tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSummer: A Season of Weddings

Summer: A Season of Weddings


"She needs it badly, so you might as well be the one to give it to her."

With that simple statement, my loving wife had started the cavalcade of events that led to me being out here, in an alcove behind the banquet hall's kitchens, dry humping her best friend up against a bare concrete wall. Siobhan's flaming red and black dress was hiked up above her ample ass, her lacy black panties begging to be torn asunder, allowing my hands to freely roam her bountiful flesh, as our tongues twirled together in each others mouth, Siobhan's fingers tugging my hair as she held me there with desperate hunger.

We did not stay that way for long. It was inevitable that Siobhan broke the kiss, her hands pulling my head back, and shoving my nose down toward that tanned cleavage she was so proud to display. I instinctively licked away the rivulets of perspiration dotting her upper slopes. All the while, my cock was stiffer than it had been in years, rubbing against Siobhan's wet steamy cunt, separated only by a few thin layers of cloth.

"Emily is such a lucky girl - are you sure she's okay with this?" Siobhan moaned, as one of my hands moved without me consciously willing it, following the curve of thigh from ass to cunt, pushing aside the flimsy lingerie, probing labia, pausing before penetration.

I lifted my mouth to whisper into her ear.

"It was her idea - she knew you needed it. I did a quick double take when she said that, I must admit, not quite believing what I seemed to be hearing - my loving wife was suggesting that I get something - not quite clear just WHAT - going with her best friend."

Siobhan laughed lustily, right from her womanly belly. "Trust Emily not to draw limits."

She pulled her bra down, popping a tit loose, exposing an erect nipple to my lips.

It had been a typically boring family wedding thus far. We had a lot more fun a few weeks earlier taking Siobhan shoe shopping. My girl and her girl both loved style, and enjoyed feeding my shoe fetish. They really were amazing. Siobhan had worn the most fabulous shoes to the wedding, along with smoky seamed stockings which drew my hungry eyes toward her shapely calves, a fact my wife could not help but notice. When we had found our table, her hand had brushed my hard cock through my suit pants, and she had turned to grin at me as if pleased to confirm that Siobhan had excited me. My wife loved my voyeuristic streak, because it always made me extra hot for her later.

Unfortunately, Siobhan had gained some weight since buying her dress, and what had been designed to be a tight wrapper around her voluptuous body risked being a sausage casing. Siobhan did not seem to mind, as she knew that most guys were just tantalized by the mammoth cleavage spilling out of the plunging bust line. I had already complimented her on the sexy lace bra. First though, I had feasted my eyes on the exquisite, somewhat exotic makeup - deep dark red lips to match, lined in a darker shade which matched her eye liner. Eye shadow the same rich wine as the dress. Her abundant curls swept up in a pearled comb. My wife had giggled in her typical style and asked if I needed a hankie for the drool.

Siobhan in turn had laughed, relaxed, plunged into the banquet room and had a few drinks.

It was a typical boring reception, made more so by the fact that we barely knew the happy couple, so the interminable after dinner toasts droned on. Even the bride's unfortunate strapless dress did not help. Normally, the possibility that her chest might be accidentally bared would be entertaining, but there was something child like about this doughy bland young woman that just made me restless, muttering about how ridiculous it all was. I had very little chance though to become restless in my chair, as my wife's hand slowly drifted from my knee, to my upper thigh, to my inner thigh and by the eighth or eightieth time the bride kissed the groom, she was slowly rubbing my bulge through my suit pants.

At first, I was startled, bolting upright in my chair.

"Just keeping you awake," my wife whispered into my ear, teasing me with a quick nibble on my ear. That was extra startling, because in our relationship, we played a lot of rough sex games, and I was a biter, but she tended to be the one to receive the marks.

"And a creature is stirring," she giggled, her palm resting on top of my cock, feeling the blood filling my shaft.

The master of ceremonies was droning on again, but I had no idea what he was saying. My attention was focused on the firm rubbing in my lap. By the time the DJ started the first dance music, my prick was fully engorged, pressing up against the fabric of my pants. I did my best to sit stone faced, watching the happy couple steer around the floor, while Emily's hand was busy rubbing my hardness through my pants. I began to wonder whether she would be bold enough to undo my zipper right there, hidden just by the table cloth, when Siobhan plopped into an empty seat on the other side of Emily. Siobhan's breasts shook where they were exposed out the top of her dress, taking a bit longer to settle than the rest of her.

"You're falling right out of that dress, girl," Emily laughed, a bit drunk, even just on three drinks - she was never much of a drinker.

My cock throbbed under Emily's grip as I dared to look at Siobhan without staring. No nipples had slipped, but her lacy bra was almost fully exposed, the silky fabric of the dress not having the strength to resist the push and pull of her huge mammaries. Bare flesh was visible above each cup, so much that I imagined nipples barely holding the cups in place. The valley in between her tits could have contained a whole family of moonshiners. I contemplated the probability that her nipples would need to be hard not to slide up over the edge of the bra. She was glowing with exciting.

Emily matter of factly reached across and hiked her pal's dress up, tucking those boobs back into place. My cock started to protest at the absence of my wife's hand, but it was mollified quickly as Siobhan stood up and shimmied her body, shaking her dress into place. The DJ's light show illuminated her miniscule nose stud, which effectively highlighted her warm smile. No one could ever doubt that Siobhan was a fun loving girl.

"Too bad she can't keep a man," Emily sighed as Siobhan teetered off barely balanced on her spikes, "But they just never see the great gal behind the huge tits."

"Well, no denying they ARE huge tits," I agreed, earning Emily's elbow in my side - though her hand still cupped my swollen member. "And she IS a great gal. Maybe you should just share me."

Emily laughed, a bit louder than usual.

"Well, she just wandered down the wrong hallway in search of the ladies' room," Emily observed."Which means that she's really drunk, so likely wouldn't be fussy."

"Because if she WAS fussy, I wouldn't be good enough?"

"No, because then she would know that she deserves more than sharing."

Emily's fingers slid all along the edges of my cock where it was trapped within my pants.

"You can't be serious..." I stammered a bit.

Which was when Emily said that Siobhan really needed sex, and it might as well be me. To emphasize her point, she slid her hand down my thigh, gently caressing my balls, but then curved a pointed fingernail around under my scrotum. The shock caused me to jump a bit up off my chair.

"While you're up, dear, why don't you go check on Siobhan?" Emily said, a bit louder than necessary.

That left me no choice, if I wanted to continue pretending to be a gentleman. I stood, and walked directly to the door which Siobhan had chosen. Though there was a bright bulb in the little anteroom just off the main hall, all three corridors which branched off were dimly lit. The clatter of high heels indicated that Siobhan had headed to the right, the darkest of the three choices.

It took a moment and then my eyes adjusted to the light enough to make out the curve of calves above spike heels, and then, at the end of the hallway, by a fire exit that probably opened onto an alley, or accessed a trash bin, Siobhan collapsed against the cinder blocks and sobbed. It took just a second or two for me to reach her, but mascara was already running down her cheeks.

I instinctively dug my handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped away the worst of the raccoon look. My gaze was held by her pretty face, for once not distracted by the voluptuous body.

"Don't cry," I advised feebly.

"I'm so pathetic - can't even find the right place to pee."

"You're not pathetic - just drunk" I replied, provoking a blubbery laugh from my wife's dearest friend. No idea why, but that slight spray of spittle suddenly made me aware of the heat trapped between our bodies, our chests maybe an inch apart, bellies practically rubbing, thighs adjacent.

"Am so pathetic," Siobhan persisted, but she lifted her own chin, shiny eyes locking on mine. "I'm almost forty and all alone."

Her shoulders heaved with another sob as her chin drooped. My hands grasped the bare tanned flesh exposed because of the strapless dress. Before I realized what I was doing, I was caressing from the round of Siobhan's shoulders, along the triceps, then grasping her biceps. Our feet did their own dance as our breath mingled, thighs and hips shifting.

Unable to restrain my passion any longer, I grabbed a handful of hair, and dragged her mouth to mine. She might have been upset and confused, but her instincts were fully operational - lips parted, jaw opened a centimetre, tongue extended, teeth were explored as spit was exchanged. As we kissed, my hands began to roam.

When we came up for air, Siobhan experienced the inevitable moment of conscience. Whether she totally believed my explanation or not, her fingers became as active as mine. As I slid a digit along the wetness of her outer labia, her palm cupped my throbbing organ. As my other hand cupped her ample tit, popping it loose so that I could tweak the engorged nipple, Siobhan fumbled with my zipper. My thumb drummed against a blood-filled clit as Siobhan found her dexterity again, gracefully freeing my cock from my pants.

She stood there for a minute or three, Siobhan's hand gently gliding along my shaft, reminding me of younger days, of wedding dates giving hand jobs in parking lots and cars. I returned the favour as I had back then, my own hands roaming, caressing, touching all the tender spots, though the extra sensitive places at the top and bottom of the spine were precluded by the location.

My lips and tongue explored Siobhan's ears and throat, extending kisses all along her collar bone and then trailing across the vast expanse of chest to play with her heaving bosom. The delay seemed to ignite an extra gear for Siobhan, who no doubt was used to guys focusing in on her obvious attributes. She groaned loudly as I clamped teeth onto her left nipple. My fingers meanwhile were thrusting into her wetness, first one, then two, three, and finally four, before I started fisting her firmly, thumb bumping her clit, making her loins buttery.

"I wish I had time to lick those toes," I gasped as I felt her left foot lift up off the floor, slide upward along my leg and her powerful thigh rotating to draw my groin closer to her, her foot hooked neatly behind my knee.

"Not the right sort of place for that either, darling," I heard Emily's voice.

I twisted my neck and caught a glimpse of my wife slumped against the wall in the dark corridor, her dress hiked up, one hand working her cunt, the other mauling her own nipples.

"Hurry up and fuck the girl before someone comes... besides us I mean..." my wife commanded, so I obeyed, while she giggled at her silly pun.

Siobhan buried her mouth against mine in an even deeper kiss, perhaps motivated to show Emily how much this sloppy risky sex excited her. My fingers worked swiftly, pulling the hem of the dress clear up to her waist, and then shoving the drenched lace of the panties aside. Logically, the actual consummation should have required awkward adjustments of heights and angles, perhaps aided by Siobhan's fist grasping the root of my shaft to drive it deep toward her womb. But I have found that in moments of passion, instinct is the best guide.

She was lubricated enough for both of us and somehow our dance simply continued with a silent shift here and nudge there. My tip pierced those labia like a bee's stinger about to pollinate a flower. Pushing her hard against that wall, I drove deep and hard up into her inner sanctum. Siobhan knew what she wanted, her loins thrusting back out and down to meet my grunts as we rutted. Somewhere behind me, I faintly registered my wife's moans.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, fill me," Siobhan begged as I felt her muscles clamping around my shaft, slowing me, holding me. It was fortunate that the DJ was playing up tempo songs, or else our groaning would have attracted a crowd.

I pushed faster and harder, feeling my balls tight within their sack. It was stupid to be doing this with no condom and without even thinking of birth control, but hormones make us stupid. I had not thought until that moment about the consequences of pumping great gobs of goo into my wife's friend - not just the biology, but how would my wife feel about the event afterward.

I tried to turn to check, and had another glimpse of her leaning against the concrete, eyes rolled up in her head, jaw slack, hands working, groaning faster and harder herself. Siobhan turned my cheek, guiding me back to kiss her. I felt my pre-cum spurt into her. The warmth of her cunt gushing in response washed away any concerns beyond that exact moment. Her muscles were clenching more intensely, rhythmically. I guess that if she was like Emily, this was her body signalling that she was nearing orgasm.

Breaking away for air, I kissed her nose, my tongue teasing the gem, and nibbled her earlobe. I licked down her throat, and gave her a firm bite on the curve where neck became shoulder.

Great minds think alike, even when just using the most primitive brain functions. I shifted fingers to find Siobhan's clit at the same instant that her hand wrapped around my scrotum. That was all it required to trigger both of us to explode. My seed surged up out of my balls, powering through my shaft, and painted Siobhan's inner walls, trickling down onto both our thighs as her clit sang with electricity and her entire frame shook with her climax, writhing against me in ecstasy. Behind me, I heard Emily howling aloud as she had timed her peak perfectly as part of this threesome, connected by sight, sound and emotion if not wholly by touch.

Our passion hung in the air, slowly dissipating like a rolling wave of fog as we caught our breath and settled back into reality.

"I guess you can't say that weddings are a total waste after all, can you darling?" Emily asked, sliding over to kiss my cheek, pressing a hand against Siobhan's shoulder reassuringly.

"What now?" Siobhan asked breathlessly, adjusting her tits back into their bra, but not yet into the dress.

"How about a hot tub at my place?" The voice belonged to Emily's other friend, Daphne, who it seemed had wandered into the darkness in search of Emily at some point.

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