more trouble. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“How does that make you feel?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “part of me is jealous.”

“I’m glad you think I’m worth being jealous over.”

“She asked me what we were doing.” She flashed a wicked smile. “When you were in the shower I told her.”

“Really?” I was intrigued. “What did she say?”

“She said she thought that’s what was going on. She said she thought something funny was going on by the way you answered the phone.”

“And you admitted it?”

“Why not? It’s not like it’s illegal.” She had a funny smile on her face. “She asked what you tasted like.”

I’d never imagined that Julie had thought about my penis before. Now I knew she’d thought about it at least once, and she was curious. I liked that.

“What’d you tell her?”

“I told her that I don’t swallow. She wanted to know all about you, though.” She grinned. “I told her a couple of things.”

“Really?” I was a little shocked, this isn’t the type of thing that my wife usually did. “Do I want to know?”

“You’d be happy with what I told her.” She reached up under my robe and grabbed my cock, “I was truthful, and she was impressed.”

I grinned, unable to think of anything to say. Ruth smiled back, stroking me gently, arousing me for the second time that morning. I pulled her robe down and started rubbing her shoulders. Her little tits showed.

“That’s so hot.” I was fully erect now as her hand continued stroking me. “God, I’m so horny.”

“Are you hot for me,” she grinned, “or hot for Julie?”

“Both of you! Oh, how I’d love both of you!”

“She’d do you,” Ruth dropped a hand between her legs, “she told me how she’d have swallowed your hot load.”

“She’s a dirty little slut just like her big sister.” I felt like I was going to explode.

“It turns you on, doesn’t it?”


“Do you want us?” I could see her arm moving rhythmically as she jammed her fingers into her wet slit. “Do you have enough cock for both of us?”

“Yeah, baby.” I threw off my robe so she could see my big, hard cock. “Does this look like enough dick for two hot bitches?”

“I’d love to watch her suck you. That would be so fucking hot! We could share your big cock, swapping it between our mouths until you were about to come, then I’d shove it into her mouth and watch her swallow every drop of your load.”

I grabbed her by the arm and practically drug her into the bedroom, throwing her to the bed. Her robe flew open, her pussy completely exposed. I jumped on her and stabbed my tool into her. She was extremely wet and accommodated me easily. I knew I wouldn’t last long, being so turned on by her dirty talk. I wanted to get her off, though, especially after the loving blowjob she’d given me earlier that morning.

I attached my mouth to one tit, fitting most of it into my mouth. My tongue flicked her hard nipple. Pumping rapidly, I changed my angle of entry, grinding our pubic bones together, stimulating her clit with my own pubic hair. After a few more strokes, she dug her nails into my back as she flailed her legs about. I released into her as she came, filling her tight pussy with what seemed to be gallons of hot seed.

I rolled off of her, completely spent. My cock deflating rapidly as I kissed her cheek.

“You’re amazing.” She replied. “Thank you for being such a great lover.”

“You just turn me on so much. I can’t believe all of the things you said, I’ve never heard you talk so dirty.”

She smiled. “I meant it. I’d love to share your cock with Julie.”

“You really mean it?” I was shocked. I’d figured she was just talking dirty to get me aroused.

“You know I’m the jealous type, but it gets me hot thinking of Julie going down on you.” She touched my flaccid dick. “I know how you’d like to fuck two women at once. Well, I want to be the only one you fuck, but I’d be willing to share you with another woman as long we only went down on you.”

“Do you think Julie would go for it?” I had figured that my chance of being with two women had disappeared when I’d married Ruth. She was very liberated sexually, but she’d insisted on fidelity. I’d gladly agreed, knowing that if one woman could keep me satisfied, it was Ruth.

“I don’t know.” She pondered the question for a moment. “I think she would, but we’ll never know unless we ask her.”

I brought it up again the next day to make sure Ruth was still into it. Though a little apprehensive, she still wanted to share me with her sister. Julie would be arriving on a Friday evening. We planned for the ladies would go shopping on Saturday. Over dinner that night, Ruth and I would approach her. I figured a good dinner and maybe a bottle of wine would make this easier on everyone.

Julie arrived late on a Friday night a couple of weeks later. She’d had car trouble and was in a foul mood when she arrived. I helped her with her bags and then she was straight off to bed. Ruth and I went to bed soon after and I held her close, thanking her again for this opportunity.

I woke to the sound of giggling from the kitchen the next morning. I threw on my robe and joined Ruth and Julie, both still in their robes and drinking coffee. I poured myself a cup and joined them. We discussed plans for the day. Ruth and Julie were going to spend the day shopping. I agreed to make dinner, planning to eat at 7pm that night.

The ladies showered, dressed and prepared for a day of shopping. I reminded Ruth to pick up a bottle of wine and kissed her before she left. The anticipation was driving me insane, as I fidgeted around the house trying to pass the time. Finally I went in to work, deciding if I had so much energy I could get a jump-start on the next week’s workload.

Finally 5 o’clock rolled around and I headed back home. I started dinner, preparing Chicken Kiev to place in the oven at six. Side dishes were prepared and once again I found myself with too much time on my hands. I tossed back a shot of scotch before preparing a salad.

Mercifully, Ruth and Julie arrived a little before seven. They were giggling constantly as they brought in a day’s worth of shopping bounty. I had timed dinner perfectly, and the Chicken Kiev came out of the oven and was on the table as the ladies took their seats.

I filled everyone’s wine glasses and served dinner. The ladies complimented me on dinner as we all dug in. As we were nearing the end of dinner, I tried bringing up our proposition to Julie. Ruth kept sidetracking me, changing the subject. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I began to suspect that Ruth had had second thoughts about the whole thing.

“Can you do the dishes, baby?” Ruth sounded sweet as syrup. “Julie and I want to try on some of the stuff we bought today.”

“Are you sure you ladies don’t need any help?” I tried one last time. “I’m really good with zippers and buttons and stuff. I’d hate for either of you to injure yourself trying on clothes.”

Julie just giggled. “Oh, you! Ruth, does your husband ever stop?”

“Only when he’s sleeping.” She shot me a wink and headed off to the spare bedroom where Julie was staying.

I attended to the dishes. There were surpisingly few dirty dishes and I was almost finished when I heard a throat being cleared behind me. I looked over my shoulder. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

Ruth and Julie were standing in the hallway. Julie was in a black bra and panty set. Her breasts and pubic hair were clearly visible through the sheer fabric. Ruth was wearing a sexy red teddy that I had never seen her in before. I felt my cock stiffening in my pants.

“When you’re done with the dishes,” Julie purred, “why don’t you join us in the bedroom. I want to see if everything Ruth told me is true.”

They giggled and pranced off toward the bedroom. I finished up the dishes faster than I ever thought possible and dried my hands. It took every ounce of restraint I had not to run into the bedroom.

I pushed the door open and entered, trying to look calm. The view was stunning. The ladies were lounging on the bed, covers pulled back their arms around each other’s shoulders. I took a deep breath then stepped toward the bed. Ruth held out a hand to stop me.

“I think I should lay down the ground rules here.” Ruth stated. “This is oral sex only. Doug, please don’t ask for anything else, you either Julie. Neither of us is into girls, so you can forget any of that lesbo stuff you’ve seen in pornos. Besides, she’s my sister, that would be weird. Relax and enjoy yourself and we’ll do the same. Now get your clothes off and get into this bed, stud.”

I unbuttoned my shirt pulled it off, swung it over my head a few times and tossed it toward the bed. The girls howled their approval. Next, I unbuckled my belt and began to unzip my fly.

“You’re gonna love this!” Ruth said, turning to her sister.

I dropped my pants and flipped my semi-erect cock out through the fly in my boxers.

“You weren’t lying!” Julie hugged Ruth and I got just a little bit harder. “It’s beautiful!”

“Get in here between us.” Ruth ordered.

I dropped my boxers and jumped into bed. The girls each kissed me, simultaneously, on the cheek. I put my arms around them as they admired my cock, rigid now, rising impressively from my groin.

“Julie,” my wife said, “since you’re company would you like to begin?”

Her matter-of-fact nature took me back a bit, but Julie dutifully dropped her head to my crotch and took me in her mouth. Her lips locked tightly onto me and she took me deeper.

“Aren’t I the best wife ever?” Julie asked. I kissed her in response, incapable of coherent speech.

Julie was sucking me expertly, swallowing much more of me than Ruth was capable of. Ruth seemed very impressed and put her hand on the back of her sister’s head. She grabbed a handful of hair, forcing Julie to take more and more of my cock.

“Suck him slut!” Ruth had fire in her eyes. “Suck my husband’s big fucking cock!”

I couldn’t believe how into this Ruth was. I had never seen her like this and I enjoyed it. She picked up the pace, forcing my cock into her sisters mouth even more rapidly. Julie finally pulled her mouth off of me and looked up at Ruth and I.

“There’s plenty of cock down here for both of us.” She said. “Would you care to join me?”

Before long, two tongues were lashing at my cock, licking every inch of me. They would alternate, one would suck my cock the other would lick my balls, then they would switch. At one point Julie took me in her mouth, deeper and deeper as Ruth watched. Eventually the whole thing disappeared and I could feel Julie’s throat tight on the head of my dick.

“Oh, my!” Ruth stared in disbelief.

“No one’s ever done that for me.” I moaned.

Julie extracted me from her mouth with a loud, audible pop, smiling in appreciation. Ruth was quick to take her place, sucking me rapidly, taking as much of me into her mouth as possible. I pulled Julie up to me and kissed her.

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