tagNovels and NovellasSue Ch. 17-20

Sue Ch. 17-20


Chapter 17

Learning The Basics

Wild horses wouldn't have kept me away of course. And so began several months of some of the best sex education a boy could ask for. Doreen wasn't into anything kinky but she and I tried every variation of what these days is called 'straight' sex, everything that she already knew or that we could think of. From time to time when I got home I'd find a ten bob note in my pocket, I tried to give it back to her the first time I found one but she wouldn't take it, said it was for the jobs I did around the house for her - which I still did of course, when we had the time. It felt funny, getting money for having the most exciting time of my life but as it obviously gave her pleasure to know that she was helping me and as it was only occasionally that she did it, I accepted it.

'I think I can understand why she did that Brian.' I said. 'You shouldn't have felt at all bad about it. But it must have been difficult finding time to be together, times when her daughter - June, wasn't going to be around and when you weren't at college or something?'

'Surprisingly easy actually, June was spending more and more time with her 'banker' - as Doreen and I always called him, I can't even remember what his name was now - so Saturday afternoons were nearly always free and one or sometimes two evenings during the week, so we saw each other at least twice a week, sometimes, depending on how things worked out, even more often. There were times when it didn't work out so well but not often. We certainly had more than enough time.'

He grinned and added. 'Frankly I don't think either of us would have survived for long if we had been able to spend any more time together.'

'Sounds terrific, just what kinds of things did you get up to with each other?'

'Well, at the beginning she was, I suppose you'd call it 'teaching me the basics'. That first Thursday evening for instance, she showed me that it doesn't always have to be the man who is the active partner.

I insisted on finishing the grass and when I'd done that I found that she had got some food ready for us and although I obviously had other things on my mind I sat down and we ate together. I think she needed that time to assure herself that I knew what I was getting into and that she could trust me to handle it without causing either of us embarrassment or pain.

By comparison with the way I had seen dressed on the Saturday she had certainly not set out to visually seduce me this time, wearing just a simple blouse and skirt that gave no clue to the voluptuous body I now knew was underneath them. She asked me how I felt about what had happened between us the previous Saturday and whether I was sure I wanted to get involved, even if only physically, with an older woman. I answered her honestly and obviously she believed me when I said I did and that although I realised I was very inexperienced by comparison with her, I felt sure I could give her almost as much pleasure as she could undoubtedly give me.

That little speech brought a smile to her face and she got up from the table, came around behind me, slipped her arms around me and, as I turned my head, gave me what I can only describe as a truly smouldering kiss. Everything that her body had stored up during the last four or five days was transmitted through that kiss and I felt myself reacting to it almost instantly. But in that position I was helpless, her arms pinned mine to my side and I was quite unable to get up off the chair or even to move much - and she knew it!

Without relaxing her pressure, she got one hand down between my legs and found where the already stiff length of my cock was straining against the front of my trousers and, like somebody else I know -' he said with a grin as he looked down at where my own hand still gently held him. 'she obviously liked the feel of what she found.'

I gave him a sharper, playful squeeze at that and said. 'Don't digress, keep to the story.'

'O.K., with you hanging on to me like that it's an unfair fight! So there we were, me stuck to the kitchen chair and her hand having an extended feel of what I had to offer her. I don't know whether she finally took pity on my predicament or whether it was just that she knew there'd be more mutual enjoyment by letting me up. When she did I certainly didn't waste any time in getting her into my arms so that I could properly kiss and fondle her.

When we eventually came up for air it was clear that neither of us wanted to waste any more time, we each simply wanted the other and I can imagine the strength of mind it took for her to do what she did next. Taking my hand away from the breast I had been eagerly fondling, she said. 'Let's go to the bed-room Brian - I'm going to show you how to go about undressing a woman and how much pleasure we can both get as you do that. Then I'm going to do the same thing for you.'

'My cock just wanted to get into her, to feel the wonderful tightness of her pussy - but after all, she was the teacher and I knew there would be a reason behind what she was saying, so I managed to curb my natural impetuousness even though standing together alongside her bed filled my head with thoughts of more immediate pleasures.'

'Now, imagine you are with your girl, you've been kissing and cuddling for a while and you see that she's responding to you when you fondle her breasts. You want to get at them, you know she's been told not to let you, so how's the best way to go about it? Pretend I'm her, show me what you'd do.'

'I put my left arm around her, held her breast with my right hand and looked down at her blouse, it had buttons running all the way down the front and I had to get most of them undone. So I let go of her, and using both hands started to undo the top button.'

'No, don't do that!' she said in a much younger voice. 'I want to go home now.'

'My puzzled look brought a smile to her face.'

'You gave the girl a chance to remember what she'd been told. You have to keep making her feel warm and secure, so you have to learn to undo buttons and things with one hand, while the other keeps a gentle hold of her. Give it a try.'

'I did and was useless, all fingers and thumbs and very little progress.'

'O.K., we'll be here all night at this rate.' she said when after about five minutes I had only managed to undo a couple of buttons somewhere around the middle of the row. 'I'll do it - but you'll have to practice. Now the bra.' she said as she quickly undid those I had left. When she opened her blouse I paused, just staring at her. She was wearing a skimpy bra that was made of some kind of lacy material, so I could actually see most of those parts of her breasts that were supposedly covered by it - which wasn't that much - especially the dark circles that surrounded her nipples and as I continued to look at her I felt my mouth go dry.

'It's nice to see how much you like looking at me Brian, very flattering for a not so young lady - but the plan is to actually get the bra off.' she reminded me. Remembering the 'one hand' rule I felt around behind her for the catch. From seeing my mother's things on the clothes line I knew that bras had hooks and eyes on the straps and tried to visualise which end had which as I fumbled, completely unsuccessfully with Doreen's. Again, after a few minutes she stopped me.

'O.K., enough of that. More practice needed there too if you're to become a truly proficient lover. This time I'll turn around for you, so you can see what you have to do.' she did and I saw that I had in fact been struggling with the eyes and not, as I had thought, the hooks. In a flash I had it undone and slipped it off her shoulders, looking down over them to see the curving swell of her inviting breasts. But she hadn't finished with her lesson - or her demonstration of my ineptitude.

She turned to face me and grinned when she saw my eyes automatically drop to get a proper look at her breasts. 'Attention please! The task now is to get under the skirt and see what we have there to get off the lady. Again remember, one hand only because the other is keeping her feeling warm and secure.'

Taking a loose hold around her waist with one hand I felt down with the other and of course found that I couldn't reach the hem of her skirt - but, by taking a handful of material I was able to gradually work it through my fingers until I felt the hem, then get under it and feel her nylon clad thigh beneath it.

Of course this was long before the days of pantyhose.' Brian said to me. 'I miss stockings, they were very sexy.' I made a mental note of that as he continued.

'So it was easier to actually get to feel a woman's pussy but if you planned on making love with her you had to learn to cope with suspender belts because stockings, particularly nylons were expensive and girls were always careful about not getting ladders in them, which was bound to happen if she kept her stockings on.' he explained.

'Anyway -' he continued. 'that came later. Having succeeded in getting under the skirt I rewarded myself by taking time to enjoy the feel of her and, taking charge of things for the first time, I pulled her closer to me and kissed her. She must have got something from my inept fumblings because she responded immediately, her tongue twining with mine and her arms hugging me tight. As we continued to kiss I used the hand that was still under her skirt to explore her, slipping it up over the welt of her stocking, feeling my fingers tingle as they touched the warm firmness of the back of her thigh, then on up to the panty covered curve of her bottom, actually slipping them under the elastic edge of her pants and getting a full handful of the soft cheek. As I fondled her I felt her pushing herself against me, turning herself slightly so that her other thigh pressed between my legs and found the erect length of my cock.

Remembering the ultimate goal of the 'lesson' I reluctantly let go of her bottom and began to ease her pants little by little down over it - but try as I might, we were so tightly crushed together that I could only get just the back of them down over the curve of her arse.

I guess 'nature' took over. Keeping a firm grasp of her bottom, I slid my lips from her mouth and began to kiss the side of her neck, then her shoulder and then, bending down, lower, across and between her breasts, then underneath one of them, then back up again until my lips felt the tightly jutting nipple and, as I took it between them and began to lightly suck on it, I heard her sigh with pleasure.

I simply hadn't known how much pleasure a woman can get from a man sucking her breasts, sounds silly doesn't it - but it's true. So, the combination of the pleasure I was getting from squeezing and sucking on her smooth, firm flesh and discovering from her reactions to my caresses how nice it obviously was for her too, I felt I could have spent simply ages doing just that - but of course I didn't, even greater pleasures lay elsewhere!

Certainly with both breasts available for my attention I spent more time on them than was necessary but eventually I stopped and, getting down on my knees, trailed my lips down to the waistband of her skirt, then with a quick series of movements had that up over my head, my face pressed against the warmth of her belly and my fingers finishing the original task of pulling down her pants. And even as I helped her to step out of them I had my tongue probing through the mass of crinkly hair, smelling the scent of her arousal as I searched for the little button of sensitive flesh that I now knew was buried there.

But at that point she stopped me. 'Enough! That's enough for now darling!' she panted. 'You certainly don't need any more lessons in that department. Now let me do something nice for you.'

I couldn't really imagine anything 'nicer' than what I had been doing up to that point but I was happy to let her show me.

As I got up she undid the fastening on her skirt, simply let it drop and then stepped out of it. Again I couldn't help myself gaping at her. Of course I had seen pictures in the magazines that circulated amongst school-boys, of women dressed like that, naked apart from stockings and suspender belt and had often masturbated while looking at them. But the reality of having Doreen standing there like that was a hundred times more powerful than any picture and I felt a sudden surge of blood to my cock as I stared open-mouthed.

'I hoped you'd like me like this.' she said in a quiet, husky voice. 'Last Saturday night I was lying in bed, remembering the wonderful things you did to me that afternoon and got very sexy again. I began to think about this evening and wondered what to wear for you. I got up and tried on all sorts of things - I'm sure you'll like at least some of them too, another time. But then I had the idea of contrasts, to start with something very ordinary, very unsexy - but to end up with something I thought you would really like. The bra and panties match this suspender belt and I'd thought you'd get to see them all together - but that hasn't worked out and it doesn't matter anyway, I can see how much you like me like this. But you have to understand that it makes me feel incredibly horny too, just standing here for you to look at and seeing how much you like what you can see.'

I heard every word but I didn't take my eyes off her body. It was the first time I'd had a chance to really stand back and just look at her and I realised just how beautiful her body was - how perfectly it was proportioned. The swell of her still firm breasts matching that of her hips, her tiny waist accentuating each just that much more, her smoothly rounded thighs and tapering legs, and between them the dense mass of curly hair, just a shade or two darker than that on her head.

It seems we stood there for an age, she enjoying seeing how much pleasure I was getting from looking at her. But after a while she increased it still more when she began to slowly move around for me - first just turning on the spot so I could see her from behind too, then taking a few steps one way, then another, stopping and posing herself for me so I could get a really good look at her from all angles. I just stood there, feeling my damp hands clenching and unclenching as the effect she had on me grew stronger and stronger.

Somehow she knew when enough was enough for me but when she finally moved towards me I found that I was rooted to the spot and could only stand statue-like as she began to unbutton my shirt. Even when she started on my trousers and then kneeled in front of me and pushed those and my underpants down over my hips, I don't think I made a move to help her. I know she had trouble getting them over the rigid mass of my cock and that I heard her gasp of surprise when she finally freed it and it shot up, almost vertically in front of her face.

But her gasp was nothing compared to the sound I made when she took a firm hold of it, wet her lips, slid them over the bloated cock-head and then somehow took all of me deep into her mouth.

The first time she had taken me like that had really been a bit of a shock to me, this time was completely different, this time I sensed that she was doing it as much for herself as she was for me - that she wanted, needed to taste and feel the mass me filling her mouth and throat - that she was actually hungry for it! She certainly went about it as though she was. While her mouth was bobbing and sucking she used one hand to hold steady the steel-hard shaft while the other, gently at first and then progressively more firmly, fondled and squeezed my balls, as though trying to urge the thick stuff up out of them.

Given the way I was feeling before she started and the expert way she was attacking me it wasn't long before both of us felt the start of the inevitable climax. When I felt the first powerful surge welling up I cried out - 'I'm going to come, I'm coming!' - and tried to pull myself out of her mouth. But she gurgled something, I felt her shake her head and then bob and suck even more determinedly - and I realised that she actually wanted me to come in her mouth!

And of course I did - with enormous force - and as I stood there, the strength of my entire body convulsively pumping load after load deep into her throat, I felt her sucking and swallowing furiously so as to get every single drop of it.

But it didn't finish there - I'd become so worked up that even when she had sucked me dry my cock was still hard and when Doreen saw that too she looked up at me, her eyes shining brilliantly. 'One more time lover!' she said. 'Before he changes his mind' Then literally led me to the bed, pushed me flat down on to it and, straddling me and giving out a long, deep sigh of satisfaction, sank herself down on to my cock.

Once she'd got all of me up inside her she began to rise and fall, very, very slowly. The feel of her warm, wet pussy slipping up and down the length of my shaft seemed to be making my cock even bigger and harder than it had been before. Then, as semen began to refill my balls I felt them starting to ache as the pressure inside them grew. Apart from our moans and grunts of mindless pleasure neither had really spoken, we were each too preoccupied with what was happening to our bodies to talk. But as she worked me up to fever pitch and the pressure build-up grew to an almost unbearable level my tortured body began to demand its release. 'Faster! Please!' I groaned almost plaintively. And to my relief, perhaps because at about the same time her own needs were becoming more demanding, she immediately increased her tempo.

I heard myself gasping as her movements became more urgent, the controlled, rise and fall giving way to harder, sharper actions and as her body responded to that it felt as though her pussy was actually tightening, gripping me, intensifying the thrills I was feeling and pushing me even closer to my climax. I wouldn't have believed it possible that after the massive climax she had already given me I could have had another so quickly - but I did and it was even more powerful than the first.

Hers hit her suddenly! One moment she was riding me with a degree of control, still able to savour the thrills that my body was giving her - but the next, she gave a shriek and then literally pounded herself down on to me. Even through the flood of other sensations I could feel the spasming contractions of her pussy as she frenziedly rammed herself up and down my upwardly powering cock.

Then whatever it was that had been holding back the growing volume inside my balls suddenly gave way, allowing the mass to surge up through me, scalding up through my cock and pumping several more enormous gouts of semen deep up inside her.

Even when I was utterly drained of every single drop I continued thrusting, less powerfully but still driven by the force of what we had experienced together. But eventually of course our bodies slowed, our gasping breaths only just drowning out the sound of our wildly beating hearts and, having pulled her down on top of me we were both too exhausted to do more than simply stay like that until we had recovered a little. '

Chapter 18


Although Brian's previously erect cock had never completely wilted its hardness had slackened off a bit as he began to tell me about his second encounter with Doreen. But I had kept my hand around it all the time and, during the final few minutes, as he recalled those still powerful memories, I felt it regaining its earlier size and hardness. Without disturbing his story-telling I discretely helped it along by slowly squeezing and gently stroking it, so that by the time he had come to the point of telling me of his feeling of exhaustion it was once again fully erect, this time within my lightly clenched fist. When I was sure he had come to the end of that part of his story, I bent over it, licked the glossy head once or twice, then pushing down the loose folds of skin with my fingers and relaxing my throat muscles, slowly swallowed all of it.

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