Sugar Mama


On her way home from the airport, Tasha phoned her husband. He had called four times since her flight was supposed to have landed at eleven a.m. "Reid?"

"Hey, sugar. Where are you?"

"In the back of a taxi. My flight was late." Tasha pushed sunglasses up into her crop of shoulder length curls which were a muddy brick color the same tone as her brown skin. "I know I was supposed to come home for lunch, but I need a break. I can't deal with your child right now."

Reid snickered, seeming to agree that their two year old daughter was more than a handful. Thankfully, he didn't mind being a stay- at-home parent. "Yeah, I could tell you needed down time when we talked last night. I sent our child to my mother's, so you'll have some peace and quiet."

"Bless you. I was going to try and squeeze in an appointment at the spa, but I'd rather be naked in my own tub."

"I like the sound of that." He clicked his teeth. "Meetings didn't go so well, huh?"

Tasha's head dropped back against a padded neck rest. "I thought it was going great until I didn't get the funding, and you know I hate schmoozing people if there isn't a check in it."

"I told you, I'll pay for your project. It's damn near charity."

"No, thank you, Megabucks. I like you as a husband and house boy, not a sugar daddy."

"That so? You sure liked calling me Daddy that time we played, 'Please, sir, what can I do to make you buy my last box of cookies'."

Tasha blushed. Of all the freaky things she'd tried with her husband, she hadn't expected role playing to become his favorite. Arousal sparked in her eyes which narrowed mischievously. "Where are you, and more importantly, can you leave so we can meet at home and fuck? It would really help me unwind."

"Please tell me you didn't say that in front of the taxi driver."

Tasha bit her lip, but the driver's lips were spread in a wide smile. "He didn't hear me. There's a shield," she lied.

"Well, I'm tied up right now. You're going straight home?"

"Yes, thank God."

"Okay. I'll see what I can do to improve your day, sugar. Catch your act later."

"Bye." Tasha closed her phone, crossed her legs, and sighed. Even after three years of marriage, Reid's gravelly Southern drawl still made her wet. She would have to self-entertain until he got home.

Once inside their sprawling house in the mountains of North Georgia, she stopped in the kitchen for a bottle of water and then headed upstairs for a long bath. At the foot of the staircase, she nearly stepped on an envelope next to which sat a miniature cupcake tin holding one tiny chocolate cupcake. The envelope contained a note card from Reid.

He'd written, "I could tell last night that you were having a rough trip, so I stayed home to surprise you. Baby's gone for the night, and I spent the day making a special recipe that I'm calling 'Tasha-licious'. Dark chocolate, chili cupcakes with raspberry frosting. They're supposed to release happy chemicals in your brain."

Tasha licked her lips. Damn, she loved the fact her man could bake.

"You can eat the first one," he'd continued, "but bring the rest with you, please."

She popped the cupcake out of the tin and into her mouth. It was as moist and rich as a brownie, and the raspberry frosting was sinful. Hungry for another, Tasha looked at the empty tin and then up the stairs. On little lace doilies, Reid had left a cupcake trail that led up to their second floor bedroom.

Both of her mouths watered.

She collected the cupcakes in the tin as she went up the staircase. At the top, she turned down a short hall. Hanging from the knob of a linen closet, she found a frilly, yellow, and blue costume along with another note that read, "Please put this on."

Tasha carried everything to the nursery at the end of the hall, where she dressed in the sexed up Marie Antoinette costume her husband had provided. The skirt was cut almost up to her crotch in front, and trailed down to her knees in back. Instead of a wig, she wore a headband with tall white feathers, and a sapphire choker around her throat.

Giddy, she pranced down the hall in high-heeled booties, then threw open the door to their bedroom.

Wearing ratty knee pants and nothing else, tall, tanned Reid sat on a chair with his wrists loosely tied together. "Please, milady. I know I haven't paid all the taxes on my bakery, but I beg you not to make me pay with my head!"

Tasha raised a brow, summoning her character. She crossed to him and reached between his thighs, roughly cupping his cock and balls. "I'll have your head if I please, and whatever else I want, for that matter."

She felt him grow hard in her hand, and shimmied a little with delight. Marriage to a rich, White guy had never been a piece of cake, especially since Tasha insisted on running her non-profit without his help. Men like Reid typically were responsible for denying the funding she needed, so his choice of role play would provide her with more than one kind of release.

With a wink and a knowing smile, she thanked him, then hardened her expression to that of a condescending aristocrat. "Did you really think you could buy my forgiveness with sweets?"

"I hoped they might sweeten your disposition, milady."

"Impudent peasant!" She slapped him across the face.

Though his brown eyes looked a little stunned at first, Reid grinned.

Tasha set the cupcake tin on his lap, and then circled his chair like a vulture, looking for a tender spot to peck. She grabbed a fistful of his dark hair and wrenched back his neck. "I want my money, boy."

"A thousand pardons, but I don't have it to give. Is there any way I can work off the debt?"

She smacked the back of his head, and then circled to face him with her hands on her hips. "Perhaps. What are you fit for?" She looked him up and down. "Strong back, pretty face, pretty lips that no doubt tell prettier lies." Tasha grasped his jaw with one hand. "You're fit for a whore. Have you ever been used in that fashion?"


Fingertips digging into his cheeks, she leaned forward and bit his lower lip. "Would you like to be?"

"Yes, ma'am!" His Southern accent had burst forth, as bright with enthusiasm as his eyes. Reid blushed. "I mean, yes, milady."

"Then you will be my personal servant. Are you good at cleaning?"


Tasha took one of the cupcakes from the tin and put a dollop of frosting in her décolletage. "Can you clean this off?"

A breast man from way back, Reid's legs went slack, making more room for his raging erection. "Yes," he said breathily.

She licked some frosting from her fingertip. "You look like you want to."


Tasha ate the cupcake in tiny, slow bites, savoring the flavor while he watched. His eyes couldn't stay focused. They jumped from the frosting on her breast to the chocolate that she licked from her lips.

"Is your cock hard?"

"Very," he whimpered.

"Let's see it."

He held up his hands, even though the rope restraint was loose enough to slip off. Thinking he wanted to stay in character, she moved to untie him. However, when she came close enough, he tried to lick her breast.

Tasha shoved him away with a palm to his forehead. "Impudence! Now I will only allow you to eat cake." She crushed two cupcakes in her fist and crammed the crumbs in his mouth, which he ate greedily. "My hand is dirty, boy."

Brown eyes locked with hers, Reid stuck out his tongue. His raspy taste buds tickled her palm, and the wet, hot suction of his mouth around her fingers was such a turn on that she broke character and kissed him.

Tasha damn near sucked her husband's tongue right out of his mouth. Growling, he pulled her down on his lap, and chuckled upon discovering she wasn't wearing any panties. He too seemed to have gone commando beneath his threadbare britches.

"Red light," Reid said between kisses. "Do you really want me to get it out, or do you want to play around some more?"

Their tangling tongues were juicy and thick with chocolate. Tasha forgot to answer, until she felt his hand reach between them. "Wait. I want something."

"Mmm, I love that greedy sound in your voice." Grinning, he ground her down against him.

Tasha scrambled off his lap and stumbled on her heels. Head reeling with desire, she smashed another few cupcakes in her fist, and then lowered her hand teasingly toward her crotch.

"Please, please do it."

Brow raised, she made a show of deliberating, and finally reached her hand toward his mouth. She shrieked when her husband lunged toward her.

On his knees, he grabbed her by the hips. "I'm begging you, please." He dove under her skirt and kissed her thigh, but she danced away, only to laugh when he charged after her like an animal. Tasha backed into the bed and landed on her butt, giving Reid time to get on his knees in front of her.

In one desperate tug, he pried open her thighs and pulled her forward. "You'd better do it before I jump on you."

Tasha rubbed the crushed cupcake on her pussy and then cupped his mouth to push him away, but Reid didn't yield an inch. Hollering like a madman, he buried his head between her thighs and rubbed his mouth in the decadent, messy taste of her.

"I think I can feel the chili!" Tasha giggled. "It tingles!" That sensation was lost in the onslaught of his tongue and his fingers which massaged frosting into her clit. "Suck on it. Suck it off."

He did and then moved his fingers inside her, first two then three because she was so wet. Tasha rolled her hips against his tongue, harder and faster the way her orgasm demanded, until an abrupt, long suckle from his lips sent her over the edge.

As soon as her orgasm squeezed around his fingers, Reid got up and pulled off his pants. He flopped on his back and drew her on top of him, pushing inside her fast. "Ride this one out and take me with you. I know you can come harder than that."

He would surely bruise, as hard as she bucked her hips against him. Reid slammed back and soon, she was bouncing, making hard contact between his thick head and her deep seated magic spot. Tasha swirled her hips while a blinding orgasm nipped at the corners of her concentration. She pulled Reid's hands to her thighs. "Harder! Yes, baby, that's it!"

They came together in a hot, oozing collision of lust. Even her sweat seemed thicker.

"Good God!" Reid crushed his wife to him with a fevered kiss.

After her blood pressure returned to normal, Tasha she sat up and grinned at him, then looked over at the nearly empty cupcake tin. "Got any more?"

"No, but I can make some."

"Well, hop to it, boy." Smirking, she cruelly twisted his nipples. "I'm not done with you yet."


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