tagGay MaleSummer Camp with the Brothers

Summer Camp with the Brothers


I'm not sure where to start telling this story, but here goes. I was young and still a virgin the summer I went to camp for two weeks with the Church Brothers. Virgin as in I knew absolutely nothing about sex and young as over 18 but not quite 21. Hard to believe, but at my age I still had never masturbated. My parents wanted me to become a Priest and so made sure I led a very sheltered life and anything regarding sex was taboo.

I got along well with the rest of the guys, but the Brother assigned as Counselor to our cabin seemed to take an instant dislike to me. He was smaller than me but still seemed to think he was able to push me around. Things like assigning me to the mess hall for cleanup duty every time they needed someone. Or making me stay to clean up around the tents while it was our swim time at the lake. You have to understand that I was very naive, so I thought he was allowed to order me around like this.

I tolerated his abuse until one day I snuck down to the lake to swim and got caught by him. He ordered me to walk back to the campsite with him, so I did. It was a walk of about a half-mile through the thick woods just to get there, but even further with the way we walked back. He continued to berate me all the way back till I finally decided I had taken enough of his abuse.

Actually, I didn't decide, I just lost control of my anger and jumped on him. We wrestled around in the leaves for a short while until I finally ended up pinning his shoulders to the ground with my knees. He started begging me not to hit him and I started worrying about whether I had made a mistake in attacking him. After what seemed like quite awhile, but was probably no more than a minute of two, he started yelling and trying to order me around again. I suddenly came to the realization that what I did in the next few minutes would decide the rest of my time at the camp. If I hit him and marked him, I would get kicked out. But if I let him up without doing something to him, all the guys he told would label me a pussy.

So I came up with what I thought would be embarrassing enough to keep his mouth shut and would also give me the good feeling you get when you put someone in his or her well-deserved "place." I decided to piss on him.

With his face situated right below me all I had to do was pull my swim trunks down about two inches and let it flow. Let me tell you, the look on his face when I pulled my cock out was priceless. I don't know what he though I was going to do, but the look on my face when he did what he did, was probably equally priceless. As I was about to piss in his face, he suddenly lifted his head and took my cock into his mouth and started sucking.

Of course I froze, I mean, here is this instant hardon with an indescribably great feeling and my mind is shitting itself wondering if he plans to bite it off. For about five minutes he bobbed away on my cock. Suddenly this immense feeling of having to piss came over me. You have to remember, up till this point I had never had an orgasm so I had no idea what was about to happen. I tried to back off, but his head came up off the ground with me. Unable to stop what was about to happen, I came in his mouth. He moaned so he must have enjoyed it, I moaned, I definitely enjoyed it. My cock just seemed to keep pulsing and squirting for quite awhile. He tried to keep up with it but every time he swallowed the feeling of his throat closing tighter on my cock made me spurt more. My balls must have been storing a lot of cum, for as fast as he swallowed; it still flowed out of the sides of his mouth.

I fell to the side totally wiped out. I felt like I wanted to sleep for days, but I was worried he would run screaming and tell everyone I tried to kill him or something. Turned out he was scared more than I was. He started to beg me not to tell everyone he had sucked me off. He promised to do it again anytime I wanted. Everyone wondered why he suddenly stopped picking on me, but I never told them.

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