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It was a bright and breezy day in April. Being a Bank Holiday Andy was free to spend the day at his leisure. He got up late and breakfasted light. After catching up with the world via the daily paper he pottered in the garden, cutting back his winter honeysuckle and pulling out a few early weeds, which had already begun to show around the borders. Far from being green-fingered, he did though keep a neat garden. The daffodils and crocuses added a fine show of spring colour to an otherwise rather barren plot.

It was always a challenge to know exactly how to use his days off most fruitfully. His bedroom needed decorating by rights, but he couldn't summon the enthusiasm to make a start on that. He had a few letters to write. Too boring. He could visit his sister, but she probably had plans of her own and even then, what would he do that was really worthwhile? He could visit her any time, so it didn't seem to be a really good use of his time. Nothing obvious presented itself. He had no particular project on the go. In the absence of anything else, he decided to go for a really long run. He liked to keep fit and had put a lot of time in the gym and on the road of late and it was paying dividends. He could see he had become a bit more toned recently when he looked in the mirror and felt good. He didn't quite have a six-pack yet, but he was working on it.

A few miles away, Sally and Clare were sitting in their squad car waiting for a call. So far just one minor domestic incident had been brought to their attention and they were bored. Bank holidays often could be quiet. Longer holidays would bring out recalcitrant teenagers, who caused havoc in various ways. The evenings would see their share of drunken disorder; but day times on Bank Holidays - not a lot happened. They had parked up on a quiet lane behind some allotments. They amused themselves for a while by discussing their recent exploits in the sack.

'How did your date go the other night then Sall? You never said.'

'Hmmm, it was OK.'

'Only OK?'

'Well, there was no spark. He seemed nice enough when we met in the gym. He's quite hot and everything, but I don't know - he seems a bit immature, sort of full himself.'

'Oh, so you won't be seeing him again?'

'I don't know. I suppose if I just want a good shag, but I can't see it going anywhere if I'm honest.'

'Yeah just bed him and forget him then.'

'Fucking hell Clare!'

'Well, you know me, gobble em up and spit em out!'

'Ha ha!'

'I think you've got to get what you can, it's what they do, why shouldn't we sow our wild oats too!'

'That's true.'

'You know I'm right!'

'Erm Clare?'


'You know when you go down on a bloke, do you go all the way, you know do you let him cum in your mouth!'

'Yeah! I swallow every time. Why don't you?'

'No - I'm worried It will taste horrible and I'll wretch or something.'

'Naaah, you don't really taste anything. It's yummy, I think.'

Andy had set off and decided to try a new route. He had got tired of following his normal course and figured it would be more interesting if he just went on a random jog and followed his nose. He had gone about three or four miles when he turned into an area of rough ground, which led on to the lane behind the allotments, where Clare and Sally were parked. He could see their car in the distance and began to wonder if something had happened, their blue beacon and red stripes marking them out as the police. The girls had spotted him too and had diverted their attention from their girly chat.

'Hmmm...he's got short shorts.' Commented Sally.

'Yes, very short. He looks pretty fit too! I wonder. Do you fancy a treat Sall?'

'Why, what you got in mind?'

'You'll see.'

Clare opened the door and got out. She adjusted her short skirt.

'Hey Clare, what you up to?'


Clare stepped into the lane and intercepted Andy as he was about to pass.

'Excuse me Sir!!! Can I have a word please!'

Andy was shocked to be accosted by the policewoman. He looked her up and down and smiled.

'Hello, is there a problem?'

'Could you just take a seat at the back please sir.'


Clare opened the nearside back door.

'If you'd be so kind sir.'

Andy was perplexed, he couldn't imagine what he could possibly have done wrong.

Sally was equally shocked but turned to weigh him up and have a good look at his toned legs.

Clare resumed her seat at the front.

'I don't suppose you're aware of the regulations on outdoor clothing sir?'

'Erm... no?'

'Your shorts are very short. Too short in our opinion!'

Andy smirked.

'This is a wind up yeah?'

'Certainly not, is it?'

She turned to her colleague who nodded.

'Definitely too short.'

'Virtually indecent.' Clare added.

Andy suddenly looked serious.

'I had no idea. Indecent?'

'Definitely. Technically a breach of the peace.'

Sally nodded and looked away as she was about to giggle but hid it by pretending to cough.

'But lots of people wear shorts like this!'

'It's not a law that's enforced that often. I'll be straight with you. Pressure's on for us to improve our clear up rate and this is an easy win.'

'You have to pay a fine.' Commented Sally, suddenly getting the drift of Clare's intentions.

'A fine? I've got nothing to pay with.' Stephen indicated his running kit, which was devoid of pockets.'

'Ah, well we will have to take the payment in a different way, or at least PC Chambers will.'

Clare pointed at her colleague.

'What do you think Sally, shall we get in the back and administer the fine?'

Sally looked at Andy's shorts and licked her lips.

'You know what we were just discussing. What you've never done? Now's a good time to try!'

'Oooh, you reckon!'

'What's this about?' Asked Andy, suddenly alarmed and confused. The two Pcs opened their doors and got out of the squad car. They walked to the back and opening the rear doors, sat in the back seat.

Andy looked from one girl to the next and then looked down at their tight, short black skirts. He really, really liked girls in uniform and suddenly being sandwiched by two female police officers was too much. Their black jackets, white shirts and little chequered ties just added to the effect. It didn't feel real. He felt a sense of amazing sexual tension and quickly developed an erection, which was impossible to hide under his shorts. He shuffled awkwardly in his seat and fumbled with his increasing arousal.

'Hmmm, what's this? Are you getting naughty thoughts there sir?' Clare asked.

'Errm... well I erm.'

'Most improper. What do you think Sally?'

'Disgusting! I think he needs to be taught a lesson and then pay his fine.'

Clare turned towards him and stroked the inside of his left leg. Sally did the same with his right, but carried on up to his crotch and began to massage his balls through his shorts. At the same time Clare ran her fingers along the length of his cock, which was now struggling to burst through the fabric. Their skirts had ridden up their legs a little and now each revealed a delightful flash of white thigh between their stocking tops and skirt. The two uniformed girls continued to tease him, through his shorts. His heart was pounding, as adrenaline pumped through his veins.

'I think we need to release him and punish you properly.' Clare said.

'Definitely.' Agreed Sally.

The girls rolled down his shorts until they were at his ankles and his throbbing erection stood proudly between them. First Clare began to stroke his dick and tickle his balls until his manhood twitched with excitement and his glans was fully engorged. Before he new what was happening, Sally had bobbed her head and had his cock between her lips. She sucked him noisily as the other officer wanked him gently at the base, feeding his dick into Sally's mouth..

Eventually she came up for air and offered his tool to Clare. She drooled her spit on to the end of his penis before rolling her tongue over and around the glans. Andy began to breath deeply as he could feel his orgasm begin its inexorable course. Clare had an amazing technique and soon had his cock pulsating with sensations, which he'd never experienced before. She could feel that he was getting close and stopped fellating him abruptly.

'OK, finish him off!'

Sally smiled and went down on him again. She began to suck and wank him eagerly. She could feel his dick become more rigid as he growled with orgasmic pleasure and then unloaded his spunk into her mouth. His groin twitched and he yelled with pleasure as more and more of the milky fluid shot to the back of her throat. She held it there for a second and then swallowed the lot, in a single gulp. Sucking him dry, Sally wanked the last few drops out of the end of his dick.

'Oooh you're right Clare it is yummy!'

'Was that good?' Asked Clare, looking at Andy.

'Yes, wonderful.'

'Well, you certainly didn't come quietly.'

Sally smiled and Andy tucked his dwindling erection back into his shorts.

'Don't let us catch you wearing inappropriate running gear again then - or you know what could happen!'

'OK, thanks for the advice.'

The officers let him out of the car and he continued on his run. This was one jog he would not forget in a hurry.

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