tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 19

Sultry Summer Ch. 19

byD.C. Roi©

Stacey Dixon was walking down the hall of the municipal recreation building, headed for the bathroom. He was there to attend a meeting of a local youth group which had been held in another area of the building. The meeting was over, and Stacey, who had been given the job of closing and locking the hall after the meeting, was headed for the bathroom before he did that.

As he passed the rec center's office, he thought he heard muffled moans coming from behind the closed office door. Since he was sort of responsible for the building tonight, he thought he better check and see what was going on. Maybe the person moaning was sick or something.

He opened the office door a crack, peeked in, and was astonished by what he saw. His eyes widened and his cock lurched in his pants.

Samantha Armstrong, one of the other members of the teen group Stacey belonged to, lay naked on the leather sofa in the office. Her legs were spread and her hand was thrusting something in and out of her pussy.

Stacey knew Samantha fairly well. She was in his class at Jamestown High and they'd joined the youth group about the same time. He had always thought she was attractive, but he was too shy to ask her out. That didn't keep him from fantasizing about her, though. He'd always wondered what she looked like nude. Now he knew.

His classmate's breasts were small, firm, splendidly shaped, and tipped with dark circles from which jutted huge, erect nipples. Her compact, curvy body was sensational and her legs were firm and nicely-shaped, too. Light brown hair covered both her head and pubic area.

As Stacey's eyes grew accustomed to the dim light in the office, he realized Samantha was using a dildo to fuck herself. And she seemed to know exactly how to use it, too! She pushed it in and out of her slit while her hips moved up and down in response. Soft murmurs of pleasure came from her every time the fake cock sank into her.

Stacey gulped, took a deep breath, and kept watching. He was getting turned on! His pants were way too tight!

Samantha, her eyes half-open, pulled the cock all the way out, placed it in her mouth, licked it lovingly, then she again positioned the tip on her vaginal lips and slowly began pushing it back in. A soft moan emanated from her pretty lips and her hips rose upward, sucking the fake cock into her warm channel.

Stacey saw Samantha bite her lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy as the dildo disappeared into her. After it was all the way in, she lay still, her hips twitching.

Stacey wanted to rush in, tear the fake penis out of her and replace it with his real one, but he wasn't sure that was a good idea. Samantha might not want him to do that, and could scream rape, so he continued to observe while he fought a desperate battle to keep silent.

After lying still for a few minutes, Samantha began moving the dildo in and out again. It appeared, glistening with her juices, then disappeared back into her lovely body. Her free hand began a circular motion on her clit and Stacey could see tremors of pleasure wrack her lovely body. The hand holding the dildo began to move faster and faster, as did the hand stroking her clit.

"Mmmmmph!!! Mmmmmph!!!" Samantha groaned. Her moans of joy were audible, despite the fact that she had her mouth clamped shut and was biting her lip. Her head rolled from side to side on the back of the sofa and her body shook, stiffened, then shook again. Stacey realized she was coming! A susurrus of pleasure continued to pour from her and her moving hands became a blur. Finally her motions slowed and she lay still, breathing heavily, her entire body flushed.

Shaken and tremendously aroused, Stacey quietly closed the door and walked away stiff-legged. He wasn't sure what to do. As far as he knew, he and Samantha were the only ones left in the building, and on top of that he had a raging hard-on.

Stacey went back out into the meeting room, and his cock slowly began to deflate. A few minutes later, Samantha walked in. Her face was still slightly flushed from the pleasure she'd given herself, and Stacey thought she looked even lovelier than she usually did. Stacey gazed at her, not sure what to do or say.

"Are we the last ones here, Stacey?" she asked softly, then smiled.

"I...it's my...my turn to, you know, lock up," Stacey replied. He couldn't figure out the look in Samantha's eyes. Did she know he'd seen her? It almost seemed that way. "I...ah...I guess I better...ah...do...it...um, lock up, I mean, huh?" he stammered. He went around, checked all the doors and turned out the lights. Then, expecting Samantha to be gone, he returned to the meeting room and found that she was still there, grinning, her eyes bright.

"Did you like what you saw, Stacey?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Ah...like what?" Stacey stammered.

Samantha giggled. "I saw you peeking when I was in the office," she said softly. "Did you like what you saw?" She moved close to him and her body brushed against his.

"Ah...I guess...yeah, I guess I liked it," Stacey replied, finding it a bit hard to talk. Did she know how much he was turned on, how badly he wanted her? The fact that she was so pretty, and was his age, was a new experience for the young man. He had lots of lovers, but they were all his mother's age!

"I need a ride home," she purred. "Could you give it to me?"

"I wonder if she knows how that question sounds?" Stacey wondered, then as he felt her body crowding against his, he decided Samantha knew exactly what she was saying. His jeans again began getting tight.

"Uh, I think we ought to go," he stammered. "Won't your folks worry if you're late?"

"Mom's gone to see my Aunt Agatha," Samantha purred. "She'll be gone all weekend." An alluring smile curved her Cupid's-bow lips and her brown eyes sparkled.

"Oh," was all Stacey could say. Things were getting out of control. Actually, he was beginning to find the idea of making it with Smantha in the rec center a turn-on!

"I...I better turn off the lights and lock up," Stacey said. Then he remembered he'd already done that and Samantha knew it. The only room still lit and unlocked, was the one they were standing in.

Samantha walked to the door and Stacey heard the click of the lock. Then the lights went off. They were alone in the dark room. He could see her in the glow entering the room from streetlights outside. She walked toward him, smiling, then her warm anatomy pressed against him again.

"Do you want me, Stacey?" Samantha murmured. She slid her arms around his waist.

"Ah..." he croaked.

"I want you," she purred and thrust her hips against him. Her comely face was turned up, her mouth was partly open, and her eyes were wide, peering into his. The tip of her tongue slid over her lips. "It feels like you want me. You do, don't you?"

"Uh-huh!" Stacey replied. He clutched her shapely bottom and shoved his middle against her. At this point he could have been in front of a whole room full of adults and wouldn't have cared. He wanted her!

"Come on," Samantha said. She took his hand, led him down the hall to the office, opened the door and tuggd him inside. She closed the door and locked it.

Stacey stood there, immobile, his heart pounding, trying to get his breath.

Samantha walked to the sofa she'd used for the erotic performance he'd observed, turned, smiled at him, then she pulled her T-shirt off over her head. She wore no bra. She didn't need one. Her proud young breasts jutted delightfully from her chest. She slid her hands slowly down her body, unfastened her jeans, then she bent and slid them off. That accomplished, she stood up wearing only apair of white bikinis, smiling at Stacey, her chest rising and falling evenly. After letting Stacey stare at her for a few seconds, she bent, slid the bikinis down and stepped out of them.

"Do you think I'm pretty, Stacey?" the gorgeous young woman asked. She seemed to take delight in standing there, absorbing her classmate's feverish gaze.

"Yeah!" he croaked.

Samantha beckoned to him. "Why don't you come over here, Stacey?" she murmured.

Stacey shuffled across the office on wobbly legs. When he was next to her, Samantha began unbuttoning his shirt, then she stripped it from his trembling body. The touch of her soft, warm hands sent lightning bolts of excitement flashing through him.

Smantha's hands went to his belt. "I want your pants off!" she said eagerly. "I want to see what's making them bulge like that!" She slid Stacey's pants and underwear down and he stepped out of them.

"God!" she exclaimed. Her soft hands encircled his erection, permeating him with pleasure. "It's huge! I've never seen one this big! Oh, Wow!" She sank to her knees and her hands began to move maddeningly over his twitching, throbbing rod.

Stacey's legs felt like rubber. "I...I have to...to sit down..." he gasped, "or I...I'm gonna fall." He collapsed onto the sofa.

Samantha moved between his legs, continuing her soft caresses, then she kissed the tip of his swollen penis. "Yum!" she exclaimed, "You taste good!" Her lips slid over the flared purple tip and delightful, warm sensations sped through the young man as his cock slithered into her mouth.

"Oh, God, Samantha, that's awesome! If you keep that up, I'm gonna come!" Stacey moaned as indescribably delightful sensations tore through him.

If Samantha heard his impassioned warning, she gave no indication. She kept working on him, moving her head up and down. The sensations quickly became more than he could stand.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" he moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!" His come burned a trail of heat through his penis as it pumped into her mouth.

Samantha paused when the first blasts of his hot juices spewed into her mouth, then she began sucking him wildly until nothing more was left.

When Stacey was finished, Samantha released him and sat back on her heels. He looked down at her. Her mouth and chin were shiny with come, and there were even droplets of it on her adorable breasts.

"Now me!" she said urgently, "Do me, Stacey!"

They traded places. Samantha lay back on the sofa and Stacey knelt between her legs. He leaned forward and sucked a half-hard nipple into his mouth. The rubbery tip tasted of sweat. He kissed his way across her chest, licking droplets of sweat from between her lovely breasts, then his lips moved onto her other nipple.

"Yessssss!!!" Samantha moaned, her hands tangling in his hair, "Do that, Stacey, suck my tits!!! Kiss them!!!"

Stacey kissed and licked her breasts, and the rest of her wondrous body. He found her skin soft, smooth, and warm. Samantha gasped and moaned as he let his lips and tongue travel over her. Finally he arrived at her pubic hair. It was soft, downy, and partially matted from the juices of arousal which had begun oozing from her. Her hips began rocking when he began kissing her shapely legs.

"Ohhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Samantha purred, "God, Stacey, that's awesome!!! Don't stop!!! Eat me!!! Eat me!!!! Eat meeeeeeeee!!!!"

Stacey licked the soft, slippery lips of her pussy. She tasted heavenly! Her clit was firm and protuberant. His licking and sucking was clearly driving her wild. Her legs clamped around his ears, locking his mouth against her delicious snatch. He licked and sucked her and her hips moved so wildly he had to grab her ass to keep his mouth in contact with her.

"Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Samantha screamed. Stacey could hear her screams of delight even though her silken legs were clamped around his ears. "Oh, God, Stacey, don't stop!!! I'm commmmmminnnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fantastic!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, God!!! Oh, Godddddddddddddd!!!!!"

Stacey licked and swallowed Samantha's juices until her wild spasms eased, then stopped. Her legs slid off his shoulders and thumped onto the floor.

"Wow!" she murmured. "Do you ever know how to use your tongue! That was awesome!"

"I'm glad you think so," Stacey said. He stood up, holding his again-stiff cock in his hand. "Look what I've got," he said.

Samantha's eyes widened when she saw what was in his hand. "Oh, wow!" she exclaimed, her eyes gleaming. "You got it hard again! That's great! Now we can fuck!"

Stacey sat down on the sofa next to her and she climbed onto his lap, facing him. She raised her hips, grabbed his erection, and then lowered herself onto his erection.

Stacey shuddered as his cock slid into Samantha's tight, hot, wet opening. Waves of delight swept over him and his body vibrated with euphoria.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Samantha gasped, clutching his shoulders, rocking her hips, making him lash around inside her.

The tips of her firm breasts were in front of Stacey's face, so he began suckling them. His hands slid down her back and grabbed her perfect ass. He could feel her muscles tighten and relax as she worked herself up and down on his cock.

"My God!" she cooed. "Do it! Fuck meeeeee! It feels fantastic!"

Stacey thrust up off the sofa and she shoved down onto him, the friction of her clasping vaginal walls building delicious pressure inside him. He was headed for a fantastic orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Samantha moaned suddenly, her body going wild. "I'm gonna come again!!! Oh, God, Stacey!!! Oh, God!!! Oh,God!!! I'm commmmmmminnnnngggggg!!!! Aggggaiinnnnn!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

"Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! Yeaahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Stacey moaned, his thrusts rocking her, as he exploded. "Here it comes!!! Take it!!! Take it all!!!"

Afterward, they remained in the same position, Stacey's penis still hard, hilted in Samantha's tight vagina. Her head lay on his shoulder and her arms were around his neck.

Stacey rested a few minutes, then he rolled Samantha onto her back and pushed her legs apart, letting one of them drop to the floor. He knelt on the sofa, took his still-hard shaft in his hand, and guided it back into her. Once again, heat, warmth, and wetness engulfed him, sending thrills racing through his body. She was one of the most fantastic women he'd ever had!

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Samantha groaned and her eyes snapped open. "Oh, Lord! Yessssss!!! Fuck me again, Stacey!! Oh, God!! Yes!! Fuck me more!!!"

Stacey drove into her like a wild animal, making her body shake and quiver. Her head rolled from side to side, her face was a mask of lust.

"Aggggaiiiinnnnnnnnn!!! Oh, God, I'm gonnna come again!!!" Samantha wailed. "Yeahhhhhhhh!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!! Fuck meeeeeeee!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!! Yessssss!!! I'm there!!! Oh, shit!!! Oh,yes!! I'm commmmminnnnnnngggggggg!!!! I'm commmmmmminnnnnngggggg!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Unnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Stacey groaned as her snug, rippling pussy milked another eruption from him.

This time both of them were sated. Stacey withdrew his wilting cock, sat back on the sofa, and looked at Samantha. She lay there, her legs spread, and he could see their mixed juices seeping from her. He reached out and stroked her leg softly.

"I...I'm all fucked out," she said. "I don't think I could fuck again if you held a knife to my throat."

"I'm glad," he said, "I couldn't get it up again with a jack."

Samantha crawled across the sofa, slid up his body, and her arms went around his neck. She began planting soft kisses all over his face. "Finally!" she said, "I finally found someone who really knows how to make love!"

"Why me?" Stacey asked, still not sure this all had really happened.

Samantha smiled at him and shrugged. "I don't know. When I saw you watching what I was doing in the office earlier, I thought I'd give you a try," she told him. "Am I ever glad I did!"

"You know," Stacey said, "we could get in a lot of trouble if we got caught in here like this."

Samantha grinned. "Who's going to catch us?" she asked. "We're the only ones here, remember?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he said.

"I want to do this again real soon!" Samantha purred. Her warm body wriggled against him.

That sounded OK to Stacey. It would be nice to have a lover who was his age for a change.

They cleaned up, walked out through the empty building, made sure the doors were secure; then they got in his car, and headed home. Samantha snuggled against him the whole way.

When they got to Samantha's house, she gave him a quick kiss, then slid out of the car. Before she shut the door, she looked at him and smiled warmly. "See you in school tomorrow, Stacey," she said, then she closed the door and ran up the walk to her house.

Stacey waited until she was safely inside, then he drove home, smiling the whole way.

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