tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 02

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 02


To better understand this story and why I decided to get me another cock, I would suggest that you read the first chapter. Thanks for all the feed back that you sent on the first chapter.

When would you like for me to fuck you, said Roy.

When you get here with my van would be fine with me, Roy.

I wish I could Sue, but I am so busy here at the shop and there’s no way I can get away. What about meeting me tonight after I close up. Say at 7 pm in the grocery store parking lot under the trees.

Sure Roy, that will be fine. I will see you then.

Two of my workers will be bringing your van home to you, and the bill will be on the dash.

Thanks, Roy.

Sure thing Sue, Bye, see you tonight.

Yes Roy you will..Bye Roy.

I hung up the phone and looked at my watch. It was 11 am, eight hours until I met Roy. I knew I had to find something to keep me busy and make the time fly by. First thing I thought about was to go outside to Bruce’s office door and get the key from above the door. I got the key and unlocked the door and went in.

I made a mental survey and tried not to disturb anything so that Bruce wouldn’t know I had been in his office. In the room was a bed, computer, printer, a nice computer desk and chair. I noticed the TV and saw that it was mounted from the ceiling with a DVD player connected to it. There was a night stand with a lamp, a chest of drawers, a long mirror on the wall. A phone, that I soon found out that was not the same number as the house. A closet where he has some clothes.

I didn’t see anything that had to do with his construction business. On opening the filing cabinet I found a lot of movies with women names glued on each. Reaching for one I saw that the name on it was Nora. I opened it and put it into the DVD. Soon the movie came on and I could see that Bruce’s was fucking Nora. Damm, this is Nora, she’s the wife of Mike, our football coach. As the movie played and I could hear the sounds coming from the TV, I began to look around some more. There had to be a hidden camera in here some where. I soon found it hidden in a western hat that hung on the wall. It was turned off.

Damm, was he taping all of the women he brought here to fuck? Yes it was here, there’s the bed. Did they know they were being taped? I put them all in and played a few minutes of each one. Soon I had a list of all the women Bruce had taped when he fucked them. Why was he taping them? What did he expect to gain from taping them?

Looking at the list I could see that he has fucked nine married women here from our small town. Shit, what was Bruce up to. Of all the other tapes, there were some women I didn’t know. How long has he been doing all of this? Probably since we had moved here fifteen years ago, and he had added his office to the house.

In the computer desk drawer was a ledger that contained email addresses. I quickly saw a woman’s name beside each of the email addresses. He had even wrote down two of his email
addresses and had even written down his passwords to each one of them. I guess he had these addresses for back up. I would come another day and get this ledger and go to my computer and find out more about Bruce’s activities on line.

Before I left his office, if that what he wants to call it, I made sure everything was just as I found it. I went over to the bed and pulled the covering back. The wet stain was still visible on the sheets were Bruce and Ruth had fucked a few hours before. I straightened the covers back and left the room.

I went into the house and sat down with the telephone book of our town. At the kitchen table, I wrote on a piece of paper the names of all the married women that I knew Bruce had fucked in the movies. These were women I have called to talk with before. Most I considered my friends. We have shared and talked over the years and I had got to know each of them. One of our neighbors was one of the women he has fucked.

In a small town such as ours, everybody knows everyone. Some I looked up because I didn’t know their numbers but I knew their name. I was in disbelief, how could they fuck my husband? How long has this been going on and how many times has Bruce been fucking them? Was he fucking all of them in his office? Surely not, he probably has fucked on his out of town trips to construction sites. I wonder how many women Bruce has really fucked? Most of them seem to be married women.

Then I thought about the times that I had been asked to fuck. I know a farmer that lives a few miles from us who has been wanting me for quite a while. His name is James, he’s 44 and married. I know he wants me! He gives me a hug every time I run into him somewhere. I remembered last week running into him at the grocery store. We were on the same aisle and when he saw me, he came over and hugged me. Just like every other time, he would say “I sure would like to fuck you”.

I have picked up the phone a few times when I was off a day from work and called him. Before the phone actually rang or if it rang one time, I would hang up. I also know that his wife works days at a day care, and that he would be around the house or on the farm somewhere. I had heard that he has a very long cock and that several married wives have been fucked by him. I would gladly be another wife that he could add to his list.

Then there was Brett, the male nurse that works on the same floor at the hospital that I work at. He is 35, I think he told me one day. We work in differ departments. I see him every day at work, we have the usual small talk. I already have seen him in action.
I saw him fuck one of my nurse’s aide's in a room that we use for extra storage.

They didn’t know that I was already in the room when they came in and he had locked the door behind him. They were in there for a quickie. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them. I watched as she removed her scrubs and laid on a exam table that we had in there. He dropped his scrub pants and his boxers. They had kissed and he had sucked her tits, then I heard her tell Brett to fuck her that she was on break and didn’t have much time. From where I was at,I could see his cock and it was at least ten inches long and thick.

She had fucked him before, I had seen them coming out of the room one day. I heard her tell him “ baby fuck me with your long cock, I need it in me”!!!! He then put his very hard cock at the opening of her slit and then he shoved it all the way in. She had let out a moan and he then began to fuck her. He was really putting it to her. He had put her legs on his shoulders, he was standing on the floor, and from where I was at, I could see his cock going in and out of her pussy. She was enjoying it and was fucking him back, and moaning with pleasure. He was driving his cock deep into her pussy, and she was enjoying having all of it in her.

She soon had her orgasm and I could tell it was a strong one. Soon I could see that he was getting close, then I heard her say “ cum in me baby, I need to feel you cumming in me, oh, baby that cock sure feels good in meeeeeeeeee!!!!! He stopped and I could tell that he was cumming in her. He withdrew his cock and thanked her for a good fuck. She wasn’t finished yet, she got off of the table and put his cock in her mouth.. She took most of his cock in her mouth and cleaned his cum and her juices off of it. I could see her wedding band on her hand as she held and sucked his cock. He had a wedding band on to..

I had looked at my watch when they came in and again when they left. He had fucked her for twelve minutes. Watching this had made me very hot and horny. Without even knowing when, I had my finger in my own pussy and I was having a good orgasm as they were leaving the room.

I know now that I have got to have Brett’s cock in me. He had asked me a couple of times, and has told me how he would like to take me to the storage room and fuck me. Then I remembered that Brett and I had the only keys to this storage room. Their were two keys and we each had one. That’s why he wasn’t worried about someone coming in and catching him and the aide fucking. Tomorrow when I go back to work, I was going to make sure I saw him and give him the chance to ask me again.

Then there was Dan, he worked in ER He was 46 years old and married. I have to go down to ER a few times during my shift. We had met right after he had started there. We have had some good talks and we even had run into each other on the way to the cafeteria. We had sat at the same table a few times, no, a lot of times.

I knew a lot about him and like wise for him. One day down there it had turned to sex talk. He asked me to meet him after our shift and we would get a hotel room and that he sure would like to fuck me. I had said no, that I didn’t do that. That didn’t keep him asking me a few times more. He told me one of these days you are going to change your mind. I told him if I did, that I would look him up or give him a call.

Then there is Brad, married and 42 years old. He works in the pharmacy at the hospital. I knew he wanted to fuck me to. Like the others he sure had asked enough times.

There were some more men that I knew wanted to fuck me, but I could add them to my list later. This was enough for right now. Five new cocks would do me for a while.

I remembered having a black address book in my drawer in the bedroom. I got it, and wrote Roy’s name of the first page, with telephone number. Then on a page for each one I added James, Brett, Dan, and Brad’s name to my address book. I would add other numbers, email addresses, as I got them. Then I thought I might add an X on their page every time we fucked.

I would also would need some condoms, but not tonight with Roy. I had already decided that I was going to fuck without one tonight. Seeing those wet sheets this morning after Bruce had fucked Ruth made me want to come back home with a cream pie. I would go by wal-mart after work tomorrow and pick those up. Shit, its almost three pm, the kids will be coming from school soon. So I put the address book in my purse.

Then I went and got my small soft bag I had. In it I put some panties, something to clean up with, my revealing top that showed a lot of my boobs that I had never worn away from the house. I would pack the bag later with some more stuff. I went to the van and put it under the middle seat.

Soon the kids came in and they got busy with home work and talking on the phone. I went and started preparing supper ( in the South this is our evening meal). Bruce would be home around 5:30 to 6:00pm and he would want his supper.

Bruce came in close to 6 o’clock. He walked in and we kissed.

How was your day he ask?

It was alright , just a long day, and I had a lot of paper work that I had to get done, I said.

Mine was a good day too, I took care of a few things today that I needed to get done. I went to another job site and got that project going. Then it was back and forth between jobs making sure everything was going alright.

Honey, I have a meeting that starts at 7 pm that I have got to go to tonight. I really need to be there for this meeting. I’ll leave about 6:30 and I should be back before 9 or 10.

That’s ok, will supper be ready soon?

Yes, its almost ready.

After we had our meal, I went and took a shower and to get dressed for my meeting with Roy. I had already decided that tonight I would wear some slacks and no panties, a blouse with bra. Then some shoes.

A few facts about me: I am 5'-5 inches tall. I am a brunette and I keep my hair about shoulder length. My tits are 38D, waist 26, and my hips are 40. I haven’t had to worry about getting pregnant for fifteen years. Female problems took care of that. I guess you could say that I am in my prime, Bruce and I make love 2 or 3 times a week. We have did it every other night a lot of times. But even doing it 2 or 3 times a week, I found that I wanted more cock than just his.

Well it was time to go. I was a little nervous, but I had a couple of mix drinks during the afternoon to calm me some. Honey, I am leaving, I said.

Ok, I heard him say from another room in the house. It sounded like he was in his office. Doing what I wondered.

We live out in the country on a paved county road. It’s about 6 miles to town. When I got to the first stop sign, I pulled off of the road and stopped.. I reached and got my small bag from under the seat. I removed the blouse and bra that I had on. I put on the revealing top. It looked hot!! with no bra on.

Bruce liked for me to wear tops that showed a lot of my breast. He even had told me that he wanted other men to see me wearing them. I had some that showed some breast, but not much. I think I will buy me some tops that reveal a lot like the one I have on the next time I shop. If I put them on for Bruce when we go out, and start wearing them around the house, he would get used to me wearing them. And when I had to go to a meeting to get another cock he wouldn’t think much about it.

I parked where Roy wanted me to park. No one was in sight and it was dark under the trees. This was a good place to meet. Where will we go and do it, I thought to my self, surely not here. My nipples were already getting hard as I thought about what was soon to take place. Excited, yes I was getting excited as I moved around in the van. My pussy was rubbing against the slacks that I had on. I was wet from thinking that in a few minutes Roy would be here and that I was finally going to get another man’s cock

Then I saw Roy’s truck coming up to my van. He stopped rolled down his window and said, Sue get your things and come get in with me. I did and got into the truck with Roy.

How are you doing, been waiting long? he asked.
About five minutes, I said.
He said, I know a place that is very private that we can go to and no one will drive up on us.
So how was your day? Mine was very long, and it seemed that ever body picked today to buy tires and have their oil changed.
Mine day drug on to, I did get some things did that I needed to do today. I could see that he had showered and shave and had on some clean jeans, shirt and some after shave.

We were going out of town. I checked his truck out and saw that it was a four door truck. Each of the seats were straight, not having a console in the front seat. I wondered if I would be getting fucked on the front seat tonight. Bruce and I had fucked a few times in the cars that we had owned, but we had never fucked in the van. Not enough room Bruce had said.
Bruce had a truck with a straight seat, but we had never fucked in it either. Hadn’t took the time.

We soon were coming up to a stop sign. We had talked some more along the way. He had his left turn signal on. I knew were we were. There were a few houses and a lot of farm land and woods. He stopped at the stop sign. I was sitting almost in the middle of the seat. He reached and put his hand into my blouse and at the same time starting kissing me. I kissed him back. We french kissed and I let him fondle and massage my breasts. It felt good having his hands on my breasts. I was getting wet again and very hot. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had his cock in me. .

Then he turned left and then right on to a dirt road. He turned right again and we came to a gate that was across the road. Roy got out unlocked the lock and pulled the gate open. After he drove thru, he stopped and locked the gate. He drove on and stopped in a clearing.

After he turned the truck off, he said let me scoot this seat back some more so we can have a little more room. Then he turned to me and we begin to kiss again. He had his hands on my tits and the he begin to take my top off. Nice top he said...then the top was off, I was glad that I had removed the bra.

Wow, he said you have some nice tits and he took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck it. He went from one nipple to the next giving each one a good sucking and using his hands to massage my tits. I was hot and wet. I reached over and felt of his cock through his jeans. It was rock hard, long and thick. I unzipped his zipper and removed his cock.

Here he said lets get out of these clothes. He took off his shoes, jeans and boxers, and shirt. I was soon out of my slacks, the shoes had been taken off on the ride here. He reached for me and took me down to the seat where I was lying on my back. I could feel the seat covering on my ass. He lay on top of me and started kissing me again, over to my ears, kissing them and nibbling on them. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my slit.

I reached down and got one hand on his massive cock and it felt good in my hands. Then he went down to my tits again and sucked each nipple and massaged each breast. I was on fire, I needed his cock in me right now!!! He moved on down and I lost the grip on his cock He took my legs and put one on the dash of the truck and took the other and put on the back of the front seat. My pussy was open to him. He went down and started to lick and eat my hot wet pussy.

Aaaagghhhhhhhh his tongue was going inside. Wow!!! was all I could say. I knew I was moaning. This felt good!!!! I screamed as I had a strong orgasm. I came and came, but Roy continue to suck up my juices and eat my pussy. His tongue felt good. I knew as hot and horny as I was that it wouldn’t take me long to cum. It didn’t.

He finished and said Sue, your pussy and juices sure does taste good.

As soon as we were sitting back up on the seat, he reached over and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my juices on his mouth. We kissed for a long time and I even french kissed him.

I got situated in the truck were I could get to his cock and put it into my mouth. I began to pump his cock as I tasted his pre-cum. I sucked on the head a little and flick the opening with my tongue. I slid more cock into my mouth as I begin to feel it grow. His cock was getting very long and very thick. I knew his cock was longer and thicker than the cock I was used to getting at home. It took all I could do to get my mouth over it, and I was only about half way down on the shaft. But I did what I could, and he held my head and even had a finger in my pussy as I sucked him. After a while he said that sure feels good, but I want to cum inside of your pussy. I stopped and raised up. He surprised me as he kissed me again. I kissed back.

Roy, I said. Please fuck me now!!!!! I need to feel your cock inside of me.
Can I cum inside of you?
Yes, Roy, I want to feel your cum in me.

With that said, I laid back down on the seat, and this time I took one leg and put it on the dash, the other leg I put on the back of the front seat. I was ready for his cock.

Take it a little slow, I haven’t had a big cock like yours in me. I said.
I sure will, but tell me when you want all of it.
I will.

He positioned himself where he could get his cock in my slit. I felt it as he put a few inches into me so that I could get use to the size. I knew I could take the length, but his cock was real thick I let out a moan with every stroke when he would put a little more cock into me.

Sue, I have about half of it in you, how does it feel?
Aaarrrrrgggggggg good good!!!!!! I said, don’t talk just fuck me.....

No more was said until.....I said ..Let me have it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was going out and I braced my self for what I knew was coming. He shoved his whole cock into me and held it there. When he did that, I put my legs on his shoulders and I was bent at the waist. He held his cock into me a few seconds, it hurt, but soon it was pure pleasure.

Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I said, as he began to fuck me, like I have been wanting to for way to long. He fucked me good, and I had taken all of his cock and it was feeling good to me. Each time that he withdrew he would shove his cock back all the way in. I had my eyes close and enjoying the fucking I was getting.

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