"You know how it is, hon, the marketing and sales clowns move up the proposal date, and I'm stuck yet again scrambling to write my chapter for their bid package on time. I won't be home until midnight tonight." The telephone squawked in my ear, and I pulled it away. I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead as my wife complained predictably and loudly.

"Don't you think I know it's a Friday?...And, yes, I'll be in early tomorrow, too. You'll have to take Karen to her soccer match...Yes, again...Jesus! I know I agreed to take her, but she's not my kid, I'm just a step-dad and she hates me half the time anyway!"

"Squawk squawk..."

"How about if I quit and take her to the game? Then we can starve out on the street? That okay? No? Then quit yer bitchin' and help me out for a change. Goodbye! Damn! I've got work to do!"

I dropped the handset in its cradle and rubbed my face with both hands. Damn that bitch, she always made things as difficult as possible. I really didn't want to stay on with her any more, I thought. She even makes sex a chore. I sighed and opened my eyes, looking around the room before turning back to my work. Suki was standing in the doorway, looking uncomfortable. "Oh, hi!" I said brightly. "I'm sorry you had to hear that. How's it going on your side?"

"You too, huh? My husband complained too. He'll miss the baseball game tomorrow if I'm not there to take his little girl to the park." She shook her head. "They think we like it here, and they think we love to watch their kids while they...well, never mind that, Jack. I"m having some problems making my model fit the changes the front office wants. Could you come over and help?"

"Sure, let's take a look." I got up and followed Suki across the small lobby to her office, the swell of her hips and the sway of her ass under her skirt taking my mind off my troubles. Suki went around her desk and sat in front of her computer. I stood behind her and leaned over her shoulder, scanning the model on the tube and asking questions as she led me through what she was attempting to do. Her shiny black hair was tied, as always, in a long thick erotic pony tail, and it smelled faintly of apples, something I'd never been close enough to observe before.

I concentrated on my work and ignored my faster heartbeat. "There's your problem. You've got your elements switched."

She turned to look at me, her dark brown almond-shaped eyes only inches from mine. "What? Which ones? I don't see them."

I moved back a little and reached for the mouse, her soft hand slipping out from under mine. "This guy here, and that one. They're connected wrong." I pointed with the screen cursor. "Put them together here in the middle, and get rid of the elements they were mated with, and you'll be happier."

"I'll be happier?" She laughed. "They'll work together, you mean."

I blushed. "Yeah. Of course. Do that, and it should work." I took a risk and patted her hand as she reached for the mouse again. "Just yell if you have any questions. You know where I'll be."

She gave me a brilliant smile, her small teeth straight and perfect. "I'll do just that, Jack."

I sat back in front of my own computer, wondering why the hell I made that pass at Suki. I'd always been strictly professional in the office, both because I was married, and because I didn't want trouble with any hags raising sexual harassment suits. But Suki Hirashi-Anderson wasn't a hag. Half the company probably watched for her at lunch as her trim form jogged the two miles around the industrial park. I sighed. It was certainly because I'd always been attracted to Japanese girls, and Suki's delicate exotic beauty must have been copied from my dreams by the gods. Added to this was our recently shared mutual vulnerability that made me feel so close to her. I shook my head and went back to work, the smell of apples lingering in my nose.

"Hey, Jack! You hungry?" I looked up from my work. The model was coming together smoothly, and maybe we wouldn't have to spend too much time here on Saturday after all. Suki's sudden intrusion startled me.

"Yah. Don't do that to me. What time is it, anyway?"

"Nine. Want chinese?"

"I was thinking about eating Japanese, actually." What the hell made me say that? I didn't like sushi. The image of her pussy, hot, hairy, and wet, quivering for my tongue flashed before my eyes. Yeah, that's why. I was sure I was going to get slapped.

"Okay, sounds good to me." Whew, she didn't notice. "I'll run and get it, but you'll have to let me back in, they lock the doors at eight."

"Sure. Give me a call. And thanks!"

A half hour later, the telephone rang. "Food's here. Let me in," Suki's voice came over the line. I walked the hall, noticing that all the offices were dark, and so were those on the first floor. It struck me, then, that we were alone in the building. I let Suki in and took my share of the food.

Suki seemed to walk closer to me than normal courtesy would command as we went through the dimly lit halls back to our offices. I stood in the middle of the office lobby and looked over at the pile of papers on my desk, and then over at hers. I shook my head, and said, "I don't want to disturb my mess. Let's eat somewhere else."

"Okay. Where?"

"There's some empty offices upstairs on the other side, and they overlook the airport, too. Let's eat there."

We walked back out to the hall. Impulsively, I put my arm around Suki's shoulders and hugged her. She settled her head onto my shoulder and put her arm around my waist. "I've been waiting for this for a long time," she sighed.

I stopped her in the hall, and kissed her gently on the lips. "This is going to mean trouble, you know."

She gave me a kiss back. "I don't care. I don't have fun at home. You don't have fun at home. I want fun, right now, with you, and that's all that counts. Let's eat first."

Arms around each other, we walked down the row of dark offices and entered one at random. It was truly empty, with nothing but carpet to sit on, a space waiting for fulfillment. I closed the door behind us, and we sat against the wall, watching the airplanes arrive and depart. We talked, feeding each other, and I found myself actually enjoying sushi for once. The food finished, we stayed against the wall, Suki snuggled up inside my arm, her head on my shoulder again. Her fingers idly stroked my thigh and I rested my hand on her hip, rubbing gently. The airplanes flew on through the silence.

"Did you ever wonder where they're going?" she asked suddenly.

"Lately I have. I've been wishing I was on one going to the far side of the world, leaving my troubles here."

"Me too. Where would you go?"

"Me? Thailand, I guess, or Japan. I've always wanted to see Tokyo."

"My parents came to Hawaii from Kyoto. I want to go back sometime."

I laughed. "We should run away to Tokyo together."

Suki sat up excitedly. "Yes! Let's go and never come back." Her almond eyes, black in the dim light, seemed to shine with a light of their own.

"I'll do anything for you," I breathed. I pulled her to me and kissed her hot lips. Suki's arms slipped around my neck and we kissed for what seemed like hours. My hand slipped to her waist, then covered her breast, the hard nipple pressing into my palm. Suki moaned and rolled back against my raised thighs. "Take me," she breathed.

"Stand up," I whispered. I got up with her and led her to the window. We faced each other, holding hands and staring into each other's faces. The lights from the street below cast shadows on her face, enhancing her Oriental mystique. Suki's eyes searched mine as I put my hands behind her ears and gently kissed her lips. She closed her eyes and sighed.

I slipped my hands down her waist and knelt before her, worshipping her perfection. Reaching up, I unbuttoned her blouse carefully, and gently tugged it free of her skirt. I released the catch of her bra behind her, and then pulled it off one arm through her sleeve, and the pulled it off completely through the other, leaving her blouse partially covering her breasts, the fullness of them erotically suggestive in the shadowy light.

I gently kissed her smooth belly, and slowly ran my tongue around her petite belly button, resisting a powerful urge to drive my tongue into her like a spear and ravish her. I found the zipper at the side of her skirt and slid it down slowly, my tongue still circling her navel. I sat back on my heels as I loweed her skirt to the floor, my hands gliding down her strong runner's legs. Stockings weren't necessary on that firm flawlessly golden skin, it's perfection accentuated by sheer white panties that restrained her full black bush without hiding it.

Following the impulse, I lifted my face up and gently buried my nose in her panties. I inhaled Suki's clean aroma, sighing at the musky smell freshly added by her spreading wetness. I pulled her panties to the side and licked her furry crack. Her black bush was full and curly, and I nuzzled it as I licked her wet lips. Suki pressed my head into her and leaned back against the window pane, her legs spreading wider to give me access.

I licked her eagerly, spreading her lips with my tongue and circling her clit before driving my tongue deep into her moist hole. Her blouse dropped over my head and I glanced up. Suki's eyes were closed as she pinched her dark nipples and squeezed her breasts as I licked her. Soon she was moaning, "Take me,Jack, take me. I have to have you in me."

I slid her wet panties down and she stepped out of them as I stood up. Suki reached out and unbuttoned my shirt as I fumbled my belt off and stepped out of my Dockers. We stood naked before each other, and I drank in the sight of this Oriental beauty, with her perfect breasts, long hard nipples and a slender waist swelling into round fertile hips. Suki likewise absorbed my trim fit form, before she leaped onto me, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

I staggered back, but held her up, enjoying her nuzzling at my neck, and the sharp points of ecstasy where her nipples pressed into my chest. I eased her down onto my ready cock, and slipped inside her hotly lubricated pussy. She muscles squeezed my cock, and she timed her biting on my neck with the pulsing of her pussy. I leaned her ass against the glass and thrust into her, all thoughts of caution gone. Soon she was pulling me into her with her feet behind me, her pussy spasming wildly as her nails dug into my back.

I thrust even harder, the window pane creaking with the force of my effort, and soon I was yelling as intense spasms of pleasure swept through me and shooting my hot fluid into this wonderful woman. We collapsed onto the floor, a stray shot of sperm running down the window. Suki put her head on my shoulder and idly fingering my nipple. She looked up at me shyly and said, "I forgot how good sex can be. I'll really go to Tokyo with you, if you want me to."

"Want you! Let's go right now! I wasn't kidding about that. I've been thinking about you since the day you first walked in." I kissed her, and explored her fine nipple lightly with my finger tip, making it bounce. I rolled her onto her back, and slipped my still hard cock back into her dripping pussy. I stroked gently in and out, enjoying a simple pleasure in the frictionless contact, desiring only to stay inside her forever. I kissed her again, and propped myself up on my elbows, my hands under her shoulders, my face mere inches from hers.

I gazed earnestly into her dark eyes. "We'll go to Tokyo, Suki, and Thailand, too. We'll be happy together, where ever we go. But we need passports, and money, and we owe it to ourselves to get good references when we leave this job. Let's take our time, and prepare. We'll leave as soon as we can, at least two weeks to give notice, plus whatever it takes to get visas and such."

Suki hugged me and put her ankles behind my thighs, gently pulling me into her and slowly increasing the pace. "I believe you, I do. Oh! Love me harder, I want to feel you come again!"

I thrust into her, slamming her hard and suddenly onto the rug. The concrete floor under the rug had no yield, and Suki grunted at the force of it. "Faster," she whispered, "harder."

Soon we were again fucking wildly, my cock pulling almost all the way out before slamming Suki onto the floor. She came with a scream, her nails raking my back as her legs clenched tight around me. After she relaxed from her orgasm, I turned her over and fucked her doggy style in front of the window. She thrust back into me, her firm ass swirling deleriously onto my belly as I pulled her smooth hips back firmly. Soon I leaned over her and pulled her tight, grunting as I shot my seed into her again.

I let my cock slip out of her and our juices dripped down her legs. After a short while we gathered our clothes and walked naked together back to our soon to be forgotten jobs.

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