tagGroup SexSummer '96: Step Into the Light

Summer '96: Step Into the Light


Note: This is part 3 of my "Summer '96" series. In part one, Adam and Sammi had a chance encounter during a hike in the woods which leads to sex in a canefield. In part two, the couple had sex during a study session at the library, including their first anal experience together. Comments are always welcome.

"I need it bad. I need it now. Won't you come and give me some? I need it sweet, baby, please."

Part 1

This had been the best summer of my life. (Though I guess at 18, there wasn't a lot of competition.) My summer break between graduating high school and beginning college was half over, and after my chance encounter with Sammi in the woods, I had spent as much of that time with her as possible. We were always looking for new experiences, and I had just found out that one of our favorite bands was playing nearby.

I instantly liked The Afghan Whigs when I heard their "Gentlemen" album, but I fell in love with the band on their follow-up release, "Black Love". The mixture of Sub Pop loud guitars, R&B and soul, and frontman Greg Dulli's intelligent, dark and honest lyrics meshed in a way that satisfied everything I wanted out of music. I introduced Sammi to the album and band, and she fell in love as well.

The Whigs were playing a local 1200 capacity venue and I had scored two tickets. When I told Sammi about our plans, she squealed and hugged my neck. "I love you so much. I can't wait."

The day finally came for the show and I arrived to pick Sammi up at her grandmother's house, where she was spending the summer with her mom. When Sammi came to the door, my jaw practically dropped. Sammi normally dressed in t-shirts and jeans or shorts, pretty typical clothes for teenagers in '96. Today she wore a black nine inch nails shirt with the neck ripped in a v, open to the middle of her breastbone, and with the arms cut off and sides ripped to right above where her hips started to curve. She was clearly not wearing a bra. Her skirt was black and made of a loose silk-looking material. It wasn't tight but it stopped no more than 4 inches below her crotch, showing most of her legs off. She finished the outfit with some silver chain necklaces, a black cuff bracelet and a pair of combat boots, the standard footwear of my teen years.

"You look absolutely awesome," I exclaimed.

"I thought you'd like it."

"Slutty rocker chick suits you well. And I Iike what you've done with that shirt," I added.

"Well, you know how I like to be nailed by nine inches." She gave me a wink. "I see you also dressed up."

I was wearing jeans and a Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar ringer shirt. Pretty much my standard go-to attire.

"This is just kind of what I wear," I sort of stammered. "I didn't..."

Sammi laughed and poked me in the side.

"You know I'm just shitting with you. I like what you wear," she said smiling. "I just wanted to look nice for Greg. I thought I'd try to get some of that famous Mr. Superlove," a reference to one of the band's songs.

I laughed at her joke, hugged her and we headed to the car, huge grins on our face from the excitement of the upcoming show.

It took about 30 minutes to get to the venue. We talked and listened to the new I Mother Earth album on the way. When we arrived, there were already people lined up outside the entrance, so we made our way over and joined the queue. We wanted a good spot standing on the venue floor. I thought that was the best way to see a show as you were surrounded by fellow fans and felt immersed in the music and performance. The music might sound clearer in the back of a venue, but a concert was about the experience, not perfect sound quality. I could listen to a band's album every day but seeing them live was a rarity. Music was as close as I got to religion, and on this evening, I don't think I had ever been so excited to go to church.

We stood in line for a bit and casually chatted with the other fans. When it was time to head inside, we showed our tickets and headed down a dark hallway towards a doorway on the left that opened to the stage and floor area. Once we got through the entrance, the crowd spread out as some people headed to the floor in front of the stage and some to the bar, the balcony for seats, or the merch stand. Sammi was in front of me, and as usual, I was admiring her ass. Watching her, I saw her reach both hands behind her, grab the hem of the back of her skirt and lift it up, exposing her completely naked ass to me (and anyone else that happened to be looking). I was stunned; Sammi wasn't wearing panties. She quickly dropped her skirt back down and looked over her shoulder at me, giving me a sexy smile that made my cock twitch.

I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, which it didn't seem they had, and picked up my pace so I was walking right behind her.

"Really? I didn't know you were such an exhibitionist. In this environment, it's not going to take much for someone to see your pussy."

"I don't mind someone looking," Sammi smirked. "They just can't touch."

At that Sammi reached behind, squeezed my cock and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"You never cease to surprise me," I said. "This summer has kept me permanently lightheaded with my blood spending so much time below."

Sammi chuckled. "My goal for you is hypovolemic shock by September."

I laughed, bent to kiss her, and then we headed to the concrete floor to wait for the show.

Part 2

When Howlin Maggie, the opening band, was done, we waited for the Whigs to take the stage. As soon as the lights dimmed for their performance, the crowd erupted. Input my hand on Sammi's hip, and she leaned back against me. I moved my hand down her right leg, and Sammi bent down, as if to tie her boot. When she did, her naked twat pressed against the front of my pants. Sammi pushed back, rubbed for only a few seconds and then stood up and took a step forward. When she did, I touched the front of my pants to adjust my erection, and my pants felt so damp it seemed as if I had spilled water on my lap.

Then the organ refrain of "Crime Scene Pt 1" began and we were lost to the music.

The band was tremendous, and Sammi and I rocked and sang along. Throughout the set, Sammi would lean back against me, and I would run my hands across Sammi's stomach and down her legs, letting my fingers linger on her crotch, which I knew was separated from my skin by only the minimum of fabric.

I didn't think it could get any better than being with this amazing woman who was sexy as hell while my favorite band played.

After five songs, the stage lights dimmed and a spotlight highlighted Greg Dulli. He strummed the opening chords and Sammi squealed. I knew why. "Step Into the Light" was her favorite Whigs song, the closest thing to a ballad on "Black Love".

The darkness of the venue and the lone spotlight gave the impression that Dulli was the only person in the room. "Whenever the light shines and the stillness is shaken," he sang. Once again Sammi pushed her body back against me. She took my right hand and slipped it under the hem of her skirt. I traced my finger up the smoothness of her bare thigh. Sammi put her hand over my cloth covered hand and slid my hand to the left. I was momentarily startled. Not only was Sammi not wearing panties, she had shaved off all of her pubic hair. Sammi tried to keep her labia smooth, but I loved the bushy mound of her mons. At this moment, though, the complete smoothness of her skin was the most erotic thing I had ever felt.

I slid my hand down and cupped her pussy, my palm on her newly shorn, silky skin. I continued to slide down, letting two fingers slide over each lip. She was so wet that her outer labia was already soaked. Just upon the first touch, my fingers were coated in her secretion. If I could have seen, I was sure droplets would be falling to the concrete floor.

I slipped my fingers inside, first my middle and then joining it with my third. I hooked my two fingers up and pushed, reaching for Sammi's g-spot while also grinding against her clit. I could tell Sammi was moaning, but the volume of the band covered up any sounds she was making.

Sammi put her hand over mine and pushed against my second and fourth fingers. I knew what this meant, and I pulled my hand out, repositioned all of my fingers together and jabbed them inside her. I felt her cunt stretching to accommodate my hand. I again pushed deep and used my thumb to rub her clit. Sammi ground down, fucking herself on the makeshift dildo.

Probably two minutes passed with Sammi riding my hand, when she pulled me away from her pussy and put my hand to her mouth. Sammi ran my fingertips along her lips, applying her own juices like lipstick. Then she slid my fingers into her mouth, licking her juices off.

Sammi reached behind her, unzipped my pants, and before I could protest, pulled my cock through the fly of my boxers. I was taken aback. It was one thing to finger her underneath her skirt. It was quite another to have my cock out in public. When Sammi made her mind up on something, though, I knew that no matter the ultimate outcome that I would certainly enjoy what she had planned. Sammi was not afraid to be sexually adventurous, and when she wanted something, she went for it. At this moment, she clearly wanted my cock.

My cock was pressed lightly against her ass, Sammi's skirt separating my skin from hers. She reached down between and through her legs and grabbed my cockhead. Sammi positioned me against her pussy and rubbed my dick along her lips, slicking it.

She turned her head back towards me. "Just fill me up. Take it slow. I just want to get lost in the songs while stuffed with your prick."

With her hand still on the underside of my cock, she pushed it up. She was so wet I easily slid up into her cunt. Sammi took a step to the side to spread her legs farther apart. I put my hands on her hips and with my thumbs pushed her torso forward slightly while rocking my pelvis forward in order to bury myself as deep in her cunt as possible from this standing position. Instead of thrusting, I just held myself inside Sammi, "filling her up" as she had asked. In order to keep my movement as inconspicuous as possible, I kept my prick deep in Sammi's vagina and ground the root of my cock into her pussy.

The band segued onto "Be Sweet"; the twin guitars and bass locking into a shuffle rhythm. "Ladies, let me tell you about myself. I got a dick for a brain, and my brain is gonna sell my ass to you," Dulli crooned. Sammi reached behind with one hand and squeezed my own ass, causing me to smile. The band played on and I continued to slowly grind my cock into Sammi, not really thrusting, just submerged in her pussy, as we swayed to the music, pressed against each other.

With the song change, the lights had grown brighter and I noticed a girl about three rows ahead staring back at Sammi and me instead of concentrating on the stage.

I bent my head down to Sammi's ear so she could hear me over the music and crowd. "That girl is looking at us. In front and to the left."

Sammi scanned the crowd until she saw her staring back at us.

Sammi smiled at her, grabbed her own chest and squeezed her tits. Sammi seemed to begin to thrust back harder and started grinding her hips in a circular motion, making our fucking more obvious.

Sammi tipped forward and pushed her pelvis back; then she moved forward and pushed back again. Instead of grinding, we were actually fucking. Sammi grabbed my left hand and wrapped my arm around her waist. With my arm around her, I was able to slightly lift Sammi up so that on her rock back, I could drop her weight down and my cock went deeper. Sammi had locked eyes with the girl, and after impaling herself only 4 or 5 times, Sammi started to cum. I kept lifting Sammi up and letting her slide back down my prick as she rode through her orgasm. "And baby you be sweet, be sweet, be sweet..."

All the while, the girl in the crowd looked on.

When her orgasm had subsided, Sammi stepped forward, letting my cock slide out of her and turned around to face me. She slipped my cock back into my pants and zipped me up. Sammi kissed me deeply, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my mouth into hers. Then she broke and whispered in my ear, "Just wait. You'll get to cum soon."

Sammi stayed pressed again my body while she turned back around towards the stage. My cock was still rock hard and Sammi ground back against me. After being inside her and not cuming, I was frustrated, to say the least.

The girl was still looking at us, and Sammi crooked her finger, beckoning for her to come over.

The girl made her way towards us. She was dressed in jeans and a baby doll Pavement shirt. I immediately noticed her impressively sized breasts. I loved Sammi's tits, especially how sensitive they were and how she loved to have them groped, but they weren't large; she wore a B sized bra. The voyeur girl's breasts were clearly D's. She had shoulder length black hair pulled into side ponytails and multiple ear piercings. Like Sammi, her eyes were outlined and highlighted with back mascara, another aspect to my liking...I had a weakness for goth-stye "raccoon" eyes.

Sammi put her mouth to the girl's ear so she could hear over the volume of the music. The girl did the same in reply, and then Sammi spoke one more time. The girl nodded her head yes.

Sammi turned to me and lifted her mouth to my ear. "This is Hannah. She would like to take part in our fuckery. Do you want to see me eat her pussy?"

I most certainly did. "If you're up for it, I definitely am," I yelled back.

Sammi put her hand on my crotch. "Oh, I can tell you're up," she said.

Sammi took Hannah's hand, and while I followed, the girls headed back out the concert floor entrance and into the hallway. Back towards the venue entrance were more doors on the right. The girls headed that way and behind the entrance to the bar was a door marked "Employees Only".

Sammi tried the knob. The door opened and we went inside. The room was a storage closet full of mainly cleaning supplies. "They shouldn't need anything in here during the show," Sammi remarked.

While it was nowhere near as loud in the closet as by the stage, the band was still very audible. "Going to Town" was filling the air.

For the first time, I heard Hannah's voice. "I couldn't believe you just took his cock right there in public in the middle of the show," she said looking into Sammi's eyes. "It was so hot."

Sammi planted her mouth on Hannah's, kissing her hard and wet. Their mouths made sucking sounds. Sammi moved her mouth back and Hannah's tongue came with it. It was surprisingly long, like some sort of Gene Simmons tongue, and Sammi's slurped on it, sliding her mouth back down Hannah's tongue like she did so frequently to my cock.

The music continued while I watched my girlfriend and her new friend make out. "I want them all to stop and stare when we take 'em down," Greg sang as Sammi slipped her hands under Hannah's shirt and lifted it, taking her mouth off Hannah's just long enough to pull the shirt over her head.

I had been anticipating this moment as Hannah's tits came into view, unencumbered by a bra. They were large and looked soft with only the slightest sag. The nipples were large, about the size of silver dollars, and light pink; the pointed tips like bullets I wanted to fire into my mouth, each nipple pierced with silver dumbells.

Sammi grabbed each breast and squeezed. "How do you like these tits, Adam?" she asked.

"They're magnificent. I love the piercings."

"I thought you would. I saw you stare at her tits as soon as Hannah headed our way," Sammi laughed.

"They definitely are awesome," Sammi said, continuing to maul them. "Guess we should do as Greg says...time to go to town."

Sammi bent her head, latched onto Hannah's left nipple, then sucked as much of her breast into her mouth as could fit.

She spit Hannah's tits out and licked her saliva from the teat. "Come join me, Adam. It's not every day your girlfriend lets you suck on a pair of tits this divine."

I approached Hannah. She reached with her right hand and brought my face towards her breast, which I engulfed. I began sucking greedily, running my tongue around her piercing; then I pulled my head back, drawing her nipple taught with my suction. I ran my left hand up her side and under her breast, feeling the heft in my hand, and then I squeezed while I lightly ground my teeth down, feeling the hard metal roll between them.

Sammi continued her previous thought, "...And certainly don't expect it to happen again." She laughed and ruffled the back of my hair. "You know you don't have to seem so eager."

Sammi went back to Hannah's left breast. I looked over. It was unbelievable to be sucking on a girl's breasts with my girlfriend, the breasts of a girl I hadn't even spoken to.

We a sucked and licked and bit Hannah's tits. She softly moaned while holding both of our heads tightly to her, as if babies suckling.

Sammi let go of her breast first and once again feasted on Hannah's mouth. I stepped back to watch them. Sammi took Hannah's hand in hers and slid it under Sammi's skirt.

"I thought you said they couldn't touch," I reminded her.

"I'm going to make this exception," Sammi said, smiling at me.

I pulled Sammi's skirt up over her ass. I watched as two of Hannah's fingers slid into Sammi's pussy. Sammi was already whimpering.

I dropped to my knees behind Sammi and spread her cheeks. Her juices were already glistening on her thighs. I stuck my tongue out, lighting teasing her asshole. Sammi reached behind and pulled my head into her, so I pushed my tongue past her rosebud and slipped it inside, rolling it inside her asshole.

"Oh god, that's good," Sammi moaned. "Fuck me harder, Hannah."

I could hear Hannah increase her assault, plunging her fingers harder and faster into Sammi's snatch. I knew it wouldn't be long before Sammi was cumming, and as if on cue, she let out a shriek. "Yyeeesssssss. Ugh, ugh, ugh," Sammi moaned with each plunge from Hannah's frantic fingering.

As Sammi's orgasm was hard and swift. After about 15 seconds, I felt her body relax; her weight came down on my face and Hannah's hand. I stood and grabbed her ass, carrying her weight until she recovered from the pleasure that had ripped through her.

"That was good. You definitely know how to use your fingers," she said to Hannah. "Your turn." Sammi unbuttoned Hannah's jeans and pulled them down. Just as she hadn't been wearing a bra, Hannah wasn't wearing any panties either. Hannah used her foot to pull her jeans to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Like Sammi, Hannah was also cleanly shaven. Whereas Sammi's pussy lips were full and puffy, Hannah's were longer and thinner. Her glistening pussy looked inviting, which Sammi must have also thought, as she immediately dropped to her knees and buried her face in Hannah's twat.

I knew Sammi had been with girls before, and frankly, it turned me on. I stepped back so I could watch Sammi eat out her new friend.

Sammi licked Hannah's lips, first running her tongue over each labia, then drawing back and lightly darting her tongue over her entire slit. Sammi alternated with this approach.

"That's good, so good," Hannah said. "But please. I want to cum. Make me cum. Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Suck my clit."

Sammi loved to give pleasure, and she obliged, attacking Hannah's cunt with her mouth. She kissed, darted her tongue inside, sucked on Hannah's lips and then her clit. Finally, Sammi used her tongue to split Hannah's pussy, stuck her tongue deep into her vagina, and then pulled up, mashing her tongue against the roof of Sammi's twat. At the same time, Sammi sucked on Hannah's clit, which was enough for Hannah, and she came.

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