tagMatureSue's Awakening Ch. 02

Sue's Awakening Ch. 02


"That's it, Miss Sue, rub those big titties against my hard cock," nineteen-year-old Jimmy Norton moaned as he sat on the edge of the hot tub, eyes half closed. His 45-year-old neighbor Sue Nowak slid her 36DD chest against his slick seven inches. "Oh my god, this is so fucking hot." Sue was on her knees before him, enjoying the pleasure she gave the young man as well as the pressure of the jet that was positioned near her pussy, the high-pressure stream of water providing her with mild, steady stimulation.

Sue could only half believe that this was happening. Just six days earlier, her attempts to help Jimmy after he'd crashed his bicycle in front of her house had quickly led to the discovery that he had a very large penis that she'd stroked, sucked and ultimately fucked. Now on this Friday night, he'd managed to talk her into coming over while his parents were out and ended up using the promise of his thick fuck stick to get her naked and into the hot tub behind the Norton family home.

She'd tried to resist, to tell Jimmy that what happened was a one-time thing, but her libido had gotten the best of her in the wake of her recent sexual encounters with Jimmy and her other neighbor Steve. The latter had brought her the best climax she'd had in years, while the former showed promise of future orgasms thanks to his ability to reach her deepest depths with his impressive penis.

Over the past six days Jimmy had watched hours of MILF porn and found himself more fascinated than ever by titty fucking after seeing Lisa Ann do it. But where Lisa Ann was kind of a slag who looked like she could take a rolling pin up her snatch and had comically unappealing fake tits, Sue's pussy was tight and her orbs were fantastically real. He knew he needed to feel her creamy breast flesh surrounding him. And so it was that he'd hatched his plan to invite her over to talk while his parents were at an evening pool party three suburbs away, then overcome her initial reluctance through the promise of a hard fuck or two.

While she didn't find herself getting much out of this activity, Sue was fascinated by Jimmy's reactions as she manipulated his stiff rod. The look of ecstasy on his face when she rubbed one of her hard nipples against the slit in his spongy cockhead astounded her, as did the vigor of his thrusts when she held her breasts together and enveloped his meat, watching his head pop out from her cleavage ever so briefly before retracting only to pop back out again and again. The relative lack of friction in the water and Jimmy's copious precome enhanced his pleasure and her own sense of intrigue.

For Jimmy this was literally a fantasy come true. Sue was what he and his friends referred to as a "butterface," but everything from her mouth down was highly appealing to his oversexed mind. While he was embarrassed that he'd been a virgin until a week ago, Sue's hunger for his dong was quickly building up his confidence, making his false bravado a thing of the past as he came to realize that he had something between his legs that women wanted.

"Oh Sue, your tits are just so fucking amazing. I could watch them and fuck them all night," the teenager moaned. Sue had other ideas for what else they could do and decided to urge him on to his first climax of the evening by wrapping her hand around his thick shaft and licking his head. "Oh yeah, use that sweet mouth of yours too," Jimmy said.

Sue's mouth strained as she wrapped her lips around Jimmy's bulbous cockhead. She recoiled at the mildly bitter taste of his secretions but was determined to ride it out, knowing if she was going to have the kind of sex life that she wanted she would have to learn to give with her mouth as well as receive between her legs. Jimmy looked down in fascination as his rod partially disappeared into Sue's mouth -- first just the head, then several inches. She stopped when she felt it hit the back of her throat, gagged slightly, wondering how the women in some of the videos she'd watched on her computer over the last few days while pleasuring herself managed to take entire porn-sized penises down their throats.

Jimmy held still, ceding control to Sue as her tongue danced along his length, reveling in the suction, watching her cheeks hollow out as she literally sucked on him, loving her mouth and the hand with which she was cupping his heavy, hairy scrotum. He quickly found himself losing control, felt his balls on the verge of a blastoff, thought about warning Sue. Instead he placed both hands on her head.

Sue was surprised to find her head suddenly held still, found herself choking a bit as Jimmy thrust hard into her mouth. She unthinkingly tried to object around the mouthful of cock, her words coming out muffled, shocked to feel a sudden surge as his hot discharge filled her mouth. All she could do was swallow as Jimmy moaned his praise, telling her what a great cocksucker she was. After what seemed like a dozen pulses he relaxed the grip on her head. She tilted her head back to remove him from her mouth, felt him leave a trace of his salty semen on her tongue as he exited.

Sue looked up, saw the look of contentment on Jimmy's face as he leaned back, eyes closed. "Oh Miss Sue, that was so hot. You really know how to suck a cock." She wanted to scream, wanted to cry, shocked that Jimmy had essentially forced her to swallow his load, practically drowned her without warning or her consent.

Sue had never swallowed come before; even her ex-husband had had to accept that she was a spitter on the few occasions she'd allowed him to ejaculate in her mouth. The whole idea of it grossed her out, and it was said to be sodomy as well. And yet...it wasn't as awful as she'd assumed it would be. Jimmy clearly enjoyed it, so if she could at least tolerate it then it seemed like something she would describe to her students as a net win. She swallowed her anger, smiled up at her teenaged lover. "That was a sudden surprise," she finally said.

"You were just so good that I suddenly exploded," Jimmy replied. "I wish I could've lasted longer because your mouth just felt so amazing."

"Best you've ever had?" she asked, knowing she was probably the only woman who'd ever given him a blowjob.

"Definitely up there for sure," he replied with a laugh. "Thank you, Miss Sue."

"You're welcome. But what's with this 'Miss Sue' crap?"

"I don't know...it just makes things hotter to me. I mean, you're a total MILF!"

"But I don't have kids!"

"Oh, right. I guess that makes you...a cougar?"

"Is that what I am? But I kind of feel like *you* hunted *me,*" she replied, laying her head on his left thigh, impressed at the size of his flaccid penis, its head dangling in the water.

"Whoever did what, I'm just glad it's happening," he said, eliciting another one of her smiles.

She reached for his cock, gave it a tug. "Nothing seems to be happening here right now."

"Why don't we go up to my bedroom and see what if we can change that?"

Sue thrilled to the thought of being filled again by Jimmy's big cock, hoped he could last long enough to make her come this time. "Why don't we? Lead the way."

Jimmy extended a hand, helped Sue out of the hot tub, grabbed towels for both of them. They dried off, walked into the house and headed upstairs to his room. Jimmy walked over to the window, closed the blinds. "I never knew your bedroom looked out on the street," Sue remarked.

"Yep," Jimmy replied. "Gives me a great view when you're out front of your house."

"You've watched me before?"

"Sure. It's a total turn-on when you wear your tight workout clothes to tend to your landscaping and stuff. Your ass looks great when you're mowing your lawn."

Sue looked around pensively, silently taking in the teenager's room. She noticed the full-sized bed, of course. The pennant from his downstate university. The posters of female models, actresses and singers as well as his favorite male athletes. The bookshelves full of books, cameras, music players, his iPad, other gizmos. The matching dresser and desk, the open laptop computer. All very normal, very suburban, very teenaged.

"So," Jimmy said, taking the lead as he dropped the towel he'd tied around his waist, "how about I show you mine and you show me yours?"

Sue laughed, shook her shoulder-length auburn hair, removed her own bath towel. Her nipples hardened instantly in the air-conditioned room, in response to the sight of Jimmy's dangling cock. "I feel like I could look at your naked body all day," he said, embracing her, running a hand down through her thick brown bush. He took her head in his hands, put his mouth over hers, kissed her deeply, momentarily recoiling at the taste of his own residue. He gagged slightly, and Sue broke off the kiss.

"Now, take the comforter off of your bed and lie down," Sue instructed. Jimmy did as he was told. Sue lie down near him, reached for his cock, pressed it against his belly, impressed again by its length. She gently stroked it, up to the tip and then back down again, cupped his balls. Her mouth followed, curiously, enveloping his left testicle in her mouth, then licking a trail up past the root and along the bottom of his length, taking the floppy head into her mouth. She felt him beginning to grow inside her mouth, felt empowered by her ability to bring him to arousal.

"Oh Miss Sue," he moaned, running his fingers through her hair.

Sue let his half-hard penis fall out of her mouth. "Hands off. I'm in control here," she said sternly. "Your job is to just be quiet and lie back." She continued fellating him, quickly bringing him to a full erection, her mouth straining around his plum-sized head.

"Now I'm going to ride you," Sue revealed. Jimmy's cock twitched as she worked herself into position over him, straddled him. He watched in fascination as she took him in her hand, rubbed his head against her pubic mound, slid her hairy channel along his length. He loved the way her breasts looked above as she leaned forward slightly, the way gravity enhanced their shape, wanting to touch them, to take them in his mouth. But she'd told him to be still, so he lie back for several minutes while she toyed with his cock, her short hairs tickling it, making him squirm.

"What are you doing, Miss Sue? I thought we were going to fuck."

"We are. I'm just preparing myself, getting myself wet so you don't hurt me with this monster."

Jimmy nodded; he'd been told by several girls he'd dated or hooked up with that he was just too big for them. He believed It was the reason he'd been a virgin until a week ago. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

In response, Sue leaned further forward, giving the teen better access to those orbs he seemed so fascinated with. He placed his hands on them, rubbed her nipples, licked all around her chest, took a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, sucked on it. Sue felt her arousal increase, and much to Jimmy's relief she finally lifted herself upward while holding onto his shaft, guided him until he was lined up with her yearning honey hole. The hungry look in his eyes urged her onward, and she dropped down just enough to give the head of his cock entrance.

That initial moment of entry was pure bliss for them both. Jimmy reveled at the feeling of her flesh wrapped around his, a sensation no hand or mouth could duplicate, so warm and wet and tight, two organs that were literally made to join together like this. For Sue it was all about the unique feeling of fullness that she'd never appreciated in her younger years, and the fact that it was a person rather than a thing inside her. She held him there for just a few seconds, the pause feeling like an eternity as both eagerly awaited the deeper penetration to come.

Sue began to slowly lower herself as Jimmy used his fingers to play with her nipples. A sudden unintentionally sharp pinch led her to unexpectedly lose control of her leg muscles and she literally dropped down completely onto him, all seven of his thick inches filling her in a nanosecond. The combination of sensations, the surprise, the slight pain, the fullness she was still preparing herself to feel, set her pussy to spasming with a sudden, spontaneous orgasm that made her shriek, then smile as she sat still, completely impaled on Jimmy's spear.

"Are you alright?" he asked with concern, startled by the way she'd nearly fallen onto him, her hands heavy on his chest, his member completely inside her.

"You have no idea," Sue replied. "You just made me come with this big dick of yours."

"Oh, right. I knew that. I was just afraid you were hurt."

"Shhhhh," she commanded gently, rising up, sliding back down, setting a rhythm all her own through the motions of her hips and thighs. The moist pressure all around him elicited a moan from Jimmy as a smiling Sue rode his fuck stick at a slow, steady pace, filling the room with the sound of their flesh gently slapping together. Sue sighed contentedly as Jimmy stretched her, touched the sensitive nerves deep inside her womanhood, brought her pleasure she'd never expected to find through intercourse.

Jimmy tried to read his conquest, figure out ways to please her, add some technique to his natural physical gift. As Sue rose off of him he withdrew a bit, pushed up into her as she slid down his length. He began to explore her more with his hands, sliding down from her luscious tits, stroking her sides. Her eyes popped open in surprise when she felt a finger touch her clitoris, Jimmy curiously exploring the site of their fleshy union with one hand. The sweet sensations coursing through his cock were urging him on to his climax, but he didn't want to come yet. He tried to disassociate himself from their fucking in an attempt to last longer, looked at his Chicago Cubs World Series championship poster to see if it was true that thinking about baseball helped to delay climax.

The dual stimulation of her clitoris and G-spot were bringing Sue closer and closer to her release. She leaned back, placed her hands on the back of her legs as she continued to ride Jimmy. The new angle increased the already pleasurable friction along the top of his cock, and he watched in fascination as her labia stretched around him.

The visual stimulation triggered him. "Fuck Sue, I'm coming!" he announced. The pulsing sensations as he filled her in turn gave Sue her own release, the teenager continuing to thrust as he shot loads of his thick come deep inside his middle-aged partner, the both of them grunting and groaning as they climaxed, breathing heavily.

"You're getting better with that thing, Jimmy," Sue remarked as she rolled off, laid down next to her young lover, surrounded his mouth with her own, snaked her tongue deep inside his mouth. "You made me feel so full!"

"Thanks," he replied, shifting onto his side, running a finger between her legs, fascinated by the copious amount of their intermingled fluids that coated his finger when he pulled it out. "You're a pretty amazing woman, Miss Sue. I'm glad you came over."

"I just want to fall asleep here," she said, snuggling into his arms, feeling his wet, flaccid cock against her ass as they got into a spooning position, playfully wiggling against it for a moment. "You make me feel young again!"

Jimmy chuckled to himself as Sue fell asleep, softly snoring. He lay there, happy to have satisfied her, reveling in his ability to turn on and satisfy his more experienced lover. He wondered what they would do next, if he could make her come with his mouth, whether she liked to do it doggy style, if she would let him fuck her in the ass.

"Oh shit!" Jimmy exclaimed suddenly as he felt the slight shudder of the attached garage door opening, heard the opener pull it up. "Sue, my parents are home!"

"What? No! They can't find out! Where are my clothes?" she said, standing up.

"We left everything outside by the hot tub," he said, getting up from the bed. "Quick, wrap yourself in this towel and sneak out the back door!"

Sue grabbed the towel, ran nude out the bedroom door, heard the squeaking of the brakes on Mr. Norton's car as it came to a stop in the garage. She dashed down the stairs, fought with the lock on the back door, got it open just as she heard the door from the garage to the foyer open. She closed the back door quietly, her movements triggering the motion-activated security lighting, and quickly scanned the area around the hot tub. She grabbed the shorts, blouse, bra and sandals she'd worn over to the house an hour and a half ago. Hustling away from the light she slid between two of the arborvitae and shimmied into her shorts, put her blouse on, closed up three of the buttons. The neighbor's dog started barking, panicking Sue as she opened the gate and ran from the yard, grateful that it was a young moon tonight and that she'd worn dark clothing to disguise her retreat. In mere seconds she'd arrived back home, panting from her exertions, hopeful that no one had seen her frantic dash home, laughing despite her mild terror.

Up in his room, Jimmy rummaged around on his closet floor to find some clothes to wear for the inevitable parental check-in. Once clothed he checked his laptop across the room from his bed, saw that it had in fact recorded his fuck session with Sue, albeit at a bad angle that obscured most of the action -- if only they'd done reverse cowgirl! He then went to his book shelves, saw that the small digital video camera he had running there had recorded everything from the side -- his first sex tape was a two-camera setup!

Downstairs, Mrs. Norton was concerned. "James, go see why the security light is on out back," she instructed her husband through the powder room door.

James finished pissing out the beers he'd drank at the pool party, flushed and made his way outdoors, irked to find the back door unlocked. "Hello?" he called out to the nighttime air. "Jimmy, is that you?" He didn't see or hear anything except the Millers' mutt yapping away next door. He walked up the elevated wooden deck surrounding the hot tub, turned on the string lights, and found his son's clothing as well as a pair of lacy black women's underwear. He looked around, didn't see anything, and brought the black garment up to his nose. He inhaled deeply, smelled the unmistakably delicious scent of a woman, felt his 50-year-old cock twitch a bit in response to the pheromones. Nice work, kid, he thought. Maybe you're not as much of a loser as we sometimes worry.

"Was anyone out there?" Mrs. Norton asked when James reentered the house.

"Nope -- must've been a raccoon or something," he replied. "Jimmy left some clothes out there though; he must've been in the hot tub tonight. I'll go up there and check in on him."

"Thanks, dear -- I'm going to make myself a drink."

Jimmy heard his father's heavy footsteps on the stairs and decided to head him off at the pass. "Is that you, dad?" he called out through his open doorway.

"Yep," James replied, walking into the teen's room. "Now, care to explain this?" he said, holding up his son's clothes in one hand and Sue's panties in the other.

"Um, well, yeah, I had a girl over," Jimmy mumbled.

"Is she still here? Hiding in your closet or something?"

"No sir."

"Well son, your mother would be furious if she knew. You know how she feels about having your friends over when we're out," James said in a low voice, slapping his son on the shoulder with the black underwear. "But I'm proud as Hell of you. Just do a better job covering things up next time."

"Yes sir," the teen replied. "I'll be more discrete in the future."

"That's my boy," James said, handing the clothing to his son, turning to leave the room, hoping his wife was in the mood to fuck. "Chip off the old block."

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