tagLesbian SexSummer at Grandma's

Summer at Grandma's


[Authors note: This is the sequel to 'Christmas at Grandma's'. You may wish to read that story first to learn how Anita and Penny discovered their attraction for one another.]

Anita Calkins shifted restlessly in the Corvette's bucket seat as her husband Roger swung from the highway onto the gravel road leading to his grandparents' house. She felt deliciously naughty being naked under her summer dress; the smooth cotton fabric felt cool against her stiff nipples and shaved pussy. She was becoming wet knowing she would be seeing her lover Penny again and it seemed an age since they had last been together.

They had met in a hotel near Penny's college during her Spring Break and had four days of uninhibited sex, only stopping to occasionally eat and sleep. They were insatiable and their love for one another deepened every hour they were together. Still unsure what the future held, they did know that they were truly meant to be together and they would deal with whatever came their way.

Anita loved her husband. He was a kind and considerate man and she felt twinges of guilt for continuing this passionate affair with his younger sister, but the women's attraction to one another had been a surprise to the both of them after years of friendship.

When they rolled up to park among the other vehicles in the circular driveway Anita didn't see Penny's yellow Mustang convertible among them and her heart sank. What if she couldn't make it for some reason? 'Don't be silly', she thought, 'She'll be here. I just know it.'


Penny Calkins kept the Mustang on a steady ninety MPH, listening for the beep of her radar detector as she sped expertly around the curves of the highway leading to her grandparents' house. A last minute problem at school had delayed her leaving and she was eagerly anticipating seeing her lover Anita again. The last time they had been together had been a marathon of white hot sex in every way possible and they'd finally parted with the greatest of reluctance. She loved Anita with all her heart and she knew the older woman felt the same.

She felt guilty having sex with and loving her brother's wife, but the attraction was immediate and overwhelming and she knew they were soul mates forever. Thinking about Anita's hungry mouth on her cunt, she had an urge to masturbate as she drove, and then decided against it. She wanted her lover to bring her off so she could fill her mouth with the warm cum that she drank so greedily.

Only a few more miles to go and her pussy was already moist with anticipation.


Anita fidgeted in her chair as the Calkins family chattered among themselves; Roger's parents having arrived previously. Larry, Roger's older brother, a career Army sergeant, was unable to be there as he was in a training school. The grand parents were always happy to have their children and grandchildren with them and looked forward to holidays when they could be together.

'Where was Penny?' she wondered. She decided to go in the kitchen and fix some tea. It would keep her mind off the waiting.

Anita filled the kettle and set it on the burner over the wavering gas flame. The grandparents had tried to keep the old Victorian as authentic to the period as possible, acquiescing only to modern wiring and lighting and a septic system to replace the cesspool.

She gasped as a warm body molded to her back and a voice cooed "Hello, my love."

"Penny? Where did you come from?"

"I just arrived. I wanted to surprise you. I didn't expect you'd be alone."

Anita sighed as Penny's soft hand crept under the hem of her dress, stroked her bare ass and cupped her pubic mound.

"Ooohh, you've shaved, I can't wait to eat you."

"God, I've missed you ... Oh, what are you doing?"

"Finger fucking you, my love; be quiet or they'll hear us."

"Ahhhhh, it feels so good, you're crazy and we're going to get caught."

"Not if you be quiet. Mmmmm, you're so juicy."

Anita gripped the handle of the oven door as Penny's fingers worked in her gooey slit, biting her lip to keep from moaning aloud.

"Does this feel good?" Penny purred, licking Anita's ear. She cupped Anita's breast with her other hand and began tugging on the rock hard nipple.

Anita's orgasm was swift and explosive, her body shivering against her lovers. Drenching Penny's fingers with warm cum, she had a second, less violent orgasm and clung to the handle, breathing heavily.

Penny withdrew her hand and licked her fingers one at a time, savoring the warm juice. "I love the way you taste," she said playfully.

Anita removed the whistling kettle from the burner, turned, gathered the young girl into her arms and they kissed hungrily. Her hands moved down Penny's back and caressed her firm buttocks. Penny sighed and ground her pelvis against Anita's, wanting to trib right there in the kitchen.

"Anita," Grandma Calkins said from the living room, ""Did you know that Penny was here?"

"Yes, Ellen," Anita replied, "We were just fixing some tea and catching up. We'll be there in a minute."

"Catching up on fucking," Penny murmured. "You are so fucking hot."

"Behave now," Anita chuckled. "We need to join the family for a while."


One day passed, then two; feigning being 'just friends' and interacting with the other family members was beginning to wear on Anita and Penny. They kissed and groped each other when they could, but they wanted so much more. Finally they saw their chance to be alone.

Grandpa was talking about the orchids he was growing in his potting shed behind the house and how proud he was of them.

"May Anita and I look at them Grandpa?" said Penny said brightly.

"Of course you can," was the reply. "The door's open, just go on in."

They were out the door in a flash and practically ran towards the faded wood shed.

"My goodness," Grandma said, "I had no idea they were so interested in orchids."


Penny continued briskly past the potting shed as Anita said "I thought we were ..."

"Ew, not that dirty place," Penny said, tugging at her arm, "We're going down by the creek where it's pretty."

They spread what clothing they were wearing on the grassy bank next to the rippling clear water and lay together kissing and caressing. Penny stretched luxuriantly as Anita nuzzled her neck and fondled her breasts.

"You're more beautiful every time I see you," she purred, fingers dipping into Penny's wet pussy.

"Suck my tits," The young girl replied, "Make me cum. I want to cum for you."

Anita began sucking and licking Penny's stiff nipples, her fingers pumping in her lover's juicy cunt, loving her throaty moans of pleasure. Penny's lust soon overwhelmed her as her hips jerked and she came with a scream, drenching Anita's hand in warm juices.

"You always make me cum so hard," she said, hugging Anita. "Now put that pretty puss of yours on my face, I want to make you cum."

Anita complied, straddling Penny's head and lowering her wet cunt to her lovers devouring mouth. No matter how many times Penny had eaten her; Anita still felt an exquisite thrill of pleasure every time her lover's soft lips and warm tongue explored her dripping slit.

"Oh God, my pussy loves your tongue," Anita moaned as Penny's hands gripped her round ass pulling her even harder onto her mouth. She began mauling her breasts, pulling on her rock hard nipples to further heighten the pleasure her body was experiencing.

Penny sucked the engorged clit into her mouth, gently nibbling on it with her sharp, white teeth. Anita's orgasm engulfed her in a rush; she howled lustily in release and ejaculated forcefully into Penny's face and mouth. The young girl swallowed the warm fluid greedily and continued licking until a second wave ran from her mouth and covered her face again.

Overcome, Anita wavered, slumped from Penny's face and lay curled next to her, mewing softly in an excess of desire. Penny cradled her in her arms, murmuring words of love as she recovered.

Anita licked her own cum from Penny's face, loving the taste while her lover said "It's so fucking hot when you cum like that. It drives me wild and I want to keep eating you forever."

"And I want you to," Anita sighed, "I don't think my heart could stand it though."

"I've missed you so much," Penny continued. "It seems an age since we were together last."

"It's becoming harder for me to be away from you, babe," Anita replied. "Once you graduate in the fall, we're going to be together, I guarantee it."

"I can't wait," Penny said excitedly. "What are we going to tell everyone? What will you tell my brother?"

Anita frowned, "I hate to hurt him, but I can't go on living a lie. It's you I love and want to be with. He and everyone else will just have to accept us as we are. They will be upset at first, I know, but they'll come around in time."

They lay entwined listening to the creek chuckling among the rocks, the summer sun warm on their bare bodies until a voice jerked them from their reverie.

"Penny? Anita? Are you girls down here?"

"Oh shit, it's Grandpa," Penny blurted. "What'll we do? He'll be here any second."

"In the creek," Anita said, jumping up, splashing into the water, Penny following and ducking down to their necks. "Jesus Christ, it's freezing!"

"Fuck, I'm a fucking ice cube," Penny said through chattering teeth.

"Here you girls are," said Grandpa Calkins, strolling down the slope, "That water's a bit chilly isn't it? Dawkin's Creek comes straight down from the mountains."

"We were getting warm looking at the orchids, so we thought we'd cool off," Anita replied, splashing Penny who squealed and splashed her back.

"Don't stay in there too long," the old man replied, turning and going back the way he came, "You'll catch your death of cold."

"No shit," Penny cried, leaping from the water when Grandpa was out of sight, Anita right behind her. They began drying each other with their clothing, and then spread them out to dry and lay together in the soft grass.

"That was close," Anita said, brushing a wet strand of hair from Penny's face, "I'll be glad when we don't have to hide anymore."

"Me too, baby," Penny replied, taking her hand and kissing it.

"Our clothes will take time to dry," Anita said, grinning, "What will we do to pass the time?"

"I have an idea," Penny replied, rolling on her back and spreading her legs, "I want to suck that bald pussy of yours until you cum on my face."

Anita assumed the head to foot 69 position, lowering her wet pussy to her lover's waiting mouth and dipping her head between Penny's creamy thighs to the juicy feast between them.

"Ahhhh," Anita sighed as Penny began to lick her, "My pussy's so hungry for you."

Penny squealed and continued licking as Anita's tongue burrowed between her engorged labial lips, seeking the spicy goodness within.

The summer sun was warm on their bodies as the women pleasured each other, their lovemaking relaxed and contented as they delivered long, lingering licks into the other's pussies and down to their puckered assholes.

As their desires grew, the licks became more rapid, interspersed with sucking and nibbling on clits and pussy lips until their orgasms blossomed and rose in a torrent of body quivering ecstasy.

Penny stiffened and came powerfully, her scream muffled by her lover's cunt, flooding Anita's mouth with warm love juices which she gulped and swallowed, licking frantically to obtain more.

Anita moaned and ejaculated into Penny's busy mouth, the sticky cream overflowing and soaking the young girls face while her tongue searched for more between the pink walls.

After each had a second, less strong orgasm, they separated and lay together in the grass, catching their breath.

"That was some of the best sex we've ever had," Anita purred.

"I didn't think I could cum that hard," Penny said wearily. "You're pure sex magic, baby."

They washed up in the creek, then donned their now dry clothing and walked back to the house holding hands, not caring who saw them.

And someone did.


July the Fourth dawned sunny and warm. The Calkin's family joined the throngs that filled the city park in the neighboring town of Placerville for a picnic and the fireworks.

Anita and Penny wore light cotton summer dresses in bright colors and nothing underneath. Just seeing their lover's unfettered breasts swaying gently as they strolled through the park with the family was both naughty and arousing to the women. They intended to pleasure each other whenever the opportunity presented itself, especially after dark during the fireworks display.

For most of the day they remained apart, interacting with the other family members to alleviate any possible suspicion, smiling and winking at each other when they thought no one was watching. Finally, their desires overtook them and, after announcing their intentions, made their way through the crowds to the structure that housed the public bathrooms.

The Ladies Room was momentarily empty, so they entered the last stall.

Penny stood on the seat and raised her skirt, Anita gripped the young girl's firm ass and began devouring her wet pussy, licking and sucking with gusto. Penny shivered and moaned deep in her throat as her lover's lips and tongue brought her rapidly to sweet release. She bit her lip to keep from screaming and flooded Anita's voracious mouth with warm cum that ran over the woman's chin and dripped into the water below.

Penny's knees were wobbly as they switched positions and she began to lick Anita's hot cunt. Already excited by eating her lover, Anita was not long in cumming in Penny's greedy mouth. She was ready for the flood from Anita's pussy and swallowed the flow eagerly until the older woman was finally spent.

All the while as they were enjoying each other, other women were using the facility never suspecting what was going on in the last stall. Some tapped on the door then went away when it didn't open. The possibility of being caught in the act made the women's clandestine lovemaking even more exciting and increased their arousal.

Satisfied for the moment, they waited until the room was empty, freshened up and left to rejoin the family. The afternoon sun hung low in the sky and they were already anticipating the concealment of darkness and the cover of exploding fireworks to engage in another romp.


With the onset of evening, everyone settled in to watch the fireworks. Seated on a blanket at the edge of their family group and surrounded by other people, Anita and Penny had devised a way to get each other off without anyone being the wiser; performing such intimate acts in public added additional sparks to their already burning desire for one another.


"Penny and Anita certainly have bonded since Christmas," said Sarah Calkins, Penny's mother, seemingly unaware of the true nature of the women's relationship.

"They certainly have," Grandma Calkins replied, "They act more like sisters every day."

"Penny's grades have improved this last semester," Sarah continued. "I think Anita's had a positive influence on her."

"It would appear so," Grandma replied, beginning to wonder who was influencing whom and about what.

The fireworks began and the conversation ended as they turned to watch the show.


"Have I told you lately what a sexy little treat you are," Anita murmured in Penny's ear. "Just seeing you gets me hot."

"I'm getting hot right now," Penny replied, snuggling closer between the older woman's spread legs, feeling her stiff nipples rubbing her back. "When it gets darker you'll see just how wet I am."

"Here's how wet I am," Anita purred, rubbing her bare pussy against Penny's bare ass. We need to wear dresses more often."

"And no underwear," Penny replied. "I can't wait to feel you."

"Patience, sexy one," Anita said. "It'll be dark in a few minutes."


The first skyrockets and air bursts momentarily illuminated the upturned faces of the crowds on the slopes surrounding the meadow where the fireworks were being launched. Night had enveloped the park making the colorful explosions even more beautiful.

Shielded from view by the darkness and their dresses, Anita and Penny's hands sought their lover's wet pussies, moaning softly as fingers slid between engorged labial lips and began to frig gently.

"Mmmm ... you're so wet, "Anita sighed.

"So are you," Penny replied. "You make me so fuckin' hot."

"I wish I could suck on your little clitty."

"Ummm ... that feels good, do that again."

"Right there ... Ooohh ... yesss."

"I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that."

"Faster, faster ... Oh Goddd."

"I'm cumming, baby, I'm ... OH!"

"Yesss ... harder ... Nnnggggh!"

Lost in their own passion, the women climaxed powerfully, barely stifling their cries of pleasure. Fortunately, the noise of the fireworks and the night concealed what they were doing from the crowd surrounding them.

But, someone had noticed.

"Oh man, this blanket's soaked," Penny giggled. "I think my dress is okay. How's yours?"

"It's dry," Anita replied, licking Penny's cum from her fingers. "We'll toss this in the washer when we get back."

"Damn, that was sexy," Penny sighed. "You get me off so hard."

"I'm still shaking," Anita said throatily. "I'll sneak into your room after Roger goes to sleep and we'll fuck some more."

"I can't stand being away from you, baby, when are we gonna tell everybody so we can be together all the time?"

"We're going back home in three days. Let's break the news before then. I'll have Roger alone on the trip back and try to calm him down."

"Unless he takes off and leaves you. Then you can stay at my place."

They had reached Penny's Mustang in the parking lot and she opened the trunk.

"Toss that blanket in here, baby. I want to smell pussy every time I open it."

"You're a regular sex fiend," Anita chuckled, dropping the blanket on the spare tire.

"You love it, too," Penny replied.


Anita waited until Roger began to snore, then eased out of bed, covered her bare body with a dressing gown and padded barefoot to Penny's room. Opening the door, she ducked in, gently closed it behind her, turned and the breath caught in her throat.

Penny had several candles burning about the room, filling the air with the scent of sandalwood, their flames guttering in the night breezes wafting through the open windows.

Shadows danced over her nubile young body, gracefully reclining on the white sheeted bed, her firm breasts, bare pussy, shapely thighs and long legs on wanton display for her momentarily transfixed lover. She smiled and crooked her finger at Anita in a 'come here' gesture and opened her legs even wider.

The dressing gown dropped from Anita's smooth shoulders and she walked with bobbing breasts and swaying hips to the edge of the bed, climbed on and lay between Penny's thighs, their breasts and hips pressed together. They embraced and began kissing hungrily, with open mouths and slippery tongues.

Almost immediately, they began to rub their wet cunts together, grinding their hips as their grip tightened on each other and their kisses became even more fervent. Soft grunts and moans accompanied the squishing of puffy labial lips sliding together as they climbed to the crest of a delicious orgasm and vaulted over the edge, muffling their cries of joy in the others mouth.

"Gods, I love you," Penny said, "You get me off like no one else ever has."

"You mean the world to me, dearest Penny," Anita replied nuzzling her neck. "I'd be lost without you."

"Look what I found for us to play with," Penny said, withdrawing a colorful object from under the pillows.

"Wherever did you find this?" Anita replied, sliding her hand along it's length. 'This' was a thick, double ended dildo made of a semi-hard jelly-like material. Each end of it was shaped like the head of a circumcised penis, ribbed along it's length and was the color of a ripe apple.

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