tagFetishSummer at Mountain Farm

Summer at Mountain Farm


[All characters in this story are above 18 years of age.]


The summer I was sent to Mountain Farm, I was in my late teens (19). A had for a couple of years already been soiling the sheets with my nightly juices almost every night and my attention to schoolwork and helping out at home had become more and more distracted by my growing and constantly aching cock and balls. The actual trigger was when my mother surprised me twice one afternoon when I was happily stroking my member in the family bathroom but had forgotten to lock the door. It did not help that both times I simply carried on while staring back at my mother's horrified face as I was simply much to horny to stop or even decrease my stroking action. I might even have been staring at her heavy breasts while continuing.

Arrangements were soon made to send me to visit my mother's distant cousin Helena at her remote mountain farm, where she was living with her two teenage daughters. I was to spend a couple of months of the summer there to "learn to be more useful". I don't think my father or my brothers were told the true purpose of my trip. Neither was I.


I took the long voyage by myself. Having taken the early morning train from our home town, which itself felt like it was in the very periphery of civilization, I arrived in late afternoon at the tiny and desolate train station in the valley closest to the mountain farm. There I was taken as the only passenger by an elderly farmer in his horse carriage upwards and onwards along the winding mountain paths. It was a hot and humid day, even as we ascended into the higher altitudes, and there were only the sounds of birds and insects, buzzing lazily in the warmth of the summer day. After a few hours we came across a large wooden sign by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. It was written in the local dialect and thus incomprehensible to me as was the mumbling of the farmer (apparently he also only spoke the local dialect) as he pointed and gestured somewhat nervously indicating that this was my stop. Standing on the road side with the one backpack, I brought, I watched him quickly turn around the carriage hurrying off in the same direction as we came, decidedly much faster than when we arrived. I remember wondering what this was all about.

A little while later, I heard a smaller carriage approach from the road in front of me, as my mother's cousin and her two teenage daughters came to pick me up. I had never met any of them, but they fit the description, although all off them much more beautiful than I thought. They were all wearing loose, white summer dresses contrasting with the long red hair and pale, freckled skin, which all three of them had. The mother, Helena, was a very beautiful woman in her early forties, with a low-cut dress showing of her large, firm breasts, and her long red hair kept in a loose knot under a large white hat that provided shadow to her beautiful blue eyes and perfect mouth. Her eldest daughter, Heidi, was a bit older than me, and almost a fully flowered woman, although more modestly endowed than her mother. The youngest, Ida, was 18 - almost my age - but more shy and timid, was thinner and smaller than her sister and flat-chested at that, but still very, very beautiful. Both had sparkling green eyes. I was immediately attracted to them all, and I noticed that my always restive cock was stirring in crotch of my pants.

"David? Get on board." Helena said without letting down the reins, and I climbed up on the seat behind her and Heidi, next to Ida. Helena turned the carriage around, and we went back from where they've come. I immediately noticed their perfumes which engulfed me in a heavenly and intoxicating smell of flowers and...something else, not quite distinguishable. I imagined it was some natural healthy scent of sexually mature women. I certainly aroused me in a way I didn't usually experience at home.

It turned out that Heidi and Ida only spoke the local dialect or that they were otherwise too shy to speak anything else. But they both smiled and gestured to me in a friendly manner and they laughed disarmingly whenever I would try to repeat what they'd said in my attempt to understand the unfamiliar sounds. So after a while only Helena spoke. "You'll find that things are different here in the mountains than at home. Although our lives are comfortable up here," she said, "everyone must do their utmost to be useful in their own way, if things are to work out. That is the most important rule for each and every one of us. I suppose that is what your mother wants you to learn from us while you're here?" I supposed as well with some nervousness. Mother was always alluding to the supposedly privileged life I was living, and had over the years mentioned the hard lessons learned by the frontier life led by her ancestors in the mountain region I was now entering, and the family members still living here, such as Helena and her daughters. However, my mother hadn't given me anything but very vague clues about exactly what kind of life I would live or what kind of usefulness I would provide while here. "I have made a number of arrangements for your stay, and I must confess that I have built up rather significant hopes for what grand things we may be able to achieve together, the four of us this summer," she concluded without further specifying what she actually meant by that. I was to learn soon enough.

CHAPTER 1: Getting prepared

Not much else was said on the ride. It was already getting late when we arrived at the farm and the sun was beginning to set. The mountain farm was a small three-winged building with a separate barn opposite all situated on a gently sloping grass field with a grand view of the valley below with the train station where I'd arrived earlier that day. Around the farm house on the slope grazed goats, and chickens and geese ran across the yard. I was installed in a small room up under the roof in one of the side wings, where I put my backpack down on the floor. Helena and the girls had prepared a cold supper when I returned downstairs. While they had bread with honey and jam, I was offered a generous portion of a kind of rich cottage cheese unfamiliar to me, almost meaty in consistence. "Goat's milk", Helena said, "A local specialty in these parts, although I've gone to great lengths in refining the recipe to produce the desired results". It tasted alright. Nothing more was said, but they all sneaked strange glances at me while I ate it and I was wondering what it all was about. Afterwards, it was lights out, and I went to my room where I quickly fell asleep, probably due the mountain air.

Next morning I awoke early by the sound of a cock's crow, and I was a bit disoriented at first. I have had some very wet dreams, although I couldn't recall the details, and my cock was aching more than usual. It seemed that my balls were slightly bigger than normal, which at the time I disregarded as a figment of my too vivid teenage boy imagination. My backpack was now nowhere to be seen, so I went downstairs in my night shirt. I discovered that Helena and Ida had already left for some chores unknown to me, and only Heidi was there, so I didn't manage to find the whereabouts of my backpack for now, as she couldn't understand my questions or else couldn't answer them in any way I understood. Heidi had prepared a morning meal for me: Another ample portion of the rich cottage cheese.

Afterwards, it got awkward. Heidi beckoned me to come into the adjacent room, a kind of scullery with tiled floors and walls, where I was seated in a strangely looking heavy wooden chair standing in the middle of the room. I figured from Heidi's gesturing and what I thought I understood of her dialect that I was about to get a haircut. My slightly wavy dark hair had indeed been growing a bit long in the weeks before my departure from home. As soon as I sat, Heidi drew my shirt over my head in a quick motion leaving me only in my briefs. Struck by the surprise and by the long speech in her incomprehensible language she was giving in the meantime, I simply rested passive and puzzled, as she then fixated me to the seat by first a thick leather belt around my torso, then four metal buckles locking my wrists and ankles to the armrests and legs of the chair and finally two straps going around each of my thighs individually. She then tilted the seat backwards with great ease as it turned out it was mounted on a kind of smooth hinging mechanism. The seat came apart, spreading my legs wide, and I suddenly found myself on my back in the seat in a position similar to a female patient at her gynecologist.

Heidi didn't respond to my protests with other than more incomprehensible gestures and words in the local dialect. But she tried to calm me by placing her warm hand on my chest and running her fingers through my hair, maintaining for a few seconds my naïve illusion that she was about to cut the hair on my head. She did produce a pair of large scissors, but instead gently began cutting my briefs apart. Imagine my embarrassment when she then pulled away the remaining pieces of slashed cloths throwing them in the bin and leaving me completely exposed in the chair as naked as good had created me. There she stood, the beautiful redhead girl in her loose white dress and looking at me in my nakedness with alert, emerald eyes and a smile and laugh from her pretty, white face freckled by the sun. She was clearly in charge. She had the air of a professional, as if this really was as mundane as a normal haircut, but she nonetheless stole quite a few anticipating glances at my revealed cock as she prepared the next steps. Her flower perfume and womanly scent filled the room and my nostrils to great effect. My cock was still aching as were by now also my balls and my manhood therefore slowly rose towards her as I lay there completely helpless. I could feel this would be an almost raging hard-on as my swollen cock gradually began to throb and pulsate.

She began by first snipping away my pubic hair with new smaller scissors. Very methodically and thoroughly she chipped away my dark genital bush and in the process moving my now fully erect cock and aching balls around to make room. I constantly felt her warm breath on my crotch and anus as she absorbed herself in the task and my cock was by now fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. It took her about half an hour or more all the while that my massively hardened cock was almost constantly encircled by her girlish fingers.

When she had cut down as much hair as was possible with the scissors, she soaped in my cock, balls and anus with flower scented foam and began shaving my intimate areas with a handheld razor blade. Just as methodically and thoroughly and with her face just as close to the action as before, she shaved away the remaining public and anus hair, removing even the smallest most insignificant stubble on her way. She was clearly an expert with the sharp blade, as there was no accidental cuts whatsoever. She washed of the soap with splashes of lukewarm water revealing my cock (which was at this point as hard as it's ever been and absolutely drooling with thick threads of pre-cum) in all its pink and naked glory. She then ran her slender soft fingers slowly over the shaven areas to feel for stubbles, that she might have missed, and once or twice redid the shaving where she found any imperfections. She even used her tongue to verify the smoothness of the shaving, which immediately sent electrical jolts of pleasure though my boner, especially when her fine, red probing tongue tongue circled my anus to check the shaving there. She was clearly pleased that this produced a visible bobbing of my cock, and she continued the circling more than what was probably necessary to check the shaving. Now completely smooth around my genitals and anus, she gently rubbed in some scented oil or lotion to moisten my exposed skin.

She finished up by dressing me in a sort of leather thong. It tightly encircled the basis of my penis below the balls almost as a cock ring. It then went around the hips with two string joined on the back just above my ass cheeks and a string from there buried in the crack of my ass and attached to the lower part of the cock ring. Before closing and tightening the thong, Heidi fastened a sort of small butt plug on the leather string in the back. She gently oiled my anus with her middle finger with which also penetrated deeper and deeper into it, oiling the ring muscle thoroughly. She then oiled the butt-plug, inserted it effortlessly into my anus and closed and tightened the thong good and proper so that it the cock ring was firmly pressed into the skin around the base of my throbbing cock and balls and the butt-plug was driven deeply into my anus.

Heidi tilted the chair back onto its feet and released me from the seat. Embarrassingly, any initial protests I've had had completely disappeared by now, and I was completely pacified by her sensual treatment and the intense pleasure from the tight cock ring and the butt-plug that kept me on a permanent edge. Heidi was clearly pleased with my subservience and she kissed me gently on my forehead and caressed my cock with a couple of strokes along its length as a kind of encouragement. However with telling gestures and ultimately a painful squeezing of my balls, Heidi impressed on me the clear message that I was under no circumstances to touch my own genitals, let alone try to get myself off, should I contemplate anything selfish and disrespectful like that.

Helena and Ida returned soon after that, and I discovered that my treatment and current predicament was not some crazy idea of Heidi's but as integrated and natural a part of the farm's daily routine as was cleaning, cooking, goat herding and so on. Helena scarcely took notice of my nakedness and my protruding cock, while Ida, obviously less familiar with the male anatomy, could hardly stop herself from gawking at my thick manhood and the glistening threads of pre-cum that occasionally dripped to the hardwood floor in the kitchen as I clumsily tried to help out with whatever tasks the three women were doing.

I carefully tried to prod Helena with questions that could clarify the purpose of this treatment, what I was meant to do to be "useful" and whether this would not seem strange to neighbors or strangers passing by. Helena mostly laughed heartily at my questions, but never gave away any useful clues. "You will find out soon enough", she said mysteriously. "Most importantly," she reiterated Heidi's warning, "you should refrain from playing with your dick at any time. You will risk ejaculation which will not at all be useful to anybody and therefore punishable by intense pain. I think Heidi has impressed upon you in a very small scale the pain this will imply for you," The tone of her voice indicated that she was not kidding.

CHAPTER 2: Afternoons in the sun

For all meals, I slurped up increasingly large portions of the special cottage cheese. I was beginning to like it very much. I thought it was my imagination, but shortly after eating it, I always felt a slight tingling sensation in my aching balls, even more now where their sensitivity was increased by the leather cock ring and the tight thong I wore all the time. My cock went like a pendulum from stiffly erect to semi-erect, but it never went completely soft at any time. It felt like I leaked several liters of pre-cum a day on every floor all over the farm house. My cock and balls were aching more and more for release for every passing hour and day, but I didn't dare to disobey the warnings in any way.

Once in a while, Heidi put me in the chair in the scullery, took off my "harness" and redid the shaving to remove any budding pubic hairs and always gave me a good, long circling of her tongue around and inside my anus as a reward, so that her saliva would afterwards be dripping from my anus to the floor and mix with my many droplets of pre-cum.

The day after my first treatment, I was sent out into the open fields under the dark blue summer sky to watch over the farm's goats grazing nearby. I was initially horrified by the thought of being seen by passersby's. However, it turned out that the very remoteness of the mountain farm meant that only guests explicitly intending to go to the farm itself would come within viewing distance of the areas where I walked around in my splendid nakedness. And guests were not so frequent before some time later during my stay. These were a couple of good days, and a managed to work up an almost all-over-tan. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my cock and balls (always smoothly shaven) as I lay for hours on my back in the grass fields or on the warm rocks. I could see the trains come and go far down in the valley as distant as the surface of the moon. I was usually sent out after a breakfast of plenty of cottage cheese perhaps only after a renewed intimate shaving. Ida or Heidi would bring me cold glasses of milk during the day, and often also my cottage cheese lunch to eat amongst the goats. In the evening, before sunset, I would be called in with the goats for an ample dinner before lights-off. My stay so far in no way felt like the punishment I had thought my mother intended it to be. Come to think of it, it felt like I was as much the domesticated farm animal as the goats I was supposed to be watching over. My cock now only ached occasionally as the permanent hardness seemed to gradually provide for some sort of make-believe relief. However, my balls were growing almost visibly heavier and heavier by the day. It was as if all I ate these days went directly into my balls and increasing their weight.

Both Heidi and Ida would in turn take their lunch with me in the open. They always came alone, always without the other and always without Helena. The language barrier prevented small-talk with the two girls, but we nonetheless got along very well together. When Heidi brought lunch, we would sometimes lie together in silence in the semi-shadow of a tree after eating. She would remove her light white dress which I found was the only fabric she wore, and pack it under her head as a pillow letting her long, curly red hair spread out over it. That allowed me to watch her beautiful body in its entire adolescent splendor. She had perfect mounds of white flesh for breasts with fragile looking pink nipples which gained a discernible stiffness as we lay there together naked. She had a neatly trimmed red bush, suitable for an expert public hair dresser, above her almost glowing pink pussy lips which protruded from between her legs and whose color stood out in contrast to the marble-like whiteness of the rest of her body. I spend hours watching her and thinking about the imagined tightness of her cunt. In those moments, my cock would almost stretch out beyond its normal length, and I would more clearly feel in my anus the butt-plug penetrating from the leather strips of my thong.

When Ida brought me lunch, she engorged even more freely in looking at my swollen cock and balls than she did in the seemingly constricting presence of her sister or mother in the house. I would perhaps lie on my back in the sun, and she would lie beside me (fully dressed), lying on her side, her head resting on her arm, face towards me at the level of my dick, so she could have a clear view of my perpetually stiffening manhood. She would often touch the tip of the purple cock-head drawing long threads of pre-cum to see how long they could be made, before licking it from her fingertips in her mouth. She would perhaps also run one of her long, polished and coated nails gently up and down the length of my shaft, or she would cup one or two hands under my swollen balls as if to secretly guess their increase in weigh. She sometimes spoke to herself in the local dialect and once in a while tried to teach me some of its words, but I failed miserably to learn any of them. I, on the other hand taught her the words "cock", "balls" and "pre-cum", which she afterwards freely used around me as exclamations, but never in the presence of her sister or mother.

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