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Summer Affair


You are at the cabin with your friends, enjoying the summer. It has been very nice, warm and sunny. You just came back from your morning run and decide that you need to get cleaned up but do not want to disturb anyone, since they are all still asleep; so you strip down and jump into the lake, diving under. You feel the coolness of the water against your hot sweaty skin, giving you goose bumps, the freedom of being naked in the water excites you and you decide to swim for a little while instead of washing up. You are enjoying yourself too much to leave the water.

What you don't know is that I am watching you from the shore, I happened to arrive the night before; and to my surprise I find you next door. Once I saw that you were here, I stayed in the cabin, trying to decide if I should leave or not, I kept an eye next door trying to see who was with you. You told me that you were going on vacation but didn't tell me where. However, I was curious, I didn't see anyone but you and a few buddies so I decided to stay for the night.

But when I woke up the morning was so beautiful, I didn't want to get dressed, knowing I was in the woods, I stepped outside and sat down on the steps to watch the sunrise. While sitting there, I decided it was too much of a risk, that I needed to leave; but then I saw you coming in from your run, you looked so sexy, and your cloths fit so much better then what I am used to seeing you wear. You do not wish to wear such tight fitting clothes to work. I see the sweat glistening against your skin, it makes me want to strip you naked and start licking you all over. I reach down, feeling how moist I am, my pussy starts to scream for attention. As I start rubbing my exposed pussy, I watch as you strip off your clothes, I start licking my lips. I want you to take them all off. I see you standing there naked, so hot. I wanted to run over to you and take you right then, but I can't. How do I know that there isn't someone we both know watching? So, I stay, watching and playing; then you dive into the water and start swimming.

As you swim, I see a glimpse of your dick, teasing me, it's calling out for me. I continue to play with my pussy which is now so very wet, I can no longer restrain myself, I need more than just the rubbing, I slip my finger inside, moving it in and out imagining it is your dick. I keep my eyes open, watching you swim as I continue to play. The intensity of my pleasure getting higher, I feel the tingling from deep within, starting slow. "don't stop, oh yes, fuck my pussy" my own voice surprising me. I stop for a moment making sure no one noticed, then I start right back up.

I am rubbing my hardened clit, then moving my fingers in then out of my wet pussy. I start moving them even faster, the tingling is threatening to envelop me, I move another finger into my pussy, moving the fingers apart from each other, stretching my pussy. "oh, yes" Now, I am moving my fingers more aggressively, I look back up and now you are floating on your back, your dick, I want it in my mouth, just the thought making me cum. I move my fingers deep within my pussy, holding them there until the tingling has subsided. I bring my fingers into my mouth, tasting my juices hoping the flavors will help me restrain myself, but this moment of pleasure hasn't satisfied me enough, I need more. I need you.

I look around and see there still is no one in site, I notice you have moved to a more secluded spot on the lake, there are bushes blocking the view from your cabin. I take the opportunity to slip into the lake and quietly swim up to you.

I swim behind you, my fingers searching for your treasure and then I kiss your neck.

You quickly turn around to see who is assaulting you, as you move I feel how excited you are, your dick is already getting hard. Then you see me, startled you say "What are you doing here, are you following me?"

Surprised at the thought, I move away from you and say "No, I would never, I came to the cabin to relax from the stressful week, I noticed you were in the cabin next door. I was going to leave this morning but you distracted me."

"If you want me to leave, I will" I say as I start to turn away, to go back to the shore, but you stop me. Pulling me hard into you, you say "I was thinking about you, and to my surprise you showed up"

You are now grabbing my ass, pulling me into your hardened dick. Feeling the pressure against my already sensitive clit, it is almost too much to bear. I need you within me. Closing my eyes to regain some of my concentration; once I am under more control I open them back up to see you smiling. Then you lean into me and start kissing me.

The taste of you, the feel of your dick against me is starting to overwhelm me again. Your hands start moving against my back, then in one quick movement, you slip your cock into my awaiting pussy. Gasping with pleasure, I lean my head back and you start kissing my neck. Fucking me. You are holding me tightly against you, moving me up and down your shaft. Each movement getting deeper and deeper.

I start moaning, my breathing getting heavier, feeling you inside, your arms around me, you kissing my neck.

My fantasy is coming true, getting to have you this weekend is what I wanted, the thoughts of you is why I needed to be alone, away from everyone. Then getting you, having you fucking me at this very moment is more than I can stand. Your aggression has excited me causing me to cum, my pussy tightening around your dick, trying to pull it in deeper, not wanting it to leave. The feeling exciting you even more.

You start moving faster, fucking me, moving your dick in farther, trying to bury yourself within the heaven that is before you. You start breathing quicker, you are holding me even tighter, forcing me farther down onto you.

The excitement is threatening to explode. I wrap my legs even tighter around your body, pulling you in deeper. My forceful movement to pull you in matching your movement to force your dick even farther inside. Moving in and out, faster and harder. Continuing, getting even more aggressive. Our moans getting louder, "fuck me, harder" I yell, causing you to move even faster.

"oh yes, fuck my pussy"

You continue moving me up and down your cock, you feel the wetness, the tightness. You know that I am so very excited. You start hoping that we are being watched. The thought brings you even closer, the cum threatening to release without your permission.

I start kissing you, and take one of your hands from around my body, bringing it to my tit; I want you to play with my nipple.

"Squeeze it, twist it, make it hurt" I say. "Fuck me even harder, slam into my pussy, and make it beg for forgiveness" moaning "fuck me, oh god yes"

The thought brings you even closer, and then you feel me cum, I am convulsing with pleasure; my pussy is pulling tightly against your dick. You feel the moisture, the heat and just as I am about to stop convulsing you release the load you have been holding onto. Deep within my pussy, I feel you shooting the treat; one I can only wish to taste at this moment.

You are pulsating within the depths of my pussy; each movement brings you closer and closer until finally you hit the spot that leaves me calling out in pure pleasure and I cum again. I am totally spent, collapsing in your arms.

You smile at my response, then give me a kiss on the neck, moving up my chin then kissing me, our tongues exploring each other; your fingers moving in my hair, your other hand on my back pulling me into you. We continue until we both need to breathe.

Once we have stopped for the moment, you look around and I whisper into your ear, "I made sure you were in a spot that can't be seen from the cabin you are staying in before I joined you"

Frowning you say "too bad, my friends would have loved the show"

I look at you confused, you smile and say "these are buddies of mine from school; they would have loved to see me fucking you"

And with that you pull yourself from me, taking my hand and pull me to the shore. Once there you bring me out of the water. You stop to look at me, you lean in give me a kiss while bringing your hand down to my pussy, touching it gently; this movement causing me to take a deep breath in pleasure. At that moment you decide to give me a fantasy that I have told you about when we first got together.

You then say to me angrily "I will teach you to surprise me on a trip like this" still holding onto my hand you drag me naked towards the cabin. Noticing that not everyone was up you yell "hey, come out and see what I found while I was swimming"

I instantly turn red from embarrassment, my pussy tightens in response and releases even more juices, I start trying to pull myself into you to hide; but you wouldn't let me, you step away then bring me to stand in front of you. Holding me by the shoulders you look at the group that has stepped out of the cabin and is now standing before me, staring and you say "the whore has told me she wants to be taught a lesson" then you toss me amongst the group of guys.

They instantly start touching me, grabbing me, groping. Then all of a sudden, one is behind me, ramming their dick into my tightened pussy, causing me to yell out. Just as I open my mouth another is shoving his into it. Then I feel you right next to me, you whisper into my ear "unless you want me to tell everyone that you willingly came here to fuck me, you better play along you fucking bitch"

A tear threatens at the corner of my eye, but I make it stop. I will not give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have just upset me.

You step back to watch, seeing me being fucked by one friend and sucking another. Then you tell the other two that I can take more. Now I have more wanting attention. I have one in my mouth one in a hand, one is fucking me from behind. After a while, you step in and stop them.

Pulling me to you I think you are going to save me from this embarrassment but instead you bring me down onto your lap and start fucking me. The excitement is overwhelming, the feeling of your hands on me, makes me forget everything. I am now riding you hard and fast, then another comes up behind me and starts fucking my ass, then another comes up and shoves his dick into my mouth. I am sucking two and being fucked by 2 others. My excitement is getting even greater, oh, I can't contain the pleasure you are giving me. I feel your dick deep within me. Allowing me to be fucked by another and even letting me suck two others as well, it is beyond my wildest fantasies. You have read my mind, giving me exactly what I wanted. I am soaking wet with pleasure, I even start drooling. Continuing, you and your friends are getting even more aggressive. The one that is behind me, reaches around grabbing my nipple, and pinches hard, causing me to instantly tighten around both your dicks.

This instant response causes the one behind me to cum with pleasure, feeling him releasing his load within my ass, causes me to tighten even more around your dick, you feel the increased pressure, knowing what is about to come. You feel the heat rising, my heart racing, you feel the slight drying and at that moment, my hands around the cocks I am sucking tightens, my mouth starts watering even more, I increase the intensity of my movements. Going back and forth between the two cocks. Bouncing up and down onto your cock. The one still in my ass.

Then one cock cums in my mouth as I enjoy the treats, the other releases his load, drinking in the essence of both dicks, I can no longer fight back the overwhelming urge to release my own cum. Gushing over you, you feel my juices as they stream past your dick, down your ball and then down your ass. Once it reaches there you can't hold on any longer and finally release cumming inside me.

Once you have finished, you pull me into you and give me another kiss. Then pull me away from you and say "we are not done with you yet" Then you look at your buddies, then let go of me.

I am now being pulled off of you and moved over to the porch, being forced over the railing, knocking the breathe from me, I no longer know where anyone is, all I know is someone is fucking me, and then someone is sticking their dick into my mouth, one after another this continues over and over. They keep switching, from fucking me then having me suck them, I loose complete track of time, I don't know who is fucking me, or who I am sucking, all I know is you are sitting there watching me and jacking off. This continues to go on over the next several hours. Once you have gotten tired of the show, you look at your friends and say "ok, that's enough"

Once they have finally cum, you come over to me grabbing my hand. I stand up, tired from the activities but always aware of your proximity, I instantly wrap my arms around you and start kissing you. You grab me by the face trying to get me to stop; once you do you look at me. I whisper "thank you" then pretend to start to cry.

You put your arms around me and walk me over to the cabin I was staying at. Once inside I let go of you and drop down onto the couch.

You look at me, once you see me look up at you and smile; you relax and sit down next to me. You say "I wasn't sure you would really be alright with this, you have said you would love it but I wasn't so sure"

Smiling I said "most definitely, let's hope your friends can keep this quiet, we don't want anyone finding out"

Then I say, "I will leave tonight, I really didn't know you were staying here, I will find somewhere else to stay next time."

You look at me and say "no, I would love for you to stay, we are here for a couple more days, you can enjoy anyone you want, or you can just enjoy me if you would prefer?"

Smiling I know what you want to hear and I say "I prefer you"

With that you pull me into you and hold me, while I rest from the morning activity.

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