tagFirst TimeSue Hitches A Ride

Sue Hitches A Ride


"Thanks for nothing!" Sue shouted after the truck as it continued down the Interstate. Now she was stranded here in the middle of nowhere, with next to no money to get home. Her tears weren't far off. She'd just spent a miserable first three months at college and even though she had no money to go home for Christmas with she couldn't stand the thought of spending Christmas all alone, so far away from home. She just had to get home to see some friendly faces. She just wanted to see someone who didn't make fun of her from being an ordinary girl from an ordinary town. She couldn't help that her family wasn't filthy rich. She couldn't help that her family wasn't country clubbers. They were honest and hard working people and had been so proud of her when she got her scholarship to study at such a prestigious college. She'd be the first college graduate in her family.

Despite knowing better she'd been hitching rides for two days now. So far so good. The last driver had started making suggestions. First it had been innocent enough. She'd agreed to let him see her tits. She'd agreed to let him feel her up. But then he'd pulled out a banana and asked her to stick it up her cunt and that was when she'd put a stop to it. She was proud of her body and didn't mind showing it off. She'd been skinny dipping with boys for as long as she could remember. And she knew the effect the sight of her perky b-cup breasts, flat stomach and silky blonde bush had on guys. But so far she hadn't been tempted to go all the way with anyone, and she wasn't going to start with a banana in that creep's truck. So now she was all alone. It was cold and starting to rain. She started to walk. It was almost midnight and there was not much traffic at all in these parts.

When she'd been walking for 20 minutes she reached a small motel. She didn't have money to stay the night, but maybe she could afford a cup of coffee to warm up and a chance to wait for the rain to stop. There were not many cars parked outside the motel, but there were some lights on inside. She followed the signs for the bar and sat down on a stool. Apart from herself there were only three other people in the bar. An older guy that was sipping some kind of drink while going over some papers and a young-ish couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other. Sue sighed. None of them were likely to be continuing anywhere tonight so there was no point of trying to get a lift.

"I'm closing in five minutes," the barman said when Sue tried to order a coffee. "If you want a room for the night I'll check you in and you can take the coffee to your room."

Sue sighed and started to leave.

"I'll have two coffees to take back to my room," said a voice behind her. She looked up, straight into the face of the man with the papers. "You look cold and tired, I have more work to do so come drink a cup of coffee in my room before you continue."

Sue looked at him. He was fairly tall, grey-ing ginger hair and brown eyes. His beard was neatly trimmed and his glasses made him look like her dad's boss. He wasn't trying to hide the ring on his finger. She could afford to have a cup of coffee with him. "Thanks."

She followed the man to his room, his stationwagon was parked just outside. A family man. That was good.

"Thanks for buying me the coffee," she smiled. "I really needed a rest. But don't worry, I'll be out of here as soon as I've finished my drink."

"No problem," the guy replied. "I still have paperwork to finish, it's been a long day."

Sue smiled at him and small talked as she slowly sipped her coffee.

"I'm heading in the same direction tomorrow morning," the guy told her when she said where she was heading. "I'll be going two thirds of the way so I can drop you off at the bus station and maybe you've got enough money for a bus for the last bit."

Sue couldn't believe her ears. This was perfect, she had just about enough money to get the bus from where he was heading. No more sleazy truck drivers! "Thank you, that'd be great!" she smiled, and then remembered something. "But I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight."

"Don't worry, there's two beds in here, I only use one."

After a moment's thought Sue accepted the offer. Since she hadn't had a shower for two days she asked if she could make use of the bathroom. The shower was wonderful and warmed her up. She pulled a t-shirt over her head and went out to the nearest bed. The guy was already in his bed, still with those papers. She snuck in between the sheets and turned out her light. Soon afterwards the guy turned out his lights. She tried falling asleep but she was wide awake. She felt a tingle between her legs. Being alone in this hotel room with a stranger was really making her horny. She could feel her juices moistening her slit. She slid a hand between her legs and started massaging her clit. She had to bite her lip not to moan. But somehow she must have made a sound because the lights went on.

"Are you OK?" the guy asked and looked over at her. Covered by only a sheet and a thin blanket it was obvious where her hand was.

"I'm fine thanks," she whispered, looking over to see the unmistakable signs of his growing erection.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"Sue," she replied. "What's yours?"

"I'm Ben," he replied. "Look, we both know what we were doing. Would you mind doing it together?"

"Do what?" Sue couldn't believe her ears.

"Let me lick your cunt for you, it's much nicer than your fingers. And in return you can suck my cock, your mouth is sure to be a million times better than my hand."

Sue was taken aback by his suggestion. But he was a nice and clean man. He was just horny like her and he had a practical solution. She got out of the bed, pulled off her t-shirt and walked over to Ben. He pulled his blankets to the side to let her in. She lay down next to him. He kissed her slowly as his hand cupped her breast.

"So beautiful," he whispered before closing his lips around her erect nipple.

Sue moaned out loud. She'd never had a guy suck her nipple before. Meanwhile she felt his hand making its way down her stomach and to her pussy. He carressed it lightly and let a finger slip between her lips.

"You're so wet Sue," he mumbled against her tit. "You are going to taste so nice."

Ben pulled himself away from her and looked her in the eyes. "We can still stop." Sue shook her head, she wanted this. Then he kissed her deeply and manoeuvred himself to the middle of the bed. "Now Sue, I want you to straddle over my face so that I can lick your juicy cunt and you can suck my cock."

The excitement tingled in her pussy as she did what he said. She felt his beard against the insides of her thighs and soon she felt his tongue running the length of her slit. She bent down and looked at his big cock. She'd never sucked one before, but how difficult could it be? She opened her mouth and closed her lips around the head. It felt good in her mouth. She then tried to suck as much as possible into her mouth but she couldn't fit much in. She placed her hand around the base and squeezed as she ran her tongue across the cock in her mouth. She must be doing something right cause she could hear Ben's faint moans against her pussy.

Bens beard was tickling her pussy as his tongue flicked her clit and then moved in and out of her hole. It was so good she couldn't take much more but Ben's hands on her ass kept her firmly in place. In return she sucked more of him inside her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down his shaft. She let go only to lick up his precum and run her tongue the length of his cock, then he was back in her hungry mouth. She felt him biting her clit lightly and she nearly screamed with pleasure but her scream was muffled by his cock. Then as his tongue was sliding in and out of her, fucking her cunt like an expert she felt his finger dipping inside, being moisturised. She felt so good and sucked him as hard and fast as she could. Then she felt him teasing her ass. Just as she was going to ask him to stop he once again flicked her clit with his tongue as he pushed his finger into her ass. With his tongue back in her cunt and his cock fucking her mouth she had the first real orgasm of her life. Her body shook as he continued working her with his tongue and finger. Just as the waves of her orgasm calmed down Ben's body stiffened and with a roar he started shooting his cum into her mouth. She was so surprised that she just swallowed everything that was fed down her throat.

When Ben was done cumming he pulled Sue off his cock and up in his arms. He kissed her deeply and she could taste her pussy just as he could taste his cum.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered. "I want to fuck your lovely cunt. Please say you want to fuck me too."

Sue blushed slightly. "But I've never been fucked before. I was waiting for someone special."

"Did you enjoy this?"

Sue nodded.

"Have you ever done anything like this?"

Sue shook her head.

"It won't be like that with an inexperienced guy. Let me introduce you to sex the right way. Let me show you what it should feel like. I'll take it easy. I won't hurt you. But I promise to make you cum."

Ben's hands played with her tits, gently persuading her.

"Will you stop if I want you to stop?" she asked insecurely.

"If you say stop I'll pull out and let you sleep alone," he promised.

She replied by kissing him. He put his arms around her, pulled her close, squishing her tits against his chest and invading her mouth with his tongue. Once again she was horny. Hornier than before even. She was going to be fucked. If it was anything near what the licking had been like it was going to be great. His cock was hard against her. She thought he was going to stick it inside her, but he had other ideas. Kneeling between her legs, teasing her pussy with his stiff cock, he bent over and started sucking her tits. He sucked, bit her nipples, pulled her nipples, kneaded her tits. She writhed underneath him but there was no escaping. Whenever she moved her hips his cock seemed to stroke her clit. He laughed gently, but continued undeterred. This was torture.

Then he pulled up her knees and rested her legs on his shoulders. He parted her lips and looked hungrily at her dripping cunt. He smiled into her eyes as he put the head of his cock against her hole. She was so ready for him. He gently pushed his head inside, parting her cunt wider than it had ever experienced before. Sue gasped for air when she felt the size of him. He was never going to fit inside her virgin pussy. With growing panic she looked up at him, but he nodded reassuringly. He slowly slid into her tight warmth until there was a stop. He remained there, letting her adjust to his size. He gently carressed her legs and the blonde triangle of hair next to his cock. Then he pulled back and without warning he shoved himself hard inside, breaking Sue's barrier. She gasped in pain, but he held onto her legs and stayed inside, again letting her cunt get used to the feel of his hard cock. As her pussy muscles relaxed around him he slowly slid out and then in again. He started picking up the pace and slowly leaning down to nibble at Sue's breasts again. Her pain was a memory and she was moaning with pleasure again. Her wet pussy was leaking down to her ass and as his balls slammed into her they were making squishy fuck-noises.

Ben was pumping Sue with fury. She was fully adjusted to him now so he could slam hard inside her tight and wet cunt. Every slam he'd grind himself against her clit. As she moaned louder and louder he bent over and stuck his tongue inside her mouth. He felt her lose control and with a cry her pussy contracted hard around him. She shook in his arms as her body gave in to the pleasure. She was still panting when he pulled out.

"I'm sorry," she said breathlessly.

"What for?" he asked.

"I came too soon, you didn't cum."

"Oh, we're not done yet," he smiled.

He instructed her to get on her knees, knees slightly apart and rest her hands on the headboard. He moved up behind her and grabbed hold of her tits. He pinched her nipples hard as his cock rested against her ass. He moved one hand down to her dripping cunt and carressed it. Once again she started moaning for him. She was insatiable, she wanted more. He was quick to reply. He slid his cock into her hungry cunt from behind. It went even deeper inside her this time. With his hands firmly around her tits he started ramming into her. Faster and harder he took her tight, young pussy. He was covered in sweat and so was she. His balls slammed into her clit. He fucked her sweet cunt as hard as he could. He pulled her up by her tits so that he could kiss her neck. Then he pushed her down again at the small of her back. He could feel himself cumming. He could feel the tightness of his balls. He dipped his finger in her cunt juices and once again pushed it into her ass. He continued pumping her pussy as she screamed out in pleasure. With his finger in her ass he could feel himself in her cunt. He felt how she fought it but finally surrendered to her third orgasm that night. WIth a loud scream she came again. Her body went stiff, tight around his cock and she shook. He could hold back no longer and started shooting his load straight inside her cunt.

They were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms. Ben's arms rested heavily over Sue, with his hands grasping firmly hold onto her tits. There was no way for her to move out of his grip, but she wasn't sure she wanted. This had felt so good.

Ben's alarm went off at 6 a.m. They hadn't had much sleep. Sue felt his semi-erect cock against her ass. He pulled her around and kissed her good morning.

"Let's have a shower," he whispered and pulled Sue out of the bed. He led her into the shower cubicle first and then followed and closed the door. He pushed Sue against the cold tiles and kissed her deeply, pushing his erection against her stomach.

As the steam of the water filled the shower Sue felt herself heat up as well. Ben was lathering her body, paying particular attention to her pussy. She saw his cock that was big and hard by now and she felt herself wet. This was much more fun than playing with the shower. Ben could sense that she was ready so he stood up, grabbed hold of her ass and lifted her up, sliding her cunt onto his cock. Sue wrapped her legs around him as he pushed her up against the tiles. He fucked her fast and hard. Each stroke went deeper inside her hungry pussy. She pulled his head close and kissed him. They wildly devoured each other's mouths as the pace of their fucking picked up. The splash of the water was mixed with the sound of his cock splashing inside her dripping cunt. They were equally hungry for each other. This was better than Sue had ever imagined fucking to be. She dug her nails deep into Ben's back as she clung to his body. With a few long strokes she was done for. She couldn't hold herself back any longer. She cried out his name and felt the now familiar vibration as her pussy cramped around the big, strong shaft that continued pumping. But not for long. She soon heard a long grunt from deep inside his throat as he made a final push deep inside her cunt and came.

They finished their showers and got dressed. They packed up their things and put it in Ben's car as he went to check out and get some breakfast to go. They drove quietly for a while and then started small talking. Sue told Ben about how she hated college and how she didn't want to go back after Christmas, especially not since she'd have to waste her Christmas money on travelling back.

"Well, I'm travelling back east in the new year," said Ben. "I'd love to drive you back."

Sue smiled. "I'd love that too."

"It will mean at least two nights in motels," he teased her.

"Only two?" she teased him back.

"You sure are a horny little thing," he smiled. "You held on to that virginity for so long and now you can't get enough."

"Do you mind?" she asked him.

"Not at all," he laughed. "I loved fucking you and I want to fuck you again right this minute."

Sue giggled and undid her seatbelt. She leaned over and rested her head in his lap. Her fingers undid his zipper and she pulled out his cock. Ben couldn't believe what was going on. This sweet young thing had turned into a hungry little fucktoy. HIS hungry little fucktoy. He smiled a satisfied smile. That cup of coffee was the best idea he'd ever had. Sue sucked his cock into her mouth and giggled to herself when she noticed that Ben was suddenly finding driving a bit difficult. She felt him grow harder and harder in her mouth. He tasted so good. She sucked him deeper and deeper, noticing that it was easier to suck him today than it had been last night. Maybe she was getting good at it. Her hand dug into his pants and cupped his balls. She was licking his cock, stroking his balls and she had one hand around his cock. Her blonde head was bobbing back and forth in his lap.

Ben slowed down the car and pulled up on the side of the road.

"I can't let you have all the fun," he grumbled and pulled Sue off his cock.

He got Sue into the back seat and rested the front seats as far back as possible. He then made her rest her legs on top of each of the front seats. He took a second to admire her wet cunt. Such a hungry young pussy he had himself. He hungrily leant forward and started lapping up her juices. She tasted sweeter than he remembered from last night. He licked the length of her open slit, burrowing his nose in her sweet blonde hair. He pushed his tongue deep inside her hungry cunt. She tasted so good. She was such a good fuck. He sucked her clit hard, making her gasp for breath. He continued sliding his tongue in and out. He could see that the friction of his beard against her soft skin was making it red, it made him want to go harder at her. He was putting his stamp on this hungry cunt. She finally came, screaming out her orgasm, spurting out her juices which he hungrily lapped up.

He wasn't done. She'd barely stopped cumming when he opened the door and pulled her outside. He pressed her against the car and pushed her legs apart. He grabbed hold of her, lifted her up slightly so that he could get in and get his cock into her wet pussy from behind. There was not much traffic on the road, but he didn't care who saw them. He was so horny for her. He manhandled her tits and she was moaning in his arms as his strokes got faster and harder, ramming deep into her. He groaned louder and louder as he got ready to release himself into her cunt. He reached around and started massaging Sue's clit. Like a button pushed it did the trick and she moaned when her orgasm took over. The minute he felt the pressure around his cock he released himself inside her. He stayed deep inside her until his cock was done. Then he pulled out and tucked his cock back into his pants. Sue stood panting, leaning against the car with a big smile. His cum and her juices were trickling down the inside of her leg.

"Put on your pants and jump into the car," he commanded. "We still have a long way to go."

"Did I do anything wrong?" Sue asked after a ten minute silence.

"Not at all," Ben smiled. "What made you think you had?"

"You seemed so angry with me," she said.

"No I'm not," he reassured her. "I loved the way you initiated the last fuck. But we've been fucking so much that we're starting to run late. I have a two hour drive after I drop you off at the bus depot and I need a final fuck before I leave you, it'll be 10 days before I get your cunt again."

Sue smiled with relief. She was loving every second of Ben's company and she too was worried about how Christmas would be now that she just wanted Ben's cock. She had thought that she'd not want to return to college. But now the prospect of a 3 day trip with Ben and his meaty cock filled her with excitement.

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