tagSci-Fi & FantasySufferance Ch. 03

Sufferance Ch. 03


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2012

This story is continued.


Rausery had brought a full dozen healing potions and two other Sisters with her to one of several sparring rooms lit by a torch or two. She had instructed me to wear the black leathers instead of the red, having replaced the black shirt she'd shredded with another that fit slightly tighter.

The reds had been bundled again and placed near the healer bottles, as if I had to earn it back after trying it on for size the previous cycle. I took it as a sign that this would not be easy, but if the Elder came through with what she promised, as she had so far... then I wanted what knowledge she would give me.

The two Sisters, Panagan and Moria, I recognized immediately; they had been part of the group of six who had pushed me hardest so far. That had to be intentional. They looked me over and smirked, their eyes showing the memory of their part in the pack that tortured me, but made no comment otherwise.

"We don't have a lot of time," Rausery said. "The ball starts a cycle from now, and I have other duties." She looked at me. "As do you. I trust you'll learn quickly."

I nodded. "Yes, Elder."

Rausery looked at the other two present. "Your goal will be to immobilize and penetrate her. Hers will be to prevent it. No holding back."

They nodded as well, although Panagan cleared her throat. "Elder Rausery...may I ask—?"

Her superior made an impatient gesture.

"Didn't we already do this?"

Rausery smiled without showing her teeth. "No." She looked at me. "First I want to see what you already know, novice. Begin."

We stood staring at each other for several seconds. When the two didn't move first I decided, knowing by sight that they had to have Feldeus on their belt, that I'd attempt to take them. Without it, and if I kept my leathers on, one would certainly have trouble with her goal.

No holding back. I took it that meant all of us.

Moria blinked as I charged her and swept a hard kick at her knee. I almost couldn't believe that I connected so solidly; she wailed hoarsely in pain and Panagan cursed, moving immediately to attack me. I didn't have time to grab at Moria's belt; I back-peddled to avoid her seizing me.

Similar to my first encounter with Gaelan, I used what training I had to defend and try to force her back again. I'd learned something in my time here, and I wasn't as ineffectual as I'd been before sparring against a Red Sister. Gaelan and Jaunda knew my favorite attacks well and could anticipate them, but these two didn't.

I stayed away from Moria, who was reaching for her belt, and led Panagan around the room, drawing her in and attacking and drawing in again. She bared her teeth and watched me with fierce eyes, waiting for an opening.

"Not as easy when there isn't six of you, is it?" I panted. The hatred in my belly had begun boiling early in the fight but I kept a tight leash on it. I had to focus.

She sneered. "It was you who made it last three cycles. If you hadn't been so stubborn—"

"Eat dwarf dung."

I heard Rausery chuckle as I landed a punch to Panagan's cheekbone and she backed up, looking shocked. Perhaps Gaelan and Jaunda had been teaching more than I realized—

Something small cracked open at my feet and a burst of fumes rose up into the air, making both of us begin coughing immediately. We fell apart from each other, unable to breathe, when Moria crashed clumsily into me and shoved me to the far side of the room and out of the fumes. I tripped, still coughing, and felt her haul me up only to slam me against the wall and let me fall again. I knew I'd heard her gasping in pain as she did so, which was pleasing even as I knew she'd gotten the drop on me.

Moria was growling as she fell on me, yanking and ripping at my pants. I felt a hard erection smashed against my thigh and realized she'd had ample time to get her Feldeu in place. On the ground it was harder to fight but I should have the advantage on that knee injury—

As we struggled she got hold of a nerve point just as I landed another blow on her knee; she screamed and gripped me hard and I went rigid in paralyzing pain, unable to make any sound myself. She left off her attempt at stripping me in favor of hitting me in the face and hissing insults at me. I can't say that I was impressed with the choice.

As soon as I could feel my fingers again, I grabbed her cock down by my hips and pulled. Hard.

"Cunt!" she shrieked and punched hard into my gut to knock the wind from me. It almost worked but the hardened leather absorbed the worst of it and I got another good twist on her member before she squirmed free, mewling.

I rolled but was not able to scrabble to my feet before Panagan fell on me next, also ready with her pants open and raging hard-on jutting out. She pressed me quickly to my belly and I cursed luridly, struggling to find a way to get her off me as her black pole pressed lengthwise between my buttocks.

"Get over here," Panagan growled at Moira, who crawled over on three points of contact. She didn't need to be told to pull my pants down while Panagan held me.

I never stopped fighting but cried out when, as soon as my leathers were down around my thighs, the Red Sister atop me crammed half her Feldeu into my sex. It was dry and not the least comfortable. It took repeated lunges, but eventually she got it all the way in, dragged it halfway out, and rammed in again. I gritted my teeth; I was in for a very rough grudge fuck.

"A win, Panagan," Rausery said. "At attention."

The body atop me went stiff and trembled in barely contained rage and lust. Her voice was incredulous, and it was clear she didn't want to stop until she'd cum using my twat. "E-Elder?"



Rausery started to walk across the room and Panagan immediately jumped off me, her slithering cock vacating my body with a reverse suck. I took the opportunity to surge to my feet, resetting my pants and backing away, facing all three of them. My lungs still itched from the gas pellet Moria had thrown down, and I could tell the other two were affected as well when Panagan heaved a panicked cough as she retreated from her approaching superior.

"Stand still!" Rausery barked, closing the remaining distance in a blink and grabbing hold of her subordinate's erection to hold her in place.

I had a lingering question of mine answered as I watched; the Feldeu didn't go soft, did not even waver, even though Panagan had clearly lost her fire staring into Rausery's burning eyes. It remained turgid and at attention, though its wearer grimaced at the tight grip and did not look aroused anymore.

"Don't question my order again," the ranking Sister murmured low and deadly, though we could all hear her. "Your purpose here is this," she jerked on the magical cock, "for my use. Nothing else. Understand?"

Panagan gasped at the tug and nodded. "Yes, Elder. I understand."

Rausery glanced at Moria, still favoring her leg and who immediately piped up, "I, too, understand, Elder."

She nodded, released Panagan's cock, and turned her attention to me next. I stayed quiet as she stepped up to me, since I really had no idea whether I'd done anything wrong or not.

"So your first choice was to crack her knee?" she asked.

After a second's hesitation, I answered, "Yes, Elder."


"It puts most out of a fight instantly."

"Most. You'll notice Moria was still effective."

Between the gas pellet and her determined brawling, yes...and now that I thought about it, Moria shouldn't have been able to slam me into the wall as she had; she shouldn't have been able to stand up at all. Was she that tough? She didn't look it...

"You said don't hold back, Elder," I ventured. Her mouth quirked. "I did. And I saw what I needed to see. Now consider whether your first action to convince Jaunda that you are not available would be to crack her knee?"

I actually swallowed at that thought. Jaunda, and even possibly Gaelan, would take an injury like that with an even deeper rage than Moria. My resistance, or any refusal, must match my history with the Sister in question. If I'd been willing before, if I had even enjoyed aspects of it... "No, I wouldn't choose to do that. It was vengeance here."

I head Moria curse at me under her breath and Rausery chuckled as she looked at her. She removed a small bottle from her belt and held it out to her subordinate. "Drink this, Moria. You and Panagan go into the next room and wait till I call you."

Moria limped forward and took the bottle with a quiet but polite thank-you, drinking it then and there. She grimaced—perhaps it was bitter—before limping with Panagan toward the door, their rigid cocks still bobbing in front of them.

Even though Moria's gait slowly got smoother and I knew she would be fully healed in another few minutes, she still made sounds as if the process was hurting her. Odd. Most healing potions I'd heard of were completely painless; why would the Drow not think to include a pain-killing aspect in the magic? Why would they suffer such a thing? They wouldn't if they didn't have to.

It had to be deliberate in this case. Punishment for needing it in the first place?

Rausery waited until the stone door had slid shut before speaking again. "Was the retribution enough for you?"

I wasn't sure what she wanted to hear, or if there was a wrong answer. But so far the Elder seemed only to want my actual thoughts, so I continued in that vein. "No, Elder."

She tilted her head. "You'll continue until all six are dead?"

That path I knew wouldn't do me much good long-term, as nice as it might feel for a moment. "No, Elder. I could be satisfied with their keeping their distance from me. They know you are taking some interest to train me. I'd take an opportunity to show them what you taught me, but would not pursue their deaths."

"And if they pursued yours?"

"I'd defend myself as much as needed. If they get themselves killed in spite of any warning from you, Elder, I'd wager you think they earned it."

Rausery still seemed very amused by me, even if she wasn't grinning as much as when I'd been straddling her. "Tell me one thing you've observed about Elder D'Shea. Your choice, Sirana, but I must find useful."

I knew that would come back sooner or later. She was on the cusp of teaching me what I most wanted to know; of course she would ask for something worthwhile in return. I couldn't blame her. So what was something I'd observed that Rausery might find interesting but wouldn't be betraying D'Shea outright?

"She hasn't fucked me, Elder Rausery," I said, deciding to keep the focus on myself, not anything else D'Shea may or may not be doing in the Cloister or at Court. Not that I knew much anyway. "She is the only one who hasn't, I think."

Best that I could tell, this seemed to be actual news to my superior's rival. She blinked slowly and thought for a few moments.

"You haven't felt her Feldeu, you mean?"

"I mean she hasn't touched me that way. I do not know what her pussy tastes like, nor her mine. Certainly not any penetration. I've bathed her once. That's all."

"And she looks to have all her parts?" Rausery asked with a wry smirk.

I nodded the affirmative, even if I couldn't tell if she was totally serious in asking. "She's well-formed, nothing missing or deformed."

"Hm," she grunted, remaining quiet another moment before nodding and taking a step or two back until we were within sparring distance. "When Panagan and Moria come back, you'll have the tools to fend them off without cracking bones."

After a pause, she added, "But don't let that stop you in the future."

The instruction began.

I slowly came to understand the theory of the "soft touch" Rausery was teaching me, and her demonstrations on me were very effective—I would start blacking out within a few seconds. I wondered, after I came to, that myself and other Drow I knew who'd taken martial training had been taught offense for only the quickest kills, the most painful, and the worst damage for the least amount of energy spent. And yet Rausery could subdue me, completely and unharmed, between the end of one breath and the start of the next. My neck was barely sore.

She allowed me to practice my arm and hand placements so I could be sure of my technique, but also had a thumb on a nerve point just in case I tried to get cute and knock her out. The thought made me smile but I wasn't suicidal for when she awoke, nor was I ready to kill an unconscious Red Sister Elder for absolutely no gain and my life or free will to lose.

After giving me four such techniques, all for various shapes of neck and angle of attack, Rausery called Panagan and Moria back in. They looked no less disgruntled for having the break, but they did look like they might've been sucking each other's cocks while they waited.

The first engagement was not successful for me. I failed to hold my grip even a few seconds on the first truly furious Red Sister, and eventually found my face smashed against the wall, my backside abruptly exposed, and Panagan's Feldeu thrust into my rectum this time, not my pussy. Rausery did not stop her, not that I expected her to but my attacker laughed and rutted me harder when she realized she was being given free reign. Eventually she forced me on all fours and Moria jammed her own erection into my mouth, gleefully blocking my air as they double-ended me, not stopping until they'd climaxed. Like before, I only endured.

"A win, Panagan and Moria. Stand down."

Glowing with victory and satisfaction, they withdrew, spit and blood coating their weapons, and they each took a healing potion offered by Rausery. The two stood back to remove their Feldeus with whispered words of release as their Elder came up to me.

I slowly pulled up my torn pants, my jaw clenched tight, and noticed I couldn't quite look at her eyes. She offered me a draught as well and leaned to whisper in four words what I'd done wrong in my ear. I only barely hesitated to take the bottle, then gulped down the potion, feeling the sharp stabs of pain in my ass first get worse for several moments and then finally start to fade and feel normal.

That had definitely hurt more than any healing draught I'd ever heard of. Definitely intentional.

I nodded to her without speaking. I still wanted to try again; I could visualize what I needed to do the next time.

"Again," the Elder said abruptly as she stepped away. "Begin."

The two Red Sisters blinked, looked at their magical phallus, and moved swiftly to put them back on.

I jumped Panagan before she had the thing fully attached, wrenching it out of her pussy and flinging it far across the room, where it landed with a heavy slap. They both shrieked threats but I immediately had the proper grip around Panagan's neck, holding for the four seconds I needed to make her sink to her knees and using her body as a shield when Moria approached me. Moria's cock was fully attached by the time I dropped her Sister unconscious to the ground.

"I'm not going to stop with your mouth this time, novice," she growled, eyes narrowing and white teeth gleaming in the torchlight. "You'll be gagging on your own filth."

"How? You've forgotten how to get that piece on your own," I mocked.

The fight was short but furious. Moria did injure me as I needed to sacrifice one wrist to get close enough to get a hold on her—a sprain, fortunately, not a break. We went to the ground again but this time it was my groin against her backside. Her squealing was pure denial and rage, but it ended quickly as I cut off the blood to her head and her eyes slowly closed.

By that time, however, Panagan was waking up, groggily shaking her head as she got to her knees.


I released the lax body and sprinted for Panagan's still-soiled Feldeu on the ground. I couldn't use it myself; I didn't know the command word to which it responded. For that same reason, I couldn't remove Moria's cock, either. Nonetheless, I wanted a cock in my hand, not theirs, if at all possible.

Panagan's bitter gaze found me holding her Feldeu soon enough, and she ground her teeth but didn't charge me as I half-expected her to do.

"You can't wear that. What are you going to do with it?"

"Probably stuff it in Moria's mouth. Or yours."

She wrinkled her nose; by her own actions, it was smeared with my blood and whatever was in my waste tract at the moment. "You'll never succeed. You think you're the only one who knows the sleep holds?"

I shrugged, feeling my smile start to widen as some of my old self started to reassert itself in spite of my sprained wrist throbbing at my side. I'd been fighting so hard ever since the Sisters had taken me, and the almost ritualistic abuse, pain, and pressure often forced the most aggressive thoughts and actions from me. It had gone in a vicious cycle for weeks.

Having finally put two Sisters down with minimal effort and fuss, and brandishing a smeared phallus in my hand—something I doubted Panagan and Moria really wanted to risk swallowing—I had all the time in the Underdark and a fair bit of the power back.

It felt great.

Panagan watched me warily as I kept focused on the edges of her shape, should she move or reach to toss something explosive and distracting the way Moria had. Over the next quiet minute, the second Red Sister groaned softly and began to wake up as well. I was well-aware that two awake were much harder to fight off than one, but if they wanted me, they'd have to come to me.

Just enough of the situation was different now to keep me very patient and it was a very long wait. Double expressions of hatred and evaluation focused on me at the phallus growing increasingly tacky in my hand. They understood that I intended to wait them out and had accepted the challenge. I dared not look away from them to glance at Rausery, who was so quiet and still in the room I could almost think she'd slipped out.

After more time, they tried taunting me with derisive names—mostly related to "Jaunda's pet" or "D'Shea's ass-sucker"—but it really had very little effect on me—because they were standing back, still avoiding the weapon they'd made.

"If you two are just going to stand there, why don't you at least entertain us," I suggested. "Panagan, since you lost your cock, how about you kneel and start suckling Moria's like you no doubt were before you were summoned back here?"

What I considered a very mild insult had far more effect on them than I expected it to have; Panagan actually reached for her belt and Moria—definitely the weak link—glanced over at Rausery. I acted.


I had to gesture with my sprained wrist, so the light didn't come in one big flash as it normally does, but much more like a fast-beating heart throbbing right over our heads. It still did the job; I had my eyes closed as I cast and charged.

I heard both Moria's cry in pain and the crack of air at my feet as I figured Panagan had time to throw down whatever she'd reached for. I held my breath and moved through the plume, feeling the lining of my nose tingle though my mouth and eyes were tightly closed.

Panagan had moved far enough backward by the time I got there that my blind-fighting wouldn't help me, but Moria remained about where she had been. My arm drawn back to full strength, I slapped the second Sister across the face with the soiled phallus. Her sound of surprise and quickly-realized disgust was priceless, music to my ears just prior to my foot kicking her again. It wasn't luck that it was square in the gut and she actually crumpled this time.

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