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Summer Camp Counselor


Interning as a camp counselor was a terrific summer job to help finish her psych degree. It was a welcome break before her final year and completing her masters. Ingrid was hoping to discover a direction for her thesis for the coming fall from the experience. Starry Sky Ranch was a girls' camp in the Rockies about an hour from a town of any size, very isolated. She had gotten lost twice picking her way through the dirt roads trying to follow the very rough map that had been sent to her.

When she finally pulled into the parking lot she was exhausted, looking forward to nothing more than a hot shower and a hot dinner. The camp director, Brenda, was sitting on the front porch of the main building, waving as she arrived. A tall, attractive brunette Brenda was the main reason she had agreed to take the position for the summer.

"Hello, Ingrid," she smiled warmly. "You are the last to arrive. I'll bet you can't wait to shower and eat after the last part of that drive!" she seemed to read Ingrid's mind in a most pleasing fashion. "Let me show you around real quick and the cabin you and your group will use. You can grab a shower and join us in the dining hall," she said a twinkling lilt to her voice. There were twelve cabins, all very modern each with it's own restroom and showers, no outhouses for this camp! There was a small room for each cabin's counselor and beds for 12 girls in the main room. The girls' beds were separated by partitions to create a little privacy within the main room. The center of the room was wide open with a few tables and chairs to lounge around and hang out in. Then there was the administration building, the dining hall, and the recreation center.

Ingrid showered quickly and headed to the dining hall. She could hear voices and laughter coming from the open door. Poking her head in, she saw Brenda sitting on a table talking with a group of women gathered around her. Brenda saw her and motioned for her to join the group. "Well, now that Ingrid is here we can get started," Brenda said. "There are sixteen of us to ride heard on 144 girls ranging from 15-18 years old. The twelve counselors are each responsible for their own group of girls. The admin staff and myself will be helping with the daily details, the group activities and pitching in when and wherever we can. Each group of girls will be here for three weeks, and then we get a week break before the next group arrives. You will find complete instructions on your duties, responsibilities and activities in your cabins," Brenda said smoothly, "Now that we have that out of the way lets get some food and relax, the first group will be here Monday morning at 8:00am sharp, let's enjoy the weekend."

The evening went well and by the end of it the sixteen women were comfortable with each other. New friends were made and old friendships were renewed. Before they broke up for the evening Brenda mentioned that she had finally found a doctor for the summer. The doctor was a brand new graduate and had agreed to work for the camp, cheap, for the summer before joining a real practice. The doctor would not arrive until late Sunday afternoon though.

Ingrid spent the weekend exploring the area around the camp, short hikes, long hikes, the best places to lay out by the fast moving mountain stream. No swimming though it was still very cold and swollen with melting snow from higher up. She spent the evenings talking, debating and laughing with the other women. Even then she was examining the inter-personal relationships that were developing among them, storing them away for possible use in her paper.

A jeep drove up late Sunday just as they were heading inside for dinner. A man was in the driver's seat. He was about average height, with thick brunette hair, his ragged cut-off shorts showing off a muscular set of legs and the old t-shirt hinted at more underneath. He radiated a quiet confidence, as he got out of the jeep. "Must be a lost camper," Ingrid thought to herself. But, then she heard Brenda greet him from the porch and Ingrid realized this must be the camp doctor. "Oh dear, I thought the doctor would be a woman," she thought to herself, "This could be an interesting summer. I hope he has an idea of what he may be in for." She watched as Brenda greeted him and the pair disappeared inside the administration building. Ingrid joined the other ladies inside the dining hold and told them that the doctor had arrived. He became quite a focal point of their conversation while they waited for Brenda to bring him in.

They didn't have to wait long. "Okay everyone, the Dr. has arrived," Brenda announced as the pair walked into the dining hall. Greetings were exchanged and introductions made.

"Please, everyone, just call me Kris. I'm new at being a real doctor and it still sounds little strange to me. Besides we are going to be together all summer and I refuse to be that formal the whole time," he laughed.

Ingrid watched him through dinner. He was relaxed and listened intently to the conversations going on around him, exuding a quiet confidence that she found very attractive. He would answer questions directed at him but for the most part seemed content to listen. He had a nice laugh and laughed a lot. "I wonder how this is going to work out for him, one man, 16 unattached women and 144 girls," she thought to herself. She looked around the table. Several of the women there obviously had ideas about uses they might have for the handsome young doctor. "Yes, this could be an interesting topic for my paper," thought Ingrid.

Dinner ran very late that night, everyone seemingly unwilling to part company, but eventually Brenda called it a night, with a reminder that campers would be there bright and early in the morning. Everyone was to be at the administration building at seven to start getting ready. Ingrid walked to her cabin and made a few notes in her journal about the day and turned in. Her last thoughts, before drifting off to sleep, were about the new doctor.

The next day could only be described as organized chaos. Three large buses arrived shortly after 8 disgorging their loads of wild, excited girls. Some were Starry Sky veterans and quickly got their things together. But, for every one camp veteran there were two, wide-eyed rookies. Some away from home for the first time, the counselors wading in to sort them all out and attempt to banish more than a few tears, giving assurance that all would be fine and it really would be fun. By nine each counselor had managed to round up the appropriate group of girls and were heading to the cabins to settle in. There were two hours before lunch and they needed every moment of it. Beds were claimed arguments started and settled. The cabins magically turned from empty shells to places the girls could call home for three weeks.

The next three days were a blur of events for Ingrid. She could barely manage to keep up with her own group let alone help anyone else and find time to write in her journal. Any thoughts of the doctor were driven from her head by the pace set by her girls. She occasionally saw him at lunch or when passing the administration building but that was all. When she did see him he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely and seemed unfazed by the mass of females surrounding him.

Within the first few days she discovered that two of her older girls were lovers. Ingrid slept lightly and late one night had been awakened by soft, quiet moans coming from the baths. She had cautiously peered around the corner and had seen one girl sitting on the counter her head thrown back, her breasts, the nipples long and hard, thrusting forward, the other girl's head buried in her pussy. Ingrid quickly pulled her head back not wanting to be seen and listened to the soft moans and cries for a few minutes, while her own nipples hardened and her pussy grew damp. She ached to join the two girls but returned to her own room instead. She lay down on her bed masturbating her self to a massive orgasm with the images of the two young girls making love in the bath. With the end of the semester finals and then getting the counselor job for the summer she had forgotten how long it had been since she had held another woman in her arms or had felt a hard swollen prick pounding into her. She sighed, drifting off to sleep, dreams of the doctor filtering through her head.

Camp activities stretched from early in the morning till late in the evening. Evenings were spent gathered around the large campfire in the center of the camp. Singing and story telling being the favored events around the fire while marshmallows were roasted and then crammed together with chocolate on graham crackers and greedily devoured. They even managed to get the doctor to the campfire. His deep voice was easy to pick out when they sang together and he was willing to read chapters out of one of his books. He was soon a favorite among the girls and they demanded that he read every evening, although more than a few, including a couple of the counselors, and just sat and stared. He seemed flattered and a little embarrassed by the attention and carefully managed not to play favorites and was a perfect gentleman with the girls. The first week saw a continual stream of girls going in and out of his little emergency room. The smallest cut or abrasion was sure to call for a visit to Dr Kris. By Friday Brenda had to put her foot down on the visits, telling the girls that the counselors were more than qualified to apply band aids and that the Dr's office was only for bigger injuries that the counselors could not handle on their own. The stream at least dropped to a trickle.

Weekends were less structured than the rest of the week. Movies were shown in the evening in the recreation hall and some of the counselors could be convinced to make the hour-long trip down to Dillon with some of the older girls. It was a time to unwind a little, there were still rules to be followed but the activities were optional. Ingrid returned from Dillon one evening, just as the light was beginning to fade. She had agreed to help Angie chaperone some of the older girls on a little excursion using the camp van. She was walking around the back of the administration building when she heard some odd slapping sounds and soft moans coming from an open window. Curious she stood on her tiptoes to get a look inside. Her eyes grew wide with amazement.

The window opened into the Dr's office and inside Brenda, naked, was standing over the examination table her legs spread wide and her ass thrust back as Kris ran his rigid cock in and out of her pussy in long slow strokes. Ingrid glanced around, there was no one in sight, and reaching inside her shorts she started to gently rub her pussy through the soft cotton of her panties. Brenda rose up supporting herself on her hands allowing Kris room to caress and squeeze her breasts, teasing her hard nipples as he speeded up, thrusting his rigid cock into her wet pussy. Ingrid saw Brenda shudder, a long low moan coming from her throat, her body going rigid as an orgasm ripped through her. Ingrid slipped her hand under her own panties and started fingering her wet slit, gently teasing her clit. Kris was going wild and she watched as he pulled his cock out of Brenda's pussy. Brenda turning, dropping to her knees and taking the his cock in her mouth and sucking on it for all she was worth. Kris groaned deeply and thrust hard into Brenda's mouth. Ingrid could see Brenda swallowing as he shot jet after jet of cum into her mouth. Brenda couldn't swallow it all, some dripping out of her mouth splashing down on her breasts. Kris dropped down to his knees and kissed her deeply, and then bent down to her breasts, licking them clean, paying special attention to the hard nipples, Brenda groaned in delight at the touch of his tongue on her hard nipples. Ingrid's knees grew weak and she had to choke back her own moans, her hand moving faster. Then she heard voices coming around the corner. Quickly pulling her hand out of her shorts and shoving it in her pocket. In the darkness she hoped no one would notice how hard her nipples were. She almost sprinted to her room in the cabin. Locking the door behind her she ripped her clothes off and fell on the bed. With one hand she thrust two fingers in and out of her throbbing pussy, the other rubbing and teasing her clit till her body was bucking and writhing in an intense orgasm. Again she had to choke back her cries of passion so the girls in the main room would not hear her. She fell asleep, naked, in the bed, dreaming of Brenda and the hard cock pounding in and out her excited pussy.

She awoke a little frustrated the next morning and spent some serious time writing in her journal. She spent the rest of the day with her girls and doing her best to avoid Brenda and Kris when ever possible. It seemed that when she saw him he would have a huge grin on his face when he looked at her. It made her shiver with excitement. Still she managed to go the entire day without actually speaking with either one of them to her immense relief for some reason. She was in line for dinner with her girls when Kris got in line, unnoticed, behind her.

"Hi Ingrid," he said. Ingrid jumped slightly. She turned her head and saw him grinning.

"Hi Kris," she replied, a little uneasily.

"Did you like the show last night?" he asked.

"Oh, I didn't see the movie last night, I just went to bed."

"That's not the show I was talking about."

"Well, then I don't know what you mean then," she replied hesitantly.

"Oh, I think you do, I saw you peeking through that window into the exam room early last night. I saw you in the mirror as you watched me with Brenda," he whispered to her. "Did you like what you saw? I know Brenda liked it a lot." Ingrid felt her pussy grow a little damp as her mind replayed the scene in the office. She felt Kris place his hand on her ass, hidden by the tray he held in his other hand. She stiffened at the touch her nipples growing hard. "Maybe that can be you sometime, Ingrid," he whispered again. Ingrid could only nod in agreement, her mind racing, thinking about how his cock would feel buried in her pussy. Then it was her turn, she took her food and sat down at the table with her girls. Kris sat across the room right where she could see him. She watched as Brenda sat down next to him and saw his hand disappear underneath the table. Brenda squirmed in her seat as she was eating and talking with the other women at the table, but only Ingrid seemed to notice Brenda's discomfort. Ingrid licked her lips wondering if Kris was going to fuck Brenda again tonight.

That evening it was raining lightly and her girls decided to see the movie in the recreation hall. Everyone seemed to be there except for Kris and Brenda. Ingrid felt a little disappointed. About half and hour later she felt someone sit down in the seat beside her.

"Hi again, Ingrid" a male voice whispered to her. That could only be one person, Ingrid's heart gave a little leap.

"Hi, Kris" she whispered back.

"I'm glad you sat in the back, it was much easier to find you," he whispered again. "Brenda didn't want to come, she's a little tired right now," he continued. Ingrid could feel his grin, even with her eyes locked on the screen. She jumped a little when he placed his hand on her leg, softly caressing the skin between her knee and the hem of her shorts. He leaned sidewise towards her keeping his eyes on the screen and his hand on her leg. Ingrid glanced around no one was watching them and she squirmed in her chair as his fingers softly caressed her leg. "You didn't really answer me before. Did you like watching me fuck Brenda?" he whispered in her ear.

"Yesss, it made me so hot," she whispered back. His hand moved from her leg and slipped around behind her back. He slipped it underneath her shirt and she could feel his warm hand on her bare skin.

"So, what did you do about it?" he whispered again. He pulled her a little closer and she felt his hand slipping around her side and working his way slowly to the front.

"I ran back to my cabin," she stuttered softly back. His hand was cupping her breast now, her hard nipple trapped between his fingers. She looked around again. Kris was keeping his eyes on the screen but didn't really seem to be watching the film. No one else seemed to have noticed anything going on.

"Tell me what you did then Ingrid, tell me everything," Kris whispered, his hand beginning to gently squeeze her breast and pinching her hard nipple between his fingers. Ingrid had to fight back the moan that began deep in her chest as an electric thrill ran from the tip of her nipple down to the center of her pussy, and she felt herself becoming damp with arousal.

"I locked the door and ripped my clothes off. My nipples were so hard and I pinched them with my fingers. Then I got on the bed and I shoved two fingers in my pussy pretending they were your cock running in and out of me. I rubbed and teased my clit and thought about how Brenda must have felt while you fucked her. Then I came hard on my fingers, wishing it was your cock instead," Ingrid whispered in a low husky voice, her eyes closed as she relived the night before. His hand continued to squeeze her throbbing breast.

"I'm glad you liked it Ingrid. I want you to come back to the window tomorrow night, after lights out, you will do that won't you Ingrid?" he asked in a hushed voice. Ingrid nodded yes to him. He took her hand with his and placed it on his crotch. She could feel the hard cock straining in his shorts and she rubbed her hand up and down the long shaft a little. The movie ended, he moved her hand away and took his hand from her breast. He sat there and looked at her for a moment. "Don't forget now, tomorrow night, same place," he said with a grin. Ingrid smiled back and forced herself to walk and not run from the recreation hall. She gathered up her girls and they headed back as quickly as she could make them. She got them settled down and went to her room closing and locking the door.

She stripped off her clothes and lay on the bed again. She replayed the conversation and the feel of his hands on her body in her mind, as she slowly rubbed her wet slit. She turned over and groaned into her pillow. With one hand underneath rubbing her clit she brought the other back to the entrance of her pussy, teasing her self. When she could stand it no longer she shoved her fingers hard inside her body, thrusting them in and out in time with her rubbing her clit. She groaned harder, her hands speeding up as the muscles in her legs started to tighten. She rubbed her hard nipples into the rough texture of the blanket as her hands extracted the most exquisite sensations from her pussy. She felt her orgasm rising through her and then it was there crashing like a tidal wave her muscles rigid as it raced through her. She collapsed exhausted on the bed and slipped into sleep dreaming of the hard cock she had felt briefly that night.

She awoke excited about the coming evening wondering what might happen and what she would see. The day seemed to last for ever. She kept her eyes out for Kris or Brenda but she didn't see them until lunch. Kris sat with Brenda and the other admin staff across the room from her. She kept glancing over at him as she ate her lunch with the girls. Every time he caught her looking he would smile at her. He got up to take his tray to the kitchen and paused when he came next to her. He bent down and whispered to her "Don't forget about tonight Ingrid. Hope I will see you there." He continued on before she could reply.

The afternoon dragged by, she could not concentrate on any of the activities and let her girls run things for her. Finally the dinner hour arrived. This time Kris sat down directly across from her. She felt her face flush as he stared into her eyes while chatting with the girls at the table. She could hardly say a word and squirmed under his gaze. She noticed that his eyes were hazel with flecks of gold in them, and he called out to her with them. She sat spellbound as the meal finished and didn't even realize that he had left the table. She shook herself a bit and took the girls back to the cabin. Two hours till lights out.

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