tagRomanceSummer Camp Can Change Your Life

Summer Camp Can Change Your Life


Come to summer camp, it can change you life!

Walking in the moonlight one night Evan Walker reflected on just how not good this summer had gone for him thus far. He was beginning to regret leaving the familiar Boy Scout camp he had worked at for the past four years.

Not that this camp did not have its advantages- more pay and working at a co-ed camp instead of the all boy camp he had been at the past few summers were good reasons to switch. Also motivating the switch was the fact that the new position was a far better opportunity with much better facilities than his old camp. Still, he was just wondering if it was enough.

From the moment he had arrived there had been trouble, namely the muscle bound trio that ran the aquatics and sports areas of the camp. To be truthfully Evan did not look the type of an outdoor expert, most people expected him to be tall, rippling with muscles, and have broad shoulders... all things that described his tormentors. Evan had the tall part, and some muscle, but clearly fell well short of expectations. Of course Evan knew that his area of expertise had little to do with how strong you are as much as what you knew. The strongest man in the world wouldn't last more than a few days in the wilderness without the proper knowledge and supplies.

Still Evan had managed to make a few friends on staff and once the season had begun things had gone relatively well but overall it had been a disaster. As on the first day he had made a fool of himself right in front of the camp's version of Helen of Troy, Dana Reese. More than that though he just seemed to get a vibe she utterly disliked him for some reason, whatever the reason she had taken to calling him 'freak' after that first day and unfortunately the name stuck, at least with the popular crowd.

Worse his big trip, the jewel of his program, looked to be an absolute flop. Few boys were interested and due to the fact that he had no female staff, no girls were allowed. A fact which Evan knew was cutting into his attendance. He knew several fence sitters were interested, but they were all boys whose hormones would not allow them to be away from the girls for too long, especially not a week.

Because of this Evan had pleaded with Fred the Camp Director for a female staffer to go with so he could bring girls and in turn get the extra boys, but it was a voluntary. As much as Fred wanted the new area to succeed, and as it had been his idea in the first place he did, he could not force one of the over 18 girls to go with. So Evan was stuck seemingly doomed for failure.

He had been traveling along some of the moonlit forest paths when he heard rustling up ahead. Remembering that night walks were against the rules even for staff Evan crouched down and held still waiting for signs of who or what had made the noise.

He had been sitting there for a second before the mystery figure came into view. Whoever it was was slowly and carefully making their way back to the path often stopping to look at something before continuing on. It was only after watching the person that Evan realized what they were up to, they were examining various trees and plants and he could swear they were recording each find. Evan smiled, so it seemed the camp had a moonlight naturalist.

Evan wondered who, but the darkness of the trees and the fact that they spent much of the time crouch kept him from telling for sure. Feeling curious Evan stayed awaiting the moment when the mystery naturalist entered the moonlit path. He was sure to see who they were then.

He didn't have long to wait. A few minutes later the figure entered the path and Evan had no need to see her face- that silhouette could not be mistaken. Long hair he knew to be light brown that hung over her shoulders. Continuing down he saw the swell of her large set of breasts before her form flattened at her stomach. The slight swell of her amazing butt was just below and led into the long legs, legs that supported the 5'9 form of Dana Reese.

Evan was shocked but recovered in time to notice that she was headed his way. Quickly he headed back the way he came hoping she was so lost in her note taking, for seeing her on the path he realized she was carrying a pen and a pad of paper with her.

By some measure of luck Evan made it back with his mind racing. What was a lifeguard who was the hottest, girliest, and seemingly the sluttiest girl in the camp doing taking a nature hike in the moonlight? This did not fit in with her reputation at all. If someone had told him Dana Reese would be a nature lover he would had called them crazy. Yet there it was, he had seen it with his own eyes. Before Evan fell asleep he made a point to walk the next time the moon was bright to see if he had company.

A few nights later a nearly full moon filled the night sky. Evan admired it before setting out from his cabin. This time he left as soon as he felt the coast was clear. Luckily his cabin had gotten to sleep early that night. He crept out of the boy section of cabins and waited in the trees near the girls' cabins hoping he would spot Dana leaving. It seemed fate smiled upon him again as a few minutes later her unmistakable figure strode by. Evan watched where she went and waited a few minutes and after checking to see if it was clear followed her.

Admittedly he felt a little weird following Dana like he was stalking her, but he had to know what she was up to tonight. This time she took no notes but simply walked to a pretty clearing and sat on a rock gazing at the moon seemingly at peace.

As Evan entered the clearing behind her he watched her silently as she took deep breaths of the air almost lovingly. He was not sure what drew him closer when he knew he should turn around. However some mystic force brought him closer to the girl sitting on the rock. Despite his feelings though it was his next act he would never be able to explain in a million years.

"Lovely night, isn't it?" He asked, quietly standing only a few feet behind the oblivious Dana. The brunette jumped and nearly fell off the fortunately flat rock she was sitting on.

"Freak! What are you..." she shouted in anger before remembering the situation and looking at him said, "Sorry, I mean you scared me, what are you doing out here?"

Evan ignored the name some of the other 'popular' staffers had for him.

"The same as you it seems, enjoying a lovely moonlit night." Evan said, finding the cheesy words somewhere. To his surprise she just nodded and looked back at the moon.

Then she surprised him by saying, "Yes, it's a shame so many of our co-workers don't realize the beauty of a night like this. All of them content to bathe in fluorescent light and sit in the AC. Nights like this make me feel alive, you know?" Evan was not sure why she said it but he was glad. It seemed there was much more to the beautiful lifeguard than a gorgeous body and a slutty reputation. Evan just nodded and stood admiring the night with her for a while

Sometime later Dana seemed to have had her fill and rose from the rock.

"Well you can stay if you like, but I'm headed to bed, goodnight Evan."

"Goodnight," He said a little surprised she used his real name instead of the customary 'freak.' Then as an afterthought he asked without turning, "Dana?"

"What?" he heard her whisper back.

"If you're coming out for the full moon tomorrow night you might want to wear baggier clothes. You're rather easily identifiable in your current ones, especially in this light." There was a pause before she thanked him and he heard her shuffle off through the field. He waited a few more minutes heading back to his own cabin. Evan thought of sharing the moonlight with Dana and smiled knowing he had seen something of her probably few had ever seen before.

The next night he didn't bother following Dana but headed for the field. Sure enough there she was sitting on her rock. He greeted her and this time she didn't jump.

"Hi Evan. I wondered if you'd be here," she said, not taking her eyes off the moon.

"I wondered the same but figured a full moon like this is hard to pass up." He then saw she was wearing looser clothes. "I see you followed my tip."

"Yeah, well it was a good one. I forget about my silhouette."

"Yeah, well in this moonlight they can probably see our faces. Starlight is better to sneak by."

"Oh, but it's so hard to see by that kind of light."

"They do have these things called flashlights Dana."

"I know that," she said glaring at him, "But I hate ruining my night vision."

"As do I, but it comes back. Besides I'd rather ruin my night vision then trip on a root."

"You have a point," Dana said. Then she moved over on the rock and said, "Why don't you sit, there's room for the both of us."

Evan, not wanting to argue, sat down next to her on the big rock.

"You surprised me Evan," Dana said a while later out of the blue.

"Yeah sorry about that last night..." Evan said a little sheepishly.

"Well that was a shock, but I'm not talking about that. When you showed and I called you a name I half expected blackmail or you to blab my secret."

"Well, one I'm not that type of guy and two it would have gotten me in trouble as well. I'm jut wondering why you feel you have to hide anything from people, so you like nature, so what? Just because you're pretty doesn't mean you can't like nature too?"

"First off I don't like nature and the outdoors, I love it. It's the main reason I come to this camp, as for why I hide it, that's a long story."

"Well it's a nice night and I got time, if you feel like telling that is."

Dana looked at him seemingly considering him for a bit then said, "Oh what the hell why not? It'll be good to tell someone, but you can't tell a soul what you hear. Do and it'll be a long summer for you." Evan nodded thinking it was already shaping up to be a long summer as it was, and she launched into her tale.

It turned out her parents were the sort that drove their children hard. Demanding excellence and promising pain when she failed. Her dad had his mind set on her being some kind of doctor or lawyer and wouldn't hear of anything else. Her mom could care less what she did so long as she looked pretty and gave them plenty of grandkids.

Dana learned early the price of disappointing her parents and it was too much to bear. Now she lived by her parents' wishes, only stealing a few things she truly desired when she could.

"Which is how I got here, I told dad it'll look good on my admission application. Well it worked, I got in. I was able to convince them one last summer couldn't hurt. I wish I could spend it doing what you're doing but mom said I had to be a lifeguard because they look prettier."

"So what do you want to be?"

"You'll laugh," she said and Evan shook his head and reassured her he wouldn't. She sighed and said "A Park Ranger." No sooner had she told him than her problem made sense as did the late night walks.

"I see you can't do it because you dad will hate it and because your mom probably thinks it below a pretty girl like you." She nodded.

They sat enjoying the moon some more and discussing a few other things before both decided to call it a night. Evan left surprised at how easy Dana was to talk to when she didn't have her bitch persona active.

The next night the moon was gone and so were his nights with Dana, or so he thought. A little over a week after the full moon Evan got a note from Dana. She wanted to challenge his flashlight theory.

It turned out to be a perfect night to star gaze. The pair laid on their rock pointing out stars and constellations that they knew. When they ran out Evan was surprised to feel Dana's hand grip his. Before he could react she spoke.

"You know it's weird, I know. We only met up twice to watch the moon but I missed this. I feel so free when I'm out here with you. I can be me and no one is judging me, just my friend Evan and I enjoying the beauty of the outdoors."

"Dana we can do this as often as we're able if you want."

She smiled and said, "I'd like that."

For the next two weeks they did just that. Evan knew some higher power was shining on him because those two weeks had some of the prettiest nights he had ever seen. Then again, a lot of things seem prettier when you have a pretty girl along and even better when she's cuddled close to you. Over those two weeks the pair grew closer and closer sharing their dreams and desires with each other.

"God, I'm so envious Evan. A whole week in the forest, what I wouldn't give to go," Dana said after Evan mentioned the upcoming trip. Signup for the week of prep classes was coming soon.

"Then why don't you? I've been asking Fred for a female staffer to come so the girls can come with for a while now."

"Evan, you know why I can't." she said quietly. Evan did know, it was the same reason that despite their closeness Dana had maintained being a bitch to him in front of her friends. He took it stoically knowing she did not really mean it. His heart sank remembering the reason he had not brought it up before. Then all the sudden he had a brainstorm.

"Wait, Dana, I got it! How hard would it be to get in major trouble this week?"

"Not hard, why?"

"Because if I know Fred he'll give you something real nasty if you do something majorly bad, something like accompanying a guy you hate into the icky wilderness for a whole week. Especially if I've happened to plead my case to him right before he hears what you've done."

"That's brilliant," Dana said with a smile that then faded as she thought of something, "Wait, wouldn't that seem a bit odd to people. I happened to get in trouble the night you lobby for a female staffer to come with on the trip?"

"Yeah, that'll happen Dana, everyone thinks we despise each other. Why would anyone assume we are working together? Fred will probably think its providence and just roll with it. Besides you're perfect. You should draw a few girls in and girls will draw in my fence sitters. Plus you get to trick the camp into getting to go on the trip and I'll even make Fred assign you private lessons so your skills will be up to snuff by trip time."

She smiled for a second then hugged him with joy. It was not the first time as she often said goodbye after their nights together that way, but something felt different about this hug. Evan looked at her to see what it was and his vision became filled with her pretty brown eyes. She then held his chin and Evan knew what was coming next and eagerly anticipated it. He felt the soft lips touch his and it was if fireworks had been set off in every part of his body as his nerves burned with excitement.

He returned the kiss best he could and pulled Dana closer, still not believing he was kissing the hottest girl in camp. When the kiss broke Dana spoke.

"I'm sorry I don't know...mmm" Her apology cut off by Evan's lips hungrily seeking more of that feeling he got from kissing her. She returned the kiss willingly and for the rest of the night the pair just made out under the star filled sky. It would be one of the most memorable of Evan's life. After that night if no one was around he always got a goodnight kiss from Dana.

The next day Evan's plan worked perfectly. No sooner had he finished telling Fred the advantages of assigning a female staffer to the camping trip than low and behold Dana broke the rule about flirting with the campers one too many times.

As both Dana and Evan had hoped Fred immediately assigned her to the trip for punishment. Admittedly Evan had had a point. If Dana, the pool goddess that many of the girls in camp practically worshipped, could not boost attendance among the girls and by extension the boys, no one could. As promised Evan even asked for the lesson time when he heard it was Dana coming along.

That night Evan and Dana met up and he gave her a slightly hard time about being jealous of the boys at the pool. She ignored it and kissed him, this time using her tongue.

"There baby, you still jealous of the kids at the pool? None of them get to kiss me, especially like that, only a real man, my man gets to do that."

"Your man?" Evan asked confused and a bit dazed... was he really her boyfriend?

"Yes silly," she answered seemingly anticipating Evan's question, "You're my boyfriend and the best one I've ever had too. I've shared things with you I'd never dared share with anyone before. Now I have a surprise for you to thank you for your help and to make up for that flirting I did."

"Oh well, you already did that."

"I want there to be no doubts baby, now close your eyes and lay flat on the rock."

Evan had no idea what she had in mind but soon found out when he felt his zipper get pulled down. Second later he felt his shorts and boxers pulled down and only absolute trust in Dana kept him from opening his eyes.

He felt his cock go hard and could not help but smile at the gasp from Dana. Evan may not have been the strongest man in camp but there was one place he was not lacking size. He could only imagine the look on Dana's face at as the over nine inch cock stood proudly in front of her. He heard her shift slightly as her hand began stroking his shaft.

"You have a beautiful cock Evan," she said "Now relax while I make it feel real good."

The next thing he felt was her warm lips enveloping the hard shaft. After that everything outside of that mouth and tongue ceased to exist. He enjoyed the feeling until he could hold back no longer. Somehow he managed to tap her on the head and she only sucked harder. He came and shot after shot of his warm cum erupted into her waiting mouth and Dana swallowed it all.

When he regained the ability of rational thought Evan could not believe he had just gotten a blow job from Dana Reese. She pulled his pants and underwear back up for him before cuddling up to him.

"So baby, still think you're not my man?"

Evan shook his head and suddenly said, "No, but you gotta let me return the favor sometime."

"I'd like that," Dana said with a smile, "but not tonight stud it,s kind of time to go."

The next week for Dana and Evan was the best of the summer so far. They saw quite a lot of each other between the lessons and a few late night walks in the woods. As promised Evan did return the favor the next time they met out in the woods. It was not the best of first efforts, but it achieved the end result, namely a mind blowing orgasm for Dana. Evan knew his skills would improve with practice, which it seemed Dana was more than willing to give him, so he wasn't worried.

Speaking of skills thanks to his tutoring and her willingness to learn Dana was soon nearly his match in outdoor skills. Evan was relieved that she had been doing this willingly, even if she acted otherwise, because this way he knew that the trip had another competent staffer along.

As predicted Dana's presence did indeed increase attendance for the trip, Evan went from only three or four interested to a full group of twenty. Evan had decided to keep the group small due to the advanced nature of the trip. He knew it could be expanded the next year if he saw fit.

When the day of the trip arrived he, Dana, and their twenty campers embarked for the week long trek into the depths of the camp property. In her excitement for the trip Dana even forgot to be mean to Evan as they went along. It was then, as she helped lead the group, that Evan truly saw the Park Ranger in her for the first time. It was also then that he realized what a team they would make for the next week. Most of all though she seemed freer than he had ever seen her, it was then he realized that her love of nature was only partially for herself, her real desire was to share it with others.

He commented on this one night after all the other campers had gone to bed.

"You know Dana, I've never seen you happier than when you are on this trip. No one here to judge you for your love of the outdoors, just twenty kids looking to learn and have fun."

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