tagSci-Fi & FantasySufferance Ch. 06

Sufferance Ch. 06


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2012

This story is continued (and how!).

The story so far heavily references both "Sisterhood" and "Subterrane".

Chapter 6

It was easier to spy on those at Court; the tunnel system saw to it. Less easy to spy on a House proper, on their own turf, their own plantation, especially when one couldn't be detected and any slips or witnesses had to be dealt with. It could get sticky quickly as not always could it mean the death of the detector, so better to not be detected in the first place.

D'Shea had been sending me to alternating locations; House Itlaun and House Aurenthin. One guess who the Drow of interest were.

I enjoyed watching Jael Aurenthietti much more than Curgia and her House's Consort, by far. In the former, I saw evidence of an iron will and a gleeful level of furious energy. I did not know anything of her past—D'Shea didn't want me to know so as not to color my reports—but it was a joy to watch her practice her martial skills and sometimes listen as her double-talk went right past those who looked down on her for being of a low House.

Jael wanted so much more; I could smell the determination.

She clearly wasn't right for the part of a Matron; her impulse-control wasn't the best and she was more reactive than proactive, and granted, that role was already taken by her oldest Sister anyway. Three females would have to die before she would get a chance, but I didn't think that she wanted it anyway.

She was a solitary one in her family; she volunteered for patrols and her Matron seemed just as pleased to let her go. Her violent sparring was only against others with which she had no close connection beyond similar training. Indeed, she even seemed rather anti-social.

Not often did I observe her having sex, but what I saw was just enough. It caused me to reflect that whichever Red Sisters had been watching me at Court before they came for me...well, it explained some of my reputation coming in and a comment Jaunda had made in more than a handful of our couplings: "Come on, I know you like it."

Jael was a fierce one even having sex. I witnessed a few of both sexes, but slightly more female. I didn't know if that was significant or not. The Red Sisters would have witnessed me taking only males, never females, and quite a lot of them; that was significant.

The most interesting detail I gleaned was that she was usually overbearing the other to be dominant—using quiet threats and physical power—but it almost seemed she was slightly disappointed when they submitted, even after a healthy struggle.

It made me wonder whether some part of her—with the females especially—almost wished someone were strong enough to defeat her. It would wipe that sneer of contempt from her face.

I knew there were plenty of Red Sisters who could do that for her.

I thought she was right for us, and it wasn't just the fact that then she would be the youngest Red Sister, although that was a side-benefit for me. She was also right for Rausery, more so than D'Shea. That was according to plan as well. I wanted us to Collect her, for certain, but wouldn't push it too hard. If I mentioned no flaws at all, D'Shea would think less of my evaluation.

Impulsive. Strong temper. Bitter toward Priestesses and Houses above hers.

But give her some direction, something to do outside of the "don't overturn the bridge" norm of society, re-train her perception to minimize the lop-sided importance of her House's number, and she would be unbreakable and loyal.

Rausery would love her.

By comparison...or more contrast, I quickly grew bored watching Curgia and Tulia and their Mother and Aunt. Middling-to-low status, medium-term plotting, much business and merchant speak, utter fear and compliance with any suggestions, directives, or hints which came from the Priestesses. They over-analyzed every detail, tying their own web tighter and smaller around themselves in their anxiety. Making it even more boring, from what I could tell, it had nothing to do with me.

The only interesting part was that after a few months I could spot the same subtle signs of pregnancy in both sisters, except one was gloriously proud of it and the other was trying desperately to hide it.

Guess which was which?

To be honest, most of my spying was slow-paced; Jael was the very pleasant exception in that she could not seem to be idle for long.

Even watching the Consort mate with one of the House Nobles was boring; they never tapped his potential, never saw him as more than a prize, a status-symbol, and treated him like fine crystal. They were also as mechanical as Tulia had been on the altar. As for him, he was compliant and placid, and he orgasmed oh-so-prettily for them, performing as expected.

I honestly wondered how his interest in sex did not flag after a time.

I sighed; watching House Itlaun was so frustrating and mind-numbingly tedious.

Occasionally I would speak with the Consort. The first time it had been Gaelan and me. We had wanted to establish his recollection and immediately connect the Red Sisters with my face.

Since I'd been naked and raping him at the time he met me, he wouldn't necessarily know what it had been about when Gaelan had arrived to drag me off him. It worked well enough; he accepted that he'd been attacked by a Red Sister for an unknown reason, and rescued by one in turn. It added to the mystique of us, even if it did nothing for my pride, leaving him to wonder why one Red Sister would hog-tie another and take her away somewhere...only to bring her back, fully clothed and equipped this time.

He also understood what was expected of him. I was not surprised to discover that it was not the first time for him to be an informant.

The next time, however, I had been instructed to gather intelligence alone; Gaelan would have a different assignment. Oh, the Consort hadn't been pleased that "the other Red Sister" was not there to provide an easier way to report; he'd barely made any eye contact with me before, preferring to deal with her, though he knew neither of our names.

I had savored that first encounter; delightful and surprising, and still so clear in my memory. It had led to more than I would have guessed as well.

Per the Priestesses' requirements, he'd been given his own quarters at House Itlaun. It made complete sense, and he'd be telling the Priestesses much of what went on in this House. The advantage we believed the Red Sisters had in his case was that he truly would not want his Priestesses knowing about his encounter with me. While he was likely aware that it could cause some strife for me and cause friction between the two powerful groups, we had to highlight for him the fact that he should care more about his own fate than mine.

This Consort would not be as valuable if it was well-known among the Nobles that he'd once been "despoiled," taken by force while under the protection of another House. Following that, he wouldn't be as valuable to the Priestesses as an informer. Then... who knew where he'd be? He would be sent somewhere, but who knew where? Better to follow the path he knew; it had its better qualities and luxuries, and all he had to do was remain silent.

It was why I had been sent here alone; to see to it.

"Where is the Other?" the Consort had asked after setting the sound-dampener ward and giving us privacy.

"Only myself this eve," I smiled, showing my desire and a bit of sinister playfulness.

He swallowed. I could see the dread on his face and had already anticipated why. He believed he would now be required to couple with me anytime I demanded, and he would still have to remain silent about it. He expected the blackmail, considered it a foregone conclusion.

Under normal circumstances, he would be right. However, I knew perfectly well D'Shea was testing my control, and she'd explained that she didn't want him so without hope with long-term abuse that he felt he had nothing to lose in revealing what had happened to the Priestesses. He didn't know this, however, and we far preferred to leave him wondering when or if I would take him again, rather than to enlighten him that he was actually safe from me.

It was true that I wanted the Red Sisters more than I wanted his perfect body.

Resolve came over his face the next moment then. How I loved the honest expressions I could see.

"What do you want?" he asked, his left hand flexing nervously.

"An update since my last visit, gorgeous one."

He tilted his head slightly at the compliment but nodded, giving me that which he knew. Or claimed to. Unlike the reports to the Priestesses, he could be lying to us and we had taken what he said so far with a grain of salt. My assignment here tonight was to determine whether or not his only reason for being completely truthful might be to avoid being regularly used by me.

D'Shea would love having the leverage if I could get it.

"I see. Is that all?" I asked.

He nodded.

"And are you lying, either in fact or by omission?"

"No, Red Sister."

He didn't look away at first as I stared at his fine eyes, but he soon grew uncomfortable with my silence and my gaze and blinked, looking to the side and shifting his weight on his well-formed sandaled feet. He wore a similar style outfit to the first time I'd seen him, but this time the cloth wrapping his waist and draped artfully over one shoulder was finer quality. He likely wore nothing else beneath.

I smiled salaciously, trailing a hot gaze up his legs, lingering on his crotch, waist, chest and shoulders, and ending with an appreciative hum as I nodded, as if making a decision. I loved that his hair was down, free-flowing; it was a contrast to mine when on a mission: tight-plaited and bound against the back of my neck. He also wore a different circlet around his throat; still of the round belly symbol but integrated with House Itlaun's crest. It looked brand-new, very recently made.

"I guess I have some spare time, then."

His eyes widened a fraction and he took a step back. "Red Sister, no, please, I've told you before, if my Mistress—"

I closed the distance between us threateningly even as he backed up. My voice was coarse. "Where do you think your *telling* me anything from your lying mouth is going to have the result you want?"

"I'm not lying!" he exclaimed, bumping into the wardrobe with his back and giving it a startled glance before looking back at me. "Forgive my slip. Not telling you, I'm begging of you."

I ignored that. "It conflicts with another report about Curgia's condition, dear one," I said more quietly as I got chest-to-chest, well within his space. "One of you is lying."

I took hold of the bottom of his wrap, my soft leather glove brushing along his thigh as I started to raise it up. He still had the spirit to grab another part of the cloth—not my wrist, the Consort did have intelligence—and try to hold it down. It was taut enough that one sharp tug on my part would probably tear it.

I would have loved to; the sound would be satisfying and would stroke my hunger. But then he'd have to explain it to his Mistresses.

"I'm not the liar, the other is," he said boldly. "I can't be the sire of whatever piglet Curgia is carrying. I've been around enough times in these Houses, I know she wouldn't be hiding it if I were."

"And under which circumstances would you guess she would hide it?"

"Anything unplanned and unapproved," he said.

"Vague theory, nothing more. Any thoughts on Curgia specifically?"

The Consorts jaw tightened. "I don't know. Would guessing count as lying with you?"

"Not when I ask you for your opinion. Which I am."

He breathed out and swallowed, still uncomfortable with me caging him against the wardrobe. "I'd say she was forced somehow."

I quirked one brow. "Sounds unlikely. What if it was just from a dalliance with a low-born slave?"

He shook his head. "I know how badly they wanted a Consort. Curgia is not impulsive. And...and I am familiar with the signs of force, Red Sister. I have been able to observe it my whole existence around me."

"And even experience it once," I quipped. "But why would those signs be the same in a female? I assume you've been watching males, observing from afar and being glad that it wasn't you. And it doesn't happen to females. Being forced is a male fate, isn't it?"

I knew very well otherwise, of course, I just wanted his reaction. He looked delightfully angry for a few seconds, his life energy churning and spinning beneath his skin from his chest up to his face, before he got himself under control again.

"Females are forced just as males are. And now *you* are lying, Red Sister," he said, hissing the last word a little.

"Oh?" I wanted to hear this.

"The Consorts all know why even the highest *female* Nobles fear you. You are the worst and most cruel of the rapists, and no gender is excused. I'm not even certain children are spared."

For a moment, I felt a reaction similar to his at the comment; that hot flash of anger and insult. However, I smirked and didn't enlighten him that we didn't torture children that way. Kill them, perhaps, only when absolutely necessary and when the entire House had been condemned...but I knew none of my Sisters who would be aroused by the too-young age of a thin, prepubescent Drow.

We still protected and supported the gift and ability to bear those young in the first place, and it was explicitly forbidden by the Red Sister Prime (in case one of us somehow did get the idea to experiment).

The Consort could see in the dark as well as I could; he'd have to interpret that somatic response of mine on his own. Damning though it was, even for us, my leaders would prefer we not let it leak that there were actually some limits to what the Red Sisters would do to any Nobles who got out of line.

Time for a distraction.

I let go of the cloth of his wrap and slid my hand toward his inner thigh, reaching beneath and up to cup his testicles and he jumped. We were both breathing much more quickly and he actually did push at my wrist to get me to remove my hand. I let my hand go back to his thigh as I leaned to sniff his neck.

He smelled so good...

"Please, don't," he gasped.

"Who would know? No one, unless you told them. I know you wouldn't."

"Just leave me be, please, I'm not worth the risk!"

"Don't you want me?"

Given our "conversation" thus far, it should have been a ridiculous question; I was teasing him again, pushing the situation to get him where I wanted him. But I also asked right then because I was somewhat surprised.... He was partially erect when I caressed his privates again, this time over the surface of the cloth.

"I'll get caught. Everyone always gets caught, sooner or later!" he said vehemently.

I blinked. That hadn't been the "No" I was expecting.

In the seconds following as I kept touching him, he became fully erect, much harder than when I'd forced an erection from him during our first encounter, and he suppressed most of a moan. I looked at his eyes, some of my ardor shoved to the side with difficulty as my higher functions focused more tightly on his words as he spoke again.

"Don't tempt me," he pleaded, quivering close to me. "Red Sister, I would lie beneath you if I had the choice, but I don't and I can't. I can promise that I'll never lie by fact or omission, to you or any Red Sister, if you will just not...force me. It jeopardizes everything I have, and each time you do it, the more likely I'll be caught and punished. It won't matter that I had no choice."

That was exactly what D'Shea had wanted me to make him understand on this assignment, but it seemed she already had that edge. None of us had quite realized he'd thought about it to the same place that we had; we thought we would have to convince him.

I was silent for several long moments before I spoke again.

"Why would you lie under me?" I asked, only because I wanted to know. Maybe I'd understand after I had time to think why he was erect when he was cornered and had plenty of reason to hate me, but right now I was bewildered. Why was it a temptation for him now?

He hadn't stopped shaking but he tried to slow his breathing, swallowing before speaking. "You see me, and you like what you see."

I narrowed my eyes slightly. "I also hurt you. And enjoyed it."

"You tested me. And didn't find me lacking." Another swallow, a flash at that lovely throat. "No one has ever dared...I've wondered how I would react if someone tried. Now I know. And you know. You're the only one who does."

The stiff rod still in my hand pulsed once.

"Used to being treated like the thinnest crystal glass, hm?" I asked, and he nodded, giving another little push at my wrist with his hand to get me to let go of his erection. Very reluctantly, I did.

He spoke in a quick, hushed voice. "When you found me, wh-what were you doing out there, Red Sister?" he asked. "You were naked and injured and muddy and seemed a little....well, all you had was a blade. The only direction you could have come from was the wilderness. Had you been attacked? I saw the bitemark; it wasn't from a creature but something on two legs. Did they rob you?"

Observant and intelligent enough to use deductive reasoning, and he'd done some studying somewhere. How long had I been underestimating the males at Court? I actually felt foolish now. It was a good thing I'd already confessed about the dwarf and the rape to D'Shea, or this one might have something I didn't want her to know.

I smirked and chuckled softly, nodding. "Attacked? Yes. Robbed? No. I was already exactly as you saw me when they attacked, and I kept my blade. The attackers lost their lives; I was only bitten out of a desperate last act."

Let him think it had been more than one who overwhelmed me. It was easier to accept and better for the Sisters' reputation than what had actually happened.

He nodded, his eyes wide with interest. He'd stopped shaking. "Why were you nude with only a blade?"

I quirked my brow at him. "You've received all the information you're getting about that, Consort."

"Yes, Red Sister." He'd expected that reply, I saw. He just had to try.

As the saying went, give a thread, take a tapestry.

I ran my gloved hand greedily down from his neck to shoulder and arm; I couldn't feel his skin but it drew his attention back to its proper place as he realized I hadn't yet agreed to his bargain: truthful reports in exchange for being spared molestation and...temptation.

Wasn't that last quality a kick in the teeth.

I tilted my head and covered his mouth with mine in a deep kiss, trapping him by bracing both arms on either side of him against the wardrobe. He tensed immensely, rigid and fearful, but now I knew with some desire as well. My persistence eventually resulted in his opening his mouth for me. It was hot and slick and tasted of fine wine and spice. My hands left the wardrobe and cupped his jaw and sliding my gloved fingers into his hair, holding him steady as I kissed deeper.

I remained ever-aware of the location of his hands. He kept them flat and open, pressed to the wardrobe. It was not a refusal to touch me or a sign of avoidance. He was showing me that he would not take action or steal anything as I had my fill of his mouth. It was a sign of acceptance. My hips moved of their own accord, my mound coming in contact with his member, and, damn him to Lolth, he responded in kind.

I was only torturing myself at this point.

He was shaking again when I drew back; so was I, if I was honest.

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