Summer at Home Ch. 05


"The skirt shots are awesome, I've never seen you look so sexy as you do in those. I've seen you nude and in incredibly small bikinis, but the combination there of heels, stockings, and an unabashed display of your breasts, I see what Elise was talking about."

"Janet, look at the great shots Jack got of me licking and sucking Mom's tits"

Janet leaned over and kissed me full on the lips and her tongue entered my mouth. "Remember how that felt on your cock?"

"Janet, you got his attention, look at that erection," said Virginia. "Elise, snuggle me, I'll let Janet deal with Jack by herself tonight. Let's go on to the movie. Dim the light Elise and put your hand inside my blouse.

As Elise turned to do that she swung her left leg onto Virginia's lap and Virginia began to caress her inner thigh with just her finger tips. "Oh, shivers, Mom. "

"Always works, sweetheart. Elise unbuttoned her mother's blouse and caressed her breasts with her hand inside the quarter cup bra. "I like that."

"I know, so do I." And they kissed, deeply.

Janet uncurled her legs and put her right leg on my lap. "Here like this," I said. Imoved her leg so it hooked over mine. I moved my hand lightly from her knee up to her skirt hem which was now several inches above the top of her stockings. "This is the part that feels so good, when I move from the smooth part of your hose to the welt then to the bare thigh."

As I touched her thigh with my finger tips she shivered as Elise had just done.

"That's incredible. I've never felt that before." As I kissed her I continued to touch her and began moving my fingers back down her leg then up the other leg. I also touched her pussy through her minimal panties. "You're wet, Janet," I said.

"You don't know the half of it. I really would like you to touch me like that everywhere."

"Here?" I asked with my finger against her pussy.

"No, we're not watching the movie anyway. Mother, Jack and I are going to his bed, see you in the morning," said Janet.

"Enjoy yourself, and I expect we'll know if you did, you too Jack. Elise and I will be up in a while, I feel too good for Elise to quit now."

This was quite a surprise, I assumed that Janet was the perpetual tease and that Elise would want me in bed with her first.

As Janet took her leg off mine and as I stood Virginia beckoned me, pulled my head down and kissed me with an open mouth and lots of tongue.

As I turned to leave with Janet, I put my arm around her waist and as soon as we began up the stairs she moved it down to her ass. "Did I surprise you, Jack?"

"Yes, but I feel very flattered that you did. I also feel a nicely shaped firm ass."

"That's just the beginning."

"Janet," as we entered my room, "can I ask you to do something for me?"

"Anything, as long as you don't pee in my mouth, at least not tonight."

That caused me to pause, then, "I want to undress you very slowly, but I want to make love to you while you're still wearing your garter belt, hose and heels."

"Now that sounds erotic, she said with a smile.

I sat on the chair and said, "Now come over here, lean over and put your hands on the arms." I began unbuttoning her blouse with a kiss for each button. After pulling it from her waistband, she stood up and I pulled it off, revealing a red quarter cup bra.

"Sit across my lap with your legs over the arm of the chair.

As she was doing that she said, "You like this style of bra don't you?"

"Very much, it does wonderful things to your breasts and when you lean forward makes your nipples very visible. Lean away from me a bit, unbutton my shirt and pull it off," I said.

She then leaned back onto my chest, the satin of the bra and her hard nipple felt amazing on my bare skin. As I was kissing her, I lifted her knee so that the arch of her shoe rested on the arm of the chair and began to very softly caress the inside of her leg. With my other hand I was running my fingers though her amazingly soft blonde hair and touching her shoulders. I then bent and sucked her nipple. All of this was accompanied by Janet's low moaning and sighing. I then ran my fingers up to her pussy and slipped the panties aside and begin to touch her well lubricated cunt.

"Janet," as I managed to say with her tongue in my mouth, "take off your skirt"

"OK," as she dropped her leg and arched her back to reach the zipper and slid it down her legs . "Panties too?"

"Stand, and let me pull them down."

She did and as I pulled them down I licked her pussy and she pulled my face deeper into her, "God, Jack, that feels so good!"

"Sit again."

"OK now you take your pants off," she said.

I stood, and said "You do it"

She sat in the chair, pulled down the zipper, undid my belt, and pulled them down. She took my dick in her mouth and gave it a few circles of her tongue. As she pulled her head back she said "I'll bet you can't take too much of that, can you?"

"God no, let me sit again." As she sat in my lap again I could feel her bare ass and the straps on her garter belt against my legs. I really didn't know how much longer I could last. I began kissing her and caressing her again and she reached between her legs and began caressing my cock. "I can't do this anymore, I'm going to cum before I get inside you."

Janet gave me another kiss, stood, took my hand and led me to the bed. She pulled the spread and covers back then lay down on her back, legs spread, knees up. Just seeing her in that partial bra, garter belt, stockings and heels was almost too much. I started kissing her ankle, moved to her knee, raised her leg to kiss the back of her knee, moved up to her bare thigh, licked her pussy, and then ran my tongue up her stomach, stopping at each breast to suck the nipples, then lowered myself on top her and began to kiss her. With one thrust I was inside her well lubricated pussy and she began to move her hips and I did mine, thrusting in and pulling out until the head of my cock was just inside her. After several thrusts she began breathing heavily and rapidly as did I and we came together.

"Oh, Jack, you are a good lover! I want to do this again and again"


"Yes, and for as long as you will stay in my life."

I rolled beside her and put my finger on her clit. "Again?" she asked.

"Yes, I want to keep pleasing you. "

"Yes, that feels so good, touch me with your wonderful tongue," she said.

As I began licking and sucking her clit I pushed my finger deep into her pussy then withdrew it slowly and moved my wet finger around her asshole.


I put it back into her pussy to wet it again then slowly pushed it about an inch into her asshole. She raised her hips to accept my finger and I continued to suck on her clit. She began gasping and moving her hips and finally "Jack! Jack! Jack!"

"I wonder if this is a dream. I've never had such an intense orgasm. Leave your finger in my ass, but come up here and kiss me. God, I taste good, let me lick your lips and nose."

I gently took my finger out, she pouted and said, "You will be doing that again soon won't you?"

"Oh, yes! When you wrapped your legs around my waist, your stockings felt good and your heels against my back were almost more than I could bear. Did you like that?" I asked.

"Yes, I did. Is the secret to getting you to make love to me to wear a bra like this, garter belt, stockings and heels to bed? "

"It's not a secret any more, is it? I find that combination more exciting than I ever dreamt." I said.

"It's not a requirement, but I think it turns us both on, doesn't it?" I asked

We were lying facing each other and exchanging kisses between words. "Turn your back to me, I want to rub your ass." She did and I caressed her ass, inside her thighs, her pussy.

She rolled onto her back and reached for my cock. "Let me blow you up again, OK?"

"It may be too soon."

"Then I'll suck and lick until you do." She scooted down in the bed and put her breasts on my legs and took me gently into her mouth.

I put my hand in her hair and as she moved her head her hair brushed lightly and excitingly against my legs. "Janet, your hair against me feels wonderful. Well, all parts of you against me feel wonderful."

After about ten minutes of gently sucking and licking, Janet had done as promised and climbed on top lowering herself slowly onto my erection. She leaned forward and began kissing me and moving from side to side with her hips to maximized stimulation for both of us.

I reached for her clit and began stimulating her, our breathing became panting and we came together.

"You're staying here all night?" I asked.

"Yes, would you rather I not?" she asked.

"I'd rather you did, shall we shower?"

"No, I like they way we smell right now," said Janet.

"I need to wash my hand and I'll be right back." When I returned I took off Janet's garter belt and heels and stockings.

As we snuggled, with her back against me, I began caressing her breasts, stomach and pussy. "Janet?"


"What was the pee in your mouth comment all about?" I asked.

"Some of the women at school were talking about having someone pee in their mouth. A few who have done it said it's a real turn on. The other who haven't said they would like to try."

"Which category are you in?" I asked.

"I haven't done it, I would like to try it category," Janet said.

"Hmm, I thought a pee fetish was only wanting to watch someone pee, I guess I learn something new every now and again. Is this only between men and women?" I asked.

"Not as I understand it, there is someone peeing and someone drinking, either sex can participate," said Janet

"Drinking, as in swallowing?" I asked.

"That's the way it was explained to me. Let's ask Mom tomorrow." said Janet as she yawned.

We snuggled for a while, I felt her relax and then her breathing became slow and regular. I must have fallen asleep shortly after that.

As they were both sleeping Virginia came in and kissed each.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke to pee and when I returned, Janet pulled me into her arms and we made slow gentle love and both fell back to sleep afterwards.

We both awoke at the same time in the morning and after briefly snuggling we took a shower together and Janet walked across the hall to her bedroom to dress.

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