tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 14

Sultry Summer Ch. 14

byD.C. Roi©

It was Friday and Lori was in the middle of moving. She found an apartment she could afford within a few days of leaving Mel and was able to move in because the job interview she had went well.

Mr. Davis, the man who called her, seemed very nice, and offered her a job at a much higher salary than she expected to get. She was due to start work the next Monday. And the company had a day-care center, too. She owed Bill a debt of gratitude for helping her find the job, but didn't know how to get in touch with him to thank him.

Unfortunately, her brief affair with Bill had a negative effect. He had awakened her sexuality, which had lain dormant for a long time. For days now, Lori had been aware she was feeling horny, but she had no one available to help her with that problem. She was getting her new apartment cleaned and arranged the way she wanted it and was tired, so while her son Donnie was taking a nap, she decided she'd take one, too. She got undressed and slipped into bed and, exhausted from working on getting settled in her new apartment, fell asleep quickly.

Lori awakened, aware of the presence of another person in the room. Even though she didn't know who it was, she found wasn't at all frightened. That puzzled her. Her heart began to pound when her mystery lover slid into bed next to her and his hands went to her breasts, and he teased her nipples into glorious, tingling erection, filling her with long-needed excitement. Her body responded excitedly to his gentle caresses and soon Lori was writhing on the bed as intense spasms of pleasure billowed through her.

Lori groaned as the caresses of her mystery lover sent shock waves of desperately needed pleasure through her. His hands caressed her vagina, filling her with thrills. Fingers parted her vaginal lips, then began exploring her insides.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!" she moaned. "Take meeeeee!!! Please!!! Take meeeee!!!!" She needed to come so desperately! Then something let loose inside her. "Yesssss!!!!! Oh, yessssss!!!! Oh, Goddddddddd!!!! Oh, Goddddddd!!! Yessssss!!!!" she groaned, her hips jerking, delight flooding her, as she came.

The sensations evoked by her lover's hands had been wonderful, but Lori wanted more! She wanted to feel him in her! She reached for him, but he wasn't there! Frantically, she flailed at the bed, then...

...she awoke. Her hands were cupped over her middle and her fingers were buried inside her.

"Damn, it was a dream!" she said, disappointed. "It was only a dream!"

She heard her son fussing, got up, slipped into her bathrobe, and went to get him. She fed him, then took a shower and got dressed and continued to work on getting her new apartment in shape while Donnie played. As she set up their new home, she felt excited. She'd started her life over. Things were going to be different from now on. They could only get better!

At lunchtime, she ate a little, fed her son again, then she laid him down for a nap. She'd just returned to unpacking when the doorbell rang. She went to answer the door.

A good-looking young man in his late twenties stood at the door. "I'm from the cable company," he said. "You the person having cable hooked up?"

"Oh, yes, I am," Lori said. She had forgotten she'd called the cable company. She felt uncomfortable as the man's eyes traveled hotly over her, admiring her. She had no idea how attractive she was, and how spectacular she looked in the jeans and T-shirt she was wearing. "Come in, please," she told the man. She stepped aside and he walked in, carrying his tool box. "The TV's in there." She pointed toward the living room.

The cable man went into the living room, set his toolbox down, and took off his jacket. He was wearing a snug dark blue T-shirt and equally snug jeans. "He has a pretty good shape," Lori mused, "A real nice, tight butt." Then she chided herself for thinking like that. She shouldn't be ogling the strange man and entertaining such naughty thoughts.

"Would...would you like a cup of coffee?" she asked him nervously. She felt a little odd being alone in the apartment with the cable man.

"Sure," he said.

Lori made the coffee and brought it to him. Their hands touched and a jolt of electric excitement rushed up her arm. She pulled her hand away quickly. Their eyes met briefly, and Lori was shaken. She was sure she'd seen lust in his eyes.

"Thanks," he said, smiling broadly, knowingly.

Uncomfortable, Lori went back to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, noticing that her hands were shaking. "What's wrong with me?" she thought, "Why am I so jumpy?" She stood at the kitchen counter, sipping her coffee, lost in thought.

"All done." The voice of the TV repair man startled her. He was standing in the kitchen doorway, grinning.

"What?" Lori asked, feeling herself blush. "I...I'm sorry, I...I was thinking about something else."

"Your cable's all hooked up," he said. "I'll show you how to use the cable box."

Lori followed the cable installer into the living room. He stood next to the TV and Lori moved over, near him.

"This button here," he explained, "The big one. You push that to turn on both the cable box and TV. I'll show you." He pushed the button and the TV lit up.

Lori was standing where she couldn't see the picture and moved so she could. She stared at her TV set, stunned. On the screen a beautiful woman moaned in ecstasy while a man, who had his face buried in her vagina, was eating her voraciously. She never knew there were things like that available on cable. She stared at the TV, too stunned to move and her insides churned. Bill had done that to her and it felt so good! God! She hugged herself and shuddered.

"See?" the repairman moved closer to Lori, "It's amazing what's on cable these days, isn't it? Kind of a turn-on, huh?" He began stroking Lori's arm lightly.

Although she knew she should stop the man, Lori found herself unable to move. She kept staring at the TV. The scene on the TV shifted. The man in the movie slid up and jammed his huge erection into the woman, who moaned even louder and began writhing with pleasure.

Lori was stunned. She felt the cable man's hand slide down her back and begin caressing her bottom and was unable to keep passion from surging through her. She did try to fight off the taboo feelings, but her body kept responding to the man's touch, even though she didn't want it to.

"Them two, they're really goin' at it, aren't they? It's pretty hot, huh?" the repairman commented. His hands moved boldly to her breasts and he began stroking them.

Lori stood trembling while her body was assailed by lascivious feelings and her mind was flooded with guilt. Much as she wanted to, she couldn't force herself to stop watching the carnal display on TV. Her chest heaved as she tried to draw breath.

The man's touches grew brazen as, emboldened by Lori's lack of protest, he began to tease her already-erect nipples with his thumbs.

"Nooooo!!!!" she moaned weakly, "Please!!! Don't do that!!!" But, even as she groaned her protest, she brushed against the cable installer and felt the bulge of his erection pressing against her. His touch was setting her on fire! He was a stranger! She couldn't...shouldn't, be letting him do this to her!

"You got nice tits!" the cable man said. He squeezed them through Lori's T-shirt, pulling on the nipples.

Lori's legs began to shake and she sagged against the man. His hands left her aching breasts, slid down her sides to the waist of her jeans, and he began undoing the clasp that held the jeans closed.

"Please!!!" she murmured. "Please don't...don't do this to...to me."

The man ignored her pleas, opened her jeans, and slid his hand inside them, onto her bottom.

Lori wanted to run, but her trembling legs wouldn't respond. "What's the matter with me?" she thought, her mind racing desperately, "I can't believe I'm letting a total stranger paw me like this! I...I'm acting like a slut!"

The cable man pulled her T-shirt up. Without thinking, Lori raised her arms to help him get it over her head. He removed her bra, then he pulled down her jeans and underpants. When she was totally nude, his hands began moving boldly over her body and the fires of passion flamed brighter and brighter inside Lori.

"Oh, God!!!" Lori moaned, "This...this is...it's so wrong!"

"You really want it, you ain't kiddin me," the cable man whispered. "You need it, doncha?"

His hand slid between Lori's quaking legs, shocking her with exquisite sensations as it caressed her juice-soaked vagina. His fingers strummed her clit, making her jolt and twitch. Then he slipped a thick finger into her.

"Damn, you do need it bad, doncha?" the man murmured.

His hand kept moving, stirring Lori toward the release she needed so badly. Her legs sagged and he lowered her to the soft, cushiony carpet covering the living room floor. "You're really a good lookin' chick!" he exclaimed, "I'm gonna love this!"

He knelt next to Lori and began sucking her nipples. First one, then the other. Soon Lori was writhing, her head rolling from side to side, her hands pulling his face tighter against her breasts. It no longer mattered that he was a stranger whose name she didn't even know, she had to have him! Her needs were not about to be denied any longer!

"I gotta have you!" the cable man gasped and moved between her quaking legs.

Lori felt the rough fabric of his trousers as it brushed her inner thighs, then she heard the zipper of his jeans buzz as he opened them. The next thing she knew, the head of his cock was pressing against her vagina, then she went wild.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!" Lori groaned. "Don't!!! Please!!! Stop!!!"

"You don't mean that," the man said and thrust all the way into her.

Lori hated the fact that it felt so good having the stranger's cock in her, but she couldn't help herself any longer. Her hips rose, drawing him deeper inside her body.

"You want it as bad as I do, doncha?" the young man asked.

"Yessssss!!! Damn you!!! Yessssss!!!" Lori moaned.

The cable man drove into her powerfully, shaking her body as his muscular form pummeled her against the living room carpet.

In what seemed like only seconds after he started plunging into her, Lori came. "Aahhhhhhhh!!!! Aahhhhhhhhh!!!! Aahhhhhhhhh!!!! Aahhhhhhhhh!!!!" she cried. "Annnnnnggggggggg!!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!" The release she needed so badly was, at last, hers.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!!!!" her stranger-lover cried, erupting his hot juices into her spasming opening.

When their wild thrashing finally ceased, the cable man pulled his softening penis from Lori. He wiped his softening cock on her T-shirt, got up, pulled up his pants, and stood there, looking down at her. "Damn, you're some kinda fuck!" he said. "I wish I could stay longer, but I got a buncha other calls I gotta make."

Her mind a confused whirl of emotions and shame, Lori curled up in a ball on the floor, trying to make herself as small as possible. She heard the man's footsteps cross her living room, then the front door of her apartment opened and closed. He was gone. Lori finally struggled to her feet and went to take another shower. She might have been physically satisfied, but she was overwhelmed with shame and guilt.

"How could I have let that happen?" she thought as water so hot it made her skin red cascaded down on her. "What is wrong with me?"

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