tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 04

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 04


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I had caught James off guard, he never thought that I would ask him that question. I had even surprised myself. I had said, What? You want to fuck me?

He recovered very quickly and said you know that I do. So you ready to give me some of your pussy?

I need to talk to you about something first, and then if you answer my questions, then I just might think about letting you fuck me.

Wow, Sue, What do you need to know?

I will call you sometime this week.

How long are you going to let me wait?

It will be either Friday or Saturday night, I said.

I thought if anyone would know what's going on around this town, James would be the one to know. He got around and knew things other people didn't know. He cooked and grilled for a lot of school functions, rescue units, and such. He was around a lot of different people. Sure, if he told me what I wanted to know, I would let him fuck me.


Bruce and I had made love last night. He never mentioned whether he knew that I had been fucked or not. I was sure that Jeff was going to tell him.

Coach Mike called this morning and I agreed to meet him at 9:00 am at the locker room at the football field. I had gone there several times before and had conferences with him and some of the other moms and assistant coaches. I knew my way around in there.

This past season I had been a team mom that helped with fund raisers and went with the team on their away games and had even sewed some of their uniforms and did repairs. I was also one of their team boosters.

I wondered what he wanted to see me about. It has been over eight months since the football team had played their last games.

After I showered, I got a razor and shaved my pussy. I always kept it shaved, and I decided that today I would wear something comfortable. I chose not to wear any panties with my denim shorts. Then I left off my bra and put on the same blouse I had worn when I met Roy. I slipped on some tennis shoes. I put a condom in the front pocket of my white shorts.

I checked my fuck bag to see if I had what I needed. The bag contained my panties, bra, blouse, condoms, jeans, towels, and makeup. I remembered that I had to put an X beside of Roy and Bruce's name in my address book. That did I drove to town.

I arrived at the football field and there were already ten vehicles there. What kind of meeting was this going to be. I had already told him I wouldn't be a team mom this year.

I rang the bell at the door. Coach Mike opened the door and invited me in.

Come in Sue, I'm glad that you could come.

How everything, Coach Mike?

Please, just call me Mike. Let's go into my office we can talk there.

He let me into his office and closed the door.

Been awhile since I saw you last. Sue you look sexy this morning. I haven't ever seen you dressed like that. You have always worn jeans and sweat shirts. What's the deal now?

I am a new woman Mike. You like this outfit?

Yes I do.

I know you didn't ask me here this morning to drool over my breasts.

Ok. I don't guess you remember the promise you made to my assistant coaches and me at the start of the season last year.

I don't think I do Mike.

You remember when we all where on the field one afternoon and I made a comment that I sure would like to have some of your pussy..

Mike I do remember that we were playing around and I was teasing with the other coaches. I did say that I would give all of you some pussy if the team won the state title.

You did say it and you promised that you would even added the quarterback, wide receiver, and the two running backs.

I sure did, but when I said it I knew the team couldn't go undefeated and win the state title.

Well we did go undefeated and we did win the title.

I know Mike, but its been seven months.

Sue, the other coaches are here as well as the four players. With me that makes ten men that want to fuck you right here right now.

Fuck me? I didn't come here to let ten men fuck me.

You came to fuck, look how you are dressed. Your tits are ready to fall out of that blouse and your shorts are so tight and short.

He was sitting down and he stood up. When he came near me I also stood up. He reached into my blouse and felt of my boobs. That's when I slapped him across the face.

He felt of his face, then he walked up to me and put his hand down the front pocket of my shorts. The condom was in his hand..

What's this far Sue? You wouldn't have this if you wasn't planning on fucking this morning, or you wouldn't be here dressed like this.

Sue, you came here to fuck and you will be fucked before you leave.

Why do you have this condom?

Yes, I did come here with the intention of letting you fuck me. That's what the condom is for.

How would you even know that I would fuck you?

You have been wanting to fuck me for a long time.

New woman you said, you sure have a filthy mouth to go along with your outfit.

Fuck You!! You bastard!!

Then I felt his right hand slap my face. It hurt like hell, but I knew I deserved it.

We kind of have a problem don't we Mike. You said that there are ten men here that want to fuck me. I don't have but one condom.

You bitch. I tell my team to practice safe sex when they fuck their girl friends. So if I tell them don't you think that we all will wear condoms. Look here's a pack of twelve condoms that I have in this drawer.

I looked down at them. Ten men wanted to fuck me this morning. I was getting wet thinking about it.

So what's it going to be, he asked.

I did come here to fuck

Let's get started, he said.

I am ready when ya are.

Something I need to know before we do. Do you have a virgin ass?

Yes, I have never been fucked in the ass..

One of these men is going to fuck your ass. We have already chosen who it will be. Its one of the younger men. He has a long slender cock. You shouldn't have any problem with it.

Mike, I changed my mind I want you to cum in me.

I can't, remember they have to see me practicing safe sex.

We went out and into the weight room, a bed was already set up. It was for me to lay on. With that he kissed me and I kissed him back.

He took my blouse off and my shorts. I was naked and I wanted his cock.

I am the one that's going to have the foreplay with you. The other will all come in here and just fuck you.

I felt of his hard cock right after he had removed his clothes. I bent down and put his cock in my mouth. He pulled away from me and his cock came out of my mouth.

Slut you still don't get it do you. You suck me with a condom on and I fuck you with a condom on.

Mike, I am not a slut, I have only had two men to fuck me besides Bruce. One of them put cum in me and the other one used a condom. I am clean.

You may be, but I have to practice what I tell my assistants and players.

I opened the condom package and put it on Mike's cock. I put his cock into my mouth. It felt different but I sucked his cock.

I was already wet and I just looked at him and told him to fuck me.

He shoved his cock all the way in on his first entry. My legs went on his shoulders and he squatted between my legs and he fucked me. It felt good in me and I begin to fuck him back. I was wanting his cock. He had been in the weight room and he had endurance. He sure was hitting the right spot as I had my first orgasm.

It was like he was trying to drive his cock into my stomach. With every forward motion he drove his cock deep in me. He didn't care that his cock might be hurting me.

I knew the other men probably could hear me moaning and screaming as he continued the onslaught on my pussy, as I had another strong orgasm.

I was urging him on as I kept telling him to fuck me!! Oh baby your cock sure feels good!! Come on cum for me, fill that condom up. He was getting close and it wouldn't be long.

Aagghhhhh I'm cumming he said. He stopped and held his cock in me as he came. Then he began to fuck me some more. Then he stopped and removed his cock from me.

We lay there a few minutes. He removed the condom and put it in a trash can.

Sue, I am going to get the other nine men. I want you to fuck them good. They will all be in here at the same time. After they have finished you know where the showers are.

Yes, Mike. Will you be here? I would like for us to talk some.

Yes, I will be here. We can talk.

He left and the other nine men came into the room. They were all naked and their cock looked good to me. Some cock were short and thick, some long and thick, some long and slender. I knew that I would be getting all of them and I wouldn't have a virgin ass when I left.

They apparently had drew numbers. Talking to themselves and to me. This was a loud bunch that knew there was some pussy to be had and they was coming after it.

The first one came over and put his cock between my tits and started titty fucking me. It got hard and with one push it was all the way in me. Then he fucked me.

It would be to lengthy to tell all the details. All of the men had their turn with me and I did have an orgasm with each one.

When it came time for the ass fuck. I felt hands with a cold cream jelly being applied around and in my ass. I looked and saw him put some jelly on his cock.

He told me to get up and get on all fours. He put some pillow like things under me to jack my ass up. I was told to stretch out and lie down. After he had positioned himself, he put his cock in my opening and push a little in.

It hurt like hell and I grabbed the sheets and put my mouth on the bed. I had my hands in a ball. He inserted more cock. I begged him to take it out. Relax your ass and it will get better for you.

I did and soon the pain turned to pleasure as he began to fuck my virgin ass. He pounded my ass and I soon felt that he was getting close. He wasn't wearing a condom and I felt him fill my bowels with his cum. I did get some cum even though none had gone in my pussy, but I still had one cock to go.

I turned over and took the last cock in my pussy. The cock stretched me and he didn't give me time to get used to the size. He had the other cheering him own and telling him to fuck the slut. Them calling me a slut was making me wet and I had another orgasm.

He began to talk to me. Slut you haven't ever had any black cock in you either. This has been a lot of first for you today.

Fuck me!! You black stud is all I could say... Give me your cock!! Pound my pussy!! Oh you are stretching meeeeeeee!! It feels good!!

Here take this cock, bitch!! Beg me to cum slut!!

Cum stud!! I can't take much over of you fucking me!!

He changed position, he squatted down between my legs and put my legs on his shoulders.

I could feel every inch of his cock in this position. He was all the way to the hilt. It was like he had got his second wind. He held the same pace as he fucked me.

I heard the others say I think the slut like this gang fuck she got today. Fuck her Bob!! Make the slut like it!! She's have a sore pussy and ass when she leaves here I heard one of them say.

You like this cock, slut? Bob asked.

Fuck me you bastard!!

He continued with his fucking never saying anything until he tensed and said, I sure wish I could empty my nuts in you.

Why don't you. I told him. All the others have left. I would like your cum in me!! With that he pulled out and removed the condom.

Back into my pussy his black cock went. He fucked me another five minutes and then I felt him release his cum in me. I wanted cum in me and I got it.

Don't tell coach I cummed in you, slut.

I want I said.

With that he turned and said you sure are a good fuck. Maybe we can fuck again.

I said you can count on it.

I went to the showers and then to Mike's office.

How do you feel Sue? He asked.

Like I have been gang-fucked!!, how do you think I feel?

Something I need to tell you, I know that Bruce has already fucked Nora. Now I have fucked you, kind of makes it even.

Yes, I know about it, and I know that he has fucked Nora and a lot more married women.

Mike? You guys had everything planned out for me to fuck this morning. How did ya know if I would fuck or not.

I found out yesterday that you had already been fucked by another man. This person told me that you would fuck and that you would probably come dressed to fuck.

You came dressed to fuck. You got fucked.

Yes, I am not the only married woman you have fucked either, is it?

No, there have been others.

What changed you Sue? You are such a slut now, you have even been gang-fucked.

Yes, I guess I am a slut. I crave another man's cock all the time. I just wish now that I had started fucking a lot earlier than I did.

How long have you been fucking other men?

I got my first cock this past Tuesday night. One yesterday and now ten today. I guess that makes me a slut. No it doesn't. I am a Hot Wife!!

I am sorry it happened like this, but you did make a promise.

I know I did, and I kept the promise, ya got your pussy. I got the cock that I wanted.

I can't promise you whether or not word will get about what happened here. Some already know that you have already put out.

I know tongues do wag in this town, I stated.

Mike? Do you know anything about the Red Barn?

Yes, I am a member of that group. We are seeing how many married women we can fuck.

Why are ya trying to fuck all the married women?

I have said to much already. I can't say anything else about it. You fell into my trap and you took the bait. You came looking for cock, and you got ten cocks. You looked like you enjoyed it.

I said.... I would like your cock again.

Sue, You have a lot more men that want your pussy. I will be busy and you will be fucked by more men.

Tonight I have a meeting to go to at the Red Barn.

One more thing, none of these men belong to our group, he said.

But, ya are fucking their wives?

Yes, some of their wives have been fucked.

Will Bruce be at the meeting?

Yes, he will be there.

I have to go home, I said. I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

As I was leaving, Mike said, Do you want to make another promise about this season and our hopes?

Yes, I do. Win six games and I will fuck all of your assistant coaches and you again.

Is it a promise? he asked.

I promise...

To be continued...

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