Summer BeachTrip


"What about your stuff on the beach?"

"The staff will take it back to my room.'

They cut through the dunes, somehow avoiding the couples and groups. Soon they were back at the gate. Victor showed his passkey and they were admitted. Moments later they were at his room. From the outside it looked like a grass hut. Inside it looked like a cottage, but the bedroom was open to a private section of the beach, with thick vegetation running all the way to the water. A fence extended into the ocean, ensuring their privacy.

"Are you ready to show me what else you learned?" Victor asked.

"Of course."

In the middle of the room was a massage table. Victor quickly stripped off his trunks and lay face down on the table. He covered his ass with a towel. Fiona took a moment to admire his physique. He wasn't cut like a bodybuilder, but was quite solid. She especially like his firm ass. Even covered by the towel it titillated her. Her mind drifted to the vision she had when she was masturbating. Even though a week had passed, the image of someone on their hands and knees in front of her was still fresh in her mind. Maybe he was the one she would use the dildo on. Fiona shook her head to clear it. The task at hand was giving Victor a massage, and only a massage. She tossed her shoulder wrap in the corner. Her breasts glimmered with a combination of sunscreen, sweat and sand. Her nipples were swollen, betraying her feigned lack of interest in the naked man in front of her.

She started by wiping his skin with a clean towel, removing the sand the wind had blown onto him during their walk on the beach. Next she poured oil into her hand, warming it up before spreading it over his legs. Slowly she worked her way over the calf of his left leg. As she moved on to his hamstring she again focused on what she had read in the book. In her head she listed the tissues she was touching. Fiona was so focused on anatomy that the feeling of the soft towel surprised her. She moved to his right leg and continued the massage. Victor felt less tense that he had during his foot massage at the beach.

Fiona stood at the top of the table, stroking Victor's back, and pressing her fingers into his shoulders. The lessons of the book were losing their effectiveness as a distraction. She stretched to reach his lower lumbar area... Her breasts were inches from his well-oiled back. The temptation to lean over just a bit more, to feel his warm skin against her swollen nipples was almost overwhelming. Fiona did not have ropes and straps to hold her back. Only Victor's words restrained her. She tried to distract herself by thinking of Frank. That only led to her wondering what Jade did after she left. Was Frank in a similar situation, being teased by Jade.

"I'm done with your back. Please turn over, "Fiona requested. She was a bit anxious, wanting to see if Victor had an erection, or if this really was just a massage for him. She was disappointed when he managed to keep the towel in place. In fact, instead of neatly spreading it across his hips, he left it loosely piled. The random folds of the material obscured any clue about his cock.

Fiona resigned herself to being a bit frustrated. She drizzled oil on him, matting down his chest hair. She felt a glimmer of encouragement when she felt his nipples against her palms. The flesh felt stiff and swollen. She hoped that was mirrored by his cock. Her fingers caressed his arms. Bicep. Triceps, she didn't care. She just wanted them around her. Fiona paced herself, not wanting to rush. She knew Victor would not tolerate a half assed job. She finished with long strokes down his legs.

"That's it. How did I do?" She asked.

"Very well. I am impressed. We will have to do this again some time." he replied.

Fiona was thrilled. So far, so good. She eagerly awaited his next request.

"We need to take a shower to get cleaned up, "Victor said.

"Together?" Fiona replied enthusiastically.

"Just to get cleaned up," Victor said sternly.

"As you wish," Fiona said, with less enthusiasm.

The shower was easily large enough for two people. It was a glass cube with brass and silver pipes running through the wall. In two of the corners shower tiles sprayed water straight out from the wall. Two large shower heads hung from the ceiling on flexible stalks. Victor picked up a thick tablet computer and slid his finger across the screen. The shower sprang to life, water spurting from the showerheads. At the water became a steady stream Victor stepped into the enclosure. He hung the tablet on the wall and moved into one of the corners. The shower tiles shot jets of water that splashed against his body. As soon as he stepped away they shut off.

Fiona followed him in. The water was warm, but not too hot. She glanced at the tablet. It display the temperature. She backed into the corner, waiting for the shower tiles to douse her. Even though she was expecting it, the impact of the water startled her. She looked at Victor. Water was cascading off his body. It took a moment for her to realize his penis was no longer hidden from her. She quickly glanced down at it. His cock was fully erect. She only looked for a second, even though she knew her actions were obvious. Fiona had lost count of the times men had tried the same trick to check out her tits. Fiona picked a bottle of body wash.

"May I clean you off?" she asked

"I'd like that," he answered.

It was time to push the envelope. Fiona reached up and tilted the shower away from Victor. Squeezing her breasts together in the crook of her arm, she poured the body wash into her cleavage. After putting the bottle down she worked the puddle into a lather.

"Turn around, I want to do your back first, "she instructed.

As soon as Victor has his back to her, she placed her hands on his shoulders. She squatted and pressed her breasts into the small of his back. Slowly she stood, spreading the lather over him. Using her breasts like sponges, she rubbed his back from his ass to below his shoulder blades.

"I'm going to jump on your back so I can reach your neck," she warned.

"Wouldn't it be easier if I just knelt down?" Victor asked.

"Yes, but it would not be as much fun."

She sprang onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist. Her ankle brushed against the tip of his erection, sending a shiver down her spine. She rubbed her breasts against his shoulders and neck, the slowly let herself slid down his body. She used her hands to spread the lather over his ass and down his legs.

"Turn around," she requested as she stood.

As soon as he did she retrieved the body wash. This time she drizzled the fluid on her breasts while looking directly at Victor. He seemed to enjoy the show. Fiona leaned forward and flattened her breasts against his belly, being careful to avoid is throbbing erection. She did not want this to end the way their last encounter did. Slowly she straightened her back and stood up. Fiona put her hands on Victor's shoulders again.


He nodded in response. With a quick leap she sprang onto him, quickly wrapping her legs around his waist. Fiona wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her tits against his chest. She felt his coarse chest hair against her swollen nipples as she rubbed his chest with her breasts. Just knowing that her pussy was hovering a fraction of an inch over the head of his cock drove her wild with anticipation. For a moment she held herself tight against him, fantasizing about plunging down onto his cock, making him fill her up. Slowly she unwound her legs and put her feet on the floor. Fiona released her hold on his neck, and pushed him back into the corner. As the tile showers began to wash away the suds, she tipped the shower towards him. Once again water cascaded down his body. Victor ducked his head, letting the water rinse through his hair. Fiona took advantage of the situation, staring at Victor's engorged cock, recalling what it felt like in her mouth, between her breasts and against her ass. She tried to imagine what it would feel like inside her. She had fucked plenty of men, some with much bigger cocks. But other than Frank's, she had never wanted one more. She hoped she had played Victor's game correctly. She wanted to know what he had planned for her. She stepped back into her corner, letting the jets rinse away the remaining soap. She slowly twirled, enjoying the water pounding against her breasts. The jets were positioned perfectly, one pair sprayed onto her nipples, the lower pair converged on her pussy.

Fiona felt Victor's hands on her shoulders. The rest of his body was soon pressed against her. The rigid shaft of his dick spread her ass apart. She could feel the head of his cock in the small over her back.

"Does this feel good?" he asked.

"Uh-huh," she replied, nodding in case the sound of the water drown out her voice.

Suddenly an orgasm surged through her body. She had never come so quickly. Victor wrapped his arms around her, holding her up as her knees buckled. The water continued to spray against her. Fiona felt the muscles in her pussy spasm, and bolts of pleasure shot out from her nipples. As the sensations faded away she let her head drop. Victor pulled her back to the center of the shower. The water slowed and finally stopped. He took her by the hand and led her out.

Still dripping wet, Victor gently toweled Fiona off. He wrapped a towel around his waist and lead Fiona into the next room. In the middle of the room was a complicated apparatus. A raceway hung from the ceiling, and second one was on the floor. Connecting them was a harness of manila rope and leather. Setting on the floor next to it was a riding crop and a flogger. An eye mask and headphones hung from the harness. Fiona took a deep breath. Air heavy with the smell of leather and rope filled her lungs.

"What's this?" Fiona asked.

"It's adapted from something we built for physical therapy," Victor replied.

"Well, as long it is for science," Fiona said with a grin.

"Yes, science. Could you stand here please and put your hands above your head?"

Fiona stood with her back against the wall. Victor began to apply the restraints to her. First a pair of leather cuffs around each wrist. He pulled each of the three straps tight, then fastened the brass buckles. Fiona guessed the original unit has nylon and plastic. She was glad Victor had modified it. A spreader bar connected the cuffs. A similar setup secured her ankles. He wrapped wide silk ribbons around her thighs and just below her knees. Fiona began to wonder if she was going to get fucked or be water boarded. The last set of silk ribbons went around her bicep. The final restraint was a fur lined leather belt around her midsection.

"Comfortable?" he asked.

"Surprisingly so," she answered.

"Do you remember the safe word?"

"Eject Eject Eject."

"Very good, there is also an emergency release button right here," Victor explained, pointing to a red button on each side of the spreader bar. It was within reach of her thumb.


"Ready for a quick test flight?"

"Yes," Fiona said, trying to get the butterflies in her stomach to at least fly in formation.

"Last thing," Victor said.

He slipped something over each of her fingers, leaving only her thumbs unencumbered

Victor picked up the controller. It was a tablet with a few joysticks on it. The machine hummed to life and the ropes began to get tight. Soon Fiona was suspended spread eagle above Victor's head. He slowly rotated her until she was upside down, her face directly in front of his towel where his erection bulged out. Victor worked the controls some more. Fiona found herself in the doggy style position, but three feet above the ground. He pressed something on the controller and it felt like someone was sucking on each of her fingers. As quickly as the feeling started, it stopped. Next she was curled into a ball, and finally vertical, eye to eye with Victor. For the first time she saw lust and desire in his eyes

"Right back at you" she said to herself.

Victor set the remote down and picked up the mask. He positioned it over Fiona's eyes. A multitude of lights appeared.

"It's full of stars," Fiona mumbled. She felt the headset cover her ears. Only a soft whooshing sound was audible.

"Is this too loud?" Victor asked. Fiona answered, but did not hear herself. She was impressed. Not only did the headphones cancel all the noise in the room, but somehow even her own voice was suppressed. She screamed, but only heard the whooshing.

"Is something wrong?" Victor asked.

"No, just testing it out. Very nice. What's the application for this?" she replied, or at least thought she did. Once again she could not hear herself.

"It's a step up from a rubber room, hopefully an alternative to sedating over excited patients. But for you it should reduce distraction, and maybe even temptations."

Fiona grinned. He was trying to make the game a bit easier for her. She felt thrilled that he wanted her that much.

"We have a few things to discuss. I'm going to let you hear your own voice, you are slurring your words a bit with the suppression turned on."

"Okay," Fiona replied, mildly surprised to hear her voice again. She was fairly certain she was still vertical.

"Let's talk about your homework. I know you read the book. What about the other assignment. Did you call Frank on your way home?"

"Yes, right after I left your house."

"Were you still naked?"

"Yes, completely"

Fiona felt the tendrils of the flogger on the nape of her neck. She was not sure what had happened to her hair. Either she was at some angle that gravity had moved it out of his way, or he had put it up without her knowledge.

"What did you tell him?"

"That I was naked, and that I liked feeling your cock against my ass"


" And I wanted him to fuck me in the ass when I got home."

"Kinky, I like it. What else did you tell him?'

" That you licked my pussy till I had an orgasm."

"I remember that. What happened after that?"

"I told him I gave you a blowjob."

"Do you like sucking my dick?"

"Oh yes. I love the way your cock feels inside my mouth."

"Do you think Frank would like to watch you give me a blowjob?"

"Yes, especially if he was fucking me at the same time."

" What else did you tell Frank?"

"I told him you came in my mouth and on my breasts.'

Fiona felt drops of moisture running down her thighs, but not straight down. The drops ran towards her ass. She must be at an angle. Thinking about that night, being naked in the pool behind Victor's house. He had been so close to fucking her, but had done everything else instead.

"Did you tell him about the riding crop?"


"Why not?"

"All I wanted to do was get home so Frank could screw me. I was so horny. You can't possibly imagine."

"So, even though you had several orgasms with me, you wanted more?"

"Yes, I wanted more."

The whoosh sound rushed back into her ears. Fiona knew she was moving, but not sure where. She felt the flogger again, softly touching her between her breasts. It seemed like the only part of her body she could feel anything was the spot Victor was touching her. The leather strips moved on to her left breast, getting closer and closer to her swollen nipple. Finally one tendril slapped against her engorged flesh. A lightning bolt of pleasure shot straight to her brain. She was fairly sure she screamed, but heard nothing. Another impact, this one a bit harder. On the other breast what could only be Victor's warm breath. The muscles in her belly began to clench, either out of jealousy or in support of her tits. Once again the leather slapped against her, stinging this time. She knew her pussy should be gushing, but whatever positions she was in prevented her from feeling it. Another slap, this one just below the threshold of pain, then a pause. She tried to beg for more, but heard nothing. Then Victor's soft, wet tongue circled the red skin of her left nipple. It was warm and tender and drove her wild. Seconds later he started on her right breast with the flogger. Gentle kissing on one tit contrasted with the sting on the other. Her body exploded into orgasm. She truly felt like she was floating in a sea of pleasure. As she felt calm returning a new sensation emerged. Something was pressing between her legs. It was hard, and hot. Bells went off in her head. It was Victor's cock. It slipped from the top of her cunt to the bottom. It rubbed against her clit. Fiona realized she was tilting backwards. She felt blood rushing to her head, but did not care. The moisture pouring out of her ran between the cheeks of her ass, pursued by Victor's cock. His erection cleaved her ass apart, but did not penetrate her. And then it was gone. The whooshing sound was drowned out by the pounding of her heart. Then both faded.

"Tell me about what happened with Jade after she tied you to the bed."

"She put the dildo on me."

" Did you try to stop her?"

"No, I mean yes, I mean no."

"Which one is it?" Victor demanded.

"I forgot the safe word for a while, and by the time I remembered it, I did not want her to stop anymore."

"What did she do to you?"

"She fucked me, well, she got on top of me and made me fuck her. She rode me like a cowgirl."

"She made you?'

"She let me." Fiona conceded.

"Did you have an orgasm with Jade?"

"I did, "Fiona replied, thinking about that night. Her thoughts again turned to Frank and Jade. She wondered if she was riding Frank's real cock the way she had ridden the fake one that had been strapped to her own body. She wondered if Frank would come inside her too. Fiona wondered if Frank would get to see Jade's tits.

"Was she naked?" Victor asked, interrupting Fiona's daydream.

"No, she had her clothes on. Her shirt was soaked with sweat, I could almost see her breasts..."

"Did you want to?"

"Not at first, but now I wish I had.

The whooshing sound returned, and Fiona felt something pulling one her hair, tipping her head back. It felt like she was vertical again. She felt the band on her thighs pulling apart. What could only be Victor's tongue ran along the lips of her vagina. She still had a sense of smell, and the scent of sex had been present for some time. Suddenly it grew much stronger. Then she felt the head of Victor's cock against her lips. Somehow they were in a 69 position, but she did not understand how. She did not care. The tension on her hair relaxed and she began to bob her head back and forth, taking in as much of his erection as she could. At the same time Victor's mouth was eagerly exploring her sex. Fiona was torn. She wanted to please Victor. She wanted to make him come, but she also wanted to feel his cock between her legs. Surely he would have planned for her enthusiasm. She pressed her lips tight against him, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Over and over his dick penetrated her lips. Her tongue pressed against the most sensitive parts of him. Soon she detected the familiar taste of him leaking into her mouth. He did nothing to stop her. As soon as she felt his cock start to spurt into her mouth, she engulfed him, forcing the head of his dick into her throat until he was done. He slid his penis out of her mouth and she gasped for breath. Her gasping continued as he used his mouth to push her into another climax.

"Any extra credit work?" Frank asked, still breathing hard from his orgasm.

Fiona pondered telling him about Bobbie. She had not told Frank. She and Bobbie had not quite sworn themselves to secrecy. This wasn't a secret she was keeping from Frank, rather something she was going to surprise him with when the time was right.

"I fucked another girl, and I liked it."

Fiona heard the white noise got louder, and felt her body spinning. Her hair fell around her face, and she felt blood rushing to her head. She was facing the floor with her ass in the air. Her legs were spread apart and slightly bent. For a moment she hung in the air, motionless, in the dark, unable to hear even her own breathing.

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