tagLoving WivesSue's Time to Play Ch. 05

Sue's Time to Play Ch. 05


Today was the start of two scheduled days off from work. I sure did need them after working four straight days. Gail, my home town friend and coworker, was also off, and she was coming over so we can catch up on some of the things happening around town. She had mentioned that since we both are off that we should meet and catch up on the gossip, or do something that we both like to do.

Gail arrived at eight and we sat down at the breakfast booth. Over coffee we began our conversation.

Well Sue, how is your new lifestyle going? Gail asked.

I am the same woman, just doing some things that I should have done a long time ago.

How's that Sue?

Well I never thought that I would ever be talking with another woman about my sex life. I should have already put out way before now. Wanting another cock besides Bruce's for a long time, but never doing anything about it.

You want more men and more cock? she asked.

Yes, I had no idea that there are so many men that want to take me to bed.

What wrong with getting a some extra cock on the side?

Nothing at all. Heavens knows Bruce has been wanting me to have another cock for a long time. At least he says he does. After I saw Bruce with Ruth here at the house, I just decided to put out and let Roy be the first one. I am glad I called him to let him know that he could have me.

What's your feelings about the men that have already had you? Gail asked.

Gail its cheating. Before last week I was the faithful wife, never giving into my temptations. If I did get wet and horny there was my vibrator to get me off. In one week I have met and put out for four men.

Bruce has cheated on you, and a lot more than you have on him.

Yes, but I don't want to be labeled as a slut that will put out to any man that wants me. I really didn't start out wanting to have sex with a lot of men. I just thought that I would screw four of five times over several months or a year. Now after having sex with these men, I want more cock. Cock is all I think about.

Bruce already knows that you have put out four times already.

How did he find that out? I asked.

Remember the meeting the men had at the Red Barn last Thursday night, they all gave a report of the names and times they have screwed other women.

Bruce went, but he has not said anything to me about knowing that I have. I told her.

Sue, it was reported that you have fucked four men; Roy, Brett, Coach Mike, and James.

I had called and talked to James last Thursday afternoon. He invited me over to his house and I let him fuck me. Gail and all the other men knew who had already fucked me. I guess I will be getting asked a lot more than I am now.

You mean they all told whose wife they had sex with? I asked.

That's right and it went into their computer files and a copy was given to each member.

I wish I had a copy of that report. I told her.

Well it so happens that I have Jeff's with me. There are two columns, one for the men and one for the women. It even has last Thursday date on it and the time it was printed out. Number of men is 54, number of women is 38. Look here is Bruce's name, he's the first one on the men's list. Your name is the last one on the women's column.

See the number in parenthesis beside Bruce's name is 26 and 38. The first number means that he has fucked that many women, and the second number the total times he has fucked these twenty six women. Just like yours is 4 and 0.

Bruce has been busy. I stated.. His name is on top of the men and my name is at the bottom of the women's. Looks like he has been cheating on me for a long time. What's this the fucking capital of the USA.

Sue, Which is better your vibrator or another man's cock?

Both can get me off, but a man's cock in me is a lot better than a rubber vibrator or dildo. I said.

Do you use a vibrator sometimes to get yourself off, she asked

Yes, hundreds of times. Especially if I am reading a sex book or story and need an orgasm. Other times was when I just get horny. Yes in fact I have orgasms with my vibrators a lot.

How did you get hooked on another man's cock? I asked..

Let me just tell you the whole story. I found mama's vibrator one day after school lying on a table by her bed. Since mama was at work and had forgot to put it back in the drawer I felt of it and I just decided to play with it. I tried the switch and it was fully charged. I washed it off and went to my bedroom with it.

I had heard mama moan while she was using it. I was still a virgin, but I wanted this rubber cock in me. It was eight inches long and slender. Mama had already told me what would happen when I let a boy have sex with me for the first time. That afternoon that vibrator broke my hymen and it hurt, but soon it felt good. I used it to bring myself to three orgasms.

One day when I thought mama wasn't home I got it and was having an orgasm when the door flew open. There was mama, she said lets go to the doctor. The doctor put me on the pill and I had sex with a married guy three weeks later. I have been meeting married men and having sex ever since. All of my boyfriends fucked me and I put out every chance I got.

I still don't know if I want to have sex as often as Bruce has.

Sue, doesn't another man's cock feel good in you?

Yes, it does. I loved it the first time I let Roy have me. I came home an had another orgasm with my fingers. Then it was Brett and Mike. James laid a good screwing on me last Thursday afternoon. Their cock felt good in me and I had some good orgasms.

So you did let Brett fuck you last Wednesday after you sent me home. I thought as much, he told me that he was going to ask you again that morning. Did it happen in the storage room?

Yes it did happen in there. I said.

I think that you have been screwed by more men than was reported, she said.

Why do you think that Gail?

Well Coach Mike likes to get all his assistants together in the locker room and have one woman take all of them on. You aren't the only one that's been to the locker room and was gang-banged. I have been there, Ruth, Dawn, and Nora have been there. I think it more like thirteen men that has had you.

Yes, you are right, its been thirteen.

And all of them in four days, she stated.

Yes, I said.

Other women call us sluts for getting cock on the side. When they are sluts to their own vibrators, they somehow think that's alright.. They will go and lie with other women and gives us hell for cheating on our husbands. So I decided that I want another's man's cock, a vibrator just doesn't cut it when there are men willing to give me what I want. Jeff still gets to fuck me when he wants it.

I really do want another cock in me, the vibrator just doesn't do what a man's cock can do inside of me. I told her.

So are you saying you want some more cock? She asked.

Sure, I want some more cock and I need to be doing it with the men on this list.

That's right so your numbers will rise.

So what happens when ever man has screwed all of us that they want to?

From what Jeff has told me, A group known as The Gang-Fuck Squad from Atlanta has been contracted to come down to service a woman. Jeff said that he thought that the squad has twenty members. There's $10,000.00 already in the bank for the woman and the squad. A trophy will be presented to her. She also gets a trip to Hawaii with the number one man, if she wants it. She can choose to go alone..

That's a lot of cock to take in one night. What number are you on the list now. I asked Gail.

My number is 22 right now, Nora, Mike's wife is number 1. She has the chance to get out because she doesn't work like we do. Mike wants her to stay number 1. He said that he will help her to stay there.

I have a lot of catching up to do, I said. All that cock, money and the trip would be great. Whoever wins sure would need that trip just to take a break from putting out, or fuck more while she's there.

That's alright, most women would rather lie down on their backs with a vibrator between their legs. Thinking about a man that they would like to have sex with, and wishing that they could have his cock for real. We are just doing what they dreamed about doing. They want some cock, but we are getting it.

Lets see whose on this list. I asked.

Sue you want some cock right now?

Sure I'd like to have some.

What about this one here, he the last one on the list. You could work your way up the list from the bottom. You will get their numbers up as well as your own.

Want me to call this one?

Yes, here's the phone call him. I said.

His name is Steve. She said.

She dialed the number that was beside of his name. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I came back there was a smile on Gail's face.

He will be here in about ten minutes. He was in town and said that he sure would like to have sex with you.

Do you know him Gail? I asked.

Sure, he has already had me before.

Is he good and what is he like? I asked.

He will satisfy you Sue. I know he did me. He sure likes to suck on tits and eat pussy before he fucks you.

That sounds good to me.

How many men would you like to have today Sue? I can call the next name and see if he can come over in about two hours.

What about you Gail, don't you want some?

I do, but I am not like you, I still have my monthly period.

That's the thing about me, I don't have to worry about periods, and birth control anymore. I can put out anytime I want and not worry about getting pregnant.

I don't have anything else planned for today, so call them and let's see..

How many do you want Sue?

I have time for four..

That's not a problem, but one other thing I would like to have. She said.

What's that? I asked.

I want to clean you out after Steve cums in you.

I plan on using condoms. I told her.

You want need one with Steve, he's not that experienced and I would like to taste your juices and his if I can.

Ok, but only Steve. The others will have to use a condom.

Steve arrived and I had already gone to the bedroom and stripped. I was lying on the bed when Steve came in. He didn't waste any time and stripped his clothes off. I found out later that Gail had done her part in getting him ready for me. She couldn't fuck but she could suck a cock. She had sucked him and got him ready for me.

Hi Sue, he said.

He kissed me and I kissed him back. Looking down at my 40DD breasts, he began to suck on my nipples. His tongue flicked around and he took one tit in his mouth and began to suck. He went from one to the other. He eased down and sucked on my belly button. I was wet and his tongue and lips felt good. He pulled my legs apart and I could feel his tongue fucking my pussy. He had a long tongue and he knew the right place to put it. He kept it up and I told him that I was cumming. He stayed down and sucked all of my juices into his mouth.

He laid down beside me and said you sure do taste good. I sucked on his nipples while my hand found his cock. He was getting hard as my hand felt of his nut sack. I went down and put his cock into my mouth. Working around the opening with my tongue, I could taste his manhood. I went down on him and began to go up and down on him. He had about a six inch cock and thick. I took all of his cock in my mouth and pumped him as I went up and down on his shaft.

Releasing his cock, I raised up and with one hand guided his cock in to my pussy. My pussy was wet and he went in without any problem. In this position, I could control how much cock I wanted when I went down. I stayed in this position until he decided that I should be on bottom. I laid on the bed on my back and he took my legs and put them on his shoulders. He started to fuck me. He came almost out, and with his forward thrust buried his cock in me.

Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him. He began to fuck me, hitting the right spot each time. Not to have much experience he was giving me a good pounding. Up and down he went. Then he changed position and squatted down with his feet near my ass. I could feel him better like this. It didn't take me long before I had an orgasm. He never let up as I grabbed his back and I felt my nails bite into his skin. He was going at a good pace. A few more strokes and I felt him cumming in me. He held his cock in me until he had finished, and then went back to fucking me as his cock came alive again. It didn't take long before I had another orgasm as he laid down on me and looked at me and said I sure did need that.

He went to the bathroom to cleaned up. I was still lying on the bed when he came out. We will have to do this again he said.

Sure thing. I said. Then he left.

Gail came in and she was nude. She didn't say anything as she got between my legs and began to clean me out. She had done this before, her tongue felt good in me. I got all of it she said. Your next man will be here shortly she said. When he gets here I will get him ready for you. She did and they were all hard when they got to the bedroom.

There was Steve, Frank, Calvin, and Paul. That was enough for today. Gail said that she could come over tomorrow if I wanted her to.

I have other plans, I said.

Jeff would like to know if he can meet you somewhere tonight and fuck you.

Jeff is Gail's husband. Tell him to meet me in the U Save parking lot at seven.

Four more names was added to my black diary with an X beside of their names. I would have to pick up some more condoms tonight in town.

Seventeen cock and a whole lot more to come. I read an article last night about a married woman in her late thirty's that already had over two hundred men to fuck her.. I would have to decided later what my goal will be, but for now I would put out when I got the chance and see how many I could have.

Tonight Jeff would be the eighteenth man to fuck me. I really didn't care if their name was on any list or not. That wouldn't keep me from letting another man have me.

Jeff worked for Bruce, and I already knew that Gail had already fucked Bruce. Jeff would have his boss man's pussy tonight. Tonight Bruce would have another cream pie to eat.

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