tagLoving WivesSue's Open University Experience

Sue's Open University Experience



My lovely wife Sue had always regretted not going to university so when our two kids were old enough we both decided to undertake an Open University degree. Although we were not doing the same course we both had to attend a week at summer school and chose to go to the same campus for the same week, dropping the kids off with the in-laws. Sue is 31, gorgeous, with long black hair, 36D tits and a very dirty laugh. We have a very active sex life and love watching porn Dvd's together often fantasising about what appears on the screen. We sometimes stopped the action at various points to re-enact the scenes, but she has always refused carry it a stage further--- until this week.

As the dormitories were segregated Sue shared a room with a very attractive girl called Jayne who was the wife of Mike, one of our tutors and so I shared a room with Mike. At the end of the week we all went to the end of course party where we had a fair bit to drink. As Sue had finished top in her class her professor Colin invited all four of us and another tutor Tony back to his apartment for a night-cap.

Sue sat on the sofa between Colin and Tony whilst I sat on another sofa opposite with Jayne while Mike sat on the floor. It was very hot in the apartment and Sue said she had a bit of a headache. The other tutor Mike offered to give her neck a massage to release any tension and proceeded to massage the back of her neck and round her ears. Now Sue has very sensitive ears and was obviously starting to enjoy this attention as she started to fidget about on the sofa. The pair sat on either side of Sue noticed this and Colin leaned across and started to kiss her and stroke her right breast. Much to my surprise she did nothing to stop him and seeing this Tony proceeded to rub the left one and put his other hand on her bare thigh.

I didn't know how far I should let this go but Jayne put her hand on the outside of my crotch and whispered to me 'See what happens'.

Mike by now had untied the halter neck straps on Sue's top and her naked breasts were now available to both men on the sofa. Colin was rolling and tweaking Sue's very sensitive right nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing it to stand hard and erect.Tony had also slid his hand up to Sue's panties which he had pushed aside and was now finger fucking her with two, three and then four fingers. Sue was moaning loudly with all this attention and parted her legs to give the guys more access to her pussy. She also placed either hand on the now exposed cocks of Colin and Tony and began to slowly wank them.

Jayne not to be left out had unzipped my jeans and started to wank my now fully erect cock murmuring 'Just watch them fuck your wife'. I certainly watched with fascination as Mike pushed Sue's head into Tony's lap and told her to suck Tony's cock. He moved round to the front of the sofa and gently pulled Sue's panties down, knelt down in front of her and proceeded to tongue her very wet pussy. I could even see her clit standing out which was coated with a glistening mixture of her juices and Mike's saliva.

Sue gives a fantastic blowjob and it was not long before Tony started to cum. Now Sue had never let me cum in her mouth before but she looked over at me and winked, then swallowed Tony's cock as deep as she could. Tony exploded in her mouth and she swallowed almost the lot with just a dribble running down her chin and onto her tits.

Mike told Sue to kneel on the floor and pushed his prick into her very wet pussy. At the same time Colin began to fuck her mouth so there was my lovely wife being spit roasted right in front of me. Jayne kept up a steady slow wank on my cock occasionally dropping her lips over the end to lick up an ever-increasing stream of pre cum. It was not long before Sue started to really push back on Mike's cock as she experienced her first orgasm and Colin pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her gorgeous tits. Mike kept pounding Sue's cunt with long slow strokes and at the same time slipped a wet finger in and out of her arsehole until he finally shot his load deep inside her. He pulled out with a loud squelching noise as his cum trickled out of Sue's sloppy pussy and dribbled down the inside of her thigh. I was close to coming but Jayne really squeezed my cock to stop me shooting my load, as more was to follow before Sue was finished.

By now Tony was rock hard and lay down on the floor ordering a now ecstatic Sue to slowly lower herself onto a very impressive erection. She looked across at me and slowly impaled herself on Tony's cock moaning loudly as he filled her well used pussy. She cried out loud and flung her head back, her nipples standing out like organ stops, and built up a steady rhythm riding Tony until she had another huge orgasm and collapsed onto Tony's chest. However Mike was not finished with her yet and asked her if they could both fuck her at the same time. Although we had watched girls being fucked in both holes on the screen before, Sue had never been interested in trying anal sex but by now was too far-gone to care and screamed for more cock. Mike smeared her virgin arsehole with the creamy mixture of cum and juices dribbling from her pussy and slowly fed his prick into her. Sue had never been Dped before but was wailing and moaning with two hard cocks inside her fucking both juicy holes. She came in a matter of minutes and then both the guys pulled out and shot their loads over her face and tits.

She smiled over at me and told Jayne to make me come and shoot over her tits to mix in with the other spunk dribbling down her body but Jayne sunk her lips over my impossibly had cock and within minutes I could feel my load about to shoot. She dragged Sue over and swapped places enabling Sue to take my throbbing cock deep in her throat and swallow all the cum which had built up watching the x rated performance.

A couple of weeks later Sue finally received her certificate from the summer school course and of course passed with honours. There was also a dvd enclosed in the letter. Sue was obviously not the first student to have been fucked in the professor's apartment as the whole evening was recorded by some hidden camera. We now watch our own Porn dvd and although Sue says it will never happen again, I live in hope that one day in the not too distant future we might enjoy a similar experience.

Rob West Mids.

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