tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 03

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 03


This is my third story, I have found that there are more questions and few answers as I wonder what is going on in my home town.. Why are so many married women being asked to fuck. What are our husbands up to? Read this chapter and you will find that things did in secret are sometimes being watched by others. Thanks for the feed back.


Last night had been a new experience for me. I had never done anything like that before. Thought about it, and thought about doing it. Then last night I did it!!!. I met Roy and he had taken me out in the country into some woods and fucked me in the front seat of his pickup truck.

Today was a new day, I got up right after Bruce shook me awake and told me its time to rise and shine. I noticed that I was sore from the work out my pussy had last night. But not as sore as I thought I would be.

Bruce had the coffee ready when I got to the kitchen. As I was fixing me a cup, Bruce came up behind me like he does sometimes and put his hands down my scrub top and onto my breasts. He lifted the bra and fondled my nipples. He said, I sure do like your boobs but I better quit I will get you horny and you want be able to do anything about it. I said that's alright, it feels good. Then he said what you need is a good fucking by a stud. I said, you might get your wish.

He then said lets make love tonight. I said sure, I need your cock in me. Its been three nights since we made love. With that we kissed and he was off to work.

He was right about me needing a cock, I could have used his then. He had made me horny and if we had the time we would have made love. I have gone to work with his cum in me.But tomorrow was my scheduled day off from work. There would be plenty of time to get a cock tomorrow either from him or from anyone..

When I arrived at work I went to my work station and got an update from the night shift. I found out that we had a low census again today. I would have to let one of the aides go home since we would have enough people to cover the floor.

Brett came by as I was in the break room getting some coffee. I was still a little horny from this morning and him being there made it more so. He has asked me to fuck two times in the last week. I was thinking he must not be getting any at home. Another person came into the break room and he said I see you later on today. I said sure thing. And he left.

As I made my rounds, I kind of thought that Brett was going to ask me again sometimes this morning. I went to the station and paged for one of the nurse's aides to come to my office. Her name is Gail, she is the aide that I had seen Brett fuck in the storage room. I had to talk to her about that and for her to take the day off.

If Brett did ask, I wanted to make sure he hadn't spent his cum in Gail's pussy, because my answer was going to be yes this time. I couldn't get the image of his cock out of my mind since I saw it. I knew that I wanted his cock.

Come in Gail, sit down I need to talk with you some. This is going to be business and chit chat. I don't really know how to say this, so I will just say it.

Gail, I was in the storage room the other day when you and Brett came in there. From where I was at, I sawed Brett fuck you on the exam table.

Oh no!! I told him we should wait until after our shift. He said that you had gone to ER and that you would be gone for awhile. Are you going to let me go?

I thought this over, you aren't entirely the blame, but that doesn't excuse what happened. We are the only three that know what happened in there. If it had been somewhere else and you were seen you would have been fired. Brett and I have the only keys to that door. You need to meet him after your shift.

No Sue, that kind of behavior will never happen while I'm at work again. Because I need this job.

Ok, I believe you. I would like to say while you are here that you are doing a good job. There haven't been any complaints file against you and I like your attitude about your work.

Thanks Sue, I want do that stuff here again.

Ok, now lets just talk, as if we were on the streets in town.

Yes, sure, we don't talk much away from here.

How is Jeff and the kids?

Oh they are fine, growing like weeds, and Jeff really likes working with your husband. He talks about the fun they have working at different job sites and building houses.

Gail you want have to worry about me telling Jeff or anybody else about Brett fucking you.

I'm not worried about that Sue, Jeff already knows that Brett has fucked me.

You mean you told him, I asked not believing what I had just heard.

Yes, he knows already, we don't have any secrets.

Yes, but I thought that would be a secret.

Sue we have an open marriage, Jeff already knows who has fucked me, and I know who he has fucked. And we know how many times each of us has done it.

She begin to tell me more and I listened.

You see Sue, at the time we had been married almost twelve years, and we just got to talking about the way our lives had become. Its been work, work and staying at home. No time ever spent doing what we wanted to do. We never had the money to go out and do anything. It was all work and no play. Worked all week, then worked at home, weekends were spent working around the house.

We had no time for any fun. We both had our fantasy of fucking somebody else. We just agreed that if we got the chance to fuck that we would. Well we did get the chance, we acted on it, and now we both are having fun. We are both happy with this arrangement.

Wow that's some arrangement, I said.

Sue, I know a pretty woman like you has been asked to fuck.

Yes, I have been asked to fuck, in fact several times. I have always told them that I don't do that.

Maybe that's what you need, is to say yes and do it. What are you 42 years old now? You should while your hormones will let you. You might like another man's cock.

I don't know about that yet, but yes I am 42, I said.

But when you got asked I bet you got a little excited and maybe even wet?

Yes, I did, but I quickly thought about something else.

Has Bruce ever mention anything about the group that Jeff and him belong to?

What kind of group?

Well, just let me tell you what I know. A group of men from town and outside of town have got together and they have formed something like a hunting club. They have a name for it, it's the Red Barn..

On one of the member's land they have built a large type barn, painted it red, with a concrete floor. It has one large room with a kitchen, tables and chairs for them to sit and eat. They have large grilles for cooking game, fish, and barbeque. Off to the side of this room are seven or eight small bedrooms.These are for when they spend the night out there. Jeff says they have cots and beds in them and bedroom furniture..

It looks like a barn from the outside, but inside it is furnished like a house. They have a large fireplace, cable television, computer, and several sofas and recliners. Now upstairs is one large room that has one king size bed in it. That's all that's in that bedroom, yes also there's a full bathroom.

Do you know what that room is used for?

Not yet but I want to find out. There's something else, the men try to get together ever other thursday night. The men don't bring their wives either. I heard that a wife of one of the members will be invited by special invitation but only when she has done what the men want her to do. I don't know what that is either. Jeff says a woman hasn't been invited to attend yet.

Could this involved us in any way?

I think that it does. Married women are getting asked to fuck a lot more in and around town than they were. I have been asked twice this week. Most of the wives are getting asked to fuck by other men. . Exactly where is this red barn? I asked.

Jeff and I went out there last night. We were bored so we jumped into his truck and rode out there. Its outside of town about five miles. You make a few right and left turns but you wind up on a dirt farm road with a locked gate across it. Every member has a key to the gate, but not to the barn. Only a few has those keys. Anyway we went up to the barn and got out. I couldn't see anything since it was dark.

While we were there we started making out and then we made love on the front seat of Jeff's truck. After the sex we just sat there, talked, and listened to the sounds of the night. Jeff said it was a good place to bring a woman to fuck. It is a nice place and they keep it clean.

Then we heard a truck coming up toward the barn. It didn't come all the way up, they stopped under the large oak tree in a clearing besides of the road.

I knew I was there last night with Roy, I wondered what they saw, or did this happen before or after we left, but I wasn't about to ask her what time they were there.

She continued with her story. We were a short distance from them and Jeff told me not to slam any doors, turn on any lights, but to talk in a whisper. We sat there and after a while we could hear the woman moaning and almost scream.

I told Jeff who ever that man is, he sure is putting a fucking on that woman. By the sounds you knew she was having a good orgasm. Jeff said its got to be one of our members down there. He rolled down his window and got out that way, he said that he would be back after he found out who they were.

He was gone for some time. Then there were no more sounds I could tell they were outside talking. Then I saw the lights of the truck come on and then they were driving out.

Jeff came back and told me, that was Roy that owns the tire center in town. I asked did you get a good look at the woman? He said I sure did and you want believe who Roy has just fucked here tonight. I asked him and he told me.

Sue, that was you out there with Roy last night getting fucked. And you just said, that you always said that you didn't do that. This must have been your first time?

I didn't know what to say. Jeff had come up close to where we were and seen me when I got outside of the truck. They both had heard the sounds I made as Roy had fucked me.

Yes, Gail that was me and yes that was my first time with another man.

From the sounds you were making you enjoyed it.

Yes, I did enjoy it. It felt good.

You found out that Bruce is cheating on you, so you decided to get some cock. Is that about how it is?

No, I don't know if Bruce is cheating or not, I lied.

I knew that he was but I didn't want her to know it. Jeff also knew that Bruce has fucked his wife, Gail. She had just said that they had no secrets. They both know that Roy has fucked me.

Gail has Bruce every asked you? I asked.

No he hasn't.

I knew she had lied. She has her name on one of the tapes in Bruce's office and I did see her in one of them. I didn't ask her about it.

I want tell anybody about it, but I don't know about Jeff. He may have already told Bruce by now. We didn't discuss anything last night about not telling anyone.

Ok I said thanks for sharing with me Gail. Take the day off. Bye

Would Jeff tell Bruce? Sure he would, Gail had already told him that his boss has already fucked her. He would want his boss to know that he had seen his wife fuck another man.

What was The Red Barn all about? Why was Roy a member? Question and more questions. I couldn't dwell on it now, I had to get back to work.

Tomorrow I was off and I was going to get the ledger in Bruce's office. Online and in his emails might contain the answers I needed. I knew I would find something tomorrow.

Everything was going fine and no emergencies, so I decided to go and visit some of the other floors and get a bite to eat. On the way to the vending machines I ran into Brett.

Going to get a snack, Sue?

Yes, I am.

Ok, I will go with you.

We had our usual talk about things with work. Then we were there. I got some change from the changer and got a coke. I dropped some change and as I bent down to retrieve it, Brett moved behind me and put his hands on my waist and was grinding his cock against my butt, and he said I sure would like to bend you over and put my cock in you.

You know what Brett,I want you to fuck me.

Really? He said.

Yes, I want your cock right now.

Lets go to the storage room, he said

Lets go, I said, and we have the only keys and no one can enter the room. Lets go fuck now!!!

I wanted Brett cock in me, and I had already decided that if he asked today, I would fuck. Since Gail told me that Jeff had probably already told Bruce that made me horny. If Bruce asked me tonight if I have been fucked I would tell him. I also would tell him that I know he has cheated.

Brett unlocked the door and we went in. He made sure that the door was locked again. I went in and started to get undress and he did to. We stood nude in the room. Our lips met and we had a very long kiss. His hands found my breasts and his mouth my nipples. He massaged and sucked both nipples. I was hot and wet. I knew if any man every sucked my nipples, he would have my pussy. He was gentle with his tongue and mouth on my nipples but at times rough with his hands on my breasts. He was in no hurry and neither was I. My hands found his erect cock as I moaned with pleasure from his mouth.

His cock was long and it felt good in my hand. I wanted his cock buried to the hilt in me. I stroked his cock until it was erect.

I released his cock and reached back on the table and handed him the condom I had brought with me. It was an ex-large one, it would fit good on his cock.

What's this? he said. I don't like to use them much. Use it or you don't fuck me. Ok he said and he put it on. I laid down on the exam table. Fuck me Brett!!!! I need your cock in me now!! He came to me and picked up my legs and put them on his shoulders. Standing on the floor he moved toward me and had his cock at my slit. I reached down and took his cock and guided it into me.

Oh!!!!!!! that feels so gooooooood!!!!!!!!. he would put more cock in me with every stroke and it felt good. Soon he had it all in. When he had it all buried in my pussy, he held it there. Fuck me baby, my pussy is hungry for your cock, I said. He put it to me like I wanted it. Every time that he went in I would let out a moan.

Gosh his cock felt good in me!!!!!!! I was working up to a orgasm and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had one. He was hitting the right spot. I knew I was moaning and almost screaming as he continued the onslaught on my hot, wet pussy. I then had a strong orgasm. I grabbed Brett and moaned as I had my orgasm.

He was pounding me now, I was very lubricated and I began to fuck him back. He fucked me harder each time that he went back in. Everything was blocked from my mind as he fucked me. I was feeling every stroke. He sure had the ability to go a long time before cumming. I was in no hurry for him to cum. Like last night this was a good fuck.

He pulled me to him and shifted his weight and buried his cock deep in me. He continued to put his man meat in me. I was moaning out loud and hearing this he got faster and faster and it was helping me to reach another orgasm. I had my last as he was cumming in the condom. Then he held his cock in me to finish draining his cum from his cock. Then he withdrew his cock from me.

Thanks Sue, he said.

You are welcome Brett. I sure needed your cock this morning.

We cleaned up and got dressed. He took the condom, wrapped it in some paper towels to get rid of somewhere else. It sure was full of cum.

He then said, next time I don't want to use a condom and we will fuck on a bed.

We will see, and I do want you again.

With that we left, Brett went first and then came back and told me the coast was clear. We left going in differ directions.

It had been another good fuck. Was I hooked on having to have another man's cock? In fourteen hours I had already fucked two men. Then Bruce wanted us to make love tonight.

More questions, Was Brett a member of the group Gail was talking about? Roy surely was, he had a key to the gate. Had I just had my name added to their score card of married women they have fucked.

What was this about more married women getting asked to fuck from our town. This would explain the tapes Bruce had recorded when he fucked the wives in his office. He had the proof that he had fucked them. Why was they keeping score?

My shift soon ended and I was on my way back home. Driving by the post office I turned in to check the mail. There was James talking to another woman. He probably asking her to fuck I said aloud in the van.

I went in and got my mail. James was waiting for me when I came out.

Hello Sue, he said.

Hi James, with all this nice weather shouldn't you be in the fields working.

Well Sue, I have hired help that takes care of that. From those clouds it will be raining tomorrow. He added.

Yes, I sure am glad I am off tomorrow. Then I realized I shouldn't have said that. I knew James was going to ask me to fuck again. He has asked every time we have met.

Then James said, sure looks like no work for me if it does. I will just be at home alone. The weather doesn't effect Pam, she works at the day care from seven until five each day.

So you want to fuck me, right? I asked.

To be continued...

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