tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 13

Sultry Summer Ch. 13

byD.C. Roi©

Carlotta awakened in the morning, turned her head, and saw her employer, Marlene Arlington, lying next to her naked, leaning on her elbow and gazing at her. Miss Arlington's green eyes hot were with desire. Then Carlotta was wrapped in Miss Arlington's arms, her employer's lips were pressed against hers, and powerful feelings of lust were coursing through her. Carlotta's arms tightened around her boss and their tongues lashed, sending sparks of passion arcing between them.

Finally, having to breathe, the two gorgeous blondes ended their torrid kiss. Carlotta gazed into her employer's eyes and said, "Please, Miss Arlington, make love to me. I need you!"

"It's all I've been thinking of since I woke up with you in my arms," Marlene replied softly. She smiled tenderly. "I do think that, given the change in our relationship, it would be nice if you were to start calling me Marlene, though. Don' t you agree?"

"Ohhhhh, Mar...Marlene, yessss!!!!" the young blonde secretary moaned when her employer began to move her hands over Carlotta's willing flesh. Pleasure began boiling and bubbling deep in the secretary's lovely body.

"I'm going to teach you some wonderful new things today," Marlene purred. "I promise you, Carlotta, you're going to love the lessons I have planned for you!"

"Ohhh, please, yesssss!!!!" Carlotta replied. "Anything, anything!!!"

Marlene's lips moved across Carlotta's chest and Carlotta realized she was already starting to become incoherent with desire. All but the sensations that Marlene's lips and hands were giving her was blotted from her mind by her boss's tender caresses.

"Please!!!!" the secretary begged her employer, "Please, Marlene, kiss my breasts!!!"

Marlene did just that, and the warmth and expertness of her oral caresses soon had exhilarating bright lights winking off and on behind Carlotta's tightly closed eyes. "Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!" she moaned, "Yessss!!!! Oh, God, Marlene, yesssss!!!!!"

The passion boiling in Carlotta roiled harder as Marlene's kisses and caresses, moving downward over her body, turned up the heat. Carlotta began to twist and turn as she struggled to get more of her flesh in contact with Marlene's. She felt the older woman's tongue probe and circle her navel.

"Annnnhhhhh!!!! Annnnnhhhhhh!!!!" Carlotta cried. Her back arched and tingles from where Marlene's lips contacted her arced into her body, adding to the turmoil already there. Carlotta knew that, soon, those wonderful lips would arrive on her vagina. Soon they would drive her past the limit of control. Soon she'd know the exquisite joy of orgasm!

"Please, Marlene, eat me!!!" the blonde secretary begged. "Oh, God, I need you to eat meeeeeee!!!!" The yearning in Carlotta's voice was unmistakable. "Oh, God! Please, eat meeee!!!!"

The sparkling lights of pleasure Carlotta was seeing in her mind flashed brighter when Marlene's mouth covered her vagina and her tongue started licking and probing into her secretary. Carlotta's hips rocked wildly with the age-old movements of love as she thrust her middle against her employer's mouth. Carlotta felt her insides tightening. Marlene's kisses and caresses had her at the point of exploding. She needed release! She had to come!

"Please, Marlene, make me come!!!" she begged, "Oh, lover, please make me come!!!"

Without warning, the maddeningly wonderful caresses stopped and Carlotta felt empty, abandoned. "Please!" she begged, "Oh, God, Marlene, don't stop!! I need you so bad!!!"

"Roll on your side," Marlene said softly.

Carlotta complied with her employer's instructions. She didn't know what Marlene was up to and didn't care. She'd do whatever her lover asked, just so she'd make her come! She felt movement on the bed, then the older woman's leg slid between hers. Marlene had moved so her head was pointing toward Carlotta's feet, the secretary realized. Then something warm and moist slid along Carlotta's leg. At first, the secretary was confused. She had no idea what her boss was doing.

"What...what are...are you doing?" she moaned.

The older woman knew exactly what she was doing. She'd long ago discovered a delightful way for two women to make love, and was about to share her knowledge with her secretary.

Suddenly, Carlotta realized that it was Marlene's wet vagina sliding up her leg. She was so turned on she was shaking uncontrollably, and the realization made her tremble even harder. Then the warmth and wetness of Marlene's vagina was pressed against hers. Their vaginas were joined! This must be the new thrill Marlene had promised to share with her! The feelings evoked in Carlotta by their joined their vaginas were unbelievable! Marlene was fucking her! The thought was so overwhelmingly erotic Carlotta almost came!

"Please, Marlene!!! Please!!!!" Carlotta beseeched her lover, "Fuck me!!! Fuck Meeeeee!!!!"

Marlene's hot, wet opening began to move against Carlotta's, mixing their lubricating fluids, sending incredible sensations into both women. Soft, super-sensitive skin rubbed against soft, super-sensitive skin as their joined pussies caressed. Marlene shifted slightly and heat and fire erupted through Carlotta as Marlene's clit and hers caressed. Like an erupting volcano, wild feelings burst over both women.

"My God!!! My God!!! Wahhhhhh!!!! Wahhhhh!!! Oh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!! My darling!!!! My love!!!! I'm coming!!! Oh, God!!!!! I'm commmmmmminnnnnnngggg!!!!!" Carlotta screamed, her hips thrashing, her vagina squirming against her lover's.

"I am, too!!! I'm comming, tooooooo!!!!" Marlene's screams of passion echoed Carlotta's. "I'm comminnngggg, toooooo, darling!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!! Oh, yessssss!!!! Oh yesssssssss!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Their beautiful bodies writhed and strained as their vaginal kiss allowed them to exchange indescribable pleasure. Then, spent, they relaxed on the bed, their legs still entwined, vaginas still touching.

"That was awesome!" Stacey said.

Miss Arlington had asked him to come to her cabin. With a gleam in her eye, she told him she wanted him to mow the lawn and help her with some repairs around her country home. The young man knew what Miss Arlington really wanted, but even so, he was surprised to hear the sounds of pleasure when he walked into the house.

Since the sounds were coming from a room down a hallway off the living room, that's where he went, and when he looked into the bedroom, he was stunned by what he saw. He knew he'd be making love with Miss Arlington, but he never expected there would be another woman there! Especially not the lawyer's gorgeous blonde secretary! His cock stiffened as he stared at them.

Carlotta, startled to hear the male voice, looked toward the doorway. The young man who had been to Miss Arlington's office for a job interview a few weeks earlier was standing there, his eyes aflame with lust, his jeans bulging. Her eyes wide, she watched him unzip his pants and take out his erection. With his rather sizeable cock jutting from his pants, the red-faced young man started walking toward the bed.

"You don't mind if Stacey joins us, do you, Carlotta?" Marlene asked.

"Ah...no...I...I guess not," Carlotta replied. Shocked as she was, she found she couldn't take her eyes off the kid's cock, the way it bobbed when he walked, and how big it was! Christ, this kid made her boyfriend Dylan look like a baby! As incredible as the experiences she had shared with her boss were, she realized that more fantastic experiences were in store. If Marlene wanted her to make love with the young man, she sure as hell would!

Marlene and Carlotta disentangled and slid into sitting positions on the bed, leaving a space between them, a space large enough for the Stacey. Marlene patted the space, looked at Carlotta, then at Stacey. "Come on, Stacey!" she said, "Get in here, we're ready for you! Aren't we, Carlotta?"

"We sure are!" Carlotta agreed.

Stacey climbed onto the bed between the ravishing women and sat down. The minute he was seated, Marlene leaned over and kissed him. Carlotta, feeling a bit left out, looked for something she could do. She kept staring at the young man's cock, then she moved down and began to suck on it. As she did, she felt his hand slide onto her breast, then his fingers found her nipple and he began to milk it to back to hardness, re-awakening her desire as he did.

After the kiss she shared with Stacey ended, Marlene joined her secretary at the young man's groin and the two women paid oral homage to Stacey's massive pole, bringing groans and cries of pleasure from him.

"Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!" he moaned, "Oh, God, that feels too good!!! You're gonna make me come!!! Ohhhhhh!!! Tooo goooodddd!!!!"

Marlene looked at Carlotta as the boy's stiff organ waved between their faces, and smiled. "Want to ride him, Carlotta?" she asked.

Carlotta surprised herself with her answer. "No," she said, "You ride him! I want to watch you!!!"

She didn't have to say it twice. Marlene immediately straddled Stacey and began lowering herself toward his cock. Carlotta held the hard fleshy wand steady as her employer sank onto it. As she watched the young man's cock spear into her boss's lithe body, she trembled. Watching them made her feel almost as if it were entering her! She lay there, continuing to gaze wide-eyed, as the young man's stiff, meaty pole continued to disappear into Marlene.

When Stacey's cock was all the way in, Marlene leaned back, her arms outstretched, her hands on his thighs. Carlotta, wanting to be involved in their joining somehow, reached for the point where Marlene's and Stacey's bodies were joined. It was just about the wildest experience she'd ever had! She could feel the boy's rigid shaft moving in and out of Marlene. She toyed with Marlene's clit and heard her employer moan. Then Carlotta bent and kissed the spot where the couple was joined, licking both of them wildly with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Marlene cried, "Carlotta!!! Oh, my, God!!!! That's...that feels so...Ahhhhhhh!!!!!...so incredible!!!!"

Stacey, losing control rapidly, began to drive up off the bed, rocking the body of the slender woman riding him. Carlotta had an up-close view of his shaft sluicing in and out of Marlene's vagina. As the yoked couple began to move more and more frantically, Carlotta lay back and watched. Marlene's breasts , her nipples erect and swollen, bobbed and danced.

Carlotta continued to watch as if hypnotized. Marlene and the boy were fucking each other wildly, right before her eyes! The sights, sounds, and smells of their frantic coupling aroused her powerfully. She felt the fluids of excitement begin to trickle down her leg.

"I'm commmminnnnnggggggg!!!!" Stacey bellowed. "Oh, God, I'm commmmminnnnnngggggggg!!!! Yessssss!!!! Yesssss!!! Take itttttt!!! Take itttttttt!!!!" His back arched, driving Marlene upward, rocking her lithe body, making her breasts shake and quiver even more violently.

"Me, toooooooo!!!! Take meeeeeee!!!! Take meee!!!!" Marlene cried, "Oh, Stacey!!! Oh, Godddd!!!!! Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Yessssssssssssssss!!! Take meeeeeeeee!!! Take meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

Their passion spent, Stacey and Marlene collapsed on the bed in each other's arms. Carlotta snuggled against them, sandwiching Stacey between her and Marlene. She pressed close to his warmth and reached across him, and laid her hand softly on Marlene's shoulder. They lay there, crushed together, breathing quietly.

Marlene moved first. She raised herself up on one elbow and looked across Stacey at Carlotta, a big smile on her face. "Did you like watching?" she asked.

"Yes!" Carlotta replied hotly. "But I think I'd like doing it better!"

"Well," Stacey said as he rolled onto his back. "You'll have to do it without me. I'm not sure I can do it again for a while."

"Then you'll have to watch," Marlene said. "Move over," she told the young man, and he slid to the edge of the bed and propped himself up with pillows.

Marlene slid over to Carlotta, pulled her secretary into her arms, and covered her lips with hers. The kiss was torrid, stoking the fires already burning in Carlotta's body into a conflagration of need. She broke the kiss and told Marlene to roll on her back. Her boss complied. Carlotta began to run her hands over Marlene's smooth skin, bringing burbles of pleasure from the older woman.

"Yes, darling, oh, yes!!!!" Marlene moaned as Carlotta's hands cupped her breasts and brought their beautiful tips to full erection. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!" The gorgeous attorney's moans increased in intensity as Carlotta suckled first one nipple, then the other.

Carlotta was so turned on she forgot Stacey was there. She wasn't aware of his rapt, feral look and growing erection. Still handling Marlene's breasts, Carlotta began to kiss down her blonde employer's slender body, wanting to taste the juices remaining from her coupling with Stacey, to make her come! Carlotta's mouth travelled across Marlene's heaving belly, through her matted pubic hair, onto her cunt.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!" Marlene groaned, "Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God, Carlotta!!!! Yessssssss!!!!!" Her hips went wild.

To keep from being bucked off, Carlotta cupped Marlene's wonderfully-shaped taut buttocks. She continued licking and sucking Marlene, tasting the juices seeping from her boss's vagina, loving it. Stiffening her tongue, she began to stab it in and out of Marlene's twitching opening.

"Yesssssss!!! Oh, darling, yessssss!!! Yessssss!!!!" Marlene groaned, chanting an ecstatic litany of pleasure as her release neared, "Oh, darling, eat meeeeeeeeee!!!! Yes, eat meeeeeee!!!!"

Carlotta felt movement on the bed, glanced over her shoulder, saw Stacey moving, and realized he had a hard-on again. She wondered where he was going, then she found out when he moved behind her, between her legs, grasped her hips, raised them, and moved still closer. She felt his cock slap against her vagina. The tip slid through her furrow, then began to move into her. Thrilled, she continued to work on Marlene, her lips and tongue driving the blonde toward ever-higher higher peaks of passion.

"My God!" Carlotta thought as Stacey's cock filled her, "This is incredible! We're making love together!" Her level of excitement was incredibly high and she knew it wouldn't be long before she came. For a moment, Carlotta felt such intense pleasure she thought she'd faint.

Carlotta's shapely back was bent, her ass was thrust up in the air, her mouth was buried in Marlene's groin and she was licking Marlene frantically while Stacey drove into her, thrilling her beyond comprehension!

Stacey rammed his tool in and out of Carlotta, grunting with each thrust. He had no idea when Miss Arlington invited him that he'd experience anything like this! He could barely keep himself from coming! The girl he was fucking, Miss Arlington's secretary, was as beautiful as her boss, and just as hot. Her tight pussy rippled around his cock as he slammed into her.

Stacey's powerful thrusts drove Carlotta's mouth against Marlene's juicy slit. Marlene clutched Carlotta's hair, pulling her secretary's face tighter against her.

"My Goddddddd!!! My Goddddddd!!!! My Goddddddd!!" Marlene screamed, her body going into spasms of joy. "I'm commmminnnnnggggggg!!!! Oh, God, my darlings!! I'm commmiinnnnnggggggg!!!! I'm commminnnnggggg!!!!"

Carlotta groaned as she, too, came, but Marlene's thrashing vagina muffled the sounds she made as she exploded with pleasure, her body rocking, shaking, exploding again and again with fierce intensely, as the young man's throbbing cock bathed her insides with wetness and heat.

"Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Stacey's bellow of joy joined the women's. His hands dug into Carlotta's ass as he came.

Carlotta didn't remember lying down, or anything else, after Stacey shot his cream into her. As her senses slowly returned, she realized she was lying between Marlene's limp legs, her head on Marlene's belly, her face covered with her boss's juices. Stacey lay atop her, still hard, still buried in her. She was thrilled. They'd come together, all three of them!

Stacey finally stirred and moved. He pulled his still-hard penis from the snug clutch of Carlotta's vagina and flopped on his back on the bed.

Carlotta felt Marlene move. She raised herself and looked up. Marlene smiled at her. Carlotta slid up onto her boss's body and kissed the older woman.

"Look at him," Marlene laughed.

Stacey lay there, his erect penis still standing up proudly.

"Think we've given him a permanent erection?" Carlotta giggled.

"That would be nice, wouldn't it?" Marlene laughed.

Stacey looked at the two women. He still found it hard to believe he was in bed with two absolutely gorgeous women, both of whom he'd fucked, but he was! And it didn't look as if they were going to stop. Not if the way they were both staring at his cock meant anything!

"I think, perhaps, we should to try to get it soft, shouldn't we, Carlotta?" Marlene said. "Do you think we can?"

"I'm game to try if you are," Carlotta said, sliding off her employer and moving toward Stacey. She kneeled atop him, lowered herself on the rock-hard shaft, sheathing him once again in her fleshy scabbard. As it entered her once more, wondrous sensations rippled through her.

Marlene kneeled over Stacey's head and lowered her juicy vagina onto his face. When his lips and tongue began to work on her, the signs of passion began to spread over her features. Carlotta groaned softly when her employer leaned forward and took one of the secretary's nipples between her lips, just as Stacey began thrusting up into her. Carlotta ground her groin against the young man's, surprised how quickly she was approaching another orgasm.

The combination of sensations from Stacey's pistoning shaft and Marlene's hands and lips on her breasts soon had Carlotta breathing raggedly. She grabbed hold of Marlene's breasts and could feel her employer's body shaking as she, too, neared the apex of passion.

Carlotta felt her orgasm building, looked into Marlene's eyes, and saw that she, too, was near. Then she didn't know anything but incredible, indescribable passion. "I'm commmminnnnngggggggggg!!!!! Oh, God!!! I'm coming again!!!" she cried. "I'm commmmminnnnnggggg aggggaiiiinnnnnn!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" While Carlotta came, she heard Marlene's moans of joy echoing hers. They clutched each other as they shared another passionate experience of exquisite joy.

After it was over, tangled in each other's arms, the three exhausted lovers nodded off into the sleep.

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