tagLoving WivesSue's Photo Session Ch. 02

Sue's Photo Session Ch. 02


Concluding my wife's initiation from still photos to real life action. Will do follow up about our visit to Daly depending on reaction from readers.

Sue's Photo Session Part 2

Sue came home from work about two weeks later with a twinkle in her eye. Daly had been away at a conference so she had not seen him for a while but said that the video shoot was to take place the following evening.

"I'm a little bit nervous about what might happen tomorrow "she said. "I have never been filmed having sex before and I am not sure how I am going to react. There will obviously be another person videoing Daly fucking me so what happens if he wants to take part as well? Are you really sure you want me to go ahead with this?"

I already had an enormous hard on even thinking about my wife's video shoot so I tried to reassure her that it was ok by me. I told her to try to relax and let things take their course and remember back to a couple of weeks ago when she had spent all night being fucked by both Daly and myself together. She still seemed very apprehensive but said if I was really sure she would go ahead with it.

Sue arrived home late the following evening, a wide grin on her face. I had stayed up waiting for her return, my mind filled with a mixture of both lust and anxiety. She snuggled up next to me on the couch. She was very flushed and there appeared to be some dried streaks in her hair. She reached inside her bag and produced a DVD.

"Put this in the player" she said. "I think you might like to see your wife in action."

The film opened with a shot of Sue sitting on the side of a bed with a glass of wine in her hand. She looked stunning and was wearing the same button through red dress she had worn at her original photo shoot along with her high heels. This time however she was definitely not wearing a bra as the outline of her hardened nipples was clearly visible against the tight material of the dress. She appeared to be talking to Daly but as the camera zoomed out another five young men came into view. I asked Sue who they were and she said they were some of Daly's medical students.

"Okay, Sue" said Daly, " I want to make a video to show the female anatomy and perhaps with the help of the students maybe demonstrate some of the female erogenous zones. Are you happy with that?"

Sue looked both nervous and excited and she blushed furiously. Her eyes were wide and her breathing was slightly laboured as she nodded in agreement, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

"First of all I think we could see a bit more leg please" said Daly. Sue slowly eased the dress higher until her thin black lacy knickers came into view, a moist patch already visible, demonstrating her own excitement, as she eased her legs apart to give the student s a better view.

"I want you to start unbuttoning the dress from the top please Sue", said Daly. As she slowly did so her lovely cleavage came into view and suddenly her hardening left nipple was exposed to her audience. As the dress opened more she let it fall off her shoulders and her gorgeous breasts were fully exposed, her nipples standing out like organ stops as a hushed silence descended on the room.

She sat there wearing only her knickers and her high heels.

"Now Sue" said Daly, "I want you to lie back on the bed, keep your legs apart, and use your fingers to stimulate your clit." Sue looked wide eyed at Daly, clearly not sure if she should comply with his request but once again blushed furiously as she slowly slid her fingers under her knickers and started to arouse herself. She lay back on the bed, her legs splayed wide apart, a flush spreading across her chest as her breathing became more laboured. Her other hand rose to cup her left breast, her fingers rolling the engorged nipple. Her legs squeezed together trapping her busy fingers working away between her puffy pussy lips.

"Right John", Daly said to one of the students. "Help Sue take her knickers off please." John appeared in the picture and slowly eased Sue's knickers over her bottom and down her legs. Sue had a glazed look on her face as she looked up at him, her fingers still gently masturbating her engorged clit which was clearly visible to the camera lens as it zoomed in.

Daly asked another student called Ben to join John by the bed and told them to take hold of Sue's knees and gently pull them apart. As her legs were splayed apart the camera zoomed in on Sue's busy wet fingers covered in her own juices, her glistening cunt exposed to all.

"Okay, John. Take that vibrator from the bedside table. Switch it on and I want you to try to help Sue out as she is clearly very aroused." John slowly ran the tip of the throbbing vibrator down over Sue's stomach until it touched her throbbing clit where he paused, allowing the throbbing sensation to cause her body to quiver with pleasure. He continued on down across her slippery pussy lips and then gently nudged at her anus causing her whole body to shiver with excitement.

"Colin" said Daly. "I want you go over and hold Sue down a bit and perhaps play with her tits. Let's see if we can't bring her to her first orgasm." Sue was moaning loudly as Colin gently pushed back on her shoulders causing her gorgeous globes to push upright into the air, her nipples standing proud. He started to roughly maul her tits and took her right nipple into his mouth and began to swirl his tongue over the hard bud, occasionally nibbling the very sensitive tip with his teeth. At the same time Ben eased the large end of the vibrator against her juicy pussy lips which parted easily around it as he slowly inserted it inch by inch until the whole length had disappeared.

"Push harder, push harder, I want to cum" screamed Sue as John worked the throbbing vibrator in and out, quickening his thrusts all the time. Sue used her own hand to stimulate her clit which was as hard as a cherry stone as Ben continued to feed it in and out between her glistening pussy lips .

"Right you other two. Strip off and get on the bed by her head. Steve, lift her up a bit so that Ross can put his dick in her mouth. Does that feel good Sue." Sue licked her tongue around the bell end of Ross's large cock and opened her mouth wide as he started to fuck her mouth.

The camera panned out to show the whole scene. Ross was fucking her mouth, Colin was squeezing and stroking her breasts and hard nipples and the other two were holding her legs wide apart, John still rhythmically moving the large vibrator in and out of her sopping cunt. The lens zoomed in to capture Sue's cheeks being stretched by the thrusting cock when Ross suddenly groaned aloud and his balls visibly tightened and jerked as he shot his load into Sue's mouth. As he pulled out a stream of cum trickled from the corner of her mouth dribbling down onto her chest.

Sue's body tensed and she screamed aloud as her first orgasm started to overtake her.

" Oh my god , Oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm cuuumminn---------",her voice faltering with the intensity of her climax as her body thrashed and writhed on the bed.

"I think it is about time Sue was fucked" said Daly. You could clearly hear a squelching sound as John pulled the vibrator from Sue's dripping cunt and Steve came into focus equipped with a massively erect cock which he lowered between Sue's widespread legs and glided between her puffy outer lips causing her to gasp as he slowly and agonisingly disappeared inside her. He pounded her very quickly and came with a loud shout, filling Sue's cunt with his cum. As he pulled out a trail of a mixture of his cum and her own cunny cream slid down the inside of her thigh. Ben quickly took his place soon adding his own deposit deep inside her sticky cunt.

"Sue, would you like to try a something else " said Daly, not waiting for her reply. "I would like you to show the students how you can use your gorgeous tits to bring on a male orgasm. John, could you straddle Sue and let her wrap her tits around your cock. That's right, now start to push up and down between them" John thrust his erect cock up and down the valley between her breasts lubricated by a mixture of his own precum and the trickle of sweat glistening over Sue' chest. Within seconds he came covering Sue's face and tits with streaks of cum.

"Please , please fuck meeee... " wailed Sue " I want some more cock inside me, I need to cum again" She flipped over on the bed pushing her lovely ass in the air, inviting Colin to fill her cunt with his hard cock which he did without hesitation, Sue pushing back hard to get him deep inside her. Colin reached around her and held on to her tits pulling her deeper onto his enormous cock. Colin was not satisfied and pulled his wet cock from Sue's dripping pussy. He lay back on the bed, his erection standing proud and guided Sue back onto his cock with her facing his feet. The camera lens zoomed in to capture his cock slowly disappearing between Sue's pussy lips, some semen being squeezed out of her cunt as he pushed further inside. He pulled her back against his chest pushing her glorious tits into the air which he clamped in his large hands, working the nipples to increase her pleasure. The thrusting of his cock was caught in close up by the camera, as he pushed harder and quicker into Sue's cunt.

" Harder, harder" screamed Sue. " Yes, YES, YEEEEEEEES, Oooooooooh.......!" Colin groaned as they both appeared to cum together. His shrinking cock started to pull out of Sue's well fucked cunt, a trail of cum and cream spreading across the front of Sue's puffy pussy lips and matting in her pubic hair.

Sue lay back on the bed breathing heavily, her body glistening with a mixture of cum and sweat, a tell tale sticky patch under her bottom where a mixture of juices were seeping from her well used pussy. The camera captured a smile on her sticky face. She looked like the cat who had got the cream.

However there was no respite as Daly himself then came into camera shot and knelt down between Sue's spread legs and started to work his tongue around her clit, lapping between her juicy pussy lips. Sue placed her hands on the back of his head and pulled him closer so he could probe even more deeply with the tip of his tongue. She was soon convulsing with her third orgasm, her juices covering Daly's tongue.

Daly kneeled up and wanked his cock, pouring cum over Sue's pussy lips and belly. Several of the other students who had recovered sufficiently joined in covering Sue in a slimy trail of semen all over her body. The camera finally zoomed in to capture a look of complete satisfaction on Sue's face as she smiled wearily at the camera.

The DVD ended at that point and Sue lay back across my lap and slowly unbuttoned her dress to show her naked body covered with dried streaks of cum and her beautiful breasts covered in a few bite marks.

"Well, what do you think of your wife's performance," she purred. "Isn't that what you wanted to see? I'm a little too tired to fuck now but let me see if I can help you out with your major problem" she said as she looked down at my groin, my massively erect cock pushing at the front of my pants like a tent pole.

She unzipped me, parted her red lips and sank her mouth onto my twitching cock, taking it as deep as she could. I came instantly, Sue gagging with the copious amount filling her mouth as a stream trickled from her parted lips to join the other matted cum covering her breasts.

I looked down in amazement at my previously modest shy wife, her eyes glowing with a mixture of satisfied lust and contentment. She had discovered a newfound confidence in her own sexuality and with that confidence new ways to entertain me in our own sex life. Our DVD would be a constant reminder of her transformation and we never tire of watching it together.

Daly took another hospital post about a month after the video shoot so he asked us to visit him at his new house once he was settled. We are planning a visit as soon as possible. Who knows what may happen!

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