tagBDSMSummer at Pond Cove Ch. 03

Summer at Pond Cove Ch. 03


In this chapter, weird worm and holly are sent across the pond so that Walter can make his daily "check in" call to his mother. They are also supposed to bring kayaks back to the girls' cabin for use there. Mistress Gloria warns them not to waste time, but of course, events make them late and they face punishment. This brings up an interesting problem for Mistress Gloria. How do you punish a pain slut? The chapter ends with her novel approach to that problem.

This story stands on its own, but makes a little more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

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Holly and I ran the two miles up the beach to Uncle Walter's place. We were both laughing and giggling as we ran. My laughter was because I had never run naked in the moonlight before. Hers was because as I watched her naked body reflecting the moonlight, Little Bill had awakened and was sticking out straight in front of me. It was flopping up and down and from side to side as I ran.

When we reached the stairs going up to the deck of Uncle Walter's cabin, I suddenly skidded to a stop and shouted, "Damn!" at the top of my voice.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"My clothes," I answered "...and my keys. They are back at the edge of the beach where Mistress Sam and Mistress Tracey jumped me.

"Just use the spare key," holly said looking at me like I was really stupid.

"What spare key?" I sputtered.

"This one," she said with a smile, reaching under the top step and pulling out a key. "We always come over and use the wifi and satellite at your uncle's cabin when no one is around."

"Uh... uh... uh..." I continued to sputter.

"Don't you have a Skype call to make?" she said with an evil-looking grin. "Your mother will worry if you are late checking in." Then she added, "You might want to at least put on a shirt before you sit down at the computer."

"Stay out here," I ordered forcefully.

Well, I tried to make it sound forceful.

OK, I whined a lot and said "Please" at least four times, but she finally grinned at me again and said, "If you want me to."

"Yes, I want you to!" I said, finally finding my forceful voice.

"OK," she said with a cute smile, "but only because you want me to."

I raced into the cabin and ran upstairs to my bedroom. When I came back down holly was inside. She had already brought up my laptop and was sitting in front of it.

"They will be able to see you there!" I screeched. "I said wait outside."

"You wouldn't want me to be outside all alone in the dark, would you?" she asked, trying to look all cute and innocent as she batted her eyes at me.

"OK," I answered, "just stay behind the counter."

She nodded and scampered into the kitchen area. My laptop was sitting on the front side of the kitchen divider on a ledge intended for eating lunch or quick snacks.

I took my seat on one of the stools and brought up the Skype program. "Say 'hi' to your mom for me," holly said sweetly and then smiled at me.

I shushed her and triggered the call. A few moments later my mom answered. Her face filled the screen in front of me. From the little inset I could see that my camera was showing the whole room. Someday I will figure out how to zoom the camera in to show just my face like Mom's did.

It was a pretty standard call. I answered her standard questions that everything was going well, nothing major had broken down, I was feeling good, and there was plenty of food here at the cabin. I thought I was going to be able to keep the call short and was trying to say goodbye when Mom arched her eyebrows and said, "Aren't you going to introduce your naked friend?"

"Uhh... uhh... uhh... uhh..." I began to sputter. While I was frozen in terror, holly came around the counter and stood behind me.

"Hello, Missus Summerfield," she said calmly.

"I could see your reflection in the windows behind my son," Mom replied. She stared out at me and holly from the monitor screen for several moments and then yelled loudly, "Present yourself!"

I jumped to my feet. Holly snapped to attention with her hands behind her head. I saw what she was doing and mimicked her posture. It pulled my shoulders back to hold my hands like that. Doing so pulled on the muscles in my chest. I glanced over at holly and I could see that it was pulling her breasts up quite a bit. Her nipples were practically pointing straight up.

"Well," Mom said after a short pause, "that answers a lot. Who's your Master?"

"Mistress Gloria," holly and I said in unison.

"And you are?" mom continued.

"I'm Holly Baxter," holly said, "Cornelius Baxter is sort of my uncle."

Mom began a very slow laugh. "I guess it was inevitable," she began, still slightly laughing, "that the Summerfields and the Baxters would eventually get together. Both families have a strange twist to their DNA that produces either Masters or slaves... or strange uncles."

She smiled up at me. "I had hoped that my son would one day be a Master to a Baxter slave, but..." After a pause, she said more or less flatly, "... you turned out like your father."

While I tried to comprehend what she had just said, her eyes shifted toward holly. "And you, slave holly," she said derisively, "you probably turned out like your mother."

After a deep breath she asked, "So, how long has this been going on?"

I stepped closer to the webcam in the top of my laptop and started to answer, but Mom cut me off with, "Slaves do not address a Mistress except as a slave unless you have been given permission for public wear."

I just stared at her, but holly whispered, "She means get naked."

"Oh?" I yelped and started talking off my clothes. I was only wearing shorts and a teeshirt with nothing underneath so it only took a second to strip down.

"The question was," Mom continued "how long has this been going on?"

I again stared at the screen. I was trying not to think of the fact that I was standing naked in front of my mother. Finally I forced out, "Well, Mom..."

She cut me off immediately. "I think we are beyond that," she said harshly. "You will address me as Mistress or Mistress Mandy!"

"Yes, Mistress Mandy," I snapped back.

"Now answer the question," she said firmly, "and make sure it is in proper format."

"This humble slave," holly cut in, "begs forgiveness, but slave weird worm has only been answering to a Mistress for the past twelve hours and is not yet fully trained in the proper responses to his betters."

"Ahhh," Mom said softly. "And you, slave holly, how long have you been in submission?"

"Mistress Mandy," holly began, "this humble slave has been submissive her entire life, but has been owned by Mistress Gloria for only the past three years."

"Weird worm," Mom said dryly, "do you think you can give me a proper answer now?"

"Yes, Mistress Mandy," I replied. It felt weird calling my Mom "Mistress," but at the same time, somehow it felt right. "This humble slave," I said, "became the property of Mistress Gloria this morning, when Mistress Sam and Mistress Tracey caught me spying on them swimming naked in the pond. They made me get naked and Mistress Gloria quickly recognized that I was a submissive pain slut. I submitted myself to her and she named me weird worm. She also... sort of... married... slave holly and me... or whatever." My voice trailed off and I stood staring at the screen.

"This gets better and better," my Mom said with another laugh. "So you have been slave bound to slave holly."

I hung my head and muttered, "Yes, Mistress Mandy."

"That's not how you answer a Mistress," Mom yelled at me.

Holly and I both stood up as straight as we could and loudly answered together, "Yes, Mistress Mandy."

"I assume," Mom continued, "that you are supposed to report back to your Mistress shortly."

We again answered together, "Yes, Mistress Mandy."

"Then I will close with one final question," Mom said. "This is for slave holly. Which of your parents is the slave, your father or your mother?"

"Mistress Mandy," holly answered, "they have never really told me, but mom spends a lot of time running around the house naked." She paused slightly and then added, "And there are always a lot of bruises on her hind end."

"I must meet them," Mom said. "What are their names?"

"Mistress Mandy," holly quickly replied, "their names are David and Bobby Jo Baxter. Does Mistress need their phone numbers or addresses?"

"No," Mom answered, "they will be listed in the property information for the Baxter cabin." She gave a wry smile and said, "Federal regulations for property owners who are holding out against sale. They want the whole damn family tree on those forms."

With that, the screen went blank.

"Now what?" I asked, looking at holly.

She was laughing. "Now we get our asses over to the boat shed and get out those kayaks or we will both get punished when we get back."

"Right," I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the door.

"Wait!" she said and ran back to my shorts laying on the floor in front of the counter. Bending over she reached into one of the pockets and pulled out the key.

"There are only so many hidden keys here," she said, "we need to put this back."

She ran around to the deck steps and got down on her hands and knees. I was behind her as she reached under the top step and put the key back in its hiding place, so I had a really good view of her cunt and ass. Little Bill was starting to wake up once again.

"Mistress Gloria is going to think we're late because we were screwing on the beach," she said, still keeping her head down over the steps.

"So?" I asked.

"Why get punished for something we didn't do?" she said, wiggling her ass at me.

"This isn't the beach," I replied.

"Close enough," she answered. "Besides, I won't end up with sand in my pussy."

I knelt down behind her. Little Bill was now standing at full attention. "Which hole?" I asked as I leaned over her back and began mauling her breasts.

"Let's start with the right one," she answered hoarsely. "Then if Little Bill is up to it, we can Greek."

I didn't say anything, but instead pushed forward and entered her. I was getting better at lining things up and went in on the first try. Holly was starting to moan in a high-pitched way and I was just about to cum when a stern voice from behind me said, "I figured this is what was delaying you."

I heard something swish through the air and a very sharp, loud "Splat!" accompanied a fiery pain in my left asscheek.

"Just stay there," Mistress Gloria ordered.

There was another swish and another "Splat!" and the pain moved to my right asscheek.

After that the blows came hard and fast. Mistress Gloria was striking so fast that I wasn't really sure which asscheek she had hit. Soon my entire ass and the top of my legs were on fire.

"Did he come?" she asked when the blows stopped.

"I think so," holly answered.

"Did you?"

"Yes," holly said, "several times."

"Consider that a wedding present," Mistress Gloria said flatly, dropping the long-handled crop on the deck. Then she continued, "We decided that even with the full moon, it wasn't safe for you to be pulling so many kayaks across the lake in the dark. So, I got out the inflatable with the electric motor and came over to help you."

"Mistress Gloria," holly said softly, "this isn't why we were late. We would have been late anyway and this slave didn't want to be punished for something she had not done."

"Well, you've done it now, haven't you?" Mistress Gloria answered flatly.

Mistress Gloria looked down at her. "Why are you late?" she asked. There was now a touch of anger in her voice.

"Mistress Gloria," holly responded, "this slave and slave weird worm are late because the call to his mother took longer than we expected. She... his mom... saw me standing there naked and now Mistress Mandy knows all about us."

Mistress Gloria began laughing loudly. "Mistress Mandy?" she said with a laugh pointing at worm. "Your mother is Mistress Mandy?"

"And apparently," holly said, lowering her head, "my father is Master David."

"I don't know Master David," Mistress Gloria said with another laugh, "but I think I've met Mistress Mandy at one of the clubs back home. We must have a family reunion before the end of the summer," Then her voice turned very firm as she said, "But for now, we need to get the kayaks tied behind the inflatable."

"Yes, Mistress Gloria," holly and I said in unison as we ran over to the boat shed. A few minutes later, we had eight kayaks in the water and tied behind the inflatable. The paddles for each kayak were stored in them, so we left them there.

It only took a few minutes to cross the pond with the electric motor. I seem to remember that there was a four mile-per-hour speed limit posted for the pond, but the boat was going much faster than that. I doubted that there were any rangers around to give out any tickets.

When we got to the Baxter cabin, Mistress Gloria ordered us into the water to drag the kayaks up onto the beach. I hadn't seen her bring the crop back to the boat, but she had it in her hands once again and was using it to direct our efforts. Once we were done she told us to go up onto the porch of the cabin and wait for her.

"I have to decide what your punishment is going to be," she said cheerily as we hurried up the beach to the cabin.

Holly and I weren't so cheery as we stood in what I now knew was the presentation position next to the door awaiting our Mistresses' decision for our punishment.

It seemed like we were standing there forever, but it was probably only about ten minutes before Mistress Gloria, accompanied by Mistresses Sam and Tracey walked out onto the porch. Mistress Gloria had removed the swimsuit she had put on for the trip across the lake and all three of them were naked.

Somehow their nakedness didn't seem sexual to me. I mean, naked women usually turn me on. I got turned on watching holly's body in the moonlight. And when she presented her naked ass to me on the porch I almost couldn't control myself. But the nakedness of these three women didn't signal sexiness at all to me. It signaled power. The way they stood. The way their muscles flexed as they walked. The way they held their heads as they looked at us. It all screamed, "I am powerful." And the untold message in that was, of course, "... and you are not."

We all stood silently. My mouth was getting very dry. I turned my eyes slightly so I could see holly. Her muscles were quivering slightly. It wasn't cold on the porch, so it was either muscle fatigue or fear. Holly was in much better shape than I was and my muscles were fine, so it was probably fear.

Mistress Gloria turned to face me directly and I suddenly knew why holly was afraid. Mistress Gloria's eyes nearly burned through my body. She was truly angry- not just Mistress angry so she could mete out punishment. She was deep down at her core angry that we had disobeyed her and she wanted to make sure that we didn't so blithely disregard her instructions in the future like we had done tonight.

"So what do you think, girls?" she asked, addressing Mistress Sam and Mistress Tracey.

"Spanking wouldn't work unless we beat them half to death," Mistress Sam said.

"Damn, it's hard to punish a pain slut," Mistress Tracey said. "No matter what you inflict on their bodies, they love it."

"That's it!" Mistress Gloria said slowly. "That's how to punish a pain slut in love."

Both Mistress Sam and Mistress Tracey looked at her with confused looks on their faces, but Mistress Gloria just smiled at them and said, "I think we need to set up some equipment in the game room."

She turned to look at holly and I and said sternly, "You two stay right here exactly where you are... in exactly the pose you are in... until puddy tat comes out to get you."

She then glowered specifically at me and said loudly and harshly, "Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Mistress Gloria," I answered. I tried to be loud and firm, but it came out as more of a squeak. Holly, who answered at the same time as I did was a little louder, but there was also obvious fear in her voice.

"What do you think they are planning?" holly asked in a whisper once the Mistresses went inside.

"No idea," I whispered back. "It must be something really bad if they think that both of us will not like it."

"Are you afraid?" holly asked.

"Terrified," I answered. "And I have to pee so bad that I'm sure I won't be able to hold it in when they do whatever it is that they are planning."

"Pretend you're a greyhound," holly said and started moving her feet farther apart.

"What?" I replied.

"At the dog races," she explained, still whispering, "the dogs know that they are going to have to really exert themselves, so while they are being led to the starting line, they will often stop to take a piss on the track." She giggled slightly and said, "My mother always waits to see who pees before she places her bets."

She then moved her feet slightly further apart and a stream of piss started falling from between her legs to the porch floor. "It will be easier to hose it off out here," she whispered when the flow had started to decline. "You do the same thing."

I didn't have to spread my legs, and my stream of pee went out a little farther in front of me, but it worked. Soon I at least didn't have to worry about having to pee.

I had just finished when puddy tat opened the door and came out onto the porch. She sniffed and said, "I was supposed to take you out onto the beach and have you empty your bladders, but I guess I won't have to do that now." She looked over at holly and added, "I'll hose this off while you two are... uh... doing whatever in the game room."

"Thank you," holly said. I added my thanks and then followed her and puddy tat into the cabin.

The game room was originally intended as a true family game room. Or that's what it looked like at first glance. There were dart boards on the walls and a ping pong table folded up over in the corner. On the floor along one wall was a shuffleboard court. What caught my attention, however, wasn't on the walls or the floors, it was on the ceiling.

Suspended about eight feet in the air was a huge, square, wooden frame hanging from the ceiling by heavy chains. Lights which illuminated the room were mounted on the outside of the square, but the beams were obviously much too huge to just support a few lights. And the chains which held the frame were connected to massive timbers which had been built into the roof of the cabin. A flagstone area the same size as the frame filled the center of the room. It was bordered by an equally impressive, though much smoother, square of wood.

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