tagLoving WivesSue's Sex Diary Ch. 01

Sue's Sex Diary Ch. 01



Welcome to my jottings about our, and primarily Sue's sexperiences over the years of our very happy marriage. I apologise in advance for any incorrect grammar.

I'm not sure over exactly how many chapters the record of her 'journey' into sex will take but I hope you'll stay with me. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I certainly have not been as Sue has the habit to surprise even me with what she will do to obtain sexual gratification.

I would be very interested to have any comments about my/our real life experience, has anyone had a similar story to tell? Lessons to be learnt? I cannot remember every single detail, especially the dialogue, which is used for effect, even if the actual statements aren't accurate, the sentiment certainly is! I also have included some of my thoughts and feelings at the time. Yes, in some cases it was some time ago, but the experiences are so vivid, the effect on me so marked, that I can recall my feelings and thoughts as if it happened yesterday.

As I write this, what can I suppose be called a 'Diary', although it doesn't necessarily work in exact date order. Or for that matter over a specific period of time. We are not sex maniacs screwing and fucking all day every day. Far from it. Ok, yes there were days and weeks,which were very sexually intense. But this was not a regular occurrence.

Please forgive me, this is the first time I've 'put pen to paper' on the matter of our, or should I say my wife's sexperiences. I suppose it started innocently enough, if you call me encouraging her to 'enjoy' another guys 'attentions'! Of course not being a sex crazed female with legs open for any cock. My wife didn't immediately take my suggestions seriously, only to enhance our love making in fantasy form. I'm sure we've all been there?

It would nice to report Sue being a raving nymphomaniac with large tits, extra sensitive nipples, cavernous and receptive cunt, craved having anal sex. But Sue was, is a normal woman, we're a normal couple. What ever 'normal is!

Nor can I relate sucking, licking and dripping spunk out of Sue's orifices, yes our journey started before HIV/AIDS came to the fore, at a time when it was thought it affected mainly the gay male community. Never the less I, we, Sue always gauged the 'sexual safety' as paramount. But as we both found, as we, she travelled on an ever increasing high, Sue admits with hindsight to perhaps having taken some risks. But to date there is no lasting repercussions.

Oh and another thing, having condensed the sex for your benefit, it might sound as if Sue is a raving nymphomaniac! Yes, it's true to say that she's certainly taken to liking sex with age, enjoying new adventures obviously turns her on. But never the less, she doesn't screw everyday. She fucks as and when she feels like it, which could be everyday of one week and none the following week.

A little about my wife Sue, and me Steve. We both live in the UK Midlands. Having a comfortable life style, with our own business for which Sue works part-time as and when required. Unfortunately we found out that Sue couldn't conceive. A bitter disappointment to us both at the time. However with hindsight, it's enabled us to develop the business, which in having kids would not have been possible. Equally now of course our, or should I say Sue sex life as also moved on a pace.

Sue is 38C, size 12, moving towards 14! 5ft. 6 ins tall – 120 lbs. strawberry blonde. Really enjoys sex, although not what you'd call a natural exhibitionist but has grown into the part. It wasn't until she took a liking to a business contact of mine, whom incidentally I was looking to get a few orders. That Sue finally took me up on the suggestion of another guy. Needless to say I got and still get plenty of work from this guy. Sue for her part got his cock from time to time.

Inspire of my encouragement, not to say eagerness for Sue to take the plunge with Gary. We'd talked about it for what seemed like months before the actual 'deed'. Sue was very sheepish when she came home late that evening. I remember it as if it were yesterday. She'd lost her g string as a souvenir. Even now, Gary always takes them as a souvenir 'each time'. For me it's part of the ritual, the 'turn on', going shopping with Sue to buy her special g string or panties knowing that Gary would keep them as a souvenir. On a few occasions we bought boring plain white knickers just so I could leave a message written on them for Gary to read. On a couple of times later in their 'relationship Sue returned home with messages written on her tits, tummy and arse. I just loved it!

I couldn't stop asking Sue about the details for days afterwards. Probably as much for my sake as to also reassure Sue that it was OK to have another cock. Not that Sue likes the word 'cock'!!!

For 2/3 months we talked a lot about her experience. Sue met Gary 3 or 4 times in that period. Each time Sue became more at ease and open about her 'entertaining' Gary – as Sue calls it. She had also put a lot of thought into it, noting that she couldn't get pregnant, although there was or is a health risk. I started 'pushing the boat out' buying her sexier clothes – no nothing to brazen, I didn't want to go too far. For my part my cock was permanently hard at the thought of my 'slut of a wife'. Although having had one guy, would hardly constitute being a slut. But I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from? After this initial rampant fucking. She meets Gary about 3-4 times a year wining, dining and fucking overnight in some smart hotel.

For our/ my part I loving buying her new underwear. Based on the old favourites of suspenders and stockings. As I said, we now have quite a few 'sets' without g strings.

So where are we now? You may ask! Well, we, or should I say Sue, has progressed in her 'training' onto other men. I say training, because I look upon my encouragement of Sue over a long period of time as a training period. The only difference is that it is Sue that has governed how fast and what training she undertakes. She has to feel she's in control otherwise she wouldn't have done it. Wise words for you guys who are thinking of encouraging your wife to screw around – don't push too hard. Outwardly Sue looks much the same. However underneath that coverall dress suit etc, is skimpy underwear – if any at all. Her bra, if worn always helps her now sagging boobs. The only exception to this outwardly calm, demure exterior is if we're out 'on the pull' (as Sue calls it), at home or somewhere where we won't be recognised. Although there have been 2 occasions that we seen some people we knew.

Following Gary, Sue started to feel good about herself, taking time out to dress and look 'good'. Spending more time at the gym, trying to prevent everything 'heading south'!!! Going to parties and various business functions, loads of guys struck up conversations with her as I circulated. I was always on the look out for the next 'cock' for Sue. But it was difficult, work and business is one thing and fucking my wife was another. Sue did admit taking a liking to this guy and that, not all of them I knew myself. I did find out after the event, that she actually accepted a lunch 'date' with one guy. She couldn't wait to tell me, having had his hands between her receptive legs in the car. She was so proud of doing this as she said "on her own". Good girl I thought. The other point was, she had positively no qualms about telling me what she'd done. For my part, was I about to lose 'control'? Needless to say she met this guy again. Spending an afternoon in a hotel bedroom. Sue admitted being turned on by the thought of it being like a prostitute. Deep down there was, is a slut inside her. Given the looks of hotel receptionist, she could have been – Sue's word exactly.

Sue had now hit upon the idea, that I really liked her having other cock – well it had taken?? years. Having got me to admit this fact, she started taking the opportunity to deride my sexual prowess, size of my cock etc. Comparing me with her 'experiences' – all 2 of them! But I enjoyed every minute. Funny though, but this allowed me also to build on these foundations. Making reference to other guys we saw or had contact. "How big do you think his cock is' plus many other comments becoming increasingly lewd with my heightened arousal. During the warm summer months we'd take trips out to some country pubs for a drink. We both found this a great 'turn on'. Sue dressing accordingly and me making comments. We'd fuck like rabbits when we got home – if we got that far!!!

I think Sue was surprised the effect it had on her, and it became a habit for us to frequent the same pubs, on the half chance that there would be the same guy(s) as we'd seen on a previous visit, that we'd both commented on. But this time Sue would be more adventurous and dressed the part. I'm sure you can imagine it? This of course led Sue into having a few guys. NO, not at the same time. In fact we stopped visiting one pub, as Sue felt she was being handed around from one guy to another. Having I think 4 guys over 2 months. Of course we both enjoyed it tremendously.

Looking back it was around this point that I think Sue actually realised just how sexy she could be, how she could manipulate a man with her body and actions. We guys think that women are born with this 'skill' of manipulating us guys? Maybe, but in Sue's case particularly it was allied to confidence, in me, letting her loose, in herself, that she had something a guy wanted, in wearing suitable clothes. She has become very adept at wearing seemingly normal innocent clothes but with a few careful adjustments never failed to attract attention. Lastly, confidence in wearing the outwardly revealing, slutty, tarty clothes that left one in no doubt about her intentions.

It did add another angle to Sue's sex life. Namely, that I was around to meet the guy, indeed delivered Sue to the guy. Staying in the pub whilst Sue disappeared for a thorough fucking. God what a turn on! Sue was always very graphic about her screwing. Showing me the evidence if it existed on her or in her body!!! Sue was not slow to notice that I was now acting the 'cuckold'. As she wantonly had other guys. She started wearing provocative clothes around the house, parading her charms in front of me but telling me that her 'favours' were for some more worthy guy. It was particularly 'bad' when she'd got a 'date'. Not letting me touch her, as she wanted to be " really hot and randy". Of course I loved every minute of this abuse!

We'd go shopping so I could buy her knew clothes for her 'date'. Sue loved asking me what I thought. "Do I look a tart dear"? What could I say? If "yes", then she'd say "good", if I said "no", then she'd try on something more outrageous! Don't get me wrong she or we didn't compromise herself in public, only 'out of town' or in private company. This is one thing we try to ensure. We value our reputation. Having said that, as things have moved on, it gets increasingly difficult. In order to satisfy our sexual cravings it sometimes involves taking risks. The greatest of all is Sue being taken 'bare back'. But we both like the feeling, and in my case the taste of her freshly creamed cunt. Seeing the signs dripping down her inner thighs Indescribable. But as I've mentioned before this did not always happen. Although Sue loved saving the spunk filled used condom to bring home as a souvenir. A few times she'd wank her guy into a glass! Saving this evidence was only possible if her conquests knew about me, which was not always the case, on other occasions if they new, they would make an extra special effort just for me.

The details recorded above were in the 'early days' the exact detail is a little 'fuzzy' in the memory. Probably overridden by the massive sexual high of Sue having another guy for the first time.

Well, I hope you've got a taste of possible things to 'cum'? Having set the scene for me to advise you of her further adventures, when Sue meets Tom.

Please, I value any constructive comments, particularly if you've had similar experiences.

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