tagNovels and NovellasSultry Summer Ch. 26

Sultry Summer Ch. 26

byD.C. Roi©

"Why can't you come over to my place?" Samantha pouted. She'd stopped Stacey outside school, told him her folks weren't home, and invited him over. When he said he couldn't go to her house, she got upset.

Stacey really wanted to accept the nubile teen's offer, but he couldn't. He'd promised to go over to Mrs. Davidson's house.

"Look, Samantha, I really want to come over," Stacey said, pained, "Honest! But I can't. I gotta go to Davidson's."

"How come?" his companion said, placing her hands on her lovely hips. "My folks won't be home until late, we can get it on. I thought you wanted me."

"Samantha, you don't know how bad I want to come over," Stacey said, "but I can't. I have to go to Davidson's."

"Is what you have to do there better than making it with me?" she asked.

Stacey felt his face getting hot and shrugged. "I...I just have stuff I gotta do," he said.

He saw Samantha's eyes narrow. "Mrs. Davidson, huh?" she said thoughtfully, "My Dad's always talking about her. He says she's really hot. My Mom gets so pissed when he talks about her. Actually, I think he'd kinda like to get in her pants." She gazed at Stacey, then her eyes widened. "Jeezum! Hey, you and she, you aren't..."

Stacey felt his face get hotter and didn't say anything.

"You are! You're making it with Mrs. Davidson!" Samantha exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement. "Aren't you?"

Stacey nodded.

"Oh, wow!" she exclaimed. "I don't believe it!" She looked around, then took his hand and dragged him through the bushes next to the sidewalk, into a secluded grassy area. Before Stacey realized what was happening, he was lying on top of Samantha, who lay on the ground. Her mini-skirt was around her waist, her panties were off, his pants were open, and his cock was in her.

"Yeahhhh!!!!!" Samantha groaned, shoving her hips up against him. "Give it to me, Stacey!! Hard!!! Fuck me hard!!!!!"

"Yeahh!" Stacey responded. He'd gotten aroused more quickly than he believed possible. One minute he'd been standing on the sidewalk, talking to Samantha, the next he was lying on the grass, fucking the hell out of her. He held himself above her on his straightened arms and slammed down into her. "Take it!!! Take my cock, Samantha!!!" he groaned as he pounded into her.

"Oh!!!! Oh!!! Ohhh!!!" Samantha moaned softly as Stacey's body thumped against hers. Then she stiffened. "Oh, Stacey, yeahhhhh!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!" she began to wail. Her hands clutched Stacey's ass and her legs wrapped around him, locking his body against hers. Passion flashed through their coupled bodies.

"God, Stacey, I needed your cock so bad!!!" the lust-maddened girl yelled, "Shove it in me harder, Stacey!!! Harder!!! Eeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeee!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!! Nowwww!!! Now, Stacey!!! Give me your cum!!! Now!!!! Nowwwwwww!!!!" She clawed at his buttocks as she exploded.

"Take it, Samantha, here it comes!!!" Stacey yelled, spewing his seed into her spasming cavern. "Take ittttttt!!!! Take itttttttttttt!!! Annnnnhhhhhh!!! Annnnnnnhhhhh!!!!!"

"I don't believe we did this here!" Stacey gasped as they lay side by side in the grass after they finished. "God, was that ever intense!"

"It was, wasn't it?" Samantha agreed. "Damn, were you ever hot!" She giggled. "You want to tell me about you and Mrs. Davidson now?"

Surprised Samantha would want to know about another of his lovers, Stacey did tell her and, as he related the tale of how he'd become the adult woman's lover, he could see Samantha's eyes growing hot again.

"I wanna see you make it with her," she said when Stacey's story ended. "You think you can fix it so I can?"

"What?" Stacey responded, startled. This was the last way he figured Samantha would react. "Jeezum, Samantha, how...how can I do that?"

Samantha grinned at him. "I think I have an idea," she said, and began telling him what she was thinking of.

Carol Davidson was in her bathtub, soaking in the hot, foamy water that filled it. Stacey Dixon, her teen-age lover, was due to stop by after school. Carol couldn't wait to make love with the young man again. She decided to take a bath to get herself ready for the young man. The warm water relaxed her and, without planning to, she dozed off.

While she slept, she began having a most wonderful dream. Someone was cupping her breast, their touch soft and warm, so thrilling it was making her nipples hard. God! It felt wonderful! Now her other breast was being teased delightfully, the maddening attention started to make her shake with need. It felt so real! It was the most realistic-feeling dream she'd ever had!

Then Carol opened her eyes and saw Stacey's smiling face looming over her. She wasn't dreaming, what she was feeling was real! Stacey...Stacey was there and he was the person touching her breasts!

"Ohhhhh, Stacey!!!!" she moaned, "That feels so wonderful!"

His head lowered, then his lips covered hers and his tongue began to explore her mouth. Carol's arms went around the young man and pulled him down against her.

Afraid he would fall into the tub and hurt Carol, Stacey stuck his hand into the water to keep that from happening and, to his delight, it wound up between her legs. Once he got his balance, he cupped her pussy, then thrust a finger into her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Carol moaned into his mouth. Her hips began to rock, keeping time with his probing finger. God!! She was so turned on!! She needed him so badly!!!

His mouth moved it to one of her breasts. Carol almost went crazy from the combined feelings generated by Stacey's sucking lips and thrusting finger. If he kept that up, he was going to make her...

"Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Oh, Stacey!!!! I'm commmminnnnnnggggggg!!!! I'm commmmminnnggggggg!!!!!" the lush-bodied redhead cried. "Yesssss!!!! Yesssss!!!! Oh, yesssss!!!!!" Her body thrashed in the sudsy water and, by the time Carol's orgasm ended, Stacey was as wet as she was. He sat back on his heels next to the tub, looking at her, a big smile on his face.

Carol giggled. "Stacey, you're all wet!" she said.

"I guess I am," Stacey said. "But so are you."

Carol stood up in the tub and watched the glow of desire intensify in Stacey's eyes as he scrutinized her body. "Do you like what you're seeing, Stacey?" she asked.

"God, you really are beautiful!" he said softly. He reached for a towel and, when Carol stepped gracefully out of the tub, he dried her off lovingly. By the time he finished, Carol was aflame with need once more.

"Don't you think you should get out of those wet clothes and into something warm?" Carol purred. She moved closer to the young man and began to unbutton his shirt. She got it off, then undid his pants, which dropped around his feet, leaving him naked but for his underpants, which bulged delightfully, and his shoes and socks.

"My goodness, Stacey, what's this?" Carol teased, rubbing the bulge in his underpants.

"Ahhhh!!!" Stacey moaned, squirming. "You...you're going to find out real soon!"

Carol pushed the underpants down. Fascinated by the young man's erect, bobbing penis, she grasped it in her hand, stroked it gently, and felt the young man's body shake when she did.

"You keep that up," he croaked, "I'm going to make a mess on the floor!"

They went quickly out to Carol's bedroom. She fell onto the bed on her back, spread her legs, and reached for him.

Stacey fell on top of her and his erection went directly to her vagina, then slid into her, as if guided by invisible forces. Carol felt delightfully stretched and filled as the young man's meaty pole began to thrust into her. "Oh, Stacey!!! Oh, Stacey!!!!" she cried as he pounded deep into her. "Yessss!!! Oh, Stacey!!! Oh, Godddddd!!!! Take me!!! Take meeeee!!!!!"

As her teenage lover's swollen penis pumped into her, Carol's hips surged off the bed and her insides wound tighter and tighter. Having his weight atop her was beautiful, and the crush of his chest against her tender nipples added to the feast of sensual sensations she was enjoying. "Oh, lover!!!" she crooned, "So good!!! So goooodddd!!!"

The spring coiling within her snapped, unleashing a kaleidoscopic explosion of carnal delights. "Yesssss!!!! Oh, Stacey!!! Yesssss!!!" she screamed. "Oh, now!!! I'm comminnggggg!!! I'm there!!! So good!!! So goooooddd!!! Arrrrrrhhhhhh!!! Arrrrrhhhhhh!!!! Take meeeee!!! Oh, Stacey, take meeeeeeeee!!!! Stacey!!! Oh, God!!! Staceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

The young man, also enjoying an orgasm, exploded, filling her with heat and wetness. "Oh, God!!!!" he groaned. "Oh yeahhhh!!! Take ittttttt!!!! I'm commminnnngggg, toooooo!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" His hips went wild, buffeting her against the bed.

Afterward, limp, satisfied, and happy, they lay in each other's arms.

Outside Carol's bedroom door, Samantha leaned against the wall, her chest heaving, her hand clutching her groin, rubbing her clit through her silky underpants. As they planned, she'd followed Stacey quietly into the Davidson house and waited outside the bedroom door while he and Mrs. Davidson made love the first time. "Oh, Wow! Stacey really is fucking Mrs. Davidson!" Samantha thought as she listened to the rapturous sounds issuing from the bedroom. Excitement surged through her wonderfully formed young body as she pressed her earagainst the door to hear more. Her excitement rose to uncontrollable levels, her legs trembled, her nipples poked her blouse out like little fingers.

"This is awesome!" the pretty teenager thought as her hand sent delight coursing through her, "Oh, God, am I ever glad I got Stacey to tell me about this!"

Samantha climaxed along with Stacey and Carol. "Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhh!!!" She bit her lip to stifle her moans of joy as an orgasm swept through her, releasing the tension her eavesdropping had built up. Weak and spent, her chest still heaving, she slid down the wall to a sitting position on the floor.

"Oh, God, Stacey, it's always wonderful making love with you," Carol said.

"It is pretty amazing, isn't it?" Stacey agreed.

They chatted for a few minutes, and while they did, Stacey began toying with one of Carol's breasts.

Carol felt the skin around her nipple pucker, then thrills began spreading through her as the young man softly stroked the nipple, which emerged from the flesh surrounding it. "Oh, Stacey, you're turning me on again!" she whispered.

"I sure hope so!" Stacey replied, capturing her lips in a wild kiss that sent even more heat rushing through Carol, leaving her breathless. When he began to kiss and stroke her body, and she felt her loins begin to fill with the glorious congestion of need.

Samantha managed to stand up again, then she stripped off her clothes. Naked, she opened the door. She stood in the doorway a while, watching Stacey arouse Mrs. Davidson, then she started moving toward the bed.

"My God, Stacey!" Carol murmured, "I never thought it was possible to want anyone as much as I want you!" She was so intent on what the young man was doing to her, she had no idea someone else was in the room with them.

Stacey increased the intensity of his exploration of Carol's fantastic body. He was kissing her breasts and felt her quaking with need.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Carol moaned, "Oh, God, Stacey, you make me feel so good!!"

His warm lips crossed her belly, moving toward her middle. He started licking her pussy and her hips began to raise and gyrate. His tongue continued with exquisite, maddening slowness, seeking, then finding, her engorged clit, sending so much excitement into her that her back arched.

"Ahhhhh!!! Oh, God, yes, Stacey!!!!! Eat meeeeee!!! Eat meeeeeeeeee!!!!!" she shrilled. Suddenly she realized there seemed to be too many hands touching her. She opened her eyes and was shocked by what she saw. Lying next to Stacey was a girl his age. She was naked and her hands were on Carol's leg.

"No!" Carol exclaimed. She jumped to her feet and started stumbling toward the door. Weak, confused, still turned on, she leaned against the doorjamb, unable to think clearly, having barely strength enough to stand.

Stacey and Samantha got off the bed, walked to where Carol stood, took her by the arms and led her back to the bed.

"Nooooo!!!" Carol groaned as the two teenagers once again began making love to her. Despite her protestations, she was thrilled. She lay on the bed, thrills rushing through her, as two sets of hands moved over her, touching her full, perfect breasts, caressing her legs, her belly, everywhere! It was fabulous! She couldn't help herself. Her body was responding powerfully, wonderfully!

Samantha kissed her way over one of Carol's swollen breasts and took the straining nipple between her lips. A thrill rushed through her when she heard the woman's groans and saw her body arch. It was just like she'd hoped it would be. It was going to be dynamite making it with this gorgeous woman!

Carol couldn't stand it! The teenage girl's sucking her nipple felt too good! Hands were stroking her legs. That had to be Stacey. His hand moved up her thighs and brushed ever-so-lightly over her crotch and her body arched. God, it felt wonderful! Carol moaned softly.

While Stacey toyed with Carol's heaving middle, he watched, his eyes full of lust, as Samantha sucked their companion's nipples. Samantha was making the Mrs. Davidson wild. Her large nipples stood up proudly and her chest heaved. Stacey began stroking the redhead's vagina and Carol's groans grew louder.

Carol was lost in passion. Powerful feelings of lust had control of her. Her body shook, her hands tore at the bedcovers, and her moans echoed in the room as the two teenagers pleasured her. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!" she cried when Stacey's lips and tongue moved onto her pussy. Her hips rose off the bed. The teenage girl continued to send thrill after thrill into her through her breasts. Then the wet, tingling tips were cooling in the air, unattended.

Samantha moved alongside Stacey between Carol's splayed legs and her lips and tongue joined his, exploring, licking, and sucking the woman's pulsing quim. The redhead was out of control, thrashing on the bed, moaning more and more urgently as the two teenagers worked on her.

Yearning rocketed from one end of Carol's body to the other. She'd never been this turned on! She craved more and begged her young lovers to give it to her. Then even more powerful sensations tore through her when Stacey rolled her on her side and began licking and probing her anus with his tongue while Samantha's tongue continued to work on her vagina. All rational thought was swept from Carol's fevered mind. "Ggggggaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ggggggaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!" she shrieked, her body straining, indescribable joy overwhelming her. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Stacey's tongue continued to explore Carol's ass, probing the tiny pucker, thrusting into her. He grabbed her hips and hung on as the wild rotation of her hips, induced by her orgasm, threatened to buck him off.

Samantha continued to lick, suck, and thrust her tongue into the older woman's pussy.

Carol was so overwhelmed by fabulous sensations she thought she'd faint. She'd never imagined a person could be as excited as she was! She came again, then. "Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she cried, her back arched, her hands clutching desperately at the sheets, "Ohhhhhh!!!! Darlingggggggggs!!!! Eat meeeeeee!!!!! Yesssss!!! Eat meeeeeeeee!!!!! Don't stop!!!! Don't ever stoppppp!!! I'm commmminnnnngggggggg!!!! Oh, God, yesssssssss!!!!!"

Finally, her excitement ebbed, and she lay still. Stacey lay on one side of her, his head resting on her smooth, flat belly. The teenage girl, whose name Carol had yet to learn, was pressed against her on the other side.

"That was so lovely," Carol said, "but..."

"This is Samantha, she wanted to come over and meet you," Stacey said. "Do you mind?"

Carol shuddered. "God! No!" she exclaimed. She rolled on her side and pushed Samantha onto her back. "I'll show you how I feel about your little surprise," she murmured. She began by kissing Samantha and, in doing so, re-ignited the fires of desire in her own body. Then she kissed the teenager's nipples and felt her shudder. On down over the girl's fine young body Carol went, delighting in the way the girl was responding. Her moans were music to the redheaded woman's ears.

Carol slid her hands between Samantha's slim legs, onto her pussy, and began to stroke it. Samantha responded by thrusting her hips upward and moaning. "She likes what I'm doing to her!" Carol thought, delighted. She bent and kissed the teenager between her legs.

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Samantha moaned.

Stacey lay next to the two women, propped up on one elbow, watching them with fire in his eyes.

Carol teased Samantha's opening with her tongue. The girl began stroking the redhead's back and buttocks as the older woman knelt next to her licking her young pussy. Carol loved the way the girl's body moved and the sound of her moans.

"You're making me crazy!!" Samantha exclaimed. Her breath came in ragged gasps.

Finally, Carol slowly lowered her head and began lashing the girl's clit with her tongue. Samantha's body jerked and strained, and she moaned louder. Carol alternated between lashing the girl's clit, thrusting her tongue into the teenager's sweet pussy, and sucking the girl's clit into her mouth.

"You're gonna make me come!!!" Samantha groaned, her voice strained.

Carol heard the girl's impassioned cry and redoubled her efforts.

"Ahhhhh!!!!" Samantha moaned, "You're driving me nuts!!!! My God!!! Jesus!!! I'm gonna explode!!!! Wahhhhhhh!!!!! You're making me commmmmmmmmmmmmmmee!!! So gooooddddddd!!!! So goooooddddddd!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"

Samantha's body whipped and jolted for quite a while, then, slowly, her lust abated and, with the exception of a few joyous after-shocks, her urgent movements slowed.

Once more, the trio of lovers snuggled on the bed, their warm bodies pressed together, their arms and legs entangled.

"This is so wonderful!" Carol purred.

"Yeah!" her teen-age lovers chorused.

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