tagLoving WivesSuddenly, She was There

Suddenly, She was There


Denise is one of the worlds truly great loving wives. She loves doing everything for me and our kids. She saves money on everything, even though we really don't have to do that any more. She clips coupons every day, she clips interesting articles for me and the kids form the paper, and from her magazines. She keeps the house spotless and never complains when we mess it up, she just follows us and cleans behind us. She is a great lover for me and all I can imagine wanting in bed. She never says no to any request I make either in bed, or in any other way at all. She dresses the way I like her to dress, keeps her hair longer than she'd like because she knows I like it that way. She sits through football, basketball, hockey, tennis and golf matches just to be with me. She plays hostess when I have the guys over for cards, and disappears when we are ready to be left alone. As I said, she goes out of her way to please both me and the kids in everything. Everything except one thing. She refuses to use the computer, or to even get an email address. We all try to tell her she is missing out and letting life pass her by. Her answer is, "How could life possibly be any better?"

She's right, she doesn't need the computer to be fulfilled in her lifestyle. She just needs the kids and me. I do seem to feel the need to spend a few hours a week on the computer just playing games, and browsing the web. Denise never complains when I pull up a porn site and watch, but she won't watch those with me. She'll ask if I saw something I want her to do or try, but she won't sit and watch.

I decided to test her and hopefully push her to watch a little porn with me. It was a Saturday evening, and the kids were both at sleepovers with friends so we had the house to ourselves. I booted up the computer and called to Denise to come watch a porn flick with two women and one man. She refused, saying, "Matt, you watch what you want, and if you see something you want me to try, just tell me about it. You know I rarely refuse you anything."

"Really, you will try what I want from watching this porn?"

"Of course, darling, your pleasure is my best pleasure, you know that!"

I decided to test her tonight. As I finished watching the two women having sex with one man, I shut down the computer, and called to Denise to come on in the den so we could talk. Denise walked in, dressed in a thin, nearly transparent blouse with obviously no bra, and a black satin skirt slit up to nearly the waist on one side. She knew how to get a rise out of me by the clothes she wears when we are together.

Maybe I should describe Denise. She is thirty-four, and looks like twenty-four. Her complexion is perfect, and she still wears the same size four dresses she did when she graduated high school. She has shoulder length dark blond hair with just a hint of curl. Her bra size is 32b and her ass is round and has just enough meat to be tantalizing as hell. She is one sexy woman, no matter how she dresses.

Tonight, I could see she planned to take advantage of our being alone in the house. As she walked in the den, I whistled at her. She blushed a little, but came over and sat on the love seat next to me. "Denise, you said you were willing to do or try whatever I saw that I was interested in trying."

"That's right Matt, you know I'll do everything possible to please you. Did you see something new for us to try?"

So, I began laying the groundwork for my test for Denise. I'd thought about having her with another woman for some time, but had never brought up the subject, but tonight, I was going to see just how far Denise would really go to please me. I told her, "Tonight I watched an interesting video on the computer. It showed a man with two women having sex together. It was really hot, and I was unbelievably aroused by watching it. I just wish you'd sit and watch it with me. But, I know you really hate the computer, so is it okay if I just describe the things they did for you?"

"Of course honey, that's why I'm here, but are you telling me that you want to have sex with two strange women?"

"No, not at all, my fantasy involves two women, but you are always a part of it all. I imagined how it would be watching you and say, your sister Janet, rubbing my body all over and kissing and licking it everywhere."

"My sister Janet? Are you telling me you want to have sex with my sister?"

"With YOU and your sister, or any other attractive woman, but always with you!"

"So, you want to cheat on me with my sister Janet?"

It was unusual for her to misread what I say, so I was becoming confused, but I tried to gain back some ground, saying, "Denise, I always imagine having you first and making you cum first. The extras are just that, extras. They are not the main players....It is you and me!"

"But, regardless, you want my sister Janet to be a part of this? At least you didn't mention my other sister Sally, her husband would kill you for just thinking about it."

Denise could tell she had me struggling to get my head above water, and she enjoyed making me struggle, knowing that in the end, it would be me who at least thought I had won the battle.

"Honey, I'm just telling you what I watched and what turned me on from the internet porn. If you are so dead set against it, I won't ask again."

Denise had a strange look on her face, I couldn't read it, but she said, "Matt, you know I always try to accommodate you and your wishes in the sex department, this is just the first time any of your notions involved breaking our marriage vows. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed."

"Okay, so I'm sorry I mentioned it and I won't bring it up again. Now will you come here, kiss me and make-up so we can just have some hot sex together?"

"I don't think this will be that easy," She wasn't going to give me a break.

"Sweetheart, it was just something different, and like I said, I won't bring up the subject again. It obviously has upset you and that is never my intent when talking about different things. Just out of curiosity, well, maybe I'd better not go there."

Denise jumped on that quickly saying, "Go where? You know better than to start something and not finish your thought. So, what were you going to ask?"

"Forget it, I don't want to upset you again, and if what I say isn't to your liking, you might get upset."

"No, Matt, you're right, I shouldn't have been upset with you before, you were only presenting something you'd seen on the internet as an idea. Go ahead, now tell me what you started to say."

I paused a minute, then went on, "All I was going to ask was, would you have been as upset if I'd suggested you with me and another man? But you already said you were disappointed in me for talking about something that would break our marriage vows, so, forget I mentioned it, okay?"

"No, I won't forget you mentioned it. Like I said, it was only an idea you were presenting. Maybe I need to listen and hear you out before rushing to pass judgment on what you ask. Go back, and let's start over. I'm not saying I'll agree to it, but I really need to hear your whole thought."

Now I was a little confused and worried. There is no way I wanted to push the envelope and upset her again, but she had asked me to go on. "Honey, I was just thinking it might be something we could talk about in bed, not necessarily ever really do it. I would never push you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable in any way. You should know that by now. I just suggested Janet because she was the first attractive woman that came to my mind. So, what do you think about trying to talk about this fantasy when we are making love to see if it can heighten our senses?"

"Matt, you missed it again, but yes, we can talk about that if you want, but I really meant I wanted to talk about me being with you and another man. That might make interesting conversation if that other guy was, say, Marty from your office. What do you think about that?"

Bam, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Denise was already thinking about me and Marty fucking her. I guess I hit a hot button on that one. Now, where do I go from here? All I could do was pursue the line she had set. "Well, Marty, huh? You think he's pretty hot stuff do you?

"Matt, I never told you, but at your holiday office party, Marty cornered me and told me how much he wanted me. When I asked him how he wanted me, he just came out and said he wanted to fuck me. I dismissed him at the time, but, to tell you the truth, I have imagined being with him a couple times when I'm home alone. You know I'd never act on those thoughts, but the thoughts were there, so if you want to fantasize about me with you and him, I say let's try it when we're in the throws of passion sometime."

What a turn around in her attitude. Now I could tell she had thought about it more than a couple times. If not, she'd have never turned around so fast. After a few seconds, I agreed, "We'll talk about it later tonight, okay?"

"Okay by me! NOW you can come here and kiss me. And, I might add, we can talk about you with me and Janet if you want. Its only fair!"

With that, she came over and plopped in my lap and kissed me deeply, probing my mouth with her tongue. We kissed and fondled each other for ten or fifteen minutes before she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and pulled it off quickly. "Close your eyes," I whispered, "Think about Marty reaching out and touching your nipples." I took both nipples between my thumb and forefinger of each hand. Her nipples are super sensitive, and I could feel her reaction and hear her moan.

"Yesssssss, Marty, suck on my nipples!" Denise was already getting into this. I bent over and took first one, then the other nipple in my mouth, first sucking gently, then nibbling on them.

"Do you like Marty sucking on those nipples?"

"Yesssssss, please don't stop Marty, suck and bite harder"

I obeyed as if I were Marty. Denise squirmed and moaned even louder. I bit harder on her nipples and she seemed to love every second of it. "What else do you want Marty to do?"

"OOOOOhhhhhhh Marty, lick my pussy, taste my juices, then let Matt watch you lay me on the bed."

Again, I continued playing the role of Marty as she was wiggling and bucking under my aggression. I slid down her stomach and pulled her panties down. My tongue found her pussy and thrust to enter her, then pulling out, it tickled her clit. She was really in the throws of passion now, and I asked again, "What's next for Marty?"

"Fuck me Marty, fuck me hard and deep, right here in front of Matt. He'll love watching you fuck my sweet pussy."

I raised her ass off the bed and thrust my manhood into her. She started cumming immediately, and groaned loudly as she spent her orgasm thrashing around on the bed. Once she began to come down, she kissed me again and said, "Thank you Matt, soooooo much for letting me fuck Marty. It was really hot!"

I decided to take it one step farther. "Wouldn't you like to do that with Marty for real? Would you like him to kiss and suck on your nipples, then eat your pussy before you fucked his brains out?"

She was quiet for a minute, and I worried that I had pushed it too far when she finally said, "I don't know about in real life, but I sure want to do the fantasy again, it was really hot! I don't remember when I came that hard in several years!" She stopped for a minute, then continued, "Let me take a minute to go clean up and rest, then it is your turn, okay?"

I just nodded in agreement. Denise went in the bathroom and closed the door, and I went downstairs to get a beer, and get her a whiskey and coke. When I came back up to the bedroom, she was dressed in a new sheer teddy and matching panties. She was laying on the bed, but sat up when she saw the drink in my hand for her. We sat on the bed, leaning into each other , and just enjoyed our drinks for a few minutes. Finally, as I polished off my beer, she sat her nearly empty glass on the night-stand and pushed me down on the bed saying, "Now its your turn!"

Denise kissed me deeply and pulled off my robe. She told me to close my eyes and leave them closed as she'd done. Then she tied a scarf over my eyes to make sure I couldn't see. She began slowly tracing her fingers over my chest. As she felt me beginning to come back to life, she asked, "Are you ready for Sandy to join us?"

I mumbled "Uh huh, let her come over here with you."

"Make sure you keep your eyes closed tightly. (like I could see through the blindfold)" As she kept tickling the hair on my body. "Feel her hands move over your body." She continued tickling, then said, "Are you ready to feel her mouth on you?"

"Oh yes, let her kiss all over my body!"

She continued kissing and licking and tongue tickling all over my body. Then she rolled me over on my stomach and began kissing all over my back and legs. She kissed her way up each leg and stopped inches away from my butt. Then her hands moved my legs apart slightly and I felt her tongue just barely touching my balls. It was driving me crazy. She kept it up for several minutes. I wanted to turn over and just fuck her wildly, but she made me stay with my stomach down as she began to work her way back up my back to kiss my neck and ears, and she did something that always drives me crazy, she stuck her tongue in my ear. Then to the other ear, and she whispered, "Would you like Sandy to lick your balls and ass while I lick and kiss your ears and neck?"

"Oooohhhhh, yesssss, let Sandy lick my balls while you kiss and lick my ears and neck."

"Okay, here she comes!" Denise made me promise to keep my eyes tightly closed under the blindfold as I imagined how she might pull this one off.

Then I felt Denise kissing my neck again, then her tongue found my ear. She was teasing the hell out of me when suddenly, I felt a mouth on my balls. I lurched and groaned, and both of the mouths were busy at work. How was this possible? The answer was simple, it wasn't. I begged Denise, "Please let me see this!"

"No, and if you try, I'll tie you up and tie the blindfold tighter. Just keep your eyes tightly closed and relax under the scarf."

I simply obeyed. I had no idea how she was pulling this one off, but it was too good to miss. She then told me she was going to roll me over and to be sure not to peek.

Now, I felt the kisses from Denise all over my face and her tongue found my mouth, thrusting it in deeply. At the same time, she asked, "Do you want Sandy to suck on your cock now?"

I groaned a "Pleeeeaaaaassssseeee!"

My dick was engulfed immediately, but my wife was still kissing me with her tongue probing my mouth warmly. Almost immediately, I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm built up. I was about to explode into this imaginary mouth. My eyes longed to open to see how this was possible when Denise said, keep them shut until you explode, then I'll take the scarf off your eyes. She immediately probed my mouth again with her tongue.

"Yiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeooowwwww," I exploded and the mouth kept sucking and swallowing until every drop was drained.

Denise said, "Now you can see as she untied the scarf." She leaned back so I could see Sandy, naked and sucking the last of my cum out. They both slid up and kissed me on the cheeks.

Denise admitted calling Sandy while I was downstairs fixing the drinks. It turns out that the two of them had discussed doing a threesome with me several times and when Denise called, Sandy was already primed. Also, I found out that Sandy had been over several times when I wasn't home and had helped Denise view the history of websites I'd visited. When Denise called her tonight, she jumped in her car and came over immediately to join in the fun. We all played and sucked and fucked for about another hour, then Denise asked, "Now do I get to have Marty over for a live performance?"

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