tagFetishSummer Break Party

Summer Break Party


Yes, finally a break from all the tedious examinations and school, summer vacation break is here! We were celebrating all night at my classmate's house, Kayla. Many of our friends were here, celebrating throughout the night with booze under the beautiful crescent moon, although we were underage. The lonely moon in the star-less night sky seemed to illuminate more bright than ever. Everyone in the house was getting hyped up with all the music and alcohol. Some were even puking outside the backyard and confessing about their crushes with the '7 A.M. in the morning' look on their face.

We were pretty much happy to be graduating from high school this year, not having to stay in this lame old school much longer. The girls were rather attractive tonight with their tight-fit clothes and short skirts. Surprisingly, the girls could control their liquor better than the guys could, seeing many of them getting drunk.

Kayla's parents were high rollers and owned a huge three storey mansion which included a mini ballroom, an indoor swimming pool, basketball court, a fish pond at the roof and also not missing out the two Ferraris parked in the garage, which was out of bounds for us, the reason was obvious, her dad doesn't want anyone's fingerprints on the windscreen.

Kayla herself looked pretty wealthy; she wore expensive Gucci peep-toe heels, a top which looked gorgeous and also priceless, which complimented her pink mini skirt. Her green G-string was showing under her skirt as it wasn't long enough to cover it, which attracted a lot of wondering eyes from the crowd. Her toes peeped out from the heels, with her pretty pedicure done on her nails. Every time I see her, she would get weekly pedicures and manicures, which her comfortable life permitted, and I would look at them after school or when I go over to her house to do an assignment. She was sort of my best friend, my secret crush, and my 'sister'.

"Hey there Rein, looking good tonight?"

Kayla asked. She noticed that I have been stealing glances at her feet for the past few minutes and decided to snap me out of it. She giggled and wiggled her toes to tease me. I took a sip of coke, trying my best not to look at her feet and waved back. She said she had something to show me after the party and asked me to stay over. I readily agreed without hesitation, thinking she might have something interesting up for me.

The night passed quickly with many people going home quickly so not as to suffer a bad hangover in the morning, fortunately I didn't drink any booze and won't have to worry about it. After about midnight only a few people were left at the house. Looking forward to what Kayla wants to show me, I walked into the living room looking for her. She was sitting at the couch with two of her other girlfriends watching television. She noticed me and brought me upstairs to her room and closed her bedroom door. After a tiring night, I lied down on her bed while she sat on the comfy cushion and I asked what she had in store for me.

She took off her heels and flexed her soles after a tiring day, and rested them on the side of the bed.

"I noticed you looking at my feet earlier just now?"

"Oh, you know, I was just admiring your feet,

they're beautiful."

"Is it that simple? Or are you attracted to my feet?"


"Guess I've hit the jackpot! So tell me, do you have a foot fetish?"

"Um, I guess so?"

"Let's see...which part of my feet that actually drives you insane?"

"Your pedicures, beautiful arch and toes...."

"Do you want to suck them?"


"I heard that you guys with foot fetishes love to suck on a girl's toes."


Without any warning, Kayla prodded her petite toes into my mouth, wrapping her heavenly toes in a wet coat of saliva. I then began sucking vigorously and licking in between her toes. She was relaxed and had her eyes half closed. Her toes felt warm and sticky inside of my mouth, tasting like something sweet inside By the look on Kayla's face, I knew she was enjoying every bit of the moment and the sensation of getting one's toes being worshipped.

"Hmmm, it feels so good having one's toes being sucked by a guy with a foot fetish. You know, I've knew that you loved my feet a long time ago, as you kept looking at my feet during class, I just didn't know when was the right time to talk to you about it, in fact, I kind of love it too. Pedicures, feet and toes are what you love right? I'll give you a night to remember!"

I groaned and nodded in reply, still worshipping her. The feeling of being dominated by her was intense, and pleasurable. My boner was rising in my pants and she noticed it.

"I'll take care of that, don't stop sucking those beautiful tiny toes though, or no treats for you tonight!"

She unzipped my pants and threw them to the side of the bed and pulled down my boxers.

"Oh my god, so this is what a real penis looks like! It's nothing compared to the ones that were on the porn sites online. Keep that cock erect Rein, now sit up and continue sucking my toes."

She took her other foot away and put it on my erect penis, and began teasing its head slowly. A small spot on her G-string was wet and I knew she was enjoying this. She began to take off her skirt and lingerie, and then rubbing her vagina slowly. My eyes fixated unto her vagina while she was working on my penis. She started off with inserting one finger into her vagina, and then two. She was moaning softly by now, experiencing the pleasure she was getting by fingering herself and looking at me sucking her toes. She eventually orgasm, her body pulsated with pleasure, orgasmic juices squirted onto the mattress and her toes got a tighter grip of my penis which was now erect at full length, was which 15 centimetres.

Out of the sudden, the door slammed open and her two girlfriends, Krystal and Rene stood there, with their eyes fixed on my erect penis being stroke by Kayla's toes.

"Hey! You didn't invite us to join in the fun!? How selfish of you!" Krystal exclaimed by the door.

"Oh no girls, of course you're welcome to the party! Join in! You can have him lick your tight little pussies." Kayla said as she pulled her foot away from my mouth and sat up, giving my penis a final lick.

I watched while lying down flat on the bed as they both stripped quickly got onto the bed. Krystal sat on my chest and pushed my head towards her groin so that my mouth was almost touching her vagina.

Krystal commanded, "Lick it until I orgasm! Don't ever stop till I say so!"

I adhered and began licking it like it was the last pussy I am every going to get and had to make it worth. Rene fingered herself for a minute to lube herself up and grabbed hold my penis, slowly inserting it into her tight cunt. I squirmed for a bit as the feeling of having something warm and tight around my penis was amazing. The pressure around my cock was intense, combined with the wetness of her pussy; this had to be a dream.

"Lick harder!"

I prod my tongue even deeper into Krystal's pussy and her face was getting blushed now and she was moaning in delight. Rene was controlling her emotions of receiving a huge amount of pleasure from humping me; I could tell that she wanted more. Kayla began French kissing Rene and later on, she took out her vibrator, about 2 centimetres in diameter and 10 centimetres in length. She plunged it into her vagina and clicked the 'ON' button. She screamed and grabbed hold of my arm to grab a hold of herself. While I was still fantasizing about them, suddenly Krystal's body shook and liquid from her vagina began seeping out as a result of orgasm. She lied down for a while trying to recover from the intense pleasure which travelled through her lower body to her upper body.

Rene withdrew my penis and quickly rolled around onto her back, panting heavily and rubbing her vagina for pleasure, wanting for more and did not want to stop. Krystal's cell rang and she received a text from her mom, asking her to be home in an hour. She sulked and put on her clothes quickly and waved us goodbye before leaving the room.

"Too bad that she could not stay a little longer, or she would have you licking her all night." Kayla teased.

Rene took off her open-toed heels and placed my penis in between her soles and began stroking it like a professional, while fingering herself.

"You like women's feet don't you? I saw Kayla giving you a fucking foot job when I entered the room. However, you won't cum till I say, you get it?"

I nodded in reply, still loving the feeling of being dominated by two beautiful girls naked in front of me. She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers as my throbbing cock pulsed between us. She grinned up at me, proceeding to clasp my slippery wet dick between those fabulous bare soles of hers. The intense pleasure was building in my balls and I entered a moment of euphoria when her toes tugged on my penis forcefully.

Rene made me cum so fucking hard with those beautiful feet. My hot sperm arched up into the air between us and came to rest as far away as on her gorgeous tits and abdomen. Smiling, she quickly cupped her sweet toes around the tip of my orgasmic dick for each subsequent jet of my hot, white sperm. It lashed and splashed her toes as we both watched. My sticky cum ran up the tops of her bare feet, forming great, wet pools and trickling up her beautifully long, naked legs.

Kayla took out the vibrator slowly from her vagina, gasping for air due to the intense pleasure. The slutty look on her face told me that she wanted more. Not wanting to miss out, she took out her tube of spermicide from her cupboard and rubbed some unto her wet clit, and plunged my penis into her vagina not long after I had ejaculated from the awesome foot job given by Rene. She began slowly by humping me slowly with a rhythm to it. Her momentum increased over time and she was at full speed going up and down on me. I could feel the wetness and warmth around my penis in her vagina, being pumped rapidly and reaching my orgasm soon. My body throbbed and in no time, my penis spurted out streams of cum into Kayla, seeing a smile on her face when my warm cum was released into her.

"Your pussy is tight as hell Kayla."

"Why thank you. Now here's a deal, if you give Rene an orgasm of her lifetime, we'll reward you."

She stood up, trying to stable herself after a ride on my penis. Rene was watching us and masturbating all the while when Kayla was riding me. I decided to help her out and inserted my finger into her wet and tight vagina. Continuously, I fingered her, sending pulses of pleasure up her body. I repositioned myself with a pillow and placed her vagina near my mouth and began to tongue her clit. Rene was breathing heavily and wrapped her legs around my body to brace herself for the orgasm that was coming soon as she could feel it building up in her genitals. Kayla not wanted to miss out, took my penis and began to give me a blow job. Her tongue slid around my penis, teasing the tip of it. The feeling of having one's penis inside a beautiful girl's mouth was just amazing. Minutes after, Rene let out a scream and warm clear liquid gushed out of her vagina.

"Oh my god! My pussy! It's squirting!"

She shook about and her legs gripped tighter around my body, with her fluids shooting out rapidly unto the bed. She grabbed hold of herself and sat up on the bed, while Kayla gave my penis and final lick and sat up too.

"As promised, here's your reward!"

Two pairs of feet began rubbing my erect cock, and the pace increased with each stroke. I could tell that they're not going to stop and are going to make me cum for one last and memorable time. Rene inserted her toes into my mouth for me to fantasize and suck on it as she knew I loved to do that, at the same time fingered Kayla as well.

Not long after, I was controlling my penis not to orgasm so quickly as I wanted to let the girls enjoy watching and pleasuring me as I could tell that from their faces they loved it. I sucked on Rene's pedicured toes even harder and began to pump my penis in between their toes to match their momentum. Rene stopped stroking my penis as she wanted Kayla to enjoy it and she knew Kayla wanted me to herself.

"I'm going to cum!"

"Yes! Cum on my fucking feet! Our toes are delicious aren't they? You fantasize about them all day, thinking about when you could ever fuck those lusty feet. Now today's your lucky day boy, now fucking cum on those toes, I want your cum all over my feet! Fuck that foot like it was my pussy. You like it don't you? I can do this all day Rein!"

The dirty talking from Kayla helped a lot and I emptied all I had on her toes and feet, in bursts, as long streams of cum spurted out from my penis and unto her toes. She held up her feet close to her cock-hungry mouth and licked and swallowed up the sperm that trickled down her innocent toes that were fucked by me. The look on their face seemed like nothing could ever satisfy their craving towards my cock.

"How are we doing as first timers?"

"Well not too bad, it was my first time receiving a foot job. In front I have two beautiful ladies, two pairs of feet, two pussies to fuck, ten little toes for me to worship, what more can I ask for?"

"Next Saturday, same time and place, only you, and US! We'll get fresh new pedicures on our toes for you to cum on too! Not to mention those sexy toe rings!"

That was the best summer vacation party of my life.

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