tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 04

Sultry Summer Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

Lori Salter, a slim, pretty, strawberry blonde, sat alone in her apartment, waiting for her husband to come home from work. Life hadn't been easy for the attractive young woman. Her father, an alcoholic, physically and emotionally abused her. For as long as she could remember, all Lori wanted was to be happy. And, despite the fact that she'd spent a lot of her life searching for happiness, that commodity continued to prove elusive.

Lori was twenty-five, but her lithe body, flawless complexion, and fine features made her look like she was still seventeen. She'd been married for five years and had a son, but her marriage wasn't a happy one. For some reason, she found herself recalling her first sexual experiences as she sat there, waiting for her husband.


She was still a virgin when she met a boy named Mike. She was a senior in high school and Mike, who was several years older than Lori, was a student at the local college. He was a big man on campus because he was quarterback on the college's championship football team. When he asked her out, she was thrilled...

The night of their first date, Mike picked her up in his expensive new convertible and took her to a drive-in movie. When the movie began to play, so did Mike. He pulled Lori against him, and their lips met. The touch of his lips thrilled Lori, and his thrusting tongue compounded the wild sensations that had begun to course through her young body. She hadn't dated much, and the feelings she was experiencing were new, and a bit frightening, to her.

When Mike cupped one of her breasts through her sweater, Lori experienced such a powerful rush of pleasure, she thought she was going to faint. Other guys had felt her up but, somehow, it was different when Mike did it. His touch was skillful and he seemed to know exactly what to do to make it especially thrilling.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Lori moaned.

Mike's hand slid under her sweater, pushed her bra up, and came to rest on the bare surface of her breast. His fingers gently teased her nipple, electrifying her, making the small bud of flesh stiffen. His touch sent powerful sensations racing through her. She knew she'd do anything he asked her to, just so he kept making her feel like this!

"Take your pants off," he whispered.

Eager to please, Lori slipped her slacks off, and was rewarded with even more ferocious sensations when Mike's fingers began exploring the wet junction between her legs. Lori trembled uncontrollably when Mike's fingers began to explore her virgin vagina. He moved her so she was lying on the car seat, with him kneeling between her legs.

Lori heard a buzz when Mike unzipped his pants. She raised her head, glanced down, and saw that he was holding his cock in his hand. She'd never seen an erection as big as Mike's before. He was huge! She knew what he planned to do and was frightened. She was still a virgin! What if he split her open?

"Please, Mike, don't hurt me!" she begged, "Please don't hurt me! You're too big!"

"I'm not gonna hurt you," Mike replied, his voice strained, "You're gonna love this."

He moved closer to her and, holding his erection in his hand, aimed it into her wet, virgin opening. Then, without warning, he thrust it into her. When the swollen fleshy shaft insinuated it's way into her never-before entered channel, Lori experienced a sharp pain.

"God, Mike, that hurts!" she whimpered, "Please, Mike! Stop! You're hurting me!"

Mike stopped moving. "Don't tell me you're cherry?" he asked, sounding incredulous. "Damn!" He hadn't expected this.

Lori was relived that he'd stopped moving. As she lay there, his cock still embedded in her, the pain began to pass and excitement began to reassert itself.

"Jesus, Lori, why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?" Mike asked. "I'd have been easier on you."

"I...I was afraid you wouldn't want me..." Lori replied. Feelings of passion were once more blossoming inside her. She found it more and more difficult to think, much less speak.

"Am I still hurting you?" Mike asked.

"No," Lori replied. "It...it feels kinda good now."

"If you think it feels good now, just wait," Mike told her. Slowly, he began sliding his organ in and out once again.

Lori had never felt anything like it before. Her body felt as if it were on fire. Sensations continued to boil through her as he moved.

"You're so tight!" Mike moaned, "Goddamn, this feels good! I don't think I can wait! Oh, Jesus, I can't...Ahhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" His hips went wild, buffeting Lori, and he exploded, filling her with his hot, sticky cream.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!" Lori moaned. Electrifying sensations, more delightful than any she'd ever felt before, swirled through her. The juices bathing her insides felt so good, and she loved being able to make Mike feel good.

Mike took her home after the movie ended and asked her to go out again with him the next night. On their second date, they went to the same drive-in and made love again. Once more, Lori enjoyed the experience and looked forward to the next time she'd be with Mike.

None of Lori's friends had seen her with Mike, and when she told them she was dating a college guy, they laughed at her. She didn't care. She believed she was in love and considered herself Mike's girl. She even allowed herself to imagine that, someday, they might get married.

Mike was supposed to pick her up on Friday, and Lori waited for him, filled with anticipation. It wasn't Mike who came to her door, though. It was a big guy with a bad complexion she'd never seen before.

"I'm Pete," he said. "Mike hadda study for a test tomorrow. He said I should take you out and show you a good time."

Lori wasn't sure what to do. "I...I don't know..." she said, hesitating.

Pete frowned when he heard her. "Mike said to tell ya he expects ya to take good care of his pals," he said. "He said to tell ya if ya don't wanna do what he wants, maybe he'll haveta find another girl."

Lori didn't want to risk angering Mike and losing him, so she went with Pete.

Pete wasn't the gentleman Mike was. He took her to the same drive-in she'd gone to with Mike. The same movie was still playing, but the minute he shut the car off, Lori realized Pete wasn't at all interested in the movie. He turned to her. "Let's get inna back seat," he rumbled.

Lori was frightened, and did as the big boy told her.

The minute they were in the back of his car, Pete grabbed Lori and pulled her to him. He kissed her roughly, his lips crushing against hers. He kissed her so roughly she was sure she'd be bruised. He squeezed her breasts cruelly, pinching the nipples painfully.

Surprisingly, the rough handling stirred Lori, who felt betrayed by her body. The last thing she wanted was this ape pawing her, yet that's what he was doing and on top of that, it was turning her on!

Pete pulled her blouse up and fumbled with the clasps on her bra, but he was unable to get the garment unhooked. "Damn!" he mumbled, tugging at her bra.

"Let me..." Lori started to say. She intended to help him and prevent damage to her clothing. She was too late.

With a hard yank, Pete tore the garment from her and his hands went to her bared breasts, pinching the nipples painfully, but making them hard just the same.

"Hey, you got nice tits!" Pete exclaimed. "Kinda small, maybe, but damn nice just the same!" He pulled her skirt up, pulled her panties aside, and thrust a thick finger into her pussy.

Despite the fact that Lori thoroughly disliked Pete, his crude caresses continued to excite her. She was already wet, allowing his finger to slide in and out of her easily.

"Ya want it, doncha?" the bulky boy said. "Alla girls like Pete. Once I fuck 'em, they're spoiled for anybody else."

He pushed Lori down on the seat, then bulk loomed over her. He yanked her underpants aside, then plunged his erection into her. Lori felt the massive pole invade her body and was sure he would rip her open.

Mike, showing no tenderness, began pounding into her, driving her against the car seat. Lori felt the car move and heard the vehicle's springs squeal in protest as he thudded against her. She felt no pleasure, just the huge cock sliding in and out of her, his hips bruising hers, and his massive, sweaty body pressing her down.

Suddenly, Pete stiffened and the rapid motion of his hips ceased. "Ahhhhhh!!!!" he groaned.

Lori felt the boy's hot seed spewing into her and was glad. That meant it was over. She hoped he wouldn't tell Mike what happened.

"You're really some piece 'a ass!" Pete exclaimed. He climbed off her and sagged back into a corner of the seat. He reached over the front seat and took a beer from the six-pack he'd brought, opened it, and sucked most of it down in one swallow.

They spent the rest of the evening sitting on opposite sides of the car's back seat, watching the movie. Pete finished the beer and didn't offer Lori any. When the movie finally ended, Pete drove Lori home.

Mike called the next day. Lori was angry with him and had intended to tell him that, but the sound of his voice changed that.

"Hey, darlin'," he said, "want to go out tonight?"

"With you?" Lori asked cautiously.

"Of course with me," Mike replied. "Hey, you aren't mad at me because I sent Pete over last night, are you?"

"Ah...no...I...I guess not," Lori answered. She didnt' know why she'd lied, other than that she was terrified of losing Mike.

"Great," Mike said. "By the way, Pete said he had a great time. You did good."

Lori was a little disturbed by his comment, but let it pass.

Mike picked her up later and she slid over next to him once she got in the car. This time there was no movie. He drove to a back road in a wooded area, pulled into an isolated spot, and shut the car off. Then he turned to Lori and pulled her into his arms.

When Mike kissed her, Lori was as thrilled as she'd been the first time she'd gone out with him. She felt all soft and mushy inside. Memories of what had happened with Pete began to fade from her mind.

When the kiss ended, Mike began caressing her breasts and any anger she might have felt fled. She wasn't wearing a bra and his hands moved under her sweater, onto her bare skin, bringing her nipples to rigid points pressing against his hands.

"Oh, Mike, you make me feel so wonderful!" Lori whispered.

"You like that, do you?" Mike asked.

"Oh, yes!" Lori crooned. "I...I love it! It feels fantastic!"

His hand slid up her leg, under the mini-skirt she was wearing and she parted her legs. He cupped her vagina in his hand and Lori felt as if she were going to explode.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!" Lori moaned. She had to have him again!

Mike pushed aside the leg opening of her panties and, slowly, inserted a finger into her excitement-wet pussy, then he began working it in and out. His fingers gave her unbelievable thrills and her hips began moving in time with his thrusting finger.

Suddenly, starbursts of pleasure exploded behind Lori's tightly shut eyes. "Ahhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!" she groaned. Her hips squirmed wildly on the car seat as a powerful orgasm exploded in her.

When her system returned to near normal, she looked at Mike, her eyes liquid. "What about you?" she asked. "Don't you want me?"

"I sure as hell do want you, baby!" Mike replied, his eyes hot. "How about doing something really special for me, something I'd really like?"

"Yessss!!!" she moaned, "Anything!"

"Hold my cock," Mike said. He fished his erect organ out of his pants and guiding her small hand to it.

"Ah...OK..." Lori replied. She wasn't sure what Mike was up to. Why didn't he make love to her like he'd done before? Tentatively, she wrapped her fingers around the swollen, fleshy pole. It was warm! And felt so hard!

"Move your hand up and down," Mike whispered. His voice sounded strained.

Lori did as he requested.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Mike moaned. "That's it! Keep it up, baby! That feels so fucking fantastic!"

Lori could see that what she was doing was making Mike feel good and was thrilled. Making him feel good made her feel good, too, she discovered.

"Kiss it, baby!" Mike groaned. "Go ahead, kiss my cock!"

"Kiss it?" Lori exclaimed. She made a face. She wanted to make Mike happy, but she wasn't sure she could kiss his erection. It was sick to do something like that.

"Kiss it!" Mike groaned. "Go ahead, baby, I really want you to kiss my cock!"

Lori lowered her lovely face toward his erect shaft and touched it with her lips. It didn't feel bad. It was hot. She kissed it and felt Mike jump.

"Ohhhhh!!! Babeeeeee!!! Yessssss!!!!" he moaned. "That's it!!! That's ittttttt!!!! That's what I want!!"

Lori slid her lips up and down over the surface of the engorged shaft, feeling the ridges along the sides, licking it, and stroking it with her hand at the same time. Mike's hips rose and fell on the car seat and he moaned with delight. Lori loved it that she was making him feel this good. She wondered what would happen if she took his cock in her mouth. Slowly, tentatively, she slid her lips over the crowned, purple head.

"Oh, God!! Oh, God!!!" Mike bawled, "Oh, baby, that's wild!!! Yeahhhhh!!! Suck meeeeee!!!!"

When Lori had as much of him in her mouth as she could take, she began moving her head up and down. She found Mike's taste exciting, and having his veined shaft rubbing against her lips was thrilling. His moans were exhilarating. She felt his hands tangle in her hair, holding her against him as he fucked his cock into her mouth.

"Arrrgghhhhhh!!!!" Mike moaned, his hips beginning to move faster and faster. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Lori felt the penis in her mouth begin to pulsate, then hot, sticky fluids were spurting into her mouth. She started to gag, but Mike's hands held her in place against him so she had no choice but to swallow the cream jetting into her mouth. At last, his lust spent, Mike released her.

Lori lifted her head and sat back. Her chin felt wet. She wiped the sticky residue off with her hand, then wiped her hand on her skirt.

"Jesus, baby, you sure do give great head!" Mike said as he tucked his cock back where it belonged and zipped up his pants. He slid back under the steering wheel, started the car, backed out of the secluded spot, then drove Lori back towhere he'd picked her up.

"You want to go out with me again tomorrow night?" he asked before she got out of the car.

"Ah, sure," Lori replied. She wondered if he'd want her to suck him off again, or if they'd make love.

"See you then," Mike said. Once she was out of the car, he roared off.

Lori watched him drive away, confused. She'd enjoyed pleasing him, but wasn't sure exactly what their relationship was. What she and Mike had wasn't what her friends said they had with their boyfriends. Still, she knew she'd do anything Mike asked her to do. She didn't want to lose him.

Her confusion hadn't lessened the next day as she stood waiting for him. She had a nagging feeling she was being used, but she convinced herself she was wrong. She hoped she would get another chance to please Mike like she had the night before.

Lori's heart leaped when Mike's car turned the corner and started down the road, but her elation abated a little when she realized there were two people in the car. When Mike stopped at the curb in front of her, Lori saw that the second passenger in the car was a huge black man.

The black man got out, Lori got in, then so did he, sandwiching her between the two men.

"This is Bubba," Mike said, nodding in the direction of the black man, "he's a lineman on our football team. He keeps defensive players off my back. Bubba, this is Lori, the chick I told you about. She's a real fox, ain't she?"

"Yeah," Bubba replied, his voice deep. "She's fine, real fine."

"Bubba, get Lori a beer," Mike said.

Lori didn't like beer, but she took the one Bubba offered her. She didn't want to risk making Mike angry. As they drove along, she gulped it down.

Mike headed out of town. Lori wanted to ask where they were going, but didn't. She finished one beer and Bubba got her another. As she drank the second beer, she wondered where Bubba's date was. Maybe they were going to pick her up.

Mike turned off the road, into the parking lot of a shabby roadhouse that had a row of run-down tourist cabins behind it. Mike drove to one of the cabins, stopped in front of it, and the three of them got out of the car. Mike handed Lori a key.

"Go on in, babe," he said, "I have to talk to Bubba for a minute."

Lori walked toward the cabin, realizing she was a bit light-headed. She'd had three beers and, since she never drank, was really feeling the effects of the alcohol she'd ingested. She opened the door of the cabin and went inside. The cabin was small and furnished with an old double bed, a worn dresser, and some dilapidated chairs. Through a very small door along one wall, Lori could see into the tiny bathroom. She heard the car start, then leave, then Mike came in the door.

"Bubba's got to go somewhere," he said. He walked over, took Lori in his arms, and kissed her.

As it always did, contact with Mike thrilled Lori. It also thrilled her that he was going to make love to her in a bed, not in the car again. He led her to the bed and laid her down. He sat down next to her, his hands moved under her blouse, onto her breasts and passion swept through her. All he had to do was touch her and she lost the ability to think clearly! He opened her blouse, exposing her braless breasts.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" Lori groaned when Mike's hands moved to the rigid tips of her swollen breasts. He pushed her jeans down as his lips worked over her tumescent nipples and excitement rippled through her. She moaned and lifted her hips so he could slide her jeans off. She'd never been this turned on! "Ohhhhhh!!!! Mike!!!" she mewled.

"Wow, you're really hot today, baby!" Mike said, cupping his hand over her moist pussy.

Lori's passion rose to still higher levels when Mike thrust two fingers into her. "Ohhhhhh!!!" she moaned, her hips moving in time with his caresses.

"Get on your knees," he said. "I'll show you something new."

Lori did what Mike told her. While she got into position, he slipped out of his clothes and moved onto the bed behind her. She felt the tip of his erection tease her wet, super-sensitive opening, then it began to move into her.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!" Lori moaned. She loved how it felt when Mike put his hard penis in her! His hands clasped her lithe hips and he pulled her against him, sinking into her all the way. She loved this position. He was in her so far! It felt incredible!

Lori was totally absorbed in the sensations Mike's drivingcock was pumping into her that when she thought she heard a noise, she couldn't focus on it. Then it hit her. The door! Someone had come in! She turned her head to look where the sound had come from and was shocked to see Bubba standing there. His face was a mask of lust.

"Come on, Bubba, join the party," Mike said. His hands clamped harder on Lori's slim hips and he increased the pace, and force, of his fucking.

"Noooooo!!!!" Lori moaned. "Please, Mike!!! Don't!!!" She watched as Bubba undressed. Powerful muscles rippled under his tightly-stretched ebony skin. His gigantic erection stood out from his groin; a long, black shaft with a swollen, purplish head. It bobbed in front of him as he walked toward the bed. "Please!!!" she begged. "Don't!!!"

"Come on, baby," Mike said, his tone was sharp. His fucking got harder. "Bubba's a good friend of mine, just like Pete. You better be nice to him. I promised him you would. I want you to."

Bubba was next to the bed now, his huge cock waving just inches from Lori's face. "Ever suck a black cock, sweetie?" his deep voice rumbled.

"Nooooo!!!!" Lori responded. She didn't want to, either.

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