tagFirst TimeSuja Aunty - First & Best

Suja Aunty - First & Best


This is a work of fiction and all characters are over 18 years of age. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.


I was a late bloomer; at least in matters of sex. As a boy in a big, conservative, middle class family, I had a relatively protected and sheltered life. My values were what I learned mostly from the elders in the family; my loving parents included.

However, as young teenager at school, I was exposed to my quota of school friends and learned a few 'adult things' too. Overall, at 18 and in the junior college, I was still a novice and often the butt of ridicule by my more 'manly' friends. My average physic and looks did not exactly help me either.

But, if there was one thing that I excelled in, it was my grades. I was always at the top of the class and considered one of the brightest students, academically. This earned me the grudging respect of my peers. At home, my parents and neighbors were equally proud of my accomplishments.

We lived in a good middle class residential locality. Our home was a single storied house with three bed rooms, a drawing room, a dining room and a kitchen. We had a small garden in the front and a backyard. The open terrace at top was accessible by a staircase from the right side of the house.

To the right of our home was an empty plot. On the left side was where the Raj family lived. Raj was a thirty three year old officer who worked for the state government. His family comprised of his wife Sujata (28), a daughter (7) and a son (5). Her old widowed mother also lived with them.

Our two families were very close. My own siblings, a younger brother and two sisters, along with their kids were quite an active and noisy group in the locality. But everybody loved them. My mom and Sujata aunty were very good friends and so was my dad and Raj uncle.

Sujata Aunty was a dominant personality. She was of medium height at 5'4", medium complexioned and well built. She had big breasts and big buttocks. Her waist was attractive though not slim. Her mouth was large and generous and her lips were full and red. She was an attractive woman.

As a late bloomer, I became aware of her sexy body only recently. Even then, it never occurred to me to think 'dirty' about Suja aunty (as everybody called her), because of the moral values ingrained into me thus far by my family and teachers.

As I have told you earlier, we had a open terrace at top and I often preferred to sit there in the evenings. Sometimes I would read a book or listen to music or just relax and look at the sky and stars.

It was an evening around seven pm. It was dark and the lights were on. I was seated on a cane chair with my legs stretched; looking at the sky and relaxing. My head was more or less at level with the parapet wall that ran around the entire terrace. I was on the left side of my terrace; the side adjacent to Raj Uncle's home.

Unlike our home, Raj uncle's house had a single bed room on the first floor. This room was located on the right side of their terrace; directly across where I was sitting. This room had the old type wooden window facing our terrace. This window was large and had two sets of doors...one set for top half and the other for bottom half. The bottom windows were shut but the top were open.

I never even noticed this room earlier nor knew who used it. That evening, when the light went on in that room, it caught my attention. As our terrace was slightly higher than theirs I could look into part of the room even while seated. Very casually I looked in.

I saw Suja aunty in the room. She had her back to me and was facing a mirror fixed on the wall. She took a towel and wiped the sweat off her face. It was most likely that she finished cooking dinner and came up. Next minute she unfurled the sari and dropped it on the floor. She was now clad in her petticoat and blouse.

Seeing Suja aunty's bare waist, my breath quickened. Her hands were busy and she quickly unhooked and opened her blouse and threw it on the floor. I caught a quick glimpse of her bare back, an awesome sight for me...totally bare expanse except for the white straps of her bra.

She quickly walked to the corner of the room, opened a door and disappeared into it. I presumed that it must be an attached bathroom and my guess was confirmed when a second light showed up a ventilator covered with angular glass panes.

I was in a excited state. One part of me asked me to be a good boy, get off the chair and leave quietly. Another part rebelled and said that I must stay and watch whatever I could; it was a golden chance. If I could look, just once, at her big lovely breasts in their naked state, wouldn't that be really heavenly! Even at the mere thought, my cock became hard.

It was a one sided fight. I stayed and repositioned myself a little more strategically. In a few minutes, Suja aunty walked back into the room. She was wrapped in a large, white, Turkish towel. The towel was wrapped around her big boobs and ended high up on her thunder thighs.

Water was glistening on her bare body. I clearly saw the big half moons of her breasts and those shapely, hairless, smooth thighs. My hands went to my hard cock without any effort on my part and pulled it out. In the next few seconds I saw her big breasts bare before they were ensconced in a bra. I just had a fleeting look at them.

But that was sufficient to register the full and slightly drooping, slightly conical boobs, the dark brown aureoles, the big projecting nipples. My eyes just couldn't leave them and refused to look elsewhere. In a couple of minutes Suja aunty was dressed and she switched off the light and left the room.

I shut my eyes and masturbated to the images of those magnificent breasts.

Over the next few days, I managed to peep at Suja aunty and her nude body from the safety of the open terrace. The routine did vary sometimes. On some days, she just rushed and other days she would spend more time. Once I could clearly see the wild thatch of black hair covering her pussy which itself looked pretty big.

The routine broke one day. It was a cloudy night and rain was very much in the offing. I was in my normal position, safely hidden, when she came back into the room after her bath. However, there was a difference. The towel was wrapped around her waist and covered only her lower part. Her big breasts were totally bare.

Suja aunty did a strange thing. Instead of walking towards the mirror, she walked towards the window. She stood close to the window, displaying her boobs. Her right hand cupped her right breast from underneath and slightly lifted it, as if in offering. Her left hand reached out and started massaging it. In a trice, her thumb and fingers were tweaking her nipple which had now become hard and erect, like a small penis.

I was thunderstruck. It was clearly a blatant show and directed at me. I had no doubts about that because there was no one else around and she faced the exact spot where I was hidden (or thought I was hidden). She was careful enough to come closer to the window but not totally close, so she could only be seen from my vantage point.

It meant several things...that I was caught and she knew I was peeping; that she was now showing off to me to see her boobs clearly; that she perhaps was not upset at me. I decided to take a risk and stood up. Even though it was dark, she could certainly see my silhouette now. I stood for a second watching her for any reaction.

She gave no indication of spotting me. Instead, she started massaging both boobs with both hands, tweaking and pinching her nipples, while continuing to look in my direction.

It was then that I lost my head. I got carried away by passion and pulled out my cock. Looking directly at her, I started stroking my erect and hard cock furiously. I could see Suja aunty giving a gasp as she looked directly in the direction of my groin. My cock may not have been visible to her, but my actions were unmistakable. I ejaculated with a big spurt.

In response, she moved away quickly from the window and switched off the light. She must have dressed in the dark because I heard the door close behind her only after a couple of minutes. I was scared a little when I woke up next day. I wasn't sure how Suja aunty would react. I avoided her completely. Luckily for me, certain events unfolded that day.

Our results were out and I passed the intermediate course in first class with distinction. Everyone was very happy and there were lots of celebrations. Among the first to congratulate me was Suja aunty. She came over to our place and gave me a big, tight hug. I felt her soft, yielding body against me, particularly those glorious breasts. For a few seconds, I recalled our actions of the previous night.

Next couple of months flew in a jiffy and I was busy with a lot of academic activities that included applying for various engineering colleges, appearing for some competitive examinations for admission etc. Finally, I got admitted to a top engineering school which was located in a distant city.

A few days before my departure, I had a relatively free evening and went up the terrace. I wasn't sure but still wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of Suja aunty's voluptuous body. I settled down in my chair and waited. Sure enough, she came at the normal hour. First thing she did was to look in the direction of my chair.

She quickly removed her sari and blouse. Clad in her bra and petticoat, she walked around the room showing me her body from various angles, before walking into the bathroom. I was excited and awaited her return. She came back after ten minutes; a towel wrapped around her body glistening with a few drops of water.

Coming close to the window, she looked in my direction, smiled and let the towel drop to the floor. Her beautiful, sexy and bare body was on offer to me for my visual treat. Even as I watched, enthralled, she started fondling her big boobs. Throwing caution to winds, I stood up and moved closest to her window and pulled out my hardening dick.

Holding it in my hand, I pointed it towards her, as if daring her. In response, she moved back a little so that her mound was visible to me. Suja aunty dropped her right hand to her hairy mound and pried open her cunt lips. Pushing two of her fingers into her cunt, she started finger fucking herself even while looking at me and her mouth simulating a kiss.

I responded by stroking my penis harder, imagining it moving in Suja's big, wet cunt. We kept looking at each other and panting. I spurted in a few minutes, throwing up a big jet of sperm. Suja aunty's body convulsed and shook, a few seconds later. She blew a kiss in my direction before leaving and I had no hesitation doing likewise. A great evening to remember her, I thought.

Next day was my last day at home before I left for my college. That evening, I felt the urge to go up and watch Suja aunty for the last time, if I could. So I went up and waited for the light to switch on at the normal time. She didn't turn up and I decided to wait for a while.

Suja aunty did turn up a few minutes later; no, not in her room but on my terrace! I was so surprised by her appearance there that I was speechless. As I got up from the chair, she took my hand in hers and walked with me to a corner of the terrace behind the staircase that was in complete shadow and darkness.

Hugging me tightly to her soft and yielding body she took my hand and put it to her breast.

"Come on, play with my boobs. Fondle them. You always wanted them and were hungry for them." She whispered in my ear.

I got both my hands on her boobs and pressed them hard. Inserting my hands into her blouse greedily, I fondled them, marveling at their size, softness, tightness and silken smoothness. As I reached for her hard nipples and started tweaking them, she moaned softly into my ear.

Next second her soft hands grabbed the bulge in my pajamas.

"I want you to remember Suja aunty every night," she crooned into my ear as her hands pulled out my hard cock and started stroking it fast.

As I managed to free one hand, find her mound and press my hand hard against it, she did wonders to my balls with one hand, while pumping my cock with the other. I came bursting in her palm as she closed it around my cock head. She waited for me to empty myself and then put her palm to her mouth and literally drank my cum.

Finally she licked her palm clean even as I pushed my limp dick back inside.

"Be a good boy and study well. If you do well, you can play with aunty when you come back during vacation." She whispered into my ear and kissed my cheek.

"You are wonderful, Suja aunty," I murmured and kissed her on her cheek.

She left quickly. I left home for my engineering course the next day.

Chapter # 2

Over the next few months I was kept extremely busy by the new college, new course, new friends...everything new. Life was both busy and exciting. Having spent the first eighteen years of my life in the protected environment of my home, the hostel life was both exciting and challenging.

Suja aunty and the memories of those few minutes that last evening on our terrace never faded from my memory. Many a night, in bed, I would think of her big boobs with their longish nipples and the feel of her soft and fleshy body against me and masturbate.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise for me when I received a letter from her one day. It was a simple letter that inquired about my studies, college and hostel life. It also told me that she was very busy as usual and her family was doing well. There was no reference to what had happened between us. However, the last line of her letter was suggestive -- "Do you think of your Suja aunty sometimes?"

Busy as I was and though not very adept at writing letters, I replied her letter promptly. My reply was also innocent enough and full of details about my hostel and campus life. My reply was longer than her letter and more detailed. I ended it with -- "I think of you, dear Suja aunty, very often."

Thus started our letter writing! On an average we exchanged one letter every week. Soon our letters grew in size and it was obvious that we were both enjoying this hobby. We started exchanging more and more personal details and grew closer.

One day, I suddenly wondered what was happening and tried to analyze our relationship. I couldn't find any name for it. I was confused. She was a married woman, a mother of two and nearly ten years older than me. What was I doing writing these long letters to her? Was I trying to see her as a girl friend? I was really and totally confused.

So, in my next letter, I posed the questions to her, as delicately as I could?

Her reply took longer than usual. I was scared at the delay. Perhaps, I offended or hurt her by my questions! But I waited and waited. Then, I received her reply. It was a long and detailed reply. She must have written it over several days and hence the delay.

It was a reply that was beautiful and detailed; a reply that was revealing.

"......I was married off by my parents when I was very young. I had very little say in the matter. Everybody said I am lucky, so I must be lucky. I love my husband. He is a good man. He decides everything, I have very little say. He assumes that I hardly know about things and not capable of decisions........I have never had any close friends of my own when I was young.......Last few years I developed this strong urge to do something of my own. Something, where I have my say....."

"....I have always liked you and had a special feeling for you. You are the type of boy I would have loved to have as my boy friend in my school days. I knew that you were attracted to me and fascinated by my body. Except for your uncle no one ever touched me. I want to have a young boy friend; one that desires me with raw passion and would fulfill all my sexual fantasies. I didn't want any one. I wanted you. I wanted you because I like you and I feel safe with you........."

I was very happy to read her letter. It was a heady feeling; almost like having sex. Suja aunty wanted me to be her lover! She was in love with me and lusts for me. I felt as if I hit a jackpot. But this was dynamite. We have to be extremely careful. If any one comes to know about this it would ruin a lot of lives.

I replied her. I told her how much I loved her and her body. I told her how thrilled I was by the idea of our being 'special friends' and lovers. But I cautioned her to be very careful and destroy my letters promptly and promised to do likewise. We should wait patiently for the future when I would come home for vacation.

We became much closer after that. We were very expressive in our letters and made love through words. Suja aunty was more aggressive than ever and often took lead. We made love in so many different ways...most of them unknown to me. But, we took care to destroy every letter because each was bomb shell by itself.

After nearly a year, at last, it was vacation time and I arrived back at home.

Chapter# 3

Honestly, I was excited by the prospect of seeing Suja aunty in person after a long time. More so, now that we are 'special friends' and made erotic love to each other through our letters. I was also scared of betraying us to others, by my actions or words. So, I was under considerable tension.

But everything was fine. With everyone around and excited, Suja aunty walked in. She was dressed in a maroon red sari that looked very good on her. She was as dynamic and as attractive as ever and appeared to have a special glow. She said I had changed so much physically in the past one year. 'You have grown up' were her exact words.

For the next couple of days I was totally tied up with friends and visitors and couldn't go up to the terrace. I was able to do so only on the third evening. Suja aunty turned up at her usual time and stood close to the window. Slowly she unfurled her sari and dropped it to the floor. Looking at me, she unhooked her blouse slowly and removed it.

Clad in her bra and petticoat, she stretched her body in a lazy and sexy way, setting me on fire. I could see the half moons of her big boobs spilling out over the cups of her bra. Smiling at me, she reached behind and unhooked the bra but still held it close to her boobs. Slowly and seductively she moved the bra away, millimeter by millimeter, revealing her full and sexy breasts. Then she dropped the bra.

I shook with desire watching those big boobs, proud and full, asking to be fondled. I showed her my hands and simulated cupping and squeezing action. Her hands replicated my actions and fondled them. My cock was already rock hard with desire and all pent up passions.

I pulled it out of my pajamas and showed it to Suja aunty. She made a 'O' of her mouth that was both sexy and suggestive. As I gripped my palm around my shaft and started moving it up and down, she undid her petticoat and removed her panties. Her pussy was clean shaven now (the way I liked it) and she was obviously very wet.

Looking at each other, we masturbated and it didn't take much time to come because our passions were really pent up.

However, as I retired to bed that night, I felt dissatisfied. I realized that merely looking at each other and masturbating is not going to help either of us and we needed to establish a physical contact. We needed to touch each other. I was sure that she too felt the same way. The problem was how to get some privacy together without raising anyone's suspicions.

Next day I went to Suja aunty's place around 11 am. Her husband and kids were away. The old lady was in the drawing room watching the TV. I managed to catch Suja aunty alone in the kitchen. I slipped her the brief note I had written about our situation and the need to move to the next level -- touch and feel, not just see. I asked her to think about how we could get some privacy. I left her with the note and went back to my home.

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