tagLoving WivesSummer Camping Ch. 04

Summer Camping Ch. 04


Part 4 Sandy's turn to talk

Let me start by making a few comments about my husband, Bill. I love him to death. He is my friend and my lover. He's my partner for life.

But after reading his account of the activities in Yosemite I feel the need to come clean with a few secrets of my own.

Over the last year or so I have discovered a pastime that just fills me with a lustful joy that I have never known in my 29 years of life.

It all started with a trip to the mall.

I was shopping for bras and I had gone into a small shop that feature women's under garments.

After I picked out a few prospects I went to the changing room to try a few of them on. As I entered I noticed a man, sitting on a chair outside the rooms, waiting, I assumed on his wife or girlfriend. I paid him little attention, but I noticed he was there.

The "fitting rooms" where small cubicles, with slotted doors for privacy. I checked and found that the slots were turned downward preventing anyone from seeing in, but noticed that someone inside could still see out when looking downward, through the slots in the door.

I picked a room and went in to try on my choices. As I removed my clothes I noticed that when I got close to the door I could see the man sitting in his chair, but only when I was close to the door, and I could only see his legs and feet.

As I moved away the angle of the slots prevented my seeing out at all. It sent a shiver up my spine knowing that soon I would be standing 5 feet from a strange man, while topless. The thought that he might see me gave me a strange thrill.

I smiled to myself and went ahead and tried on the bras knowing that in fact, there was no way that he could ever see me while protected by the slotted door. To my delight I had picked bras my usual size 34B, but found that they were too small. I was happy knowing that the weight I had gained was at least going someplace on my body where it would be appreciated. I dressed and left the fitting room in search for the correct size.

I picked out a nice, but not too fancy black bra in 36B and headed back to the fitting room.

Entering I didn't hesitate and just stripped form the waist up freeing my cooped up breasts again and enjoying the freedom one feels when removing a bra. I reached up and lifted each breast, rolling them around and played with my nipples for a few seconds. I was just relaxing and having a moment to myself.

I turned and reached for the new bra when I noticed movement in the direction of the door. I turned and looked and there was the man, sitting in the chair. Only he had moved it much closer to the fitting room and I could see him plainly. He was looking up at me through the slots of the door. I was stunned.

I quickly turned my back to him and covered my breasts with my hands. After a few seconds I turned slightly and looked over my shoulder to see that he was still watching me. He was. I stopped and then realized that I was getting excited. My nipples were getting hard and my vagina was getting damp and slippery. I liked that he was seeing me. My mind was a buzz and I didn't know what to do. Finally I decided to do something that I never thought I would.

I pretended that he wasn't there and turned to face the door. I lowered my hands and stood with my breasts exposed for this stranger to see. I could see his face and I watched as he smiled at me. My breathing became fast and I felt faint. I looked at him and he just sat and enjoyed my show. The longer we stayed like that the more I wanted to expose.

Finally I knew what I had to do. I reached down and unsnapped my pants, and I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of both my jeans, and my panties. I pushed down. Down and didn't stop until my pants were at my feet.

Without looking at my audience I stepped out of my panties and stood there, raising my arms above my head and fluffing my hair with my hands. I was totally nude. I moved my feet apart and stared back at the man. The look of shock that was on his face was priceless. I discovered a power that I had never used before. A desire that I didn't realize I had. A desire to be seen.

Without thinking I boldly reached for the door knob to open it and give him a clear view of my naked body, but just as I turned it, a woman, his wife came out and said she was ready to go. I was really hit hard by this. I was offering to let a stranger see me naked, up close, and he just walked off with a frumpy looking woman instead. How could he not stay and see me?

That's actually the way I felt. I was more than a little surprised at myself later while replaying the event in my mind. What was I, some kind of slut?

Over the months to follow I found out that I wasn't really a slut. I just liked to act like one. I hope Bill understands.

I had never cheated on my husband but I did find several opportunities to show myself, discreetly, to a number of unknown men, and a couple of women who just happened by at the right time. I find great sexual excitement in exposing myself. But I never dared share this secret with Bill. But he did reap the benefits at night when I remembered my adventures of the day.

Now to the story at hand.

Bill, my dear husband, loves to sleep outside with the animals and the bogeyman. He calls it camping. I call it a waist of good room service at a hotel where we should be staying. But I love him and I want to share his interests as he shares mine, well some of mine.

Our summer trip to Yosemite was under way and we were looking for our assigned camp site when we noticed that someone else had set up there instead. To avoid a problem we just went to the office and told them of our dilemma. They sent a guy over and he told them to move back where they were assigned and hurry because the reserved guests were waiting to set up.

As we moved onto the site I noticed that the group next door, Bill and I called them the Squatters, (you know from the old settler's days) were all guys. Young guys. And some looked kind of cute.

As I got out of the car, I stretched and made a big growling noise, well it was big for me. I pushed my fists to the sky and stretched some more. I heard one of the guys next door say, "All right! A sexy tiger to play with."

I turned and looked at him and he smiled. I smiled back, and then went to help Bill unload the truck.

My thoughts were of the fun ahead with Bill and I hadn't even considered the guys next door to be of any interest to me at all. Not yet.

We set up the tent and unloaded the rest of the gear when Bill said he had to find the restroom and that he would be right back. After he left I removed my vest leaving me with a "longjohn" shirt on and a pair of cargo type shorts. The shorts with all the pockets. I tossed the vest down and then turned to go into the tent when one of the guys shouted over to me, "Hey don't stop there, take it off, take it all off!"

I stopped for a second, blushing, and then I looked back at the guys to see who had said it. They all just stood there watching me, smiling. I thought it best to retreat inside the tent, instead of replying.

Bill came back and we settled down and started dinner. All the while I was aware of the guys checking me out. Whenever I happened to look their way they would smile and make comments to one another that I couldn't hear. Bill was oblivious to their stares and he just went about the business of making the camp as comfortable for me as he could. He knows that I only camp for his enjoyment and that I would rather be in Vegas at a resort with waiters and soft beds. He loves me and I cherish it every day.

While we got ready to eat we talked and made our plans for the next day, but all the while I was looking at the guys next to us trying to figure a way to maybe slip a little wardrobe malfunction into the schedule without it seeming deliberate, or most important, without Bill seeing what had happened.

Then the floor dropped out of my little fantasy world.

Out of the tent next door a girl appeared. She was pretty. She had on a pair of shorts that looked like someone had painted them on, and a flimsy little top that showed her boobs to be of course, obscenely perfect. To make matters worse she and one of the guys came over and introduced themselves.

Cindy and her husband Mark. Mark was a good looking guy but kind of creepy.

Cindy however seemed like an extremely nice person and we hit it off right away. We talked for a while and they borrowed a blanket before heading back to camp.

I was surprised at myself. I was disappointed because I had competition now for the attention that I was just beginning to really enjoy.

After a bit we had our dinner and were cleaning up, when I turned with my back to the squatters camp. I bent over to retrieve some trash that had fallen onto the ground and behind me I heard one of the guys say, "That's the position I would want her to be in if I ever got the chance to fuck her." I quickly looked up to see Bills reaction but he had apparently not heard the comment.

I turned to the guys and looked at them all just leering at me like I was a rabbit to a wolf. I stood there and one of the guys, Dave turned out to be his name, just said "Oh ya, she heard that. Check out those nips."

I looked down and looked at my own breasts and they were topped with obviously hard nipples. I then realized that I was getting horny and this caused my nipples to tighten even more. The guys just stared and watched my body react.

I couldn't help myself as I reached up and covered each breast with my hands and turned and walked back toward the tent. I heard laughter behind me and I realized that they all knew I was affected by their words. I wanted to hide in the tent.

Even more important, I suddenly wanted to cum.

I hurried to help with the clean up, but I was so aroused by what had happened that I needed to do something about it.

I formed a plan and put it into action.

I told Bill I wanted to turn in early. I was ready to bend over the picnic table for Bill, or anyone, by then and I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible. But Bill being a good camper and follower of all the rules had to secure the site before he would come to bed.

I went ahead and climbed into our tent. After making up the bedding and positioning the blankets to provide a soft place to lie, I stripped off all of my clothes and looked about the tent. Deciding what I should do, I was ready.

I lay on my back with my feet close to the door of the tent and wantonly spread myself for Bill to see as he entered.

Then a thought crept into my mind. What if the tent door flipped up and it wasn't Bill? What if it was Dave? Maybe I should get on my hands and knees with my bottom pointed at the flap, just in case it was Dave. After all that's the way he would take me if given the chance.

Laughing to myself and enjoying my own nasty thoughts I ran my hand down between my legs. I was wet. Oh and I was sensitive too. I let my finger roll my hard little clitty around for a few seconds and then I had to stop. I was so close I almost went over the edge.

Just as I was about to do it again, I heard the zipper on the tent door slide up. I clamped my legs together and tried to hide the fact that I was masturbating. When the flap flew open, Bill was standing there staring at me, naked in the light of the tent. .

As he looked I slowly let my legs fall open and I summoned him to me.

In the darkness, behind Bill I saw movement. Someone was there. Were they looking into our tent? Could they see me? I spread my legs even more showing anyone out there everything. And then we heard it.

A loud "whoop" and something like "OHH YA!" Shattered the moment.

My realized then that I was being looked at by someone in the darkness. And then I thought about Bill's reaction. Did he know that I knew someone was looking? Did he realize that the reason I opened my legs further was to be sure they could see it all? I looked up at Bill and just saw shock. Then anger at the one outside. I had to react. I had him shut the door, and I tried to act as though I was embarrassed. But I didn't want Bill to ruin the moment by getting mad or jealous. So I begged Bill to fuck me.

I wanted his mouth on me down there because that's what feels best to me. As he ate me out I thought of the men next door.

Someone, maybe all of them had seen my open naked vagina, or pussy I should call it at this point. Vaginas are hidden away in white cotton panties. Pussies are wet, and spread open. Open to be filled by a mans cock or tongue. I had a pussy on display for all to see.

Now I wanted to make sure that everyone next door, even Cindy, knew that I was being fucked and sucked. I wanted them to hear my pleasure. So didn't hold back. I fucked my man with everything I had.

Later after we finished, the cheers from next door confirmed my success. They knew what we had done. I bet they wanted me too. Too bad boys.

Then I thought of Cindy. What if they have her instead? What if they turn to her for relief from the teasing I put them through? Out of my own jealousy, I wished she wasn't there. I wished she was at home where she belonged.

The next morning Bill awoke me with news of breakfast. One thing I do love about camping is breakfast and morning coffee. It really does taste better then usual when you're camping. Maybe it's just that your brain thinks you could starve out there in the woods and it makes you appreciate it more. I don't know. But I like breakfast.

Something that I really don't like is to feel dirty. And after a real good fucking you get all sticky and smelly. I needed a shower and had to pee, so I went into the tent to get my things together.

After I came out I found Cindy and Bill sitting at the table talking like old buddies. I didn't know if I liked her coming around talking to Bill, but I trust him to behave himself.

Cindy asked if she could come along to the showers and I felt better about going. At least she wouldn't be here to seduce my husband while I was away. Funny how that works isn't it. What may be ok for me......

So after a minute Cindy was ready to go and we started the long walk to the showers. On the way Cindy started talking about her husband Mark. Mark is the cutey with blond hair. Cindy had mentioned earlier that Mark had not wanted her to come along on the trip. But now she was getting into details about the problems.

"Mark get's all upset when I am around his friends." she told me. "He worries that one of them is going to try to fuck me."

Sounds familiar!

She went on to tell me more. "Mark turns into a real jerk when he's out with his buddies and I can't stand the way he treats me some times." Then she added, "He's a sweetheart most of the time though. It's just when his friends are around that I can't stand him"

About half way down to the shower Cindy reached out and took my hand into hers. I looked at her and she seemed concerned about something.

"I'm sorry for the way the guys were acting, last night" she said quietly.

"I told them to shut up, but they wouldn't stop. Even Mark was being an asshole about you guys, making noise last night." She said.

I acted surprised, "Oh No! You heard us?" I asked.

"Are you kidding, the guys were practically standing next to your tent trying to hear you." She laughed. "One good thing, Mark got so excited that he dragged me to our tent and screwed the hell out of me."

She got suddenly serious, "But then he got pissed off when Danny told him it was his turn to fuck me and they almost got into a fight. You didn't hear them arguing?"

Surprised, I said "no, not at all."

Cindy then went on to explain that Mark likes to play games but he never would do anything to harm her. "When he gets too drunk he likes to grab my ass or my tits and act like a big man in front of his friends. But he'll kill anyone who tries to touch me."

At that point we were nearing the showers and found ourselves in the back of the line.

Families, singles, EVERYONE was trying to shower before the day got underway. The wait was boring and the funniest part came when Cindy wanted to sneak into the men's shower because the line was so much shorter.

The thought of showering in a man's shower room made my pussy tingle. But we waited and finally made it in the women's.

Once inside we went to our own stalls. Each stall is made of cement blocks with plastic curtains for privacy. I went in and showered while Cindy went into the stall beside mine.

She continued to ramble on about Mark, her family, his job and his friends. I had just finished showering when I reached down and felt my pussy lips. They were still a bit swollen from the pounding they had enjoyed the night before.

I was leaning over with my legs spread checking to see how my pussy was doing when I heard Cindy say "Something interesting down there?"

I stood up straight, my hand covering my pussy and looked at Cindy standing at the entrance of my stall. "You'll go blind doing that I hear," she joked. "Or maybe that's just guys who go blind" she said smiling.

I moved my hand away quickly not wanting her to think that I was caressing myself and I said, meekly, "I was just checking it. After last night, you know" .

"Hey routine maintenance is always a good thing." She said smiling.

As I dried off and dressed Cindy just stood by and watched me.

I felt the little tingle that I always get when I'm showing myself. I was uneasy about it now. She was looking at me naked and seeing all of my secret places. I think it was because I felt that I wasn't in charge with her barging in like that. I didn't set this up as a quick flash or an "accident." She came in and was looking without permission.

As I passed the towel between my legs I felt that the wetness forming there. There was almost as much as the night before. I was sexually charged. And to my horror it was obvious.

Cindy just said, "Don't worry about it, I get that way sometimes too after a good fucking. Everything excites me." She smiled at me and continued to watch me get dressed.

Once back at the camp Cindy went in to get ready to go swimming with the guys. She and Mark went to their tent and I ducked into ours to change for our hike. I was still flustered over the shower show and I knew that it was going to be a long day on the trail. I would rather have stayed at the site and fucked some more with Bill.

As we got ready to go Mark and Cindy came over and said good-bye. Mark was checking me out hard. He asked if we would rather go for a swim at the river with them. The thought of swimming with a bunch of horny guys kind of appealed to me but Bill had his heart set on a hike to the lake.

In all honesty, after seeing Cindy in her swim suit I figured that I would look awfully plain in what I would have to wear.

I had no suit and would have to wear a shirt and shorts. Cindy's bikini put her way out of my league for a sexy girl contest. But I was tempted.

All that day, hiking with Bill to the dried up lake, my mind conjured up all kinds of visions of me swimming naked with the guys. Or I could accidentally forget my bra and wear a shirt that would go see through when wet. Or better yet I could put on some shorts that were too big and have them fall of after I dived into the water. And then we could all search for them together.

This fantasy was getting the better of me and I needed to calm down.

Bill and I headed back to camp without any further adventures, sexual or otherwise. By the time we got back I was tired, horny, and dangerously daring.

After a few minutes around the camp, Cindy waved at us and called us over to there camp site.

As we got closer I noticed that the whole group was there.

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