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Summer Buzz


Hovering a foot off the ground I buzz the acrid swamp, the smell thick and rich of nature's pungent odors. The pond was dark and slimy; the summer's heat had already evaporated most of the spring's fresh rain water leaving behind a thin layer of bight lime green algae. I was taking my normal day's flight path, crossing back and forth on the northwest shore of the busy bog. Activity was at an all time high; frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad, water bugs skimming the top of the pool, and parent birds teaching their new hatchlings how to fly and catch their food. I made sure to stay away from their long reaches and strong deadly beaks. I did not want to end up being some yearlings early morning meal! I had already lost over sixty of my children to their hungry bellies.

It was an abundant brood for my female counter part this month. We had over two hundred youngsters buzzing around the millpond making us proud. But sadly only one hundred and forty were still left. They took after us like the gangbusters they were. Nothing made us more proud then to see one of the munchkins landing on some unsuspecting host and jab their razor sharp feeding straw into that host's skin and fill their hungry tails with the sweet salty blood.

Myself I was very picky about where I would dine. Deer had such sweet blood, not quite as salty and bitter as a wild boar's. Raccoon blood was just awful tasting, the blood always tainted by the copious amounts of human garbage they would consume. They had a taste much like the bears that would spend their time feasting at the dump not far from here. To eat from a bear was always a crap shoot, if you were lucky enough to get one that refused the easy life of trash consumption it would be a real treat. Their blood would be rich in flavor however if one of those waste eating tramp bears made their way to the pond for a drink it would be enough to make you ill. Not only was their blood appalling to the pallet it wasn't really worth the effort it took to pierce their thick hide. First you had to pick a spot to attack where the bear's hefty paws couldn't swat the life out of you. If you accomplished this feat the climb through the forest of fur to finally get to the Promised Land would be totally exhausting. As a general rule, unless I was completely starving, I would stay away from bears. The risk just wasn't worth the reward!

The most spectacular meal any brethren mosquito could manage to partake in had to be human. Oh my God they had such outstanding tang. The plethora of flavors one experienced in man blood was life changing, to say the least! After my first dip into a human I was instantly addicted. The wave of euphoria that passed through me had me seeing multitudes of colors and left me dizzy from the pleasure! Every hour I took flight I would pray a human would be mucking around the marsh. And to see a whole family would be a lottery win! The children made for the easiest targets, especially the boy ones. Their natural curiosity with bugs, tadpoles and frogs put them in perfect bait position. Their reflexes not quick like the bigger ones. It made the meal not only easier but a hell of a lot safer! Many a time I have watched as a fellow mosquito became too greedy, filling their pouch past capacity only to end up human hand splatter!

Well it has been twenty minutes and my craving calls me to eat. During my round trip of the pond I witness thirty more of my children become breakfast to the hungry birds and frogs. It appears to be a very dangerous day for marsh flying so I think I will see what the surrounding neighborhood holds for me. Even though the houses are far away at least I am positive there will be fine dining.

I lift off from the flower pedal I am resting on and begin my long journey. The air beneath my wings feels lovely as I take flight. The sights are astonishing; I see a mother fox with a rabbit in her clutches, someone is going to eat well this morning! The colors are brilliant in the early morning sun. The contrast of the many greens in the lush meadow and the rich reds, yellows and mauves of the summer flowers exhilarate me. The pallet of nature's majesty makes my flight most enjoyable. It will be ruined shortly though. The noisy hustle of suburban life will have the picturesque canvass swept from my thoughts. I will have to keep my wits about me; I don't want to become window food of a passing car because my mind was elsewhere.

I have finally made my destination! I can feel the excitement travel through me; the neighborhood has many restaurants to choose from. I take rest on an eave troughing and scope out my potential eateries. I see ten open delis that await my feeding, with so many to pick from I am overwhelmed at first.

Do I go for the woman busy hanging her laundry on the line? Of perhaps one of the four young ladies playing hopscotch in the driveway would make a good meal? One of the two men working on the car across the street might be a good candidate. It was always better when the food was unsuspecting!

The craving was starting to get to me; I feel a deep want like that of a crack addict as they bring the pipe to their lips. The satisfaction couldn't come fast enough! I needed to feed...NOW!

I take flight and decide on the blond haired girl playing hopscotch with her friends. She was skipping on one foot trying to stay in the proper square, the concentration on her face evident as she bent over trying hard not to fall as she picked her stone up. Her movement has caused her neck veins to pulsate, they call me like a beacon calls for an airplane to land after a long flight. I fly by the four girls stealthily, not wanting them to hear the incessant buzz of my propeller wings. As I make my approach to my chosen landing area I am pleased at their ignorance.

I feel the softness of her skin's landing strip and relish in the touch. There it is, thump...thump...thump...thump, not noticeable to the naked human eye, her vein pumps it's sweet liquid nourishment. Thump...thump...thump...thump just below my skinny legs is the prize I covet. I can wait no longer and plunge my blood hose into the accepting membrane, the first taste comes over me and for a minute I feel faint. The flavor so wonderful I am lost in it's exquisiteness. From my back eyes is where I see it first, and I know it is too late for me! The quick swift movement of her redheaded friend's hand surprises me as it comes sweeping on top of me. My last thought just before I feel the death blow...damn friends!

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