Sufferance Ch. 07


Her body was hot and the tightness purely divine as I held her shoulder with one hand, her hips with another, and opened her up with steady force. It was almost exactly as she'd taken me the first time in the cave.

Gaelan moaned the loudest yet, deep in her chest yet her mouth slack, open and salivating a little. I wanted to get every bit inside, all the way, and to hold it there before I began thrusting. I wanted her to feel how fully she was taken.

She obliged me, holding still and waiting for me to begin pleasuring us both.

I heard the footsteps only as they stopped outside our door; we both froze though I did feel Gaelan's ring clutch at my invading shaft once, a purely unconscious response. I did not know whether Gaelan had engaged the lock or not, and neither of us wanted to be found this way: first, me wearing the Feldeu at all, and second, Gaelan's enjoyment in yielding to even the youngest Sister. It would force unwanted changes in our plans.

"Finish up and pull your pants up, you two," Jaunda's voice came through the door. "We're being called together at the candle chamber. Qivni Collected a new candidate."

I felt my cock throb once in my surprise at the news, and even Gaelan's hole seemed to quiver a little. A possible new Red Sister, this soon? It had been almost exactly a year since they had collected me.

And Jaunda wasn't barging in. I should remember the favor.

How exciting. Such possibilities, so many things changing...

Gaelan had her fist in her mouth to prevent making any noise as I pulled halfway out and sank back inside her. Jaunda was still hovering outside awaiting a reply.

"Yes, Lead," I managed, though I heard the shake in my own voice. "We'll be there."

"Yes, Lead," Gaelan gasped, shallow toothmarks visible on her knuckles.

"Two minutes, or I come in and drag you out," she said before strutting away. I could hear the enjoyment in her voice; she liked whatever mental image was in her head.

After we were alone again, I quickly realized I'd begun aching; I needed the release badly. I made a few thrusts and Gaelan tried to swallow her moans.

"Do it harder," she whispered, "please, two minutes."

She pulled my blanket toward her and stuffed it in her mouth, biting down, and one of her hands disappeared between her legs. I felt it brush my inner thigh once before settling and rubbing at her own snatch. I took that as my cue.

My tempo steadily and quickly increased until the only sounds were the slapping of our flesh and the muffled grunts and groans from Gaelan's filled mouth. As vocal as I'd been before, I found I could hold my mouth open with no sound coming out, held fast in the build and anticipating the peak. I was fairly sure Gaelan had found hers, but that was ultimately up to her in this limited time, just as mine was up to me.

The pain in my head was less intense this time when my climax broke over me and I made one longer moan, low and gruff. I huffed something like, "Tugren," that really didn't sound like me but I didn't care; Gaelan's netherhole still clutched tightly, coaxing a few more shudders from me as I came down.

My roommate moved forward to hasten the disconnect, and I felt the Feldeu essentially squeezed out as we parted, both of us gasping. I couldn't help but want a glimpse of my partner's anus after I'd used it in such a way, and I felt a strange glee in seeing—even briefly—the way it gaped open and winked repeatedly to close back up. I also noticed just how much fluid coated Gaelan's inner thighs; clear and glossy, even a little stringy where a thread hung from her pussy to her thigh.

I felt such satisfaction and pride. She would no doubt want to do this again sometime.

"Ularantha," Gaelan chanted with elegance, and I gasped in shock as I felt the Feldeu disconnect inside me. My fellow Sister waved her hand in front of my face before reaching for the magical phallus with one hand. "Sirana, come on, take it out. We've got thirty seconds."

I nodded, repeating in my head the word I'd just heard as we both eased the bulb out of my sex, finally detaching the phallus completely. Gaelan moved very quickly, hurrying over to where my bath had been interrupted and began washing herself up. I joined her, finally able to feel the same urgency.

The washing was barely more than a wiping down, though better than nothing, and we scrambled to get back into our uniforms. We were still dressing when Jaunda actually unlocked the door (I was surprised she could do that from the outside) and stepped inside with a big smirk on her face.

"Come on, sweetlips, time to go," she said, already in full uniform, crossing her arms over her chest. I glimpsed Lawret and Berayla peeking in as well.

"Yes, Lead," Gaelan replied, her movement never faltering. She finished before me and started moving forward to join the others.

I followed them, of course, but before I did—when they'd all turned their back on me, when they were all around the corner before I'd even finished cinching my belt—I decided to don my cloak next.

Then I picked up Gaelan's hastily-cleaned Feldeu and tucked it at the small of my back.

I will probably never fully understand why I did that.


The one Collected was Jael Aurenthietti.

I recognized the same chamber to which I had been brought, recognized the circle of candles though strained some to see inside it now from the dark, elevated place where many of us watched.

She was naked, beautiful, and bristling. It seemed she had put up more of a fight in being Collected; I saw her moving a little stiffly, rubbing a shoulder as if it was sore, saw a few scrapes and bumps on her body. I didn't see her clothing; it had already been taken away, or perhaps it had been forcibly removed. I'd come in too late to see. Unlike most times I'd spied on her, her hair was down; it was cut shorter than mine, hanging full and pure white, resting at her shoulder blades.

Rausery spoke with her this time, not D'Shea, as it had been with me. She was still flanked by Qivni, but also Panagan from my previous lessons. Rausery required a different stance of her candidate than D'Shea had as well, and I almost laughed: Jael was required to stand on one foot and keep her back straight and chin up.

I remembered bending over to grip my ankles or kneeling on the floor, and it had been revealing and vulnerable; not immediately to my taste but I could deal with it. Jael's stance was perhaps not intended quite as blatant submission, but a little humiliating hearing the command, and over time would be a test of physical endurance.

She would be hurting before long, unless she knew how to breathe slowly and concentrate. From the looks of it, she had never concentrated on staying still and balanced in her short lifetime.

We watched Jael after Rausery and her escorts left her alone in the chamber; she did not try to cheat in standing on one foot, but did lose her balance a few times and needed to reset herself. She remained within the garnet diamond and looked around constantly as if expecting to be attacked.

*Different from you,* Jaunda gestured with her hands from beside me. *You took cues from D'Shea. The Court spoke through you both. Aurenthietti is not Court and might as well be in the wilderness now. She expects only to fight and be threatened.*

Jaunda was right; this was exactly how the initiate responded to the first challenge, which was still a lusty Draegloth. It was not Kerse but a different one; I could tell them apart mostly in the way he moved and the fact that I knew the one hideous face quite well. Otherwise, the size and shape and coloring were very similar.

This Draegloth was as single-minded as mine had been; the fight began with Jael striking him first in a well-aimed punch across the face. She stepped out of the diamond with far less deliberation than I had; she was dodging retribution before she even knew that he probably couldn't reach her inside that diamond.

But now she was outside, and the beast attacked immediately.

Jael fought furiously, and it became apparent to anyone with eyes that she despised the creature...but more importantly, it was as if she had fought one before. Her goal, I wagered, was to wear down and injure the Draegloth enough to make it decide she wasn't worth the effort. She had the speed, skill, and endurance.

Her disadvantage was that she had no weapon with which to truly threaten his life, and thus this Draegloth probably feared failing his mother more than he feared a beating by Jael. This was a good thing for our little initiate; if she'd had a weapon, I could believe that she would have killed him, damn the consequences. Then she would no longer be an initiate, but a sacrifice for the Priestesses.

I glanced over at D'Shea and saw her watching the fight with intense concentration; I wondered what she was thinking right then.

Eventually Jael did succumb to exhaustion and the Draegloth got a good hold on her, pressing her belly-down on the smooth, polished floor. Though he could have ripped his claws into her and paid back every injury she'd given him, he didn't; he merely forced open her legs wide, lifted her hips with one wide hand against her abdomen, and—with Jael stiffening and yelling her protests—managed to couple with her. He pulled out before climaxing as well, spraying his seed all over her back and quickly moving back.

He looked much more tired and worse off than Kerse had; he hissed at Jael and starting moving toward the candles, choosing his own moment to leave and not needing to be told. Jael had gotten to her feet again before the Draegloth had even disappeared. She clearly wanted to attack him again, her face boiled in rage, but she was too exhausted to follow through on the desire.

The contrast fascinated me. I had conserved my energy and come to my conclusions about the Priestess's son during and after the mating—which had been more or less been consensual. As it turned out, it helped whet my appetite and allow for the lengthy endurance I'd needed to make the second trial with the two male Drow go in my favor as well. Until the end, at least.

But now, Jael's reserves were depleted. How would she handle the next challenge?

Rausery came out and spoke with her again, but briefly.

"Don't like Draegloth, eh?" she chuckled.

Jael pursed her lips and spoke grudgingly. "Depraved abominations, Red Sister."

Rausery quirked one brow up, amused. "I suppose waking up to find one squatting on your bed a few times makes it seem that way."

Jael looked surprised and not at all pleased that Rausery apparently knew about her past. However, while she was a scrapper at heart, she wasn't stupid. She simply agreed with Rausery.

Now I wanted to know that full story, of course, but they didn't go further into it. Apparently it would have to wait. Perhaps D'Shea would tell me.

When Rausery left after telling her to expect a few new companions, Jael was standing on one foot again. She shook and shivered more, her netherlips puffy from the forced activity but not particularly wet. The Draegloth semen still dotted and trickled down her back to the lovely swell of her ass.

When I drew my attention back to the Sisters around me, I was not surprised to smell stronger scents, or to feel greater heat on the skin of my face beyond that of the candles. Several of us were wondering, perhaps, whether she would make it, and if she did, what we might do with her when our turn to test her came.

I was also glad I did not know any of this going in. Now I knew they had been watching me the same way, thinking the same things I was now. I realized now that the trials had been easier not knowing their purpose.

Jael handled the challenge with the two male Drow surprisingly well. She knew she was injured and did not have the energy to fight them both so she did not try. Instead, she took up the fully-visible wizard in her arms and kissed him before biting his lip, and the three began physically wrestling before having some very rough sex.

She knew it was not intended to pay her any respect, and she would attempt to physically repay them as they commented on the "demon seed" streaking her back, making her taste some from a finger before, predictably, she bit it. However, as I had seen before, she seemed to enjoy the struggle, and being overpowered by the two male Drow was more acceptable to her than the same by the half-breed.

After they had each used her once, leaving both of the holes between her legs dripping, she challenged them loudly: "Is that all? Shriveled and tired already?"

It was loud enough that I knew Jael was speaking to Rausery as well.

I glimpsed D'Shea's hands moving, her message meant for Rausery: *Two more?*

Rausery nodded.

Jael was not quite as defiant dealing with four males, the first two having plenty of time to recover as our initiate was kept busy with a fresh pair. All fighters, I realized after a time. No wizards.

My ears and chest burned a little at the lurid comments and insults they threw at her, more than Shyntre and the soldier had done to me—by comparison, we'd been having a polite, social conversation. But she just threw insults right back at them as she fought and fucked, struggled and sucked.

It became hard to tell if she was truly outraged...or if she was playing, laughing at them, if she really liked it that rough. I didn't understand it completely; I didn't tend to invite more action and injury upon myself to which I could only react. I preferred to out-think and direct it, if possible.

Sometimes all I could do was react, of course; my first two months with the Red Sisters was the prime example. But I would never choose to do as Jael was doing. She was asking for more, and didn't seem to have any plan beyond showing how much insult and abuse she could take and keep her prideful sneer on her face.

Given the differing status of our Houses and our places in society...perhaps this made sense.

Ultimately six male fighting Drow total were called in to handle the spitfire, changing out and not giving Jael the opportunity to rest. She had to be sore; she was certainly filthy, her hair tangled and matted, her whole body sticky. Yet even after six "regular" males, she did not look quite as tested as she had been with that single Draegloth.

The soft spot in the fruit, I presumed.

I thought I heard a soft exhalation from D'Shea and she gestured, "The Draegloth.*

Rausery nodded. *How many Sisters do we take with us?*

D'Shea shook her head. *They allow our five best into the Sanctuary, no more.*

The other Elder agreed. *Unfortunate that all cannot watch like last time.*

Given how clearly I could read their hands, I knew they weren't trying to hide their discussion from the other Sisters; they were only trying to hide it from Jael and not reveal our presence.

Rausery held her hand up to gain the Sisters' attention and she made the unique gesture for five names: *Qivni, Jaunda, Agalia, Cloyan, Illunn.*

All team Leads. Interesting. Would the rest of the teams just be taking the down time as we waited to hear whether Jael would make it to the next test? I didn't think so; it would not leave us headless, exactly. I understood why they wanted the higher ranking Sisters to see any grit in the new recruit firsthand but also felt some regret that I would not be one to witness Jael being pushed to her limits. It would have answered some of my questions simply watching her...

Oh well. If she made it, then I would have my time to find out what had happened.

After the males were sent away and the Leads collected a teetering Aurenthietti off the ground—she could barely walk on her own—and the smaller group along with our Elders vanished. The rest of us had been left with basic instructions: continue on current projects or, if in-between assignments, see to the supplies, weapons, and stockrooms.

I'll admit I considered whether visiting the wizard's Tower would count as a "current project" but still wondered if it was too early. My hesitation told me in any regard that I felt distracted and not on my game. I was thinking much about Curgia, Auslan, and Jael. I was working out my report that I'd eventually have to give, and realized I really had to think about what a new Red Sister might mean to me and Gaelan, if Jael passed the tests.

It would not be a good idea to visit the Tower today. I had too much else to plan, I was too distracted.

I welcomed the physical work of restocking, resupplying, organizing and mending weapons as I had many times before. It gave me time to think—at least up until the moment I could run into a Sister looking for entertainment. Then I had to decide if I would fight or accept. This time, I would fight if solicited; I had too much thinking to do and had already mounted Gaelan to my satisfaction anyway.

After some quiet time working and passing random Sisters doing the same, I was indeed solicited, although it did not feel opportunistic but sought out. I looked up to see Panagan standing in the doorway to one of the pantries. I was unloading prepared journey food and a collection of smaller pouches, preparing to measure cycle and half-cycle servings that Sisters could easily carry on their belts or in packs.

This Red Sister had not gone out of her way to harass me ever since our fight under Rausery's watch, where I'd forced a soiled Feldeu into her mouth. She usually watched me with a cold, unreadable expression if I passed by, while Moria might scowl but made it clear she would not act unless someone else did first.

There were a few others on their team, the ones who did their best to break me during my time of initiation alongside Panagan and Moria. I certainly knew their names—Yenneu, Laka, Kinsel, and Zursa—but other than making a suggestive gesture now and then or making a motion to pinch my bottom as I passed, they seemed to have moved on from our encounter.

There was a reason for it, I knew. I'd built enough reputation fighting off Panagan and Moria themselves, plus a few others that I'd put into sleep using my new tricks, and several had also had a chance to watch me sparring with Jaunda. To all our satisfaction, the other four just shrugged, considered me "trained," and didn't pay much attention to me beyond a happy hoot whenever Jaunda would pin me. To some, I was still considered Jaunda's current playmate, which held some weight as well.

Panagan watched me whenever I was around, and I did not know whether it was plotting or just observing. She still had some interest in me, though, and now she stood at the pantry door with intent; perhaps I would find out what the interest was.

"Are you going to supervise or help?" I asked dryly.

She didn't pause long before stepping forward to take a spare measuring cup from the wall, a few pouches, and straddle the bench on which I say, facing me and within reach to scoop into the large bag of journey mix. We prepared a few pouches in silence as I wondered whether to wait her out or think of something to say.

The older Sister watched me with some intensity as we finished half the bag in silence, the soft rattle of dried meat, fish, mushrooms, mosses, lichens, and roasted Underdark nuts. Very nutritious for us and with a long shelf-life, if a little bland compared to the specialty foods of the City.

"Rausery wants this one," Panagan said quietly.

I raised one brow that this was what she would choose to say first: a blatant desire mixed with a veiled threat. It certainly didn't leave much to my imagination. Still I sighed, "What are you talking about?"

"Aurenthietti," she said firmly. "The last two have been D'Shea's. This one's Rausery's."

A good thing D'Shea, Gaelan, and I all agreed on that.

I stopped scooping and rested an elbow on my thigh, giving her an amused look. "And you're telling me this because...?"

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