tagLesbian SexSugar and Spice Ch. 05

Sugar and Spice Ch. 05


Amber walked down the rainy sidewalk by herself. It had been a month since Ben's accident and since she'd last spoken with Mandy. She didn't know what to do. With Ethan at home with Felix, Victor, and little Nathan, she was free to get to her job on time. She'd started to work part time at a little cafe near Felix and Victor's apartment. The hours weren't demanding, just three times a week: Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and they payed her eleven dollars an hour, because she'd become friendly with the owner.

As she turned the corner, she could now see the place across the rainy street. Looking quickly both ways, she crossed quickly, and went around back to the side door. She shook off her umbrella before going inside, and gave a smile to Cecily, the owner who would check up on the other two waitresses, and the cook.

"Right on time," she said. "I was just about to go over the books. You're doing really well," Cecily said flirtatiously.

Amber smiled. "Thank you," she said, putting her umbrella in the stand and hanging up her coat in the closet. She took her work shoes out of her purse and removed her boots, putting them with her coat. As she put them on, she went on, "I really appreciate the wage. With my little boy and everything...well, it's very nice of you."

"Of course," Cecily said, squeezing Amber's arm for a moment. She brushed her shoulder and cheek when she was sure that nobody was looking at them. "Do you have time for a drink after work?"

Amber hesitated as she tied her apron into place. She picked up her notepad and tied her hair back with a pen as she thought about it. She loved the idea, but since she was breast feeding Ethan, she wasn't completely sure that she should be drinking. "I breast feed," she whispered, hardly knowing what she was doing.

Cecily smiled. She was a beautiful woman of about thirty, with flaming red hair, creamy skin, and kind brown eyes. She always dressed stylishly for work, and tonight was no exception. She was wearing a long-sleeved white blouse, a black mini-skirt, black tights, and black Prada boots. She tossed her hair as Amber kept considering, revealing sapphire earrings and a pearl necklace, which complimented her pale skin. "My sister has children," she said with another smile. "We researched together what was and wasn't allowed during and after pregnancy. You're allowed to drink, but nothing hard, so stay away from mixed drinks like tequila or a margarita. But, half a glass or two of merlot won't hurt you. That much I know..." She looked at Amber from under her eyelashes, and batted them.

"I'll have to see with my friends," Amber said, giving her a smile and crossing over to the cook, Oliver. "You need me for anything?" she asked, standing on her toes so he could see her.

He smiled and shook his head. "We're fine," he called back. "Go and make sure people are seated and everything."

Amber nodded and stepped out into the restaurant. She looked around, and saw a couple with a little girl waiting to be seated. Leah and Sophie, the other waitresses, were busy bringing food or taking an order, and the hostess had weekends off, so it was up to her. She smiled at them and crossed to the front of the restaurant. "Hello," she said, giving a special smile to the little girl. "Three?" she asked.

The man nodded. "For now," he said. "We're expecting my cousin and his girlfriend. They should be here in ten minutes or so."

Amber nodded. "All right," she said, taking out five menus which said Blackbird Cafe in pretty black font. "Would you prefer a table or a booth, sir?" she asked.

"A booth, please," said his wife; she had blonde hair curled into ringlets, and their daughter was just the same.

"Right this way, please," Amber replied, and turned around to lead them into the section with larger booths, which were circular.

Their daughter bounced ahead of her parents. "Hi," she said cheerfully to Amber.

Delighted at the friendliness, Amber smiled down at her. "Hello," she replied politely.

"I'm Joanna," she said, letting out a giggle. "It was my birthday last week," she went on. "I'm six."

Amber giggled. "I remember being six," she said. "I got a princess party and I got a lot of coloring books. What did you do?"

"I had a mermaid fairy princess party," Joanna said. "Everyone dressed up as a mermaid, fairy, or princess. I went as all of them. And my daddy took us to the zoo, and we had a picnic and pony rides."

"It sounds like you had a fun day," said Amber, finally getting them to their table. "This is where you'll be sitting, Princess Joanna," she said, giving her a kind smile.

"What's your name?" Joanna asked as she sat down.

Joanna's parents gave her an apologetic look, to which Amber smiled, letting them know that she didn't mind.

"I'm Amber," she replied.

"Do you have a little girl, too?" Joanna asked.

Amber then remembered Murphy, snatched away from her so soon. She struggled to keep calm, and smiled down at the little girl. "No," she said. "I do have a little boy. His name is Ethan."

"Do you have a picture?" she asked.

Even Joanna's parents looked interested as she took out the photo. It wasn't a real one, just a picture on her phone. "That's him," she said, smiling proudly at the beautiful baby, with blue eyes and brown hair. "He's only about a month old now, but he's getting big."

"He's pretty," giggled Joanna as Amber handed them their menus.

"Do you need more time, or should I get some drinks started?" she asked, once again in waitress-mode.

"I'd like orange juice, please," said Joanna.

Amber nodded. "I'll bring you a pretty cup," she promised. "And for you two?" she asked, turning to her new friends' parents.

"I'll have a scotch," said Joanna's father. "And what about you, honey?" he asked his wife.

"I'll have a chardonnay," she replied.

Amber nodded. "I'll need to see your I.D.'s," she said. Three minutes later, she was in the back getting all of their drinks. Their I.D.'s had checked out, and now the other waitresses were on break. She felt a presence behind her, and Cecily wrapped her arms around her waist.

She put her head on Amber's shoulder and whispered, "Have you talked to your friends yet?"

"On my break," she said, tensing up as Cecily reached up to caress her breasts. "Um...what are you doing...?"

"Shh," Cecily whispered, turning her around and kissing her. "If we had time, I'd break those damned glasses you were filling, throw you onto the counter, spread your legs and lick your pussy right here," she said quietly to Amber. "But," she said, leaning in an caressing her neck with her lips, "I know as well as you do that you have a job to do. Until later...hopefully," she added and slipped back into her office.

Amber fixed her hair and her shirt and returned out to deliver the drinks. It was a little ways to that part of the restaurant, so she didn't hear talking right away when she rounded the bend, she saw that the other members of their party had joined them. Then...she saw Mandy and Ben sitting together, the ring she'd bought for Mandy all those months ago on her ring finger of her left hand.

"When did you propose?" asked Jasper, who now turned out to be Ben's own cousin.

"He did it about three weeks ago," came Mandy's voice, slightly softer and more girly since Amber had known her.

"We wanted to tell you in person," Ben said.

"And where is Murphy?" asked Daisy, Joanna's mother.

"Unusual name, too," said Jasper. "Where'd you come up with that?"

"A friend of mine came up with it," replied Mandy. "She was in my life for a while, and then she was gone. She didn't mean much to me, anyway," she went on, and all of the table broke out in laughter.

Before any of them could see her coming, she raced back to the kitchen. It was a moment later that she got Serena, the other waitress who was always late to work, to cover for her. She called Felix and left him a voice mail, saying she'd be late that night. Then she went to Cecily's office and knocked.

"Come in," came her voice.

Amber opened the door and closed and locked it behind her. "I'm not much for fucking in the kitchen," she said, pulling down the office doors' curtain, "but if it's in an office, then I say, who's licking first?"

Cecily gave her employee a coy smile and beckoned to her. "I was pleasuring myself to you before you came in," she said quietly. She pulled at Amber so as she sat in her lap and began to unbutton her blouse. "What made you change your mind?"

"My...ex is out there," she said, and leaned in to kiss Cecily.

Cecily pulled away. "You mean Mandy?" she asked.

Amber nodded.

"The one who's been avoiding you for a month?"

Amber nodded a second time.

"What's she doing there?" Cecily wanted to know.

"Celebrating her engagement to Ben," Amber said, feeling her eyes filling up with tears.

"I thought Ben wasn't going to walk again...and how'd he managed not to get arrested for attempted kidnapping?"

"Remember...Mandy's dad is a chief of police...he must've pulled some strings or something..."

"That's right," Cecily said. "But that doesn't explain him walking..."

"Medical treatment works wonders now..." Amber said brokenly, and pulled Cecily's shirt off. She began sucking at her boss' nipples, aroused by how large she was able to make them grow. "Fuck Mandy," she said, and began to suck again. "Serena's covering for me...let's do this," she whispered, biting all over Cecily's skin. "Your skin is fantastic," she said, awestruck at its beauty.

Cecily grinned. "I've always liked young girls," she said. "I love fucking older teenagers..."

"But I'm over twenty," Amber said, pulling away. If that was the case, Amber would have come in here for nothing, and she'd feel really stupid if she had to work with a drenched pussy.

Cecily pulled Amber towards her and kissed her again, this time allowing their tongues some mingle time. "I know how old you are," she said gently to her. "And I think it's wonderful, really." She reached in between Amber's legs and felt the wetness of her pussy; her panties were drenched, and she felt herself bucking to Cecily's fingers as she arched her spine and threw her head back.

"God!" she cried, and quickly covered her hands.

Cecily chuckled. "The room is sound proof," she said.

Amber nodded and began nibbling along Cecily's flesh. She didn't know what else to do. Sure, she was attracted to Cecily, but did she really love her? Of course not. And Cecily didn't love her either. This was just a moment where physical attraction alone was determining a physical act between two consenting adults. It didn't matter. It may feel good, but they weren't in love, and it would never feel as good as it would if you were with someone that you're crazy about.

Soon, Cecily had Amber lying halfway on the desk and standing up the rest of the way. When she entered her from behind with her strap on, Amber automatically let out a groan, and felt her knees tensing at the physical pleasure of the artificial cock in her pussy. But, again, physical attraction without the emotional one dulled the experience for her. Again, it was all incredible physically, but...it just wasn't the same. It wasn't the same as Mandy, and it would never be the same.

Even as Cecily pulled in and out, bringing Amber closer and closer to an orgasm, Amber felt empty. All she could think about was Mandy, and about the first time they'd made love. The rose petals on her bed, the special preparing she'd gone through: the bathing, the soaps, the various lotions applied to her to make her as pure for Mandy as possible. The sexy outfit she'd picked out for herself, and how nicely it had set of her amazing Double-D breasts, not ruined at all by breastfeeding.

As her mind took her on this journey, she felt herself cry out as Cecily made her come for the first time. She slumped against the desk, tears running down her face, and as her body wracked with sobs. She forced herself up, however, and threw her arms around Cecily, and forced the cock back inside her. She needed another orgasm to forget this sadness dwelling within her. She knew she had to find a way to be happy for Mandy, and for the choice she was making.

Although it may be better, in the long-term, she thought, for Murphy to have both of her parents married, she just wasn't sure. She'd been with Mandy since the birth, and had been the good wife and gotten gifts for little Murphy. She felt betrayed by it all, and her knees went weak as she collapsed into another orgasm inflicted by Cecily.

She then went through the motions of taking Cecily and playfully throwing her onto the desk, and of licking Cecily's pussy until she came. Despite the good job she was doing, her heart just wasn't in it anymore. Cecily made it clear that there was no sense going out for a drink now, and Amber nodded mechanically, beyond caring. She sprayed some body spray on herself and put her clothes back on before stepping out of the office, mentally and physically drained.

Serena told her about the couple who was engaged, and Amber smiled and listened, but only halfway.

"Ben's the guy and he's crazy hot," she gushed as she served some soup for their table. "He's just got this new job, and he's going away for a week and he leaves tomorrow. He'll be going to Tokyo, and his cousins are going with him."

"What about the woman?" Amber asked. "The one he's marrying. Isn't she going with him?"

Serena shook her head, loading the soups and salad onto the tray. "No, she's in school right now," she said. "She has to take some exam or something, and she'll be joining him on the next trip, which will be their honeymoon," she said before stepping outside.

Amber knew what she had to do. She told Oliver to tell Cecily that she needed some time off, and gathered her things before stepping out into the night.

Back at the apartment, both Nathan and Ethan were in bed, and Felix and Victor were indulging in some port. They offered Amber a glass, and she gladly took it.

"You look like a wreck," Felix said, squeezing her shoulder. "What's going on with you?"

"Yeah, sweetheart, what is it?" Victor asked.

Amber sighed, beginning to cry again. "Mandy and Ben are getting married," she sobbed. "And...I fucked Cecily..."

"Why would she even marry him?!" Felix cried. "He tried to take Ethan from you! Why would she...?!" Felix took a long drink of his port and looked away, angry.

Victor shot Amber a grin. "But your boss..." He said, nodding at her in approval. "...good for you."

"I shouldn't be congratulated, I should be punished!" Amber said as loud as she could without waking the children. "I'm in love with Mandy, and that asshole Ben is going to take her away from me forever!"

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Felix asked.

Amber nodded. "Sure. I just have a week..."

"They're getting married in a week?" Victor asked.

She shook her head. "No. Ben's got this hot-shot new job and he's going to Tokyo for a week. Mandy and Murphy will not be joining him..."

"Well, you've got to do something," Victor said. "But...we'll help you," he said instantly.

"Really?" Amber replied.

Felix nodded and hugged her. "You're our friend, sweetie. Of course we'll do everything we can."

"Okay," Amber said. "What do we do?"

"You tell her the truth," Victor said simply. "Tell her about what happened with Ben, and she'll come around."

Amber sighed. "Not quite..."

"What?" Victor asked.

"She thinks the ring she's wearing was bought by Ben..."

"And wasn't it?" Victor wanted to know.

Amber shook her head. "Nope," she said. "It's the one I got her."

"No!" Felix cried, his hands flying to his mouth dramatically. "I don't believe he would do something like that!"

"Believe it, honey," Amber said, resting her head into her hands. "I have no idea what to do..."

"You tell the truth," Victor said. "Do it tomorrow after Ben leaves."

Amber made her way over to the apartment just after Ben left. She could see Mandy playing with Murphy, and walked up to the door and rang it just once. She held Ethan tightly in her arms, not wanting to ever almost lose him again.

Mandy opened the door, her face showing shock at seeing Amber and Ethan on her threshold. "Hi," she said.

"May we come in?" Amber asked.

Mandy nodded. "Sure," she said.

"Thanks." Amber walked in and looked around. Everything looked the same, but it smelled like bad shampoo and too much cologne. She went to the living room and set Ethan down against a chair, and Mandy released Murphy so as they could play.

"How've you been?" Mandy asked, keeping a firm watch on Murphy while talking to Amber.

"Fine," she said. "Where did he get the ring?" Amber said, not wishing to beat around the bush.

"Ben," she said shortly.

Amber shook her head. "No. That's a ring that I bought on the day that Murphy was born. I bought it, and a onesie that said, 'Will You Marry My Mommy?' in purple curly letters. I bought it from a man named Curtis who worked at the jewelry across the street from the hospital. And Ben tried to take Ethan away from me by insisting that he was his son. But he's not, Mandy, he's not. He's the sperm donar's kid, I swear. I love you...and I wanna marry you, and I want to raise Ethan and Murphy as the brother and sister they were intended to be."

Mandy looked at her in shock. "I--I don't--"

Amber stood up. She took Mandy in her arms. "Marry me," she whispered to her. "I'm sure now. I don't want anyone else, I just want you and Murphy and Ethan. I just want us again, Mandy, please. You do love me, don't you?" she asked.

Mandy sighed. "More than anything," she whispered.

"Why did you say 'yes' to Ben, anyway?"

She sat down. "After his accident, Dad used his ties to get him out of a prison sentence, and a trial. He also top medical attention. Then, I felt a little sorry for him, and he said he loved me..."

Amber nodded. "I know. He called me a 'lesbo' that night when I had Ethan. It was such a shock that that's why I left so soon. I was in labor, Mandy, and I needed to go."

"You're not going anywhere now, are you?"

Amber shook her head. "I'm not going anywhere. But Ben should, and only to Tokyo if they'll lock him up."

"I couldn't agree more," Mandy said, and called her father. "Dad?" she said into the phone. "It's me. I was wrong. You've got to arrest Ben, Daddy. I know what I said, but he's dangerous, I swear. Thanks...thank you so much, Daddy!" she said, and hung up. "They'll take a jet to Japan and beat them there so they can arrest him."

Amber smiled and threw her arms around Mandy. "God, I love you so much," she said.

"I love you, too," Mandy said, and kissed her with the most passion than humanly possible.

Five years later

"Murphy!" called Mandy, running outside after her. "Don't forget your lunch!" she cried.

Murphy ran back to Mandy and took her lunch box. "Thanks, Mommy," she said, allowing Mandy to kiss her on the cheek.

"Wait a minute," said Amber, rushing out of the house. "I want a kiss goodbye too, sweetie."

"Okay, Mommy," Murphy said, and kissed Amber.

"Now, I want you to keep an eye on Ethan," she said, giving Murphy a smile. "I know you'll be on the bus together and you've got class together, but you know it's a big school. I want you to stay together. Hold hands, the both of you, okay?"

"Yes, Mommies!" Murphy and Ethan said together as they skipped happily to the school bus.

As the bus pulled away, tears entered Amber's and Mandy's eyes. They gripped each other's hands as they turned around and walked back into the house.

"Planner check," said Mandy.

Amber crossed to their massive calendar and checked it out. "We've got a get together with Felix, Victor, Nathan, and Joel. We're inviting little Theresa to their family, remember? It seems like just yesterday we were meeting Joel. Thankfully he starts preschool today..."

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