tagGroup SexSue, Pat and Me

Sue, Pat and Me


Me and sue have been friends for over 8 years not in a sexual friendship just two good mates, and besides sue was a lesbian. We meet while working at the same place but though functions and training course we got to know each other and that progressed to the odd meal and drinks socially.

Now sue had a partner pat and they had been together for the last six years, and I had met her on a few occasions, she was 5ft 6in, light brown shoulder length hair, average size about dress size 12, average boobs, she was kind of shy but once she got comfortable with whoever she was quiet good conservationist and was quiet a good laugh.

One saturday over coffee sue asked me what I thought of pat, I said she seemed nice and that I thought she was quiet at first until I got to know her... I said why don't tell me you going to marry her? She replied no not quiet but there is something I would like to run by you.

I sat in anticipation sue started to tell me that during their conversations that pat had never had sex with a man and would like to know what it was like. Pat had also said that she would not want to do it with some stranger but someone who they knew. I sat and listened and a little taken with the revelation but still said nothing, sue went on to ask me if I maybe interested in giving pat the pleasure of feeling what a man felt. My mind was racing trying to make sense of what sue had asked me, my mouth was dry I was trying to speck but no sound was coming out, sue laughed and said take a drink. So having regained some composure I asked so you like me to join you both for a threesome? Sue laughed and said god no just you and pat, however I will be present, I simply replied that I would consider it and would get back to her.

Back at work on Monday and having the remainder of weekend went by where I did give it some thought which in turn gave me some questions I would like answers too, Sue said good morning and gave a smile and asked how was my weekend, we both laughed, I said meet at dinner and I had a few things to discuss with her, Dinner time seemed to take for ages, but at 12 o'clock sue was standing at the side of my desk, are you ready!. We sat eating our lunch, sue said well go on then whats your questions. Well first of what does pat think of this?, sue looked and said well pat doesn't fully know that she had asked me however when they had spoken about it my name was one that came up as a good possibility. Ok so how would it work? Sue again replied well probably you come around one evening bite to eat little wine and see what happens. So sue you said only sex with pat... sue smiled and said yes as she had experienced a cock on a few occasions but this was all about pat and her needs, she went on to say that she would like to watch only, as long as I and pat were comfortable with that. Sue waited and few moments and said well what do you think, I nodded and said that I was happy to meet and see what happens, nothing was said over the next few days.

It was Friday me and sue were eating lunch as usual, when she asked if I was free tonight to come for a bite to eat and few drinks, as I looked up she winked, and smiled. I thought for a second and said yes that would be good, we arranged a time and left it at that.

I turned up at 7 as arranged pat answered the door, she gave a kiss on the cheek and allowed me in, she was dressed in a figure hugging top which showed her modest breast off nicely, she worn a just above the knee skirt, I followed her in to the living room where sue was sat in a chair, she smiled and said hello, pat said she was just off to see how tea was doing, for some reason it all felt awkward for me, and sue could see that she got up gave me a kiss and said sit down and relax, we all made small talk as pat set the table and brought out the food, we all sat and carried on the conversation while eating, it of course sue who got the conversation on to sex, pat asked if I had ever been with a male before, to which I replied no it's not that I am against male on male sex but it's just not my thing at all, she then asked would you have sex with a lesbian, I replied that I thought that lesbians only had sex with other same sex women. Pat stopped and looked at sue, sue replied but what if the lesbian had not had sex with a man but she was curious as to what it was like!, I looked as though I gave it some thought and said oh I see then that been the case I would have sex with a lesbian, pat looked at me smiled and said oh good. I asked sue if she had been with a man before, sue was eager as ever to tell of a tale of her first experience which had us all laughing as it wasn't the best. I asked pat she said that she had not had any male experience but she was hoping to change that tonight... A smile fell across and playfully asked and how do you hope to achieve that... pat replied well I was hoping that you would take me to the bedroom and show me what I have missed.

I looked at sue I could see a desire in her eyes, she nodded her head with approval, I stood up as I did I felt my cock was semi erect just at the sheer idea of having sex with pat. I looked at pat and said lead the way, she looked at sue who gave her a look of approval, pat got up and made her way to the bedroom with me in close pursuit and sue following behind me, we entered the room as I walked towards pat I caught a glimpse of sue in the corner of my eye as she walked to the side of us and sat in a chair in the corner, the chair was obviously put there as it gave excellent view of the room and bed, I turned my attention to pat, I move my face close to hers and kissed her, her lips were soft, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, she reacted and we soon was entwining our tongues, as we did my hand flowed the side of her body down to her waist as it came back up it lifted her top slightly giving me my first touch of her skin, I felt a little shudder through her body.

I stopped kissing her mouth and made my way to her neck, as I did my hands made my way down her body again but this time as they came back up I had hold of her top and lifted it up, it came up and over her breasts, I stopped kissing her just enough to remove the rest of her top over her head, my hands were now around her back and with one hand the clasps were undone, I held her wrists stepped back and pushed them down to her sides, this let her bra drop revealing her milky white breasts, her nipples were quiet small but rock hard, I dropped my head to her left breast and sucked it hard pat tensed and gave a low groan, my mouth went to her right breast and my teeth gripped her nipple again pat groaned. My hands were now undoing the button on her skirt, the zip made a noise as it was slowly pulled down, the skirt fell to the floor with ease, pat was wearing a revealing small thong , I could see that she was shaved, and as my finger touched the front of her thong it was already wet.

I stopped and stepped back I looked at pat and asked her to undress me, she stepped forward, and undid the buttons on my shirt one by one, her eyes never left mine, there was a look of lust in her eyes so I knew she was enjoying, my shirt was fully open and pat removed what was left, her hands went to my jeans and the button was undone, pat went down onto her knees, she pressed my leg for it to be lifted and removed my sock, she then did the same with the other, as she unzipped my jeans I looked across at sue, I could tell she was enjoying herself as she too had removed her top and bra and was playing with her nipples. Pat pulled my jeans off, my cock was at full attention and was very obvious through my tight black boxers, pat placed a finger either side of the elastic waist band and started to pull them down, my cock was restricting the movement but that did not stop pat as she pulled harder until my cock sprang free, pat stopped and looked, a devilish smile came across her face, she removed my boxers my cock just inches from her face. I placed my hand on pats head and pulled her closer to my cock, out of pure instinct she opened her mouth and took about an inch of me inside, her lips wrapped around my shaft I felt her tongue as it explored what was in her mouth, pat felt so good I could have emptied my balls there and then but that was not what tonight was all about.

I pulled out and helped pat up and on to the bed, I leaned forward and placed a finger either side of her thong, and pulled it off, I held it to my nose and could smell pats sex, I looked across at sue who was now naked on the chair and playing with herself, I tossed the thong to her. I then went down kissing my way up pats legs getting closer to her now gaping pussy, I could see the moisture and could smell her sex, as I got closer pat stiffened, I gently licked up and down on her right pussy lip, then swapped to her left, I could hear a low moan from pat with each stroke of my tongue. Her pussy opened wider as I push her legs further apart my tongue found her clit and gently it worked in circular motions tease it into an erect state, pat was becoming wetter and wetter, I could feel her orgasm approaching so I increased the pressure and the speed of my tongue, I felt pat place her hands on my head and pull me deep into her pussy as she came I gentle kept my tongue moving giving more pleasure to her orgasm.

I let pat calm down as I sat upright between her legs, my hard cock just inches away from her hot wet pussy, as her eyes became open I worked myself forward and rubbed my cock up and down her slit coating it in her cum, I eased myself into pat but pat was tight so carefully and slowly I pushed in allowing pat get use to my size i was over half way in when I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth, as I did I worked myself in and out very slowly but each time pushing in a little further until I was all inside her, I leaned further forward and kissed her neck, I whispered in her ear asking her if she was ok, she gave a mmmm it feels great, I started to slide in and out with a little more power making her moan, my cock was on full stroke in and out it had pat gasping and I was so close to my orgasm, I pulled out and worked my way back down her body I kept going south until I found my goal which was pats pussy I started to lick her pussy pushing my tongue deep inside and working my way to her clit pat was moaning and her body was moving totally enjoying her experience I could tell she was so close to her second orgasm, so I placed myself between her legs pushed myself inside, I was pushing in and out with power and my thumb was rubbing her clit I felt her cum and as she did I pumped hard and filled her wet pussy up with my spunk, I collapsed on top of her and waited while pat started to subside and I felt my cock begin to go limp, and I slipped out of pat.

I sat on the bed and looked at sue who smiled and said she had really enjoyed watching her girlfriend been fucked and from the look on pats face she did too. Sue then said it's time for you to get dressed and go as she and pat had some love making of their own. I must say I felt a little disappointed but sue gave me a reassuring look and said will talk next week, I quickly got dressed and watched sue and pat on the bed together as they kissed as I did, as I opened the door pat shouted to me thanks you were wonderful, I replied it was my pleasure and enjoy yourselves.

I left and made my way home not so disappointed now, but eager to find out how pat had enjoyed her first experience when I met up with sue the next week.

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