Summer Bet


We had some interesting feedback to our first story one email was really nice because the lady said that I had inspired her to explore her own exhibitionist side.

Her email reads as follows;

Oh my, I loved your story I hope it was a true experience

My name is Jennifer I had a similar experience in the Jacuzzi area of our gym.

It was later in the evening before closing I was alone at first feeling really relaxed.

A man joined me I had wanted to explore my exhibitionist side so when it was time for me to get out of the Jacuzzi I decided to loosen my bikini bottoms and pretend that they accidentally fell open and down my legs as I got out.

It was perfect I let out an ooops! Smiled at him as I picked up my bottoms then went to the shower room. It was so much fun.

You though have given me an idea to further my experience I think I will try for the same type experience that you had. (See fun in the gym)

Reading your profile I too enjoy sex outdoors.

My boyfriend and I have had sex by the campfire on a couple of occasions I would love to hear back from you.

Hugs and Kisses, Jennifer

It got me so hot that I called Steve as he read her story I noticed a bulge growing in his jeans I rested my hand on it and said that her story had me instantly wet because of my own adventure in the Jacuzzi reaching between my legs I dipped a finger into my wet pussy pressing it to his lips as proof.

Easing his ass from the chair he slipping his jeans off then pulled me onto his lap his hard cock nestled between my buttocks I wiggled my soft ass cheeks down on it the head wetting my ass crack.

Lifting slightly I spread my legs wide so that they were on the outside of his and sat back down Steve had reclined the soft leather chair so that I was leaning into him his member sprang up between my legs nestling against my moist pussy.

He ran his hands over my taught stomach and up to my breasts gently kneading them rubbing his thumbs over my sensitive nipples I let out a soft sigh reaching down I rubbed my fingers over his cock pushing it back so that it pressed against my wet pussy tickling the head with my nails spreading pre cum all over his shaft mixing it with my own juices.

Pinching his cock very softly between my thumb and two fingers I began slowly stroking from base to tip the back of my thumb and finger tips dragging over my pussy lips catching my clit at the top of the stroke.

Pleasuring him while touching my self is my biggest turn on I bit my bottom lip as my excitement built trying to maintain control fighting the urge to buck my hips was so hard but I wanted us to climax together.

As I worked us both I made him read the email to me my juices were flooding at the image of Jennifer, nude from the waist down in front a complete stranger his cock bulging in his shorts as she eased out of the Jacuzzi bare pussy wet and glistening her hips swinging as he watched her naked ass leave.

Steve's cock was pulsing clear liquid dripping from the end over my hand he was going to cum so gripping him hard with one hand I began to work him pulling his penis away from my pussy so I could reach between us with my other hand and with the tips of my fingers apply pressure to my engorged clit fingering myself to orgasm.

His cock jerked and twitched sending stream after stream of cum over my belly some of it splashing on my tits I continued to milk it as my own orgasm hit juices flooding over my inner thighs his balls and the chair panting I rubbed my clit hard.

He kissed the side of my neck as our breathing returned to normal massaging his sticky mess into my boobs running his hand down my belly and trailing his fingers over my wide open pussy I let out a moan as the middle finger dipped into me.

He circled it slowly making me squirm.

His cock was still semi erect so I was able to ease up slipping the end into me sliding down the sticky shaft while reaching down to nestle his balls in one hand.

He covered the side of my neck in soft butterfly kisses all the while trailing his fingers over my belly circling my boobs and then with the briefest of touches dragged them down my side ticking me slightly and making me wiggle in his lap.

His cock was fully hard again so leaning forward a little I braced my hands on his legs and lifted my ass slightly sliding my wet pussy up his cock a few inches I squeezed my vaginal muscles gripping it in my wetness I rotated my hips in a little circle then sat back down again his fingers massaged my back running up and down my spine as I repeated the process each time easing slightly further up the shaft until eventually I was at the tip.

Steve was not ready to cum again I knew that he would last ages unfortunately my pussy was already soaking my clit throbbing and begging for attention nice as the sensations were from riding his shaft I needed more.

From this position there was no way that I could reach myself with my fingers so in one smooth movement I lifted off his cock.

Steve started to protest but soon fell quiet as I reached back grabbing his cock guiding it between my buttocks rubbing his smooth end over my tight hole lots of our mingled juices had dribbled down the crack of my ass so I was already well lubricated and with just a little pressure I soon felt the tip slip in.

Steve sat still as I worked my ass on his cock rocking my hips gently getting used to the feeling I don't usually like anal so he lets me work at my own pace until I am comfortable he knows it is a real treat and appreciates it when I am in the mood.

Gently I worked back and forth allowing my ass to stretch over his cock sliding down the shaft an inch at a time.

When he was almost all the way in I leaned back on him opening my legs wide I dipped my index finger into my pussy curling it up while resting my thumb on my clit in a kind of pinching movement I made a rubbing motion as if rolling something between the tips of my fingers stimulating the soft inner wall of my pussy while exerting pressure on my engorged clit.

Steve cupped my boobs as I arched my back rocking my hips his cock felt enormous in my tight ass and I knew that it would only take small movements to stimulate him. Dropping my other hand to my pussy I spread the lips running my fingers through the folds before too long I felt the pressure of another orgasm building my juices flowed over my fingers my lips puffy clitoris swollen and hyper sensitive withdrawing my fingers I placed the heel of my hand over my clit fingers trailing through my gaping pussy I rubbed back and forth grinding the palm into my clitoris bucking my hips wildly as another shuddering orgasm hit.

I flopped back on Steve gasping but he had other ideas wrapping both arms around me he stood and turned us round pushing me forward butt in the air he gripped my hips and began to pound away at my ass picking up the pace until suddenly he pulled out and shot his hot spunk all over my buttocks rubbing the end of his penis up and down the crack while massaging cum into my soft cheeks with his fingers.

He gave me a stinging slap on the butt and pulled me to him kissing me passionately on the lips crushing our mouths together tongues exploring.

As we parted he pointed toward the computer and with a cheeky grin said will you be emailing Jennifer about this.

Tired sticky with cum front and back I took a long hot shower.

Drying off I rubbed briskly luxuriating in the thick roughness of the towel by the time I had finished my skin tingled I felt fresh and revitalising.

Steve squeezed past me as I came out of the bathroom and couldn't resist giving my bottom a gentle pat in return I cupped his balls and said later.

We were visiting friends the next day so I decided to take the car to the garage fill it up and get it washed. Picking out some clothes I laid them on the bed before drying my hair and applying some makeup.

When I came back into the bedroom Steve was standing next to my clothes holding my bra and panties with a big grin on his face I stood there trying to look annoyed one hand on my hip the other held out for my underwear

Ignoring the gesture he said bet you won't go out without these.

Normally I'm not the type to ignore a challenge however as it was a hot day the clothes that I had laid out were of thin cool cotton.

My blouse was loose fitting but it was also white and I knew that my tanned boobs and dark nipples would be clearly visible especially if my nipples were erect which they would be rubbing against the material.

My skirt was not so much of a problem it was one of Steve's favourites a flowing knee length gypsy in a light beige and although my tanned skin shows through no one ever suspects I am naked underneath assuming my ass cheeks are on show because I am wearing a thong

There was no chance of my pubes showing through... because there aren't any.

This is the way I dress to feel sexy skimpy minis and low cut tops give too much away what's better is a fleeting glimpse of what lies beneath a did I see that double take from a stranger is so exciting. I love being naked under a flowing or split skirt picking the moment I am accidentally exposed is so erotic.

In her email Jennifer had asked if I ever worry about men taking advantage but

I never plan for anything to happen every situation so far has been spontaneous however I have set myself limits and rules... no touching unless I allow penile penetration...and no kissing...they are both reserved for Steve.

However I love mutual masturbation and will always let the lucky guy(s) cum on me if the situation allows... usually all over my tits.

If I do let a game to go further I always make sure that I am in a safe environment or that Steve is with me although I find that men are so caught up in the moment that they will do as you ask simply because they cant believe their luck.

A little turned on by his naughty dare I quickly dressed pecked Steve on the cheek and left for the garage.

Driving with the window down breeze ruffling my blouse the soft cotton caressing my nipples I was soon horny again flicking my skirt up to my waist I opened my legs drawing my left knee up so the cool draft danced across my inner thighs tickling me slightly.

Stopping at a set of lights I kept my legs splayed open confident no one would see.

I drive a Smart and they sit higher than the average car unfortunately what stopped next to me was a people carrier a young chap perhaps early twenties slouched down in the passenger seat.

We both looked round at the same time his eyes almost popped out of his head there I was sitting feet away blouse partly unbuttoned nipples clearly visible legs splayed and skirt pulled up my bare pussy just in view.

Before I could adjust myself the cheeky twat snapped my picture with his phone.

The lights changed and as we pulled away he gave me a little wave I laughed at the thought of him bragging to his mates and beating off to that picture.

Reaching the petrol station I filled the car my nipples were standing out hard against the material of my blouse the tanned skin of my breasts showed through I had butterflies in my stomach because I would have to walk through the mini mart to pay

There were only two other people at the pumps the shop was pretty quiet just one other customer and what looked like several students from the local tech picking out chocolate from the display one of them nudged his mate and pointed over to me cupping his hands under his chest mimicking bouncing breasts not one to disappoint I turned towards them opening my blouse giving them the briefest of flashes the poor lad went bright scarlet when he realised I had seen him.

Paying the cashier I walked back to my car pleased that I had got off pretty light.

Although hot it had been mildly comfortable all day due to a soft breeze.

It had picked up a little early afternoon and as I made my way across the forecourt a gust of wind lifted the hem of my skirt blowing it right up my back baring my ass to anyone behind me I carried on walking letting it flutter enjoying the sensation of the breeze playing across my buttocks before getting in my car.

Driving to the car wash behind the petrol station I paid and waited in line there was no one behind me so I wiggled down into the same comfortable position as before flicking my skirt up around the top of my thighs sitting with my legs open to take advantage of the breeze my blouse barely fastened nice and cool.

My phone rang it was Steve wanting to know if there had been any incidents. Describing in detail everything that had happened so far he told me I was a naughty girl and asked if I was wet.

When I said yes he told me to put my finger on the outside of my slit and rub it a little teasing my lips with my fingernail I did as he asked my pussy now very wet clear liquid dribbling out and pooling on the seat under my ass I described every little detail how my lips were puffy opening up over my finger tip as I slipped it in.

He said that I should hurry home so he could taste me describing how he would swirl his tongue around my hole nibbling and sucking on my lips before lapping at my clit.

By the time I got off the phone my pussy was soaking I needed relief and as I approached the carwash decided to give the guys working there a thrill.

Most of the carwash is fully automated cars travelling slowly along on a conveyor through various washes rinses and a hot wax before emerging into a kind of open shed the other side where it is buffed up by a team of three guys all apprentices in their early twenties earning a little extra cash.

As soon as the car was on the conveyor and out of sight I stripped off my skirt folding it neatly placing it over the back of the passenger seat where it could be seen.

Unbuttoning my blouse all the way I toyed with the idea of taking it off sitting there fully naked but decided it looked more erotic if my blouse was left open hanging either side of my breasts.

Semi-naked and soon to be seen by three strange men my pussy was soaked trailing my fingers through my moist lips I scooted down in the seat stretching my leg out and placing one foot on the passenger seat opened myself up with my fingers rubbing over my swollen lips dipping a finger just inside teasing.

The sound of the water spraying on the car and the soft rhythmic sound of the brushes added to the eroticism it was too late to change my mind in a matter of seconds I would be on display a shudder of excitement ran through me the car filled with the musky smell of my sex.

My nipples were painfully hard so taking my sopping fingers from my pussy I rubbed my juices all over them pinching the ends slightly sucking my breath in at the warm sensation running through my loins.

The car had reached the end of the wash cycle as it emerged I was in ecstasy rubbing my clit hard I lifted my leg right up knowing that everything would be open and on view not caring so lost in my need to cum I alternated between dipped my fingers into my pussy dragging them out across my open soaking lips then back up over my clitoris

The car came out the other side when the guys realised what was going on they were round the car in an instant right up close to the glass but I was too far gone to care thrashing from side to side as I brought myself off legs wide open fingers of one hand holding my lips apart while the other worked furiously over my pussy and clit

Wet swollen and on display I began moaning and bucking my hips as my orgasm hit.

It was so intense it seemed to go on for ages gradually subsiding my thighs twitching slightly as I gently caressed my moist pussy catching sight of my reflection the in mirror I thought it looked so damn sexy my eyes were half closed fingers dancing over my glistening lips thighs soaked with my juice breasts flushed a slight sheen of perspiration on them.

A gentle tap on the window brought me to my senses I swung my legs together ran the window down and said Hi.

All of the guys were on my side of the car staring open mouthed stunned by what they had just witnessed when I spoke they broke out into huge sheepish grins the eldest of the guys asked if there was anything they could do for me.

Looking down at myself I asked if they had something that I could dry off with he fetched some soft rag from a box and held it out to me I could see the bulge in his pants they all looked young and inexperienced so I decided to have some fun with them.

Shaking my head I said that it was their job to buff everything up.

His face dropped and he looked disappointed trailing my fingers across my chest I said not the car silly these he hesitated so I reached through the open window taking him by the wrist guiding his hand over to my right boob.

He started rubbing the soft cloth over the mound of my breast gently dabbing avoiding making contact with the nipple so guiding his hand to where I wanted it he pressed the cloth against my hard nub I felt a tingle between my legs.

Unsure of the situation he withdrew his hand as soon as my breast was dry I looked down then back at him where he was squirming trying to casually adjust his crotch.

There's two of them here I said how about doing the other one now.

One of the other lads immediately stepped forward and asked if he could do it while the other guy with great presence of mind ran to put the closed sign up

I beckoned him forward his hand shaking as he reached into the car his touch hesitant he was making hardly any contact and again avoided my nipple the cloth tickled as he wiped slowly round and round he almost jumped out of his skin as I placed my fingers over his and squeezed his hand over my tit rubbing the palm over my nipple.

As he stepped away he also dropped his hands in front of his crotch trying to hide a hard on feeling very wicked and in control I pointed at the bulge asking him if it was something for me his mate sniggered until I nodded at his crotch and asked if he was keeping a spanner down this trousers he flushed bright red.

Deciding it would be safe take things further I asked if they would like to clean me up everywhere as I was in a right mess they just looked at one another until the third one plucked up courage and said he would as he hadn't done anything yet

My tummy flipped over as I took a deep breath opened the door and swung my legs around squeezing my thighs tight together shrugging off my blouse in anticipation of what might happen not wanting to get anything on it.

They all stared at my boobs so I ran my hands over them pushing them together and asked if they would like to do that to me they all made to step forward but I placed my arm across my chest and said not yet...but soon.

Speaking to the third lad I said they had not finished wiping me down yet he looked at my boobs obviously thinking both options had been taken by his mates and asked where. Stretching my legs out but keeping them tight together I ran my finger over the top of my thigh and said here.

He came to my side and knelt at my knee it was so sexy because I knew he could smell my musk taking the cloth he began to wipe the top of my thighs I asked him is it wet there.

Thinking it would be the end of the game he reluctantly said no.

Leaning back slightly placing my hand over my vagina so they would only see what I wanted them to I opened up my legs a little and said they are here my thighs sopping wet from my orgasm

He began wiping the soft skin inside my thigh as he worked his way up a little bit of moisture leaked from my pussy he got a little braver the back of his hand brushing my damp fingers.

Closing my eyes enjoying the tickling of the soft cloth I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a hand on my other thigh as one of his mates joined in.

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