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Sugar & Spice


copyright 2003 - clemstra

She was waiting in line for her turn at judgment when I had time. My harp break was over, so I opened up another Que. "Next," I called, letting her come over to tell me her story as I read her file. The file has the facts, but it's important to hear the story of the end straight from the individual. So I let her tell me how she got here.

It was that damn lamp, that's what did it. Some friends and I found this old oil lamp like you see in the movies. You know those movies with the Genie of the lamp? So Bill gets funny, (we were all drunk you see) and starts rubbing it. Next thing we know there's this big blue gas shooting out of it. It became this huge big blue man, well sorta a man. It was big, blue, unlike most men had sharp looking teeth. It's eyes were like sulfur glowing in the night. All of this took place in an alley mind you.

"What is your wish Master" said the genie to Bill.

"Wow, totally rad man" he said falling flat on his butt in the alley as we all laughed. "Hey everyone" he yelled "I got a wish right" he looked to the genie?

"Yes Master, one wish only" the genie agreed.

"Wait, be careful" I yelled remembering my old movies about being careful what you wish for lest you get it.

"Oh Sandra, your such a downer," Bill said to me. "Why can't you just be like the saying of little girls? You know, sugar and spice and everything nice," he said irritated?

"Because I'm not a LITTLE GIRL but a WOMAN I said angrily.

"Hey dude" he said to the genie, can you make her like sweet, you know like sugar and spice and everything nice" and he laughed drunkenly?

The genie looked at him, looked at me and smiled an evil smile I remembered some di jinn's were not always nice in the legends.

"Is that REALLY your wish master" said the di jinn?

Bill laughed as I tried to scream NOOOOOOO and he said "Sure, why not."

I found myself stripped naked and on a table with a man in a pastry chef's uniform looking down on me.

"Dude, like what are you doing" Bill said to the genie?

"I have arranged to make her sweet, sugar and spice and everything nice just as you wished" said the genie.

"Like dude, you can't think we are going to eat a friend" Bill was drunk but not totally out of it, I had a faint bit of hope.

"So you do not wish to eat her" the genie asked?

"No man, leave her alone" Bill and my other friends chimed in.

"I'm sorry, but you have already made your ONE wish" the genie smiled nastily showing all of those sharp teeth. "Since you do not wish to eat her after the chef" he pointed to the chef who was waiting to work on me, "is finished, then I will eat her," he said laughing as the world disappeared.

I was now in a strange giant kitchen with the pastry chef and the genie towering over me. I was naked on a tray and the chef started washing me with sponges dipped in sugar water.

"She should be sweetened especially inside don't you think" the chef said?

"Oh yes, it improves the flavor and the appetite, our appetite anyway" the genie and the chef laughed.

I found myself being stroked, tickled, massaged till I begged them to take me, damn it take me. Which is when they did. The genie first, after casting a spell on his own penis. As he came into me he squirted sweetening agents not sperm. The giant pastry chef started screwing me in the ass, squirting sweetener into my anus. They switched, then I was sucking the genie's cock...it really was sugary substances coming out of him as I sucked. While I sucked the pastry chef was fondling my clit.

I was panting and sweating as the genie caused my hair to become spun sugar and my nails rock candy. They filled my breasts with strawberry jam, my breasts were really big then. My bones were sugarized as they poured sweet and spicy sauces on me. The chef put a large dildo filled with whip cream into my vagina and started moving it in and out as he filled me with whipped cream. I came screaming in ecstasy as he pumped me, then he put it up my ass and filled my intestines and stomach with the whipped cream. The chef started to pour warm chocolate all over me, then decorated me with icing rosettes on my breasts and stomach. He tickled my clit as he put icing rosettes all over my pussy.

They set me down on a plate and looked me over. I guess I was really sugar and spice and everything nice then, because I didn't really mind that they were about to eat me. They started on my feet, eating my sugarized bones and all. My legs, the calves, my tender thighs. The genie got my pussy, licking the icing off, then the chocolate before eating my pussy all up with gusto. They ate my stomach, the little rosette over my navel, then my rump, my internal organs, arms, breasts, my hair, face and brain. I kinda found it pleasurable, guess because I had really become a pastry by then. So that's how I got here.

I looked at her, "Umm, well you weren't an evil woman, not a saint, but you did well enough. Still, you have much to learn. Try and choose better friends next time and drink less okay," I tell her?

"Okay" she says. "Hey, can I NOT be born around any magic items, genies or pastry chefs?"

I looked at her, an angel can only do so much after all. "I don't think that's possible, but don't worry, after being dipped in the river Lethe you won't consciously remember your last life."

"Okay" I stamp her papers, "Down the hall, take the escalator down to the guys with pitch forks. Don't worry. Your not a bad case so no punishment, but you have to be dipped. It's the rules. Sorry you can't be allowed access to past life memories just like that." She leaves for her next life and in comes my next case.

"I was just singing, "I wish I was an Oscar Myer wiener." Like I remember from childhood, when I found this lamp" he says.

"Let me guess" I say, "You rubbed the lamp while singing that song and.....," I could guess the rest. It looked like it was going to be one of those days!

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